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Backstage Pass Sinners on Tour #1 [PDF / Epub] ☄ Backstage Pass Sinners on Tour #1 ✓ Olivia Cunning – Five stunning guys one hot woman and a feverish romanceFor him life is all music and no playWhen Brian Sinclair lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene loses his creative Five stunning guys one hot Sinners on PDF/EPUB ½ woman and a feverish romanceFor him life is all music and no playWhen Brian Sinclair lead songwriter and guitarist of the hottest metal band on the scene loses his creative spark it will take nights of downright sinful passion to release his pent up geniusShe's the one to call the tuneWhen sexy Backstage Pass PDF \ psychologist Myrna Evans goes on tour with the Sinners every boy in the band tries to seduce her But Brian is the only one she wants to get her hands onThen the two lovers' wildly shocking behavior sparks the whole band to new heights of glory and sin.

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  1. Riverina Romantics Riverina Romantics says:

    WARNING Do not read this book unless you have your significant other available or a vibrator with A LOT of batteriesSPOILERSOh my fukng gosh How much sex can you get in one book??? Apparently a bloody lotI had been reading some really sweet romance novels lately and thought I would give my inner skank a break from the gushiness to have some sexy fun That sure did happen – however there was so much sex even my inner skank blushedAs a whole I enjoyed the book it was sexy as hell God damn HOT sex scenes but just too damn many of them The story sorta felt like wake up sex breakfast sex lunch sex go for a walk sex dinner sexBut yet the sex always seemed to be new There was vaginal anal oral sex with toys sex with food sex in public places sex with people watching a threesome and much much I think if you take out all the sex scenes there would probably only be about 50 pages of actual storyline and the storyline in itself was uite predictableAll in all it was a HOT HOT HOT read Olivia Cunning is one talented sex writer but this book is definitely not for the faint of heartThere is an additional video that I found that goes with this my review Check out my full review at

  2. Lenore Lenore says:

    Well This book had its moments but it left a bad taste in my mouth Let’s see The things that didn’t sit well with meMyrna What a bitch She’s been through a lot I give her that but then again that’s what shrinks are for She keeps projecting her negative experiences to her “relationship” or however she wants to call it with Brian The “you’re a whore Myrna” chant really got on my nerves from a certain point onwards Myrna may be a human sexuality professor but she’s full of unresolved complexes and inhibitions We got it And this takes me to the next thing I didn’t like I wasn’t convinced by the way the two main characters hooked up OK he may be a famous rock star but he is piss drunk ridiculing himself in the middle of a hotel bar She’s a respected college professor who has just wrapped up a conference presentation And what does she do? She invites him to her room mere minutes after he spends a considerable amount of time worshipping the porcelain god in the hotel’s public restroomsAnother major issue was Brian considering Myrna special I didn't see how she could be so special after all view spoilerShe was good in bed and he heard music when he did her but other than that her general behaviour was that of any love struck groupie she had sex with him before you could say Jack Robinson; she agreed to walk around the hotel and to the band’s suite in nothing but a bathrobe and pink lacy knickers and then stand practically naked in front of the other band members; she had sex with him again in a bath tub while another band member watched and wanked off coming in her hair; she had anal sex with him yet again on the suite’s dining table while another band member provided lube hide spoiler

  3. Jessica ❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥ Jessica ❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥ says:

    45Backstage Pass is my first read by Olivia Cunning and I enjoyed it immensely I've clearly been missing out over here Hooolllyyy shit This book is hot af I'm serious guys Prudes need to step away from this one You will be fanning yourself in multiple places and praying your kindle doesn't catch fire What did I love most about the book? I would have to say the hero Brian Sinclair He is a gorgeous rock star with a big heart a thick cock and magic fingers What's not to love? I also adored the band and the relationship the band developed with Myrna I can't wait to read about each of them in the coming books Do I recommend Backstage Pass? Yes Don't pick this one up if you want to read a touching love story but if you're looking for something fun and dirty one click this one now You won't be sorry

  4. Kristen Kristen says:

    4 to 412 starsI'll admit I started this book only with the intention to curb my curiosity about what I've read in recent reviews and comments I've noticed people either love this book or they don't I was prepared to fall among those readers who do not like this story because I usually do not enjoy reading this type of erotica I confess my expectations were remarkably low I neither expected nor was prepared for how fascinating compelling erotic and frankly disturbing I found  Backstage Pass to be Although there was too much sex in this book understatement of the century and at times the writing prose felt underdeveloped and stunted the author did a great job giving the reader fun endearing and sexy characters; an intriguing plot; and a fairly realistic look at the lifestyle of a rock band Their crass and seedy lifestyle fascinated unsettled and many times appalled me Having said that I still love so much about this book 

