Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey

20 September 2019 | By Matthew Rosenberg | Filed in: x men.

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, she will rise Years ago, Jean Grey died at the hands of a villainous mutant and the X Men mourned her But that was then and in the years that have passed since that shocking loss, the world has changed Jean s teammates have lived without her, and some have died

Deadpool vs. Carnage

20 September 2019 | By Cullen Bunn | Filed in: x men.

Come one, come all, for the bloodiest showdown the Marvel Universe has ever seen It s two red suited madmen for the price of one when Deadpool takes on Carnage in the ultimate batt le of good crazy vs bad crazy Will Carnage spread Deadpool all over the landscape Or will Deadpool talk the scarlet


20 September 2019 | By Ed Brisson | Filed in: x men.

Cyclops Iceman Angel Beast Marvel Girl The original team of teen mutants brought together by Professor Charles Xavier many years ago have been shunted through time to find a world they barely recognized but were determined to help Now, finding themselves targeted for death, the future of mutan

Return of Wolverine

20 September 2019 | By Charles Soule | Filed in: x men.

Wolverine s body has been missing The entire Marvel Universe has been looking for him, because he s a very important part of the Super Hero puzzle And at long last, he will be found.COLLECTING RETURN OF WOLVERINE 1 5

Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 3: The Last Ronin

20 September 2019 | By Jeff Lemire | Filed in: x men.

Logan is an Old Man on a mission Given a second chance, he s determined to put right what went wrong in the reality he knew the night the villains joined forces and overcame the world s heroes, changing his life forever Logan lost his friends, his purpose, and all that was left was the Wasteland.

Wolverine: The Long Night

20 September 2019 | By Benjamin Percy | Filed in: x men.

Following a string of mysterious deaths in Burns, Alaska, Special Agents Sally Pierce and Tad Marshall arrive to investigate They soon find there s going on than meets the eye Marvel s hit scripted podcast Wolverine The Long Night, comes to life on the page Chilling twists and turns, br

X-Men: Black

20 September 2019 | By Chris Claremont | Filed in: x men.

Magneto Emma Frost Mystique Juggernaut Mojo Apocalyspe The X Men have gone head to head with a lot of foes over the years some truly evil, some just crossing that vital line that moves them from ally to enemy From the cold vacuum of space to the jungles of the Savage Land, from dominating the

All-New Wolverine #2

20 September 2019 | By Tom Taylor | Filed in: x men.

Laura Kinney embraces her destiny Here Comes Wolverine X 23 was created to be a weapon and for a time, that s all she was But with the help of her mentor, Logan the original Wolverine she escaped that dark past Tragically, Logan has fallen, but Laura will continue in his footsteps as a hero.

Deadpool vs. Thanos

20 September 2019 | By Tim Seeley | Filed in: x men.

When life in the universe suddenly stops dying, Deadpool suspects his former rival, Thanos the Titan As the two lovers of Death in both its physical and theoretical manifestations battle to save the universe from immortality, they must confront their own reasons for living and their passions for

Wakanda Forever

20 September 2019 | By Nnedi Okorafor | Filed in: x men.

BRAND NEW STORIES STARRING THE DORA MILAJE Marvel Studios blockbuster film Black Panther has everyone talking about Wakanda s best warriors, the fierce Dora Milaje Now witness the Dora outside of Wakanda and in Spider Man s world When the Dora catch wind of a threat brewing outside their borde

Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 2: Side Pieces

20 September 2019 | By Scott Aukerman | Filed in: x men.

Monsters, magic, merriment, movie making and When Deadpool goes Hollywood, he s sure to bring his wall crawling bud along for the ride after all, Spidey is no stranger to selling out In the proud DP tradition, a lost issue of AMAZING SPIDER MAN flashes us back to one of our pun happy pair

X-Men: Days of Future Past Prose Novel

20 September 2019 | By Alexander C. Irvine | Filed in: x men.

In a dark and dangerous post apocalyptic future, the mutant hunting killing machines known as the Sentinels rule America with an iron fist Almost all mutants, super heroes and villains have been exterminated Only a handful remain to fight against their oppressive robotic overseers and most of tho

Deadpool: World's Greatest, Volume 1: Millionaire with a Mouth

20 September 2019 | By Gerry Duggan | Filed in: x men.

He s annoying He s dangerous He smells terrible But the public loves him That s right the Merc with the Mouth may make money for missions of murky moralitybut he s become the most popular hero in the world for it Eat that, Spidey The world belongs toDeadpool The fan favorite team of Ger

Deadpool, Volume 8: All Good Things…

20 September 2019 | By Brian Posehn | Filed in: x men.

It s the end of the road for the Merc With a Mouth And what better way to celebrate the series end than to kill Deadpool Yup, you heard us First, Deadpool takes a relaxing vacation to the Middle East, where a simple merc job leads to a violent battle with Omega Red and a journey into the Tomb of