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Lover Unleashed ❮Read❯ ➶ Lover Unleashed ➺ Author J.R. Ward – Liversite.co.uk Number one New York Times best selling author JR Ward's thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPayne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark seductive cloth as her brother Number one New York Times best selling author JR Ward's thrilling new novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood seriesPayne twin sister of Vishous is cut from the same dark seductive cloth as her brother Imprisoned for eons by their mother the Scribe Virgin she finally frees herself only to face a devastating injuryManuel Manello MD is drafted by the Brotherhood to save her as only he can but when the human surgeon and the vampire warrior meet their two worlds collide in the face of their undeniable passion With so much working against them can love prove stronger than the birthright and the biology that separates them hours and minutes.

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  1. Mel Mel says:

    Lover Unleashed is the tenth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood universe and it’s about Payne and Manny finding love To me it’s also a huge disappointmentWhy? Because I feel that the loyal fans got screwed over The way Ward just blatantly rewrites history disregards her own world's rules and has characters act completely out of character It's insulting really I’ve been looking forward to this book like crazy Eventhough I wasn’t interested in Payne and Manny’s story at all In fact I was fully expecting to hastily flip through the PayneManny bits just to get to the good stuff V’s downward spiral and the huinnBlay drama At the end though the love story between Payne and Manny was the best part of the book And that’s saying something If this book emphasizes one thing it is that Ward needs a new editor Sure the current one cries and raves about everything Ward says But I thought an editor’s job was to actually oh I don’t know edit? Correct mistakes? Make sure the story flows well? Secure continuity in characters actions and events? Check the time line? Nope no such thing But hey I bet she’s great at nodding her head Basically Lover Unleashed is two big story lines and three mini story lines put togetherThe two bigger story lines revolve around Payne Manny and V Jane Butch The three mini story lines are about huinn Blay the Band of Bastards and about the next Fallen Angels book Jose de la Cruz and his new partner Minor spoilers from here on The good Manny before this story I was simply not invested enough to care about what happened to the guy Over the course of this book however I grew to really like him Ward described him as ‘a metrosexual motherfucker’ but he’s really a regular alpha guy who’s not afraid to let his lady have the limelight The Band of Bastards I loved the itty grittiness of them Xcor is really intriguing Zypher needs a long way to be redeemed somehow that’s sexy and Throe what can I say I wish my friend Tara hadn’t called dibbs cause I wants him Butch I just love Butch The bad Vishous' downward spiral spelled C O N T R I V E D to me The angst was completely forged and supported only by out of character actions by both Jane and Vishous Plus the whole thing was based on a faulty premise the mating ceremony between V an Jane supposedly not having taken place Say what?? The Butch story line yes I love Butch but I can’t get over the fact what a missed chance this was for Ward to write about our favorite ex human with his chipped tooth which mysteriously turned into a capped tooth in this book In a story which features Vishous Manny and Jose de la Cruz you’d expect about him And I’m not even going to mention the missed opportunity concerning the VButch uality time Such a waste Payne ‘the female warrior’ Right Payne is what Xhex haters would want her to be a tough chick disguised in a Chosen package We are told she’s tough and she holds her ground We just don’t really see it Also this Payne didn’t resemble the girl we met in Lover Avenged She felt like Marissa or Cormia Only with dark hair Layla like Payne there was a change of character in Layla Ward decided to give her a backbone this book It just doesn’t match her behavior from last books or this book really I feel like it’s an attempt from Ward to make us like Layla Mission failed on my account Jane okay now I’ll admit; I’m not the biggest Jane fan I have problems with her status as Super Shellan and I get annoyed by the way Ward just needs to drive the point home again and again about how smart Jane is And well in this book we were told again and again how smart the super doc was Too bad she didn’t actually show it in her behavior the blending POVs maybe it’s me maybe it’s due to all the Wardisms but all the inner POVs are starting to sound alike Open up a random chapter and it’s almost impossible to differentiate who’s talking or thinking any the ending if felt rushed and unfinished Twenty pages is too short to wrap up five story linesThe ugly No John Matthew At all I missed him The Jose de la Cruz and Thomas DelVecchio story line I found it really interesting right up to the point where I realized it didn’t serve any purpose in expanding Butch’s or the Bastards’ story line It’s just one big infomercial for the next Fallen Angels book The castration of Xcor here we have an intriguing morally ambiguous hero with lots of potential And Ward turns him into a sap near the end of the book Why?? The revelation of what huinn saw on the door of the Fade if this is going where I think it’s going then I’m seriously considering a series boycott One word ridiculous The hysterical The Wardisms is it me or are they getting worse each book? The number one Wardism for this book has to be ‘goinggetting vertical’ Another favorite word ‘kibitzer’ There was also lots of extrapolation going on Ehlena she was the Super Extra I think she was mentioned over forty times in the book She didn’t utter one word though Manny’s perpetual hard ons We get it he’s excited But it got a bit silly towards the endingNow I’ll be the last to say that the BDB series has always been perfect It’s a bit over the top sometimes silly riddled with continuity mistakes But until now Ward managed to compensate all this with great story telling excitement and entertainmentThis time around I just didn't feel it The main story line was okay but the secondary story lines were either contrived VJaneButch lacking of any substance huinnBlay or completely unnecessary De La CruzVeckIt’s still good for the genre but it’s certainly my least favorite in the BDB series A mere 25 stars

  2. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    4 Was this Payne's book or V's? Stars SpoilersFirst Read 2014Reread 472017It finally happened he thought as he burrowed under his shirt and took hold of his heavy cross All his life he'd wondered why he'd never fallen in love and now he knew He'd been waiting for this moment this woman this time The female is mine he thought MannyLover Unleashed the 9th book in the BDB series was a good read but I was a little confused as to whose book it was I mean was this Payne and Manny's book or V and Jane's Because even though this is suppose to be about Payne and Manny V and Jane's drama took up most of this book I will be honest I liked V a lot in his book but in this book I was so upset with him I am trying to understand were V is coming from with all his past abuses I feel like he was unloyal to his Shellan Jane every time he thought about Butch in a sexual way or like in this book he was thinking back to his past Dom sex life and it seemed like he missed it Enough that Jane and Butch wondered if he would cheat on her I mean WTF? A bonded male should never even think about being with another not even for a minute It felt like a betrayal of their love So V really let me down in this book Though he pulled his shit together in the end I didn't like seeing him feel that way in the first place It made me lose a little respect for him that he would even uestion his love for Jane And man I felt so damn bad for Jane in this book And the last thing he saw before he checked out of the Conscious Inn Suites was Jane's head whipping around in a panic In her eyes was stark terror as if the single worst thing that she could imagine was him in agonyAnd that was when he knew that he still loved her V Anyone but her She heard him say that over and over again saw his ashen face and his icy eyes and the way he had closed her out Funny the eternity she'd been granted had always seemed like the grandest blessing Until she pictured going aeons without the man she loved Now it was a curse Where would she go? She couldn't very well continue at the compound Not if they were estranged like this JaneWhy did he even have to uestion if he still loved her He is bonded that isn't suppose to go away I just really didn't like it I also didn't like the fact that Payne and Manny took a backseat in this book Their story was out shined by V's shit I really liked both Payne and Manny I thought they were cute and sexy together and I would have loved time with them Seeing as this was suppose to be their book and all I enjoyed all the parts about Manny and Payne I loved that Payne was her own person She was strong a fighter and she was up front and honest Manny was great too He may have been human but he was strong in his own right He stood up to the brothers especially V and he was totally comfortable in his own skin He didn't want to become a vampire like Butch He was just fine with being himself I am the daughter of a god Manuel A deity That glow you call forth from me? It is her very essence as an entity That is what she is As for my father? He was nothing but a sadistic bastard who imparted unto me the urge to kill that was his 'gift' And do you want to know what I did with it? Do you? She was aware that her voice was rising but was singularly disinclined to uiet herself I killed him Manuel And for that crime against mine bloodline for that offense against the standards of behavior for females I was imprisoned and held for centuries So you are too right Go and do it now It is for the best But do not think that I fit in here any better than you do Payne You are beautiful and sexy and I don't know what the hell your mother or anyone else is doing comparing you to anything or anybody Nothing comes close to you on any level MannyOverall I enjoyed this book but would have liked Manny Payne and less JaneV I liked finding out Butch and Manny are half brothers I really liked the introduction of Xcor and the Band of Bastards Am I the only one that thought it was hot as shit when Throe and Xcor tag teamed the prostitute? OMG who would have thought prostitute sex would be so damn hot I am looking forward to the Xcor plot I just loved Blay in this book I am so glad he was doing what was best for him I liked that he moved on instead of sitting around like a kicked puppy hurting every time he seen huinn with someone else I have to say I don't feel one bit sorry for huinn I know he is a lot of fans favorite but not mine The fact of the matter is he sat there ripping out Blay's heart having sex with everyone he could right in front of Blay knowing Blay was in love with him Now he is all poor me I love Blay and he is with another Well huinn could have Blay if he just grew some damn balls No one is stopping Blay and huinn's love but huinn Maybe it's because Blay is such a sweetheart and a male of worth and I feel protective of him but I have a hard time forgiving huinn for the pain he caused Blay Just because he was too much of a coward to go for what he wanted huinn's loss just sayin' Lover Unleashed was a good read but not one of my favorites in the series What you doing out here girlie? the bigger of the two asked All alone I'm about to cut your throat open with what I have behind my back After which I shall break both of your legs not because I have to but because I shall enjoy the sound And then I will locate something steel with which to pierce your empty chest cavity and send you back to your maker Or mayhap I'll leave you to writhe on the ground Lesser and Payne

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    This book is just all kinds of amazingFear thee not spoilers are hiddenThere are so many things to love about Lover Unleashed the 9th installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series I’ve come to expect truly great stories with complex characters and lots of emotion and this book didn’t disappoint In fact it ranks right up there with my favorite book in the series Lover AwakenedWhat makes this so amazing you ask? Well important things were resolved new things were revealed and with the laying of the foundation for future books complete I can tell it’s going to be an exciting rideI loved the introduction of the new warriors from England AKA the Band of Bastards and how they each have not just different personalities but totally different intensities I can see such potential for them all but I’m wondering about the three cousins We were given the names Xcor Throe and Zypher but others were only referred to as the three cousins Those are the things that make me go hmmmmm And the WARDen has such a way with words There were many times I was laughing out loud and smiling These are a couple of those times Undeterred by his lack of enthusiasm she leaned forward flashing him a set of breasts that didn't so much as defy gravity as flip it off insult its mother and piss on it's shoesAnd Manuel bared his teeth as if he had fangs and did not that just turn her onFor those who have read the book here are some of my specific thoughts and comments Manny and Payne spoiler view spoiler I’m so glad that Manny isn’t changing It might come to pass in another book but it wasn’t necessary in this one and so I’m glad the issue wasn’t forced I’m also thrilled that he’ll be able to see his mother and move between worlds rather than having to decide on one or the other I think it kind of opens the door for interaction with humans and gives the Brotherhood another connection with the outside world Now I’ve seen some criticism over Payne’s confrontation with Xcor Some people think it was anticlimactic but I’d have to disagree I think that as readers of this series we’ve become very used to the idea of a Brother coming to the rescue and saving the day and so when that doesn’t happen or that kind of intense “rescue” doesn’t go down it might seem rather “meh” to some readers Personally I thought that was handled very well Payne showed what kind power she wields and got Xcor’s attention That one scene gave him a lot of information in a short amount of time I think it was done very well indeed hide spoiler

