The Lie (Kings of Linwood Academy #2)

20 September 2019 | By Callie Rose | Filed in: reverse harem.

Rich boys don t fraternize with the help They don t care about the help They don t protect the help I should ve remembered those lessons before I handed over my trust to four gorgeous, domineering boys But I didn t And now, I m not the only one who s been hurt Someone out there is toying with

Wicked Gods (Gifted Academy #1)

20 September 2019 | By Michelle Hercules | Filed in: reverse harem.

Nowhere is safe when the gods are wicked Since the beginning of times, there has always been two sides Norms and Idols But never have the scales been so unbalanced as they are today I m a Norm, which means, I grew up in fear of the Idols and their godly powers And now, I m going to be surrounde

Vivid Avowed (The Evelyn Maynard Trilogy, #3)

20 September 2019 | By Kaydence Snow | Filed in: reverse harem.

The thrilling conclusion to the Internationally Bestselling Evelyn Maynard Trilogy Evelyn s secrets have all been revealed, even questions she never thought to ask Despite the turmoil surrounding her childhood and true identity, she knows one thing for sure she belongs with her devoted Bonded Vari

Foul Line (The Ballers of Rockport High, #2)

20 September 2019 | By E.M. Moore | Filed in: reverse harem.

The Ballers may have the upper hand at RHS I underestimated them, their cruelty, their ability to look the other way when something hits them over the head, but camp is a whole other story Their asses are mine.

Hunt (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #5)

20 September 2019 | By Sadie Moss | Filed in: reverse harem.

My whole world is on shaky ground.I ve only got one year at Griffin Academy, but it s a little hard to focus on school after the bomb that was dropped on my personal life.On top of that, whoever has been targeting Unpredictables is only stepping up their game.If we don t find out who it is and

Fortune Academy: Year One (Fortune Academy #1)

20 September 2019 | By J.R. Thorn | Filed in: reverse harem.

Welcome to Fortune Academy, a school where supernaturals can feel at home except, I have no idea what the hell I am The last thing I remember is arriving at the massive gates with a Bounty Hunter staring me down I have a feeling he was supposed to take me to the monster holding arena to fight and

Initiated (Kings of Miskatonic Prep #2)

20 September 2019 | By Steffanie Holmes | Filed in: reverse harem.

They were my tormenters Now, they re all that stands between me and my nightmares Trey, Quinn, and Ayaz the king, the joker, and the enigma Three guys who ve flipped my life upside down, set my heart on fire, and shown me that nothing is as it seems Last quarter, they broke me I thought that wa

Broken (Evergreen Academy #2)

20 September 2019 | By Ruby Vincent | Filed in: reverse harem.

They broke me.Ryder, Maverick, Ezra, and Jaxson didn t think I would come back for my second year.The coldly cruel knights of Evergreen believed the Mark would be all it took to get rid of me to keep me quiet.But now I ve got a whole new reason to stay Those four will know a pain far worse than

I Am the Storm (The Night Firm #2)

20 September 2019 | By Karpov Kinrade | Filed in: reverse harem.

From USA Today bestselling author, Karpov Kinrade, comes the next chapter in the adventure of Eve Oliver and the four brothers of The Night Firm Description and cover coming soon Launch date will be pushed up.

Bound (Evergreen Academy #3)

20 September 2019 | By Ruby Vincent | Filed in: reverse harem.

Five people bound by the most terrible secret and something else I never thought I could forgive them I didn t believe there was still a heart inside of me that could forgive But my boys, my knights, were taking down my walls and claiming a piece for themselves All I wanted was to lock our se

Horrid Charms (Royals of Villain Academy #4)

20 September 2019 | By Eva Chase | Filed in: reverse harem.

With her enemies multiplying and a terrible accusation hanging over her head, Rory s position in the magical world is precarious than ever Clearing her name and keeping her freedom may require trusting the people she d never have wanted to turn to Can she count on the other scions when they f

Witch, Please (Not Your Basic Witch #1)

20 September 2019 | By A.J. Macey | Filed in: reverse harem.

Aris Calisto, newest student at Aether Academy of Crystal Magic and Witchcraft not only stands out with her quirky outfits and bubblegum pink hair but also draws attention by being what s considered the lowest of the low in the Akasha society a Mixta When mysterious things start happening, includi

Unwanted (Their Shifter Academy #1)

20 September 2019 | By May Dawson | Filed in: reverse harem.

By the time I walk through the doors of the academy, where the born shifters of every pack are trained to fight and lead, I m famous Infamous One of those I ve already fought a battle or two And my family s complicated relationships with magic, which has been long forbidden to wolves, isn t popu

Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy, #1)

20 September 2019 | By Lexi C. Foss | Filed in: reverse harem.

My one piece of advice Never kiss a stranger.See, I kind of kissed this sexy man at the bar on a dare once, and it turns out he s a Royal Fae destined to be my mate Now I ve been dragged to the Elemental Fae Academy to control the powers I unlocked that night.So kissing Yeah, that won t happen a

Clash (Academy of Unpredictable Magic, #6)

20 September 2019 | By Sadie Moss | Filed in: reverse harem.

Sometimes a good offense is the only defense.We re out of options We have no back up This is our fight to win or lose.So much hangs in the balance I can barely stand to think about it I have four gorgeous, incredible boyfriends, a sister I love with my whole heart, and real friends for the first

Hide and Seek (Great Falls Academy #6)

20 September 2019 | By Alex Lidell | Filed in: reverse harem.

What hides in the shadows will escape Fending off Coal s memories by night and his overprotectiveness by day, Lera is at her wits end and the muscled warrior is only the start of her problems With Han on his side, Headmaster Sage now wants to move the Prowess Trials to the academy, gathering the