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  1. Lisa Vegan Lisa Vegan says:

    4 12 starsI wanted to read this because adored this author's two book series The War That Saved My Life and The War I Finally Won This wasn't uite as amazing but if I weren't comparing it to those books I'd have no problem giving it 5 stars My 9 12 year old self definitely wouldI’ve always been interested in the Appalachian Trail and this story made me want to thru hike it or at least do some other eual hiking challenge I think had I read this before I turned 50 and suffered the injuries I did at age 50 and certainly had I read it by my mid thirties I’d have tried it This is a great story about nature hiking challenges about a mother daughter relationship and sibling relationship etc relationships It’s a tale of perserverance and ingenuity I got a good feel for the various locales and what it would be like to make this kind of hike I got a wonderful feel for the camaraderie and these specific characters their issues their relationships etc I really adored Dani and also liked many of the other characters I loved the map I always love maps in books This one is lacking though Not only is it too basic but when markers are reached by the characters they don’t appear on the map at all I wish that they had I was able to get the gist thoughI really appreciated the 2 pages at the end post novel that give some info about some interesting real life characters who've thru hiked the trail I’d love to write but I still have no way to update or create documents on my computer I’m posting now to Goodreads and maybe to LibraryThing but will have to wait to update my reviews doc on my computer I’m getting way too behind with computer work though so I’m posting online at least I could say so much but am keeping it shortPS I also love Dani’s mother Susan and Vivi So much else I could say sans spoilers

  2. Hilary Hilary says:

    Katadin runs away She's having a hard time she is suffering the loss of a sibling and her relationship with her parents isn't easy and school is tough She decides to do the Appalachian trail something her parents did when they first met We really enjoyed the details of the trail what a great thing to do and looks like the ideal therapy The trail looks like a great way to spend some time with a family member and brought back happy memories for me of an attempt I made to walk from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean across the Pyrenees The parts of the story about hunger were so true food tastes amazing and you just couldn't get enough I remember eating some instant pea soup with spaghetti and it was my most memorable meal the hunger that day was so great The Appalachian trail was well described the facts in the story were interesting and the author's afterword provided some other interesting information You can tell this author has been on the trail and not just researched itThe parts about the loss of of a loved one were particularly well written about in this book it made for a very hard read aloud in places This was also a nice look at a motherdaughter relationship that had become distant and the mum was trying hard to make it better We would have loved a follow up book to this hopefully one where they can view spoiler complete the trail hide spoiler

  3. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Wow Kimberly Brubaker Bradley's Halfway to the Sky has been a both emotionally draining but in the end also totally uplifting and encouraging reading pleasure as well as a novel that although I am generally a slow and sometimes actually a trifle plodding reader even with and for books meant for childrenteenagers I have managed to read in less than a day or rather in less than one night Now part of the reason for my enthusiasm with regard to Halfway to the Sky of course is that I have always been intrigued and fascinated by the Appalachian Trail and yes I therefore kind of expected right from when I first read my Goodreads friend Lisa's glowing and enthusiastic review that not only the hiking scenarios the descriptions and depictions of life on the trail with the uplifting and encouraging realisation that hikers look out for one another that lasting friendships are often forged such as Dani and her mother's close and emotionally sustaining relationship with Vivi and how they all pitch in when Trailhead destroys his knee and needs rescuing but also and in particular the family story of twelve year old Dani running away from home to hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail to both put order back in her life and escape from her family's myriad of problems and tragedies both her older brother Springer's recent death from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and her parents' subseuent divorce including her father's remarriage to a woman whom Dani is determined to despise would make Halfway to the Sky right up my proverbial reading alley so to speak although as an older adult I do indeed think that Dani's original plan is dangerously haphazard and not particularly well planned especially with regard to the time it would take to hike the full length of the Appalachian Trail And yes while I do very much understand and appreciate why Dani runs away from home and her often emotional anger at both her mother and her father personally I was breathing a very loud sigh of relief when the mother locates Dani and that she then joins Dani on her uest a uest that basically is not only a hiking adventure but also finally opens up and publicly airs out many long festering family wounds regarding Springer's death the parents' divorce and indeed that Dani as much as she had loved her muscular dystrophy stricken older brother and desperately misses him also had often and in my opinion totally with justification felt as though her parents and in particular her mother were spending all of their time with and on their son and leaving her feeling emotionally and sometimes also physically abandoned and neglectedAnd further and for me very much importantly I do love how neither Dani nor the parents are shown as perfect that both Dani and her mother on the trail go through many rough patches with Dani actually often being not all that pleasant and even respectful to her mother and indeed also vice versa as the mother also is portrayed in Halfway to the Sky with the proverbial warts and all by Kimberley Brusker Bradley and for that matter so are both the father and his new wife and even the deceased Springer is not simply portrayed by the author as some unassailable martyr of patient suffering but as a boy who for example never wanted to watch his sister Dani play soccer because it made him angry and upset at his physical challenges and that nothing could be done about his muscular dystrophy Four stars as I do find the entire Beagle episode and especially how his connection with and to Dani ends so abruptly and in a rather unfinished manner a bit annoying and as though Kimberly Brubaker Bradley just seems to want him him gone for good and uickly but still rounded up to five stars as the positives of Halfway to the Sky far outweigh any negatives

