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  1. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    I made it to 30% before giving up this book is too gross for me the frothing creamy honey cunt juices were just too much for me since the plotcharacters were also boring me into a coma Yes I'm gay so that might influence my opinion a littleThe boring guy in this bookMy reactionDumb Females reactiondumb mc unable to take an obvious invitationThis is what a barbed penis looks likeimage error

  2. Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} says:

    Tempting the Beast is a lesson in how not to write romance or a book in general Editors do an important job and I wish a good one had worked on this heavilyMe reading this bookHeroine pushes her naive deeply stupid agenda wince at poor use of languagesexhero whines rolls eyessex wince againheroine whinessex whining eye rollingheroine stubbornly and stupidly believes she is right sexa rare moment non sexual actionspoke too soon sexI love you wincehint of a plotheroine gleefully gets her stubborn stupid way grrTHE END head deskThe word repetitive is an understatement I skipped many a sex scene They got old real uick Less is most definitely Instead of detailing every sex scene just simply say And they had sex again or something to that effect and move the hell on Jeez If a drinking game associated with this book doesn't all ready exist there should be one with every time you read throbbing womb vagina etc Of course you'd have to be hospitalised for alcohol poisoning long before you were able to turn the last pageI'm amazed I finished this but somehow I did The only book I've read that could rival this one in terms of number of sex scenes is The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and they got tiresome tooPS I feel the need to state that I like some erotica now and then but there was too much sex for the length of the book and not enough plot to keep me happy

  3. Lynsey Lynsey says:

    Originally read Mar 2011I think I feel a little dirty after reading this That's not to say I didn't enjoy itit was just a littleunexpected Lora Leigh is a naughty NAUGHTY writer who can sometimes really hit the spot with me but other times she shocks me and leaves me a little speechless I can only conclude by saying that I have already bought the next two in the seriesmake what you will of thatUpdate re read Dec 2011After having read this again after a little hankering for a trip down Breeds memory lane I'm upgrading this from 4 stars to 5 This book is absolutely incredible and I can't believe I didn't automatically give it 5 stars on the first read As you can tell from the above I was in shock Good shock definitelyI absolutely love this series but as with all long series there are bound to be a couple that just don't hit the spot Fortunately most of these books DO hit the spot and I can't wait to read My Breed husband is definitely Taber followed closely by CallanMost incredible and moving story Dawns Awakening

  4. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Breeds 1Feline Breeds 1Featured Couple Callan Lyons Lion Merinus Tyler HumanThe Breeds series in the first years of 2000 has brought some of the most original concepts in Paranormal Romance The main characters are basically human like animals or animal like humans and they are the results of experiments Outside they look completely human they don’t shift these are not shifters’s books they are part of the human society until their existence is discovered Breeds are partly animals in their DNA They were created and the main reason for their creation is to be soldiers They have intense hearing and smell they are strong and they can endure pain and the most inhuman conditions and of course they are soldiers they have tactical behavior and strong instincts But these books besides PNR are mainly EROTICA A Breed behaves differently when his sexual encounter is his mate The animal then takes charge and the couple cannot live without each other and they cannot survive if they don’t consummate their sexual relationship in regular time intervals Especially his mate can have intense pain which does not seize unless she is satisfied by her mate and breed This is called mating frenzyThere are three main types of breeds Feline Wolf and Coyote Later in the series the winged type is also introduced Each of them behaves differently during sex Does all these sound weird and have a cheese factor? Maybe they are But they are original The only book I can think that has similar creatures to the ones Lora Leigh has created before the first book of breeds was published is “The Island of Doctor Moreau” where animals become humanoids Unfortunately these humanoids were suffering; they were creatures from a nightmare Lora Leigh has managed to make the results of these ruthless and heartless experiments something like rock stars Her creatures are wicked mainstream They are interesting They know how to love how to make love how to protect those that they love They are braver and cleverer than the normal humans It is cool to be a BreedIn this first book Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment created by a blend of human and lion DNA – not known to the public Merinus is a journalist who works with her father and seven brothers Her family is investigating Callan and the immoral and forbidden experiments and they want to expose the scientists Genetic Council who did such a thingCallan and Meritus are drawn together and their mating frenzy starts None of them will be able to resist the other Callan and Meritus is the most important couple in this series He will become the leader of feline breeds and basically he will be the male who will guide the way to the coexistence of humans and breeds

