Snug: A Collection of Comics about Dating Your Best Friend

29 March 2020 | By Catana Chetwynd | Filed in: comic book.

Why bother getting out of bed when you could stay bundled up with that special someone and a book of cozy, cute comics From the author of the bestselling Little Moments of Love comes Snug, a collection of comics that perfectly captures the honest, playful, and relatable snapshots of romantic

Go to Sleep (I Miss You): Cartoons from the Fog of New Parenthood

29 March 2020 | By Lucy Knisley | Filed in: comic book.

Lucy Knisley is one of the great memoirists of the graphic novel format Following the completion of her pregnancy memoir KID GLOVES and the birth of her baby , Lucy embarked on a new project documenting new motherhood in short, spontaneous little cartoons, which she posted on her Instagram, and

Shadow of the Batgirl

29 March 2020 | By Sarah Kuhn | Filed in: comic book.

Cassandra Cain, teenage assassin, isn t exactly Batgirl materialnot yet, at least But when Batgirl goes missing from Gotham, can Cassandra defy her destiny and take on a heroic mantle of her very own Cassandra Cain is the daughter of super villains and a living weapon trained from birth to be

Indoor Recess (Lumberjanes, Vol. 13)

29 March 2020 | By Shannon Watters | Filed in: comic book.

On a rainy day at Lumberjanes camp, the Roanokes explore tabletop gaming with bonus magic , and the underground tunnels beneath the Mess Hall.The woods surrounding Miss Qinzella Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpets Camp for Hardcore Lady Types are home to incredible magical critters and beings than

Death Note Special One-Shot (2020)

29 March 2020 | By Tsugumi Ohba | Filed in: comic book.

Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the mega popular Japanese manga series Death Note debuted in 2003 and came to an end in 2006, but the Shinigami known as Ryuk has returned here at the start of 2020 with a brand new 87 page one shot The special one shot story, written by

Giant Days Vol. 12

29 March 2020 | By John Allison | Filed in: comic book.

Its never a quiet day at the University of Sheffield as best friends Esther, Susan and Daisy try do regular things like solving comic book shop capers, attending McGraws brothers wedding and Daisy learning to drive OH MY GOD WERE ALL DOOMED Meanwhile, Ed has to have a hard conversation with his

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Part Three

29 March 2020 | By Michael Dante DiMartino | Filed in: comic book.

Kuvira s true nature is revealed, and the Earth Kingdom will feel the consequences Thanks to Commander Guan and Doctor Sheng s brainwashing technology, all hope for a fair election in the Earth Kingdom is lost Korra works with Toph, Su, and Kuvira to plan a means to rescue not just the brainwashed

The Once and Future King (Rat Queens Vol. 7)

29 March 2020 | By Ryan Ferrier | Filed in: comic book.

A vengeful presence from the past forces the Rat Queens to face their own demons in order to save everything they ve ever loved Can the Queens hold their own legacy together when faced with their greatest challenge yet A whole new era for the Rat Queens begins here, chronicled by a brand new

Plunge #1

29 March 2020 | By Joe Hill | Filed in: comic book.

In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, an exploration vessel known as the Derleth begins sending an automated distress signal from a remote atoll in the Bering Strait The only problem is that the Derleth has been missing for 40 years Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Salvage

Ghost-Spider, Vol. 1: Dog Days Are Over

29 March 2020 | By Seanan McGuire | Filed in: comic book.

Gwen Stacy, the former Spider Woman of Earth 65, makes her way to the Marvel Universe With a cloud of infamy hanging over her head in her home dimension, Gwen now travels to the Prime Marvel Universe for super hero actionand school The newest student at ESU is about to get a crash course in

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Volume 2: Hostile Takeovers

29 March 2020 | By Tom Taylor | Filed in: comic book.

Collects Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man 2019 7 14 Has one of Spider Man s closest allies returned to his criminal beginnings Aunt May is reopening the F.E.A.S.T Center to help the homeless and needy of New York City But things are rarely simple in the Marvel Universe so it s no surprise