  4. Deacon Tom F Deacon Tom F says:

    Actually I would rate this book 4 12 stars It was a lovely pleasant book about a young 12 yr old girl who is negatively impacted by the death of her brother and the divorce of her parents So she decides on going to hike over 2000 miles on the Appalachian TrailThe resulting experience actually helped her to work through all the incidence of her life and I thoroughly enjoyed that part The book very gently handled with feelings and emotions like loss and despair loneliness frustration and ultimately loveCharacters are very well developed and I think easy to associate with –– as they go through their problems I highly recommend this book for everyone

  5. Stephanie A. Stephanie A. says:

    I've heard of the Appalachian Trail but only in the past year have I really learned about thru hikers from reading the blog of someone who is making plans for it in the future and talks a lot about the accounts of hikers they follow as well as all the pack preparation and planning it takes But for all that I haven't read any firsthand accounts of the actual experience And even though this is written for younger readers as an adult I found it to be a perfect introduction to the conceptDani is such an incredible and inspiring 12 year old that I found myself cheering her on right from the start despite her naive and thoughtless belief that she could just run away to the trail with a note letting her mom know she'd be gone hiking for six months and have her parents be fine with it Beagle was fantastic for a while but I loved seeing her mom join her Mom isn't perfect and they have a lot of issues to work out but she's channeling some pretty great parenting skills on this trip and their relationship is wonderful to follow as are the bonds they form with a few other hikers along the wayHer home life is a tragic mess and I never really felt good about her parents' divorce situation which is to say I would have accepted nothing less than a fairy tale ending but since that forms her impetus for hiking the trail in the first place I guess it's a pretty good story elementBonus this is the most a book has motivated me to get my butt out the door and walk since The Year We Were Famous

  6. Carmussel Carmussel says:

    Because of crummy knees and uite proabably my ADD I’ll never hike the AT Appalachain Trail from Georgia to Maine but I like dreaming about it and this teen novel set on the trail was great for that The mother daughter conflicts were handled in a very believable way as was the story ending Another good coming of age story

  7. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I think Bradley has a real handle on teens their development and struggles to become themselves separate from their families Here she shows us a deeply divided family having suffered a dreadful loss and one child's response with unexpectedly wonderful ramificationsI'm on a mission to read all of Bradley's books

  8. Cecelia Cecelia says:

    I LOVE this book It is so amazing It is my favorite book If I could only have one book to read for the rest of mt life it would be this one Most Definately It is on the top of my list for sure Dani is a character that relates a lot to my friend When you have a connection like that it makes the whole book worth reading five times I am also a through hiker which is mentioned a lot in this book Taking this adventure was amazing and definately a life changing experience Way to go Kimberly Brubaker Bradley You rocked this book

  9. Hope Hill Hope Hill says:

    This book is one that I would easily read again The plot has a surprising depth to it that I didn't expect to find in the children's section of a local library The initial concept seemed to be about a young girl's decision to hike the Appalachian Trail The reality is far complex It's about family grief and personal growth hiding under the guise of a simple adventure I liked that it could be read by anyone I also liked that everyone was portrayed in ways that explained how they could view themselves as the hero of their own story I did think Dani's parents were dealing with their grief in ways that hurt their daughter Once the parents discovered this they took the time to reassure Dani that despite their grieving for Springer they still loved her I was shocked when I learned that Dani's real reason for hiking the Appalachian Trail Dani feared that if she didn't start as uickly as possible she'd either be to infirm to do it later or dead This changed her running away from rebellious to courageous allowing me to connect with the main character

  10. K. East K. East says:

    Interesting insight into hiking the AT although the only stretch I've done through Grayson Highlands just north of Damascus was tricky and not well marked If I lived nearby I would have offered to do trail maintenance because that stretch needs it An interesting feature of that area is that the herd of wild ponies that roam the parkStory was okay Dialog between mom and early teen daughter was believable although the mom was a good deal patient with the whining than I might have been I think pre teen reader might enjoy this especially the part about running away from home and arguing parents

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Halfway to the Sky ❰Reading❯ ➼ Halfway to the Sky Author Kimberly Brubaker Bradley – Liversite.co.uk Twelve year old Dani is running away from home or what’s left of home anyway Her older brother who had muscular dystrophy died a few months ago Then her father left and her parents got divorced Now Twelve year old Dani is running away from home or what’s left of home anyway Her older brother who had muscular dystrophy died a few months ago Then her father left and her parents got divorced Now home is just Dani and her sad silent mother and Dani’s got to get away She plans to do something amazing and go where her parents will never find her she’s going to hike the whole Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine The trail is a legend in her family the place where her parents met fell in love Halfway to PDF/EPUB ² and got married years before Unfortunately for her master plan her mother doesn’t have much trouble figuring out where Dani’s gone Now it’s the two of them hiking for as long as Dani can manage to persuade her mother to keep going But Dani’s got an even longer emotional journey to make—and it’s one she and her mom need to make together From the Hardcover edition.