Mountains in the Sea

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This book tells of how a group of young men, without any Governmental backing, set out to explore Gough Island in the South Atlantic.

Tristan da Cunha

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Carrie, lost in high society meets Harold, who is just lost, and together they embark on an adventure that will take them half the way around the world on the high seas to the world s most remote island, Tristan da Cunha n n nAdventure, Drama and Romance all in a 34 foot yacht named Everend n n nThings

Tristan Da Cunha: History. Way Of Life. Language

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This highly insightful book takes a comprehensive look at the most remote inhabited island in the world Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, the island lies midway between Brazil and South Africa Included are descriptions of the history of the island since its discovery in 1506, the community that

Tristan da Cunha

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People of Tristan da Cunha the world s most remote archipelago, master the art of isolation Planting potato patches on the summits of active strato volcanoes is a skill, courage, stamina Settled in a place that has no hotels, no restaurants, no airport, no WiFi, and no ATM machines, the resident

The Last Grain Race

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In 1938 an eighteen year old boy signed on for the round trip from Europe to Australia in the last commercial sailing fleet to make that formidable journey The four masted barque Moshulu ended up as a dockside restaurant in Philadelphia the young apprentice went on to become one of the greatest tr