  4. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    You're the one who's Payne'sNo hesitation on that No hesitation on his reply either Yeah I am This was such a romantic book I must say I loved Manny and Payne's story 3 What made it even better was a side story concerning Vishous Fantastic The new bad guys are irritating as hell and I had the same urge to skip them as I do the lessers But overall I loved this one 3 The storyThis one picks up right after Lover MinePayne is at the Brotherhood compound injured and frustrated while everyone is in shock by learning she is Vishous' sisterJane takes off to find someone who can heal Payne her former boss and friend Manuel ManelloManuel is shocked and angry to find out Jane is alive but he agrees to go with her and try to help the injured personThe moment he sees Payne he knows she's special and that she's meant to be hisHe operates on her and they delete his memory after it's done which causes Manny massive headaches and the poor guy ends up thinking he's losing his mindPayne's state isn't improving and she doesn't want to be immobile for the rest of her life so Vishous decides to do something to give her the will to liveHe brings her back her healer Lifting her palm she peeled back and slapped him across the face And do NOT insult my blood This is Payne and Xcor uote I just had to It made my day DThe story I just LOVED the romance in this one I know it isn't a favorite for most people but for me it totally worked And what's weird I am really not a fan of insta love and this one is as insta as it gets but yeah it didn't bother me at all The side story about Vishous was heartbreaking but I loved it as well The charactersVishous He is dealing with another shock learning he had a sister imprisoned by his mother and it isn't doing him any good on the mental level Payne asks him to kill her if the treatment doesn't work and it eating him alive He goes back to his masochistic ways and Jane doesn't know how to help him After Payne tries to view spoilerkill herself hide spoiler

  5. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    Reading about the Black Dagger Brotherhood is like catching up with old friends I can’t express how much I love this entire series It’s #1 in my eyes and will forever stay that way Lover Unleashed is Payne and Manny’s book and although I would have liked to see romance between the two I found that I really enjoyed both of them Manny wasn’t exactly my favourite character in Lover Unbound only because he was competition for V but I found myself falling for the hot doctor He had big shoes to fill if he wanted to roll with the Brothers and I thought he handled himself well I loved his toughness and arrogant demeanour in the OR room and his gentleness with Payne He’s also got a bit of a smart mouth and you know I just can’t resist that I’ll be your bambina any day babePayne was awesome I love the way she talks There’s something about her that makes her seem innocent and yet not if that makes any sense at all And even injured and unmoving she’s still a potent force in this book My heart broke for her when she yelled at V for snatching away her one chance at escape Going from her mother’s imprisonment to being a prisoner in her own body I can understand her wish for a way out But it still broke my heart to see itThen there’s V who seriously goes batshit crazy in this one After hearing he had a twin sister after all these years he’s seriously pissed off with Mommy Dearest right now and I don’t blame him He hasn’t ever had a stable relationship with her so when this bomb dropped I could understand why he had a WTF reaction What I love about this series is the fact that JR doesn’t sugar coat her relationships There are ups and downs within each of the Brother’s relationships just like any other relationships I feel that the troubles V and Jane face strengthen their bond than if they were just happy happy merry merry all the time In fact having not been completely taken away by the romance in Lover Unbound I felt that this book really solidified the fact that V and Jane were meant to be together I didn’t feel it back in V’s book but after nearly breaking everything off in this one and making amends it works in bringing back the romance I liked that JR explored the lows in their relationship but I also thought that V’s drama stole some of the spotlight from Payne and Manny Sometimes the balance between MannyPayne and VJane were conflicting and I would have liked to see of a focus on Manuelo and my girl Payne After all it is their book Jane was my least favourite shellan but reading about her conflicted feelings I grew into her I always saw her as this unemotional callous one but seeing her panic and fear at watching V stumble in injured made me realize how much she cared And it was enough for me Ward covers a lot of bases in this one Xcor is it pronounced Cor? and his band of bastards are introduced and I was VERY excited to read about new characters I can see a whole new world that she can explore with these men and I really enjoyed the prologue It was badass And that scene with Xcor Throe and that chick? WowThen there’s huinn who is still suffering from a shattered heart With John dealing with mated life and Blay off with Sax huinn is having to deal with things on his own when he should be with his boys I felt so bad for him WHEN IS HIS BOOK COMING OUT? This guy deserves a HEA the mostI loved this book and even though it wasn’t my favourite of the series I can still say that I loved to read about Manny and Payne The shit with V and Jane helped fixed the mediocre romance in Lover Unbound and HUINN AND BLAY NEED THEIR DAMN BOOK ALREADY What’s a chick gotta do to get her MM lovin? Here’s my Payneimage error

