Smolder (Ignite #2)

29 March 2020 | By Nora Phoenix | Filed in: m m m.

In a world where its every man for himself, all they can do is hold on to each other A slow burn MMM survival romance The second book in an exciting trilogy Austin, Mack, and Tan have found a safe spot at the deserted farm They have food and shelter, but what will the cost be of defending their

Asher and His Geek Daddies (Rebels and Nerds #4)

29 March 2020 | By R. Cayden | Filed in: m m m.

Asher is a livewire with a past he can t escape He knows bad boys like him arent meant for love I fled Los Angeles with bullets at my back Now that Im in Seattle, I just need to keep my head down, and stop risking my life for criminals Easier said than done, when the only thing Ive ever been

Trusting Fate (A Collection of Strays, #4)

29 March 2020 | By Toby Wise | Filed in: m m m.

This wasnt supposed to be in the cards for me, yet here I am, with not one but two mates Lady Fate has a sick sense of humor that apparently rivals my own Looks like its Present Camerons problem now Cameron My near constant state of mind is worry Can you blame me when I have two beautiful and

A Sub For Christmas

29 March 2020 | By R.J. Moray | Filed in: m m m.

A Sub For Christmas Some guys get all the luck, finding the perfect Dominant to their perfect submissive and settling into a blissfully happy ever after But Tig isn t one of them He s always the last to be picked, never someone s first choice Tig has just about given up on ever finding a kinky

Four Letter Word (Love Logic, #2)

29 March 2020 | By K.M. Neuhold | Filed in: m m m.

Relationships are hard enough between two peoplecan the four of us make it work Or is love nothing than a four letter word Polyamorythe first time Riot says the word, it feels like everything slots into place Maybe Im not greedy for loving both of my best friends at once For most of my

Open Encounters (Kink Chronicles, #2)

29 March 2020 | By Luna David | Filed in: m m m.

I knew the moment I saw him that he was going to change my life What I didn t know was how One thing had been clearI wanted him I felt his stare across the room, had felt his pull and desire in my core.Nothing s changed since that night three years ago He can still control me with his eyes.

Their Boy (The Game, #2)

29 March 2020 | By Cara Dee | Filed in: m m m.

Left all alone in the worldand in a very big houseafter the loss of his parents, Kit Damien has struggled to find his place in society and in the kink community he longs to be a active part of Daddy Doms Colt and Lucas have been a happy, committed couple for eight years But two Tops need a

Going Commando (Heathens Ink, #2)

29 March 2020 | By K.M. Neuhold | Filed in: m m m.

I never thought I could want anyone as much as I wanted Nash, then I met you Royal When I was sixteen I was afflicted with a terrible curseI fell in love with my straight best friend I never thought Id move past my feelings for Nash and find someone who could love me in return, until the day a

The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions, #4)

29 March 2020 | By Ella Frank | Filed in: m m m.

Everyone said our love wouldnt work That it was too hard, too complicated, too messy Oh how I enjoy proving everyone wrong My men are smart, sexy, sophisticated and most of all, crazy about me The only problem is trying to explain that to my big, opinionated Italian family But after all weve

Priest (Confessions, #3)

29 March 2020 | By Ella Frank | Filed in: m m m.

I am complex My love is all encompassing And when it comes to my heart, there is only one rule Dont mess with whats mine Until the age of seven, I was Joel Alexander Donovan, son of Jimmy The man who terrorized a town and made its citizens fear the very ground he walked on Including me, the