Introduction to Analytic Number Theory

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This book is the first volume of a two volume textbook for undergraduates and is indeed the crystallization of a course offered by the author at the California Institute of Technology to undergraduates without any previous knowledge of number theory For this reason, the book starts with the most e

Elementary Number Theory

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Written for the one semester undergraduate number theory course, this text provides a simple account of classical number theory, set against a historical background that shows the subject s evolution from antiquity It reveals the attraction that has drawn leading mathematicians and amateurs alike t

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers

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The Fifth Edition of one of the standard works on number theory, written by internationally recognized mathematicians Chapters are relatively self contained for greater flexibility New features include expanded treatment of the binomial theorem, techniques of numerical calculation and a section on

Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications

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The fourth edition of Kenneth Rosen s widely used and successful text, Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications, preserves the strengths of the previous editions, while enhancing the book s flexibility and depth of content coverage.The blending of classical theory with modern applications is a

Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis

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Prime numbers are beautiful, mysterious, and beguiling mathematical objects The mathematician Bernhard Riemann made a celebrated conjecture about primes in 1859, the so called Riemann Hypothesis, which remains to be one of the most important unsolved problems in mathematics Through the deep insigh

A Pathway Into Number Theory

19 October 2019 | By R.P. Burn | Filed in: number theory.

A sequence of exercises which will lead readers from quite simple number work to the point where they can prove algebraically the classical results of elementary number theory for themselves.

A Course in Number Theory and Cryptography

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The purpose of this book is to introduce the reader to arithmetic topics, both ancient and modern, that have been at the center of interest in applications of number theory, particularly in cryptography No background in algebra or number theory is assumed, and the book begins with a discussion of t

Elements Of Number Theory (Undergraduate Texts In Mathematics)

19 October 2019 | By John Stillwell | Filed in: number theory.

This book is intended to complement my Elements oi Algebra, and it is similarly motivated by the problem of solving polynomial equations However, it is independent of the algebra book, and probably easier In Elements oi Algebra we sought solution by radicals, and this led to the concepts of fields

A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra

19 October 2019 | By Victor Shoup | Filed in: number theory.

Number theory and algebra play an increasingly significant role in computing and communications, as evidenced by the striking applications of these subjects to such fields as cryptography and coding theory This introductory book emphasises algorithms and applications, such as cryptography and error

Algebraic Number Theory

19 October 2019 | By Serge Lang | Filed in: number theory.

The present book gives an exposition of the classical basic algebraic and analytic number theory and supersedes my Algebraic Numbers, including much material, e g the class field theory on which 1 make further comments at the appropriate place later For different points of view, the reader i

Fundamentals of Number Theory

19 October 2019 | By William J. LeVeque | Filed in: number theory.

This excellent textbook introduces the basics of number theory, incorporating the language of abstract algebra A knowledge of such algebraic concepts as group, ring, field, and domain is not assumed, however all terms are defined and examples are given making the book self contained in this resp

Algebraic Number Theory

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From the review The present book has as its aim to resolve a discrepancy in the textbook literature and to provide a comprehensive introduction to algebraic number theory which is largely based on the modern, unifying conception of one dimensional arithmetic algebraic geometry Despite t