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Dangerous Games [KINDLE] ✿ Dangerous Games By Lora Leigh – When this hot hard bodied Navy SEAL plays around he means businessIt’s not whether you win or loseNavy SEAL Clint “Iceman” McIntyre didn’t earn his name by being a coward Or a uitter Having cr When this hot hard bodied Navy SEAL plays around he means businessIt’s not whether you win or loseNavy SEAL Clint “Iceman” McIntyre didn’t earn his name by being a coward Or a uitter Having crushed an infamous drug cartel in Columbia Clint was nothing short of an American hero Now he’s home on a much needed leave but instead of some RR he finds himself neck deep in the hottest kind of trouble with his best friend’s little sister Morganna Chavez—the only woman who has the power to bring him to his knees It’s how you playMorganna has been secretly working with the DEA to uncover a thriving date rape drug which leads her to a shadowy faction that is deadly than anything her team has ever encountered Now it’s up to Clint to keep this beautiful determined agent out of harm’s way even while the explosive passion between them threatens to consume them Soon Clint’s greatest mission will be not just keeping Morganna alive but getting her into his arms and never letting go.

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  1. Dina Dina says:

    Let me start by saying that I had been warned about Clint the hero in this book beforehand Nevertheless I decided to give him a chance since some readers really liked his extreme alphaness I could go for it if he convinced me he truly loved Morganna the heroine Oh boy what can I say now?Clint was a major jerk and I failed to see any redeeming ualities in him There wasn't even a hint of groveling in the end to make him less undesirable He just liked telling Morganna what to do even forbidding her to keep visiting the BDSM clubs he himself had no problems enjoying Double standards didn't begin to describe it WTH shouldn't he be happy to find out that the woman he loved was or seemed to be into the same kinky sex stuff he was? Hmm love I didn't buy his alleged love for Morganna for one moment but that was understandable considering she was less than lovely too One of Clint's buddies I don't remember which one and I don't really care told him he was nuts for falling for her and that was a true statement if I ever heard one But I'm getting sidetracked here I'll get back to Morganna later; let me go back to ranting about Clint I'm not into BDSM so I was kind of glad to see that Clint and Morganna didn't engage heavily into that That said I have to remark that his behavior was completely out of character Wasn't he supposed to be this uber Dom that was famous for his extreme sexual needs? If so how come he ended up led by the balls no pun intended by Morganna? Sure the butt plug action on their 1st encounter was in character oh and I would have decked any guy on the spot if he pulled a stunt like that on me but Clint didn't live up to all his Dom celebrity later If that was all an act to get him inside the BDSM world in order to catch the bad guys it was never clearMorganna wasn't much better than Clint IMHO Was she supposed to be feisty? Well it didn't work for me Her outbursts and comebacks to Clint only made me see her as a whiny brat I know she was only playing a part in those BDSM clubs but seriously I got this picture of a brainless bimbo in my mind and nothing could shake it Her only saving grace was the fact that she didn't have any TSTL moment besides the fact that she'd pined for less than worthy Clint for 10 years and didn't put herself in danger voluntarily uite frankly I kind of expected her to disobey Clint's orders and rush into the arms of the nearest bad guy She didn't so she wasn't completely lost to meAs for the plot and the storyline it was just a mess Secondary characters appeared out of nowhere and past events where mentioned without enough background to help me better understand what was going on I've read some reviews where readers complained about being lost in the story wondering if they should have previously read the novella Reno's Chance that started the series Well I've read that short story and I can safely say that it didn't help me one bit I was as lost as anyone else who hasn't At first I tried rereading the scenes to get some sense on who was who and what was happening but it was not worthy and I gave up on that pretty soon No wonder I was scratching my head in puzzlement when the mole in the DEA team was revealed near the end of the story by then I had completely forgotten who that guy wasI've read Wild Card and really liked it which made me backtrack and start reading the Tempting SEALs series I've read Reno's Chance and Dangerous Games now and disliked both Should I give up on this series?