  6. P P says:

    “With that he pushed his way outand as the door eased shut she realized I love you could indeed be said without actually uttering the phrase Actions did mean than words” To be honest I really don't know why I gave this book 5 stars as for my distaste for the start Payne is not a likable heroine for me she's just too masculine and indepedent that I didn't know how Ward could find a man to match her with And finally she fould Manny yes it's him Dr Manuel Manello the Handsome one who had a crush on DrJane since V's book I wasn't so sure that the chemistry between them could convince me to believe that they are the hero and heroine of this book and destined to be together after all “Butch tightened his grip on his cell and wished there were an app that let you reach through a phone and bitch slap someone” BUT JR Ward proved me wrong again because her story was woven in the discreet resonant from the start I was astounded by the connection she linked from one character to another flawlessly and knew that this was what she was good at Manny is a normal man yet he has the guts While Payne seems to be independent she is still innocent and looking for Manny's attention when she's with him “I came to you Jane Every night this week I came to you I didn't want you to be alone And I didn't want to sleep without you The ending fucked my mind OMFG that was nothing I'd expected before The revelation is everything Although this is not the best book of the series but it's unputdownable because of the narration and twists V and Jane's story is very interesting and I was glad that we see them again in this bookhttpsgoogld2V2rd

  7. Shawna Shawna says:

    WOW Lover Unleashed is a fantastic installment to the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I especially loved the romance this time Here’s a checklist rundown of some of my favorite highpointsMore romance between main HH? – CheckManny and Payne were amazing characters and I absolutely loved loved luvvved them together They were such a sweet sexy couple with a strong emotional connection and explosive chemistry In fact their sensual evocative romance was possibly my favorite since Lover Eternal and Lover Awakenedview spoiler Marvin Gaye’s Sexual HealingHOT DAYUM I loved when Manny showed Payne that she could have a full complete life even if she never walked again I loved the allegorical connection between Manny’s Thoroughbred Glory and Payne There were some truly beautiful touching moments with this part of the story hide spoiler

  8. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    Spoilage Enter at your own riskDecided between a C or B This is not the strongest book in this series and smacks of Phury's book who is MIA all the time I wonder why? BTW I hate Phury's book and this is a close second with my feelings toward itPayne Manny ZZZZanye and their bonding over a horse and no they don't have hot sex on a horse and even if they did that wouldn't make their relationship steamy or otherwise Also Manny channels his inner BDB language to the point I want to smack him Sorry only V can talk that way and not make me fall into gigglesV with a side of hot black wax and Butch Jane Awesome after this you will have no doubt in your mind that Butch and V are just friends no urges to become lovers or Ward has stomped on that and lit a match on it and turned it into ashThe words true and verily need to be erased from Ward's canon Also there is a word called whard HehXcor and his band of merry medieval horny men Failhuay sob major lack of screen time with these two even though huinn really needs to find his own Dr Dhrew statThe reveal about Butch and Manny and their relationship has pissed me off because Ward said she'd never go there with them back when V's book came out Well she did Cop out Spoon BDSM for the win V and Butch will never look at a spoon the same way againSo so book that was of a disappointment even though I give mad props for Ward because she is a very skilled authorI will continue to read for the huay HEA that is going to take years to get to

  9. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    Lover Unleashed book nine in my beloved Black Dagger Brotherhood series is Manny and Payne’s book – or so we were told But honestly this book is Vishous’s True? Vishous steals the show Manny and Payne have a romance but their story is nothing compared to V’s Nothing There is also no way this one can be read as a stand alone – you need V’s backstory throughout the entire series to get anything from this bookI was definitely disappointed with the ending of V’s book Lover Unbound when Jane was turned into a ghost Not only with the ghost aspect but I just wanted of a closure with V and Jane but we get it in this book V is not in a good place Payne comes to his side paralyzed from a sparring session with Wrath Vishous has had no idea in the 300 years he has been alive that he even had a twin sister The Scribe Virgin their mother who is not in this book which is a shame has had Payne imprisoned Now she is here in his life and the protectiveness V feels for her is out of controlWhen Jane calls Manny in to help operate on her there is that instant “mine” between them even though Manny is a human This does not go over well with V as Butch and the other brothers struggle to keep him from killing Manny As time goes on V goes into an even deeper downward spiral Payne doesn’t heal as she should and when Jane attempts something shocking he walks away – from Jane This scene is very moving and well done What we really get is V coming to terms with his abusive father his negligent mother and his role as a hellren Yes he loves Jane but can he overcome his past and his current broken self to give her what she needs? Can he fulfill the new role as a brother to Payne?Butch plays a very important role in “saving” V I won’t go into specifics as to not spoil too much but this issue had to be addressed He is in love with Butch as we all know We finally get a little exploration into this relationship the one we were teased with in Lover UnboundAs the other continued fighting the pair of them just stared at each other against the audio backdrop of grunts and metal to metal strikes and inventive cursing There should be something said between them V thought There was just so muchto be said“I want it from you” V bit out “I need it”Butch nodded “I know” And just to note – the “it” is not exactly what you think Also Mandi diesBefore I started the book I thought how in the world will anything happen between V and Butch with both of them mated to Jane and Marissa But it works out totally fine And it is not the actual scene that fulfilled me but a scene with them later – a very uiet peaceful moment that to me lets me breathe a sigh of contentment for these two males I still don’t know if JR Ward gives Butch and V a fair shot – the big scene with V and Butch is kind of short But I’m glad she does what she doesAnd I have to say I actually liked Jane in this book – crazy right? I think JR Ward does a nice job with the emotional turmoil between these two There is one scene where V just walks away from her – and it is heartbreaking But I get her I understand her I like her with V now I’m content with their relationship And we get several dirty sex scenes with them“Vishous”“What”His gloved hand dipped under the black satin and she didn’t have to see where it went to be well aware he’d gripped himself The fact that he arched back told her everything she needed to know That and the way he bit down on his lower lip“Jane”“What”“Are you just going to watch true?”We also get some classic V and Butch moments that make me smileButch clapped him on the shoulder “Listen to me You have the fashion sense of a park bench and the interpersonal skills of a meat cleaver – ““Is this suppose to be helping?”“Let me finish ““What’s next? The size of my cock?”“Hey even pencils can get the job done – I’ve heard the moaning from your room to prove it”Let’s move onto Blay and huinn or as they are called “huay” They had such a presence in Lover Mine I am disappointed with the lack of progress in their relationship I hear a novella might be in the works for them so maybe JR Ward is saving up for that – but still there is no huay in this book We get a tiny bit with Blay and Saxton And we get a little than that with huinn and Layla OMG – I can’t even go there right now We get a big reveal with huinn – something that will happen in the future We need to discuss this my friendssoonNo Lassiter or Tohr in this one No Murhder which surprised me since we were introduced to him in Lover Mine There is also an odd side story of a serial murderer Now in it we are introduced to Jose de la Cruz’s new partner Thomas DelVecchio Jr or Veck I can only hope Veck plays some kind of role in the next book because otherwise I have no idea why this storyline is in it Unless I missed something Veck does have some strangeways so I assume there is to come of him I’m very intriguedWe meet some new vampires not necessarily brothers but six men although we really only meet three that fight lessors They fought under the Bloodletter until he died and the Xcor took over Along with Throe and Zypher they are a secret band of “brothers” – I use that term loosely because they are not necessarily like The Brothers They fight together –killing lessors or humans They are much violent without as many morals They have been living in the old country but have realized most of the lessors have moved to where the Brotherhood now reside Xcor wants one thing – to be king So they move near Caldwell and start to set things in motion So yes they fight lessors but they are not necessarily friendly with the brotherhood I am interested to see how this plays out The brotherhood is aware of Xcor but we don’t get any details of the how or why It looks like the new conflict might be moving away from the lessors and towards a fight with Xcor for the KingI suppose I can’t leave Payne and Manny out Honestly they did nothing for me If I had to hear Payne say “Verily” one time I might have thrown the book For some reason I thought Payne was going to be similar to Xhex but she ends up like Layla She has a few kick ass moments towards the end but I didn’t feel like she was a warrior or a brother like Xhex is There was just nothing that stood out about them I like Manny – he had nice interactions with Jane And I liked out he stood up to Vishous and his interactions with Butch are fun But for the actual romance between these two – it did nothing for me which makes it really hard to rate this book Also – the way Payne ends up healing is so corny I’m sorry – but I just didn’t get itWhile Lover Mine really took us back to the romance away from the UF feel after book 3 this one takes us right back In a way I don’t want to complain because the spotlight is on Vishous And I LOVE Vishous Before I started this book my one hope was that we got a lot of Vishous material Little did I know he would be the entire book He even announces at the end that he is officially mating with Jane tattoo on his back etc Seriously this is his bookBottom line is – I have very mixed feelings The book entertained me I read it in one day I love this series I love the brothers I really enjoy JR Ward’s style of writing I love that we get tons of stuff with Vishous I think Vishous’s story needed to be continued but it was at the expense of the main characters Honestly I wasn’t invested at all in Payne and Manny so not getting a full story from them isn’t all that heartbreaking to me But – this is their book And they get jipped With the lack of Blay and huinn after such a build up in the previous book I can’t help but be a little disappointedI also want to note that no one is really set up to be next in the series – and that is driving me crazy I’m very curious to see who it isRating C maybe a B

  10. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line Xcor saw his father killed when he was but five years past his transitionSpoiler FreeAh yes how sweet it is to be back with the Black Dagger Brotherhood It was with some anticipation understatement that I cracked open the 489 pages I’d waited almost a year on and it was with baited breathe that I began Wondering exactly what direction JR Ward was going to take this 9th instalment in? Well I can tell you that with this one she does not disappoint giving us fans exactly what we've been waiting for and then some Starting where Lover Mine left off and with her usual flair the first 4 words will have you smiling we get; multiple POV’s evolving story lines ass kicking action and major injuries to most of the Brotherhood We revisit past charactersJose del la Cruz while being introduced to new ones including among others the intriguing ‘Band of Bastards’ This group of 6 is around to stay and with them comes an endless supply of future story possibilities With blasts of tension humour romance and way erotic love scenes we witness a couple of characters fall apart see unreuited love get major hints of things to come and while laughing with Rhage and Fritz in the billiards room we also worry about the future of the King Even though our main love story here is not as dominant as in past books I have no complaints as Ward manages to include and give us moments with each and every member of the Brotherhood mansion in one way or another And while I ached for huinn and Blay then there was V And oh the V True? As much as this is pegged as Payne and Manny’s book LOVER UNLEASHED really belongs to Vishous and isn't it great understatement to be back in his intricate messed up dirty lil mind Along with Butch and Jane this trio goes to some very dark places taking us right along for the excruciating ride and finally putting to bed so to speak Butch and V’s relationship once and for all I loved revisiting V and through him hearing from the Cop again as well as getting to know Jane better who has at last stopped feeling like a ghost I may forgive Ward yet for killing her And in the afterward those uiet moments spent between Butch and V well in his words “I have no words Sixteen languages but no words”All this awesomeness has of course been wrapped up with Ward's uniue style of writing although this time there's a different vibe to it and it took me a while to put my finger on what it was The multiple f bombs rap references and Wardisms are still here but she's managed to stop jumping around as we did in LOVER MINE with Ghostbuster storylines and Old Country flashbacksShe's also toned down the product placement and riddle filled sentences ie “A gust of wind went Nike across the flat landscape And with less 'Lessers' to contend with here much like inLover Unboundand them operating without a visible leader's POV the entire story flows better and you don't find yourself grumbling wanting to skip ahead Overall this feels like one of the original books from the series then the urban fantasy ish instalments of lateRegarding Payne and Manny; I enjoyed this couple verily I did I’ve loved Manny from the first time we met him and enjoyed getting to know him here His interactionsrevelations with Butch are hilarious as is his discovery of Jane and the whole BDB world Payne wasn’t as tough as I was expecting although she does manage to rescue herself while spending a considerable amount of time paralyzed Manny’s method of healing her is very Marvin Gaye and although their actual HEA is kinda corny I liked how Ward found a way to keep them together In the end Ward leaves us smiling with contentment although I had been hoping for a mating ceremony and not the one you’d expect and with events wide open for future stories that I can't wait to discover I just wish it wasn't so far away because after spending just a few days with the BDB I'm not ready to let them go yet See ya next year boys stay safe TrueOh I've also just learned that book #10 will be Tohrment’s story Wow that's bound to be a tearjerker Cheers

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