Bitter Falls (Stillhouse Lake #4)

25 May 2020 | By Rachel Caine | Filed in: cult classics.

She s investigating a cold case no one else could by going places no else would dare n nIn spite of a harrowing past still haunting her, Gwen Proctor is trying to move forward Until a new assignment gives her purpose the cold case disappearance of a young man in Tennessee Three years missing, no c

The Incendiaries

25 May 2020 | By R.O. Kwon | Filed in: cult classics.

A powerful, darkly glittering novel of violence, love, faith, and loss, as a young woman at an elite American university is drawn into acts of domestic terrorism by a cult tied to North Korea n n Phoebe Lin and Will Kendall meet their first month at prestigious Edwards University Phoebe is a glamoro

Heartland (True North, #7)

25 May 2020 | By Sarina Bowen | Filed in: cult classics.

An emotional friends to lovers romance full of risky secrets and late night lessons in seduction n nDylan is my best friend, and the only person in my life who understands me He doesn t mind my social awkwardness or my weird history The only glitch He doesn t know that I ve been hopelessly, desper

Half Truths (Secret Society, #1)

25 May 2020 | By Claire Contreras | Filed in: cult classics.

You ve heard of these groups the secretive ones that only the cr me de la cr me are invited into, the ones outsiders speculate about for centuries I m the second in my family invited to attend, but to them, I m fresh meat New blood New money, too n nThey think they ll elbow past me, that I m he

The Poison Garden

25 May 2020 | By Alex Marwood | Filed in: cult classics.

Shocking, tense and sharply written, The Poison Garden is the gripping new novel from the international bestseller and Edgar award winning Alex Marwood nWhere Romy grew up, if someone died you never spoke of them again n nNow 22, she has recently escaped the toxic confines of the cult she was raised

Gather the Daughters

25 May 2020 | By Jennie Melamed | Filed in: cult classics.

Never Let Me Go meets The Giver in this haunting debut about a cult on an isolated island, where nothing is as it seems n nYears ago, just before the country was incinerated to wasteland, ten men and their families colonized an island off the coast They built a radical society of ancestor worship, c

The Polygamist's Daughter

25 May 2020 | By Anna LeBaron | Filed in: cult classics.

My father had than fifty children So begins the haunting memoir of Anna LeBaron, daughter of the notorious polygamist and murderer Ervil LeBaron With her father wanted by the FBI for killing anyone who tried to leave his cult a radical branch of Mormonism Anna and her siblings were consta

After the Fire

25 May 2020 | By Will Hill | Filed in: cult classics.

The things I ve seen are burned into me, like scars that refuse to fade n nBefore, she lived inside the fence Before, she was never allowed to leave the property, never allowed to talk to Outsiders, never allowed to speak her mind Because Father John controlled everything and Father John liked rule

Sekten på Dimön

25 May 2020 | By Mariette Lindstein | Filed in: cult classics.

P en dimmig och vindpiskad utanf r Bohusl ns kust, har en New Age r relse slagit sig ner Deras karismatiske ledare, Franz Oswald, har utvecklat en l ra, ViaTerra, som s gs terst lla sj lslig frid och kroppens naturliga balans R relsen har en magnetisk dragningskraft p k ndisar och makthavare

Malum: Part 1 (Elite Kings Club, #4)

25 May 2020 | By Amo Jones | Filed in: cult classics.

Love is savage, love is blind, love is something they may not find nOnce upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a battered trailer, a girl from the wrong side of the tracks nOne day, she fell down The Elite Kings rabbit hole Sucked into a dark vortex of lies, hate, and deceit, and spa

Hard Sin (Alpha Antihero, #3)

25 May 2020 | By Sybil Bartel | Filed in: cult classics.

My childhood stolen n nMy future robbed n nMy life had been hijacked since before I was born n nEvery day I woke with air in my lungs was a reminder of what I d lost But I didn t escape the most violent cult in the country, and survive four tours in the Army to go down like this n nI was Candle Scott a

Adjustment Day

25 May 2020 | By Chuck Palahniuk | Filed in: cult classics.

People pass the word only to those they trust most Adjustment Day is coming They ve been reading a mysterious book and memorizing its directives They are ready for the reckoning n nAdjustment Day, the author s first novel in four years, is an ingeniously comic work in which Chuck Palahniuk does wh