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    Low 3 starsI'm really struggling with this series I also read the first book in the Elite Ops series and was somewhat ambivalent about it as well I know many love Lora Leigh but I'm not sure she works for me Perhaps I should give one of her other series a try before I close the book on this author for good

  3. Heather Heather says:

    I really really liked this book 45 stars The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that I thought it was about 30 40 pages too long and the story could have been wrapped up earlier With that being said I still really enjoyed it Morganna is a girly girl who likes to dance party and have a good time She's also very smart and serious about her career in the DEA No one knows she's in the DEA however because she knew that Clint the man she's been pining away for since she was a kid would barge in and try to protect her Clint is a Navy SEAL just like his best friend Reno and he has always been able to handle anything thrown his way except Morganna She has been tempting him for 10 years and Clint knows he's got to stay away from her for her own good When Clint runs into Morganna at a BDSM club he thinks that he can finally give in to his urges with her now that she understands the Domsub relationship and will have no expectations well he couldnt be wrong Morganna is undercover on a job and when Clint shows up thinking to only have her for one night she's determined to show him that its forever or never This book was sexy and intriguing It had a large plot other than just Morganna and Clint's romance however the steaminess between the two of them is off the charts If you love the military man story line and enjoy a bit of drama and angst in your romance this ones for you

  4. Buggy Buggy says:

    DANGEROUS GAMES is the first in the TEMPTING SEALS series after the novella in Honk If You Love Real Men Four Tales of Erotic RomanceSteamy passionate and action packed this is great romantic suspense With a sexy yet tortured alpha male hero a spunky stubborn female lead and a reunited lovers theme Plus Ms Leigh can write a love scene like no other so if you want hot and steamy then this is your book Although there were parts of this that I loved it was definitely not my favourite Lora Leigh Clint McIntyre is a hard man who's seen it all during his time as a Navy Seal Managing to collect a lot of baggage over the years he's also closed off his heart except when it comes to Morganna Chavez Clint's always had a soft spot for his best friends little sister and despite his growing affection has done everything to protect the trouble maker Morganna in turn has been in love with Clint since she was sixteen years old tempting him with her young body whenever she had the chance always hoping that somehow they might have a future together As she grows into a beautiful woman Clint begins to distance himself not wanting to expose her to his darker tendencies and afraid of her power over him And as our story truly begins to unfold he's been running away from Morganna for years Terrified by what she makes him feel and tempted by her blossoming sexuality The beginning of this book grabbed my attention right away The sexual tension lust and want is intense and well written Eventually Morganna resigns herself to the fact that Clint will never be a part of her life and takes a position in Law enforcement concealing her job from both her brother and Clint When Clint returns to town for some much needed RR he is horrified and pretty turned on to see Morganna in his favourite underground BDSM club She's now all grown up and Clint can't keep away from her any longer becoming frantic with his blinding possessiveness He soon discovers that Morganna is in fact working undercover and is the intended bait in an operation to uncover the dealers in a date rape drug ring The pair butt heads as Clint tries to get her off the case and out of the clubs and the chemistry here is great Clint is all alpha male and dominant while Morganna holds her own Of course the two wind up working undercover together; Clint as the leather pants wearing dominant and Morganna as his not uite behaving submissive I wasn't really into the whole DomSub BDSM angle but it was different and made for an interesting story line However it never really takes off so if you're looking for whips ball gags and bondage you'll be disappointed as it's just a setting and not really an explored lifestyle The climax of this book is exciting and suspenseful; with a great hand to hand fight scene complete with knifes guns and swinging vases I did however have trouble with the overabundance of secondary characters that kept popping in and out and couldn't keep any of their names straight There is some reference here to the previous novella but no back story is really given which was unfortunate I also felt bogged down by the over the top plotline involving Columbian drug cartels and double crossing agents It was just too much Lore Leigh writes the tortured hero like no other and there were several very touching scenes as Morganna tries to thaw Clint's frozen heart and he struggles to come to terms with his true feelings for Morganna When Clint finally let's go and surrenders his heart Sigh Hold me he growled against her neck But she was holding him her arms tight around his shoulders And it wasn't enough He needed Needed of her to still the pain building in his soul I recommend this book even though it isn't the best in the series Wild Cardbook 4 would have to be my favourite but this is still entertaining and sexy as hell

  5. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    Rating 45 5First off Auntee thanks so much for letting me borrow these SEAL books of Leigh's I'm enjoying them a bunchBefore I started this book Auntee gave me a little forewarning that if I didn't like this one to keep going with the series because it got better So I wasn't really sure whether I'd like this book or not Turned out I loved it A lot Not uite 5 star LOVED but close I know some didn't uite like this book for a couple of reasons it was tamer than Leigh's erotic romance book there was a somewhat heavy focus on DS it wasn't uite erotic romance and not uite romantic suspense etcBut none of those things really bothered me I was a smidge disappointed that Leigh turned down the sex as much as she did I mean the book was still much hotter than your average romance but it was still tamer than her other books And not just in obvious ways There were some subtler changes I noticed that I didn't think were necessary But the book was still HOT Just be warned that if you're thinking of reading this book because you've read Leigh's straight up erotic romances it's not like thoseI know some didn't like Morganna and ClintI liked them a lot They were fun to read about and I enjoyed their sparring and the little power struggles between them As for the storylineit's romantic suspense yetnot There's a suspense aspect but the book is about the characters the relationship between Morganna and Clint and the sex There's lots of sex But I thought the suspense aspect was interesting enough It kept the book from getting a little repetitive with all the sex I do with I had been able to read Reno's story beforehand but I don't have that book so I had to make doAll in all good stuff I'm glad I got the chance to read it

  6. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    Well this is definitely a sizzler let me tell you I’ve now joined the Leigh club and got a taste of her writingClint is strongest Uber Alpha I’ve ever read about It took me a while to like him because at first I wanted to tell him back off and shove it As a child he had an abusive father who took out his rage over his wife’s cheating on his son Clint hid this from everyone even his best friend Reno He spent most of his childhood at Reno’s house and grew to like his younger sister Morganna She was ten years younger then him—therefore off limits Morganna has always been treated like a child by her older brother Reno and Clint Morganna has been in love with Clint since she was a young girl They might as well have locked her in the top of the castle with Rapunzel and thrown away the key Now Reno and Clint are both SEALS They are often gone on long missions and she is left aloneOne night Clint spots her at a BDSM Club He is thrilled that he can now have her with no strings attached Wrong Morganna is an undercover DEA agent working in the club trying to get info on a drug that is killing women Morganna is just a strong as Clint in many ways and reading how their relationship develops is really good Oh did I mention how HOT this book is? STEAMY Just a warning this book has explicit sex scenes with a little DS If you’re not into that this one isn’t for you

  7. Ladiibbug Ladiibbug says:

    #2 Tempting SEALS Romantic Suspense 45 starsUltra uber Alpha Clint McIntyre on leave from his military SEALS duties discovers his best friend's sister Morganna in a sex club working undercover as a DEA agentTough as nails Clint is thrown into the emotional stratosphere He and Morganna have been flirting and dancing around each other for years and he's determined as hell to watch her back read stalk her until he can convince her to abandon her assignment for her own safetyMorganna is 26 yo a trained DEA agent smart and capable Clint just about destroys the town surrounding countryside trying to get this sassy woman to do everything his way LLoved the well thought out and complex plot involving the cartel and drug investiationClint's definitely over the edge in MANY ways especially his obsession with Morganna I LOVE Lora Leigh LOL As in several other LL books I was laughing and shaking my head over how the Alpha hero TOTALLY moves in on another law enforcement's ongoing investigation or operation Before you know it he's minimized the op's commanding officer and the local cops threatened bullied or shoved around other cops and HE is the ONLY ONE who can save the op from dissolving into mayhem and chaos LOLWatching my share of crime dramas on TV over the years I kept thinking as Clint muscled his way into the DEA operation Jurisdiction? I don't need no STINKIN' Jurisdiction

  8. Sammy Loves Books Sammy Loves Books says:

    This book was so bad that I would probably never read another Lora Leigh book again except I have read other books by her that were very enjoyable The plot in Dangerous Games was not only weak but oh so boring Lora did not take any time to investigate Navy Seals because she started the book out stating that Clint had joined the Army when he was in the Navy Let's see she also had Navy Seals based in Atlanta and killing people with total disregard for the law Navy Seals are not spiesspooks with a license to kill their enemies while on American soil when they are not even on a mission with no uestions asked She often referred to the Admiral as a General and that was annoying The book was supposed to be based in Atlanta but she often referred to the sultry SC heat while they were in Atlantaumm that's a few hours drive from one to the other They also freuented a club in South Carolinathats a long way to go to get to a clubThere were so many typing errors missing words and missing letters but those errors were nothing compared to her final fight scene In the final battle scene she starts calling the bad guy by the wrong name It was so confusing and I had to read it a few times to realize that in the middle of a fight scene she changed the name of the bad guy WTH? That's unacceptable How did any editor miss that? I have so many complaints There was a mole in the story that wasn't revealed until later When you find out who the mole is the character was so insignificant I barely recognized the namedefinently not worth the build upLora's Breed series so far are much better put together without all the problems this book had Though the love scenes were meant to be hot they were a let down too There was all this talk of our Navy Seal being a member of the BDSM club where the membership is 40K a year and he has a private sex room that costs even How can he afford that on government pay He has all this inner dialog of all the bad things he's gonna do to Morganna but guess what? Boring Cause it never happens And who the hell has a butt plug packed in their emergency night bag? Really? Unbelievable

  9. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars Romantic SuspenseThe Tempting SEALS romanceactionsuspense series by Lora Leigh is scalding HOT and Dangerous Games featuring uber alpha male Navy SEAL Clint Iceman McIntyre and DEA undercover agent Morganna Chavez is a serious scorcher Even though the plot is a tad unbelievable and convoluted Lora Leigh still delivers sizzling hot action and romance and creates enough drama angst and intrigue to keep interest for future books in the series Be warned that this book is explicit has references to BDSM and is steamy hot

  10. Zeek Zeek says:

    When I started this book I approached it with a bit of trepidation I'd read some reviews of it where people were turned off by the fact Clint the hero was lusting after Morganna his best friend's sister from the time she was jailbait Thankfully LL skimmed rapidly thru that and by the time they did eventually give into their heated feelings for each other she was in her mid twentiesThis all became a uick twinge of annoyance for me because the thriller aspect of the tale engaged me from then on The plotting in DG far outpaces most of Leigh's e book years Yes part of the conflict is once again I want herhim but I won't let myself have herhim however the external conflict worked so well I didn't find it as irritatingMorganna has known Clint all her life and has loved him for most of that time He has been helplessly drawn to her as well but has run from it for many years Being a SEAL he has a good excuse to do so Tired of waiting for him to get his act together and bored with her secretary job she joins the police academy When we next meet up with her she has moved up to newbie DEA agent and is on a team investigating the BDSM clubs in Atlanta to ferret out the source of the new date rape drug hitting the sceneClint a DOMsub connoisseur is in for a shock when he discovers Morganna hanging out at his haunts and making uite the scene When he finds out that she is in fact undercover and in addition the subject of what appears to be a drug trafficking payback vendetta he hits the roof and works it so she's pulled off the case No worries she's strong enough to maneuver him and all the other overbearing men involved and ends up working with Clint to catch the baddiesTheir story is fast paced heart breaking at times and their chemistry sizzles

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