  5. Tina Reber Tina Reber says:

    This book should come with a vibrator attachment Holy hell Loved it

  6. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars – Erotic Contemporary RomanceI love all kinds of music including rock but I’ve never been much of a concert groupie or band fan girl Although my sister would probably call me a big fat liar and eagerly remind me of my closet New Kids On The Block phase as a teen blushes and hides of embarrassmentBut I’ve definitely had my fair share of hot celeb obsessions including Robert Pattinson I stalked him on the Internet for months before and after Twilight came out Brad Pitt I watched Legends of the Fall countless times Antonio Sabato Jr Jagger Cates on General Hospital was a long time crush Jason Statham Transporterhello and Vin Diesel ‘cause his rock hard body bald head and tatts totally do it for me to name a few So I can certainly understand the inclination to obsess over sexy rock star gods like the SinnersBackstage Pass totally kindled my Kindle and nearly set it on fireit’s that freakin’ HOT I mean seriouslyYOWZA It’s got a little bit of everything in the smutty fun kink rainbow including oral anal sex toys light bondage exhibitionismvoyeurism ménage mild mm action kissing and fondling and oh yeah vanilla vaginal sex too And when Brian felt music inspiration during sex and got all trancelike? Whewit was extremely erotic It’s definitely a 5 star read in terms of its explosive hotness but I didn’t really love the main characters Brian was a sweet sexy beta hero and a “Beast” in the bedroom but his neediness got a little annoying at times Myrna’s mix of stuffy Ms Uptight Professor on the outside and inner slut ueen was funny but her insecurity was irritating I actually preferred the secondary characters particularly goofy drummer Eric Sticks and sweet sexy bisexual guitarist Trey Mills I’m sooo looking forward to Trey’s story Double Time but it’s the last book in the series and doesn’t come out until Oct’2012wahhh Even though I didn’t care all that much for the lead Hh it’s still a solid 5 star read for the smutty good scorching HOTness And I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series Lead singer Sedric Lionheart came across as a narcissistic sex addicted egomaniac you know a rock star sex god? so I’m anxious for his story that’s up next in Rock Hard

  7. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    25 starsOK short and dirty this book was okay but and I can't believe I'm going to say this It has too much sex OMG I know I can't believe I said that either I loved me some sexy time in books and I don't mind heavy amounts of sex in books either Damn but this book was almost all sex with a small sprinkling of weak plot Sorry I really wanted to like it but I found myself bored and skipping over a lot of the sex Oh well they can't all be winners

  8. "That& "That& says:

    Sometimes I girl just needs a really hot sexy DIRTY readKnow what I mean? And being that this book is written by THE Olivia CunningHas five sexy has HELL rockstars who happen to believe in ahem “ teamwork”And is very hot extreeeeemely sexy and oh so dirty from the get go This book was AHHHHHMAZING But maybe that’s because rockstars are my ultimate weakness ;This book might just take the cake on having the fuggin’ hottest blush worthy scenes SheezusAnd just between you and I? If you read this book in public and the old guy next to you sees the title of your book and asks you what it’s about?Don’t tell him it’s a Madonna concert memoir

  9. Amy | Foxy Blogs Amy | Foxy Blogs says:

    A Rock Star a Professor of Sex naughty things I spent most of my time reading this book looking like this I wanted to look away but I couldn't make myself Myrna had many lessons in sex ed that I never knew existed These are things that weren't taught to us in sex ed classes in high school The Sinners on Tour Website Book 1 of the Sinners on Tour Series Brian MyrnaSERIES No cliffhangers

  10. Laura Laura says:

    Review re posted on Got Fiction?I got this book for review and it turns out it’s one I’ve read before It looks like Sourcebooks is repackaging this series If you like rockstar romance I want to say this is the book that sort of kicked off that subgenre a few years agoI also want to say that once I realized I’d read this I didn’t re read it so I”m not sure how it would hold up to my tastes now 5 years later Sometimes books really hold up well sometimes they don’t But here’s my original review from 2011 that was posted on the old Demon Lover’s Books More siteOriginal ReviewI won this is a goodreads first reads contest Woot Happy danceI wasn't sure what to expect when I saw all the wonderful 4 and 5 star reviews for this book as it's not my normal fare Let me tell you what to expect from this bookexpect super hot steamy and naughty sex in the first few pagesexpect a real plot you heard me A REAL PLOTexpect a direct look into the lives of the Sinnersexpect hot steamy naughty sexexpect humor that's right this steamy bit of naughty goodness has some of the best scenes My favorite what does this say about me? lol is where Brian and Myrna haven't seen each other in about a month and they can't make it out of the airport without a steamy sex scene in a bathroom stallinterrupted by the guy in the next stall farting OMGsh I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeksAnother awesome example is that due to the random bathroom guy they couldn't finish so Myrna gave Brian a hand wink wink on the ride back to his tour bus but used his lucky hat to cover what she was doing His lucky hat became his get lucky hat and he gave it to his buddyummmwithout wiping it out You know that scene in There's Something About Mary where she asks Is that hair gel? and uses it on her bangs? That is what I though of everytime I saw a scene with the lucky hat So now you've seen the big points in this book that I would never had though to see in an erotic romance Moving on to the plot uick review Myrna is a human sexuality professor who loves the Sinners Brian is the very drunk guitarist who she has a crush on Myr wants a one night stand with her crush Brian falls in love How on earth will this work out? The only thing I didn't like was the threesome scene I don't mean the way it was written because I think it was soo sexy trust me Olivia Cunning can write It's just that it was so far into the book it was towards end by that point we know Brian and Myrna are in love and it ruined it for me I expect that in the beginning and middle where it's still new and has less chance of ruining a relationship But I also know it will not bother most readers it really is just me However I think we needed the revelation that happens during that scene I'm hoping some of those loose ends will be used throughout the series I wish had been done with the abusive ex husband I loved the end scene with the taser evil grin here but I won't spoil it for anyone elseThe fact that Brian and Myrna hit it off so uickly was awesome but I felt that the little things like Myrna cooking for the guys and helping out Brian's relationship with his dad So many touching scenes really made me feel that there was than just smokin' hot sex between them I can't wait for the next book Rock Hard and I can't wait to see what happens now that Myrna knows view spoilerTrey is in love with Brian hide spoiler

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