Secret at Skull House (Secrets and Scrabble #2)

31 May 2020 | By Josh Lanyon | Filed in: murder mystery.

Ellery Page is back and in hot water again Unlike everyone else in Pirate s Cove, Ellery Page, aspiring screenwriter, reigning Scrabble champion, and occasionally clueless owner of the village s only mystery bookstore, is anything but thrilled when famed horror author Brandon Abbott announces he

The Guest List

31 May 2020 | By Lucy Foley | Filed in: murder mystery.

A wedding celebration turns dark and deadly in this deliciously wicked and atmospheric thriller reminiscent of Agatha Christie from the author of The Hunting Party.The bride The plus one The best man The wedding planner The bridesmaid The body n nOn an island off the coast of Ireland, guests

Eight Perfect Murders (Malcolm Kershaw, #1)

31 May 2020 | By Peter Swanson | Filed in: murder mystery.

A chilling tale of psychological suspense and an homage to the thriller genre tailor made for fans the story of a bookseller who finds himself at the center of an FBI investigation because a very clever killer has started using his list of fiction s most ingenious murders.Years ago, bookseller and

A Murderous Relation (Veronica Speedwell, #5)

31 May 2020 | By Deanna Raybourn | Filed in: murder mystery.

Veronica Speedwell and her natural historian colleague Stoker are asked by Lady Wellingtonia Beauclerk to help with a potential scandal so explosive it threatens to rock the monarchy Prince Albert Victor is a regular visitor to the most exclusive private club in London, known as the Club de l Etoil

The Familiar Dark

31 May 2020 | By Amy Engel | Filed in: murder mystery.

Set in the poorest part of the Missouri Ozarks, in a small town with big secrets, The Familiar Dark opens with a murder Eve Taggert, desperate with grief over losing her daughter, takes it upon herself to find out the truth about what happened Eve is no stranger to the dark side of life, having be

Mimi Lee Gets a Clue (A Sassy Cat Mystery, #1)

31 May 2020 | By Jennifer J. Chow | Filed in: murder mystery.

Mimi Lee is in over her head There s her new Los Angeles pet grooming shop to run, her matchmaking mother to thwart, her talking cat Marshmallow to tend to oh, and the murder of a local breeder to solvenow if only Mimi hadn t landed herself on top of the suspect list n nMimi Lee hoped to give Lo

Murder Most Deserving (Lacetown Murder Mysteries, #2)

31 May 2020 | By Hank Edwards | Filed in: murder mystery.

Lacetown Murder Mysteries Case Two n nAn acoustic music festival comes to Lacetown, and with it, another dead body this one found at Fleishman s Funeral Home Michael recuses himself from the autopsy, handing the job over to his arch nemesis from a neighboring county n nLuckily Michael and local hairs

The Girl Who Lived

31 May 2020 | By Christopher Greyson | Filed in: murder mystery.

Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered One girl lived No one believes her story The police think she s crazy Her therapist thinks she s suicidal Everyone else thinks she s a dangerous drunk They re all right but did she see the killer As the anniversary of the murders approaches,

Blood Orange

31 May 2020 | By Harriet Tyce | Filed in: murder mystery.

An electrifying debut thriller for fans of Anatomy of a Scandal, Apple Tree Yard, and Gone Girl n nAlison has it all A doting husband, adorable daughter, and a career on the rise she s just been given her first murder case to defend But all is never as it seems n n n Just one night Then I

The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1)

31 May 2020 | By Andrew Mayne | Filed in: murder mystery.

For a Florida police diver, danger rises to the surface in an adventurous thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Naturalist n nComing from scandalous Florida treasure hunters and drug smugglers, Sloan McPherson is forging her own path, for herself and for her daughter, out from