  5. Dina Dina says:

    This book was better than I'd expected I really liked the story around the Breeds creation it was a bit out there sometimes but hey it's PNR so not everything has to make complete sense right? LOLAs for the very steamy sex scenes the barb thing was too weird for me but I somehow managed to erase it from my mind I thinkEven though I've only read this one book so far I feel I'm going to become addicted to this series I just have got to know what's going to happen with all the Breeds and howwhen the Council will be defeated for goodThe good thing about discovering a series so late is I've got a huge backlist to track down and keep me entertained for a long long time

  6. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    The beginning of the adventure for Merinus Tyler and Callan Lyons has been re released with a new shiny book coverThis is my favourite couple from the Breeds series and Callan is the ultimate Lion King of the BreedsThe book was out of print for some time now so if you wanted to read it and you couldn't now it's your chance ;

  7. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ says:

    Great story very unexpected totally not shiftersI expected this to be about shifters which are generally either created in one of 3 ways 1 supernaturally like werewolves 2 alien as in they come from another planet or place 3 genetic experimentation In this case the breeds came from genetic experiments However they are not actually shifters they don’t shift from human form into their cat form from what I could tell in this bookThey just have traits of both beast and human Callan Lyons is both man and Lion he was born of a surrogate in a Lab and raised to be a killer He escaped with several other cat breeds though the “Council” thinks all of them but him died in a fire His surrogate Mother was murdered a year ago after she gathered evidence of his existence and sent it to a friend in the Media That friend sent his daughter Merinus to talk Callan into coming forward with the thought that if the world knows about him and his kind the Council will no longer be a danger to them Once Callan is in the Limelight there is no way he can be a target any Callan is not convinced though The book is good the chemistry between Callan and Merinus is non stop hot and steamy sex like you would not believe They don’t understand what is happening between them but they can’t get enough of each other I will continue to read of the series This book was very involved had great characters was very funny in parts and the romance was terrific “Callan took a deep breath “I never expected you” He shook his head with an edge of amusement “You are a dangerous woman Merinus Tyler”“Naw just a determined woman” She grinned against his shoulder “I know a good thing when I see it jacking off” Blog|Goodreads|Facebook||Twitter|BookBub

  8. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    4 ROARING STARS Can't give it 5 stars because it ended on a cliff of sorts This story will grow and keep ongoing until the situation is resolved In this book we start the series with the story of Callen the lion laced genetic experiment that escaped from the confines of a secret lab He and a group of half felines breed experiments are trying to find a semblance of a life now within society However in order to live free they must testify to the monstrosities that have happened to them to the presses Something Callen does not want to do His plan is simple run and hide In comes our heroine Merinus who is a season reporter working with her 7 brothers and her dad to report this grotesue violation of basic rights and freedoms Which resulted in Callan Lyons the alleged Breed created by a group of scientists working in genetic reengineering appeared before the Senate committee this afternoon on genetic research Accompanying him is his fiancé Merinus Tyler daughter of John Tyler of the National Forum Also accompanying him are a dozen doctors scientists and DNA specialists brought in weeks before to verify his claim Mr Lyons and four other members of his family also experiments in these horrific tests gave their stirring testimony before members of the Senate and the pressHowever their mating dance is way complicated than this It includes betrayals loyalties acts of violence and even death This is not a cute love story but rather a mating animal instinct love story It got dark but it was still hopeful As long as there is life there is hope Safetyshe is a virgin and he is the tested sexual subject of this twisted organization but I do believe he has had some consensual sex but little is known He was to be a solider and that was part of his training to win against his enemies No OWOM drama believe me drama was going on without it Condoms are not usableYou must read to the book to understand Enjoyable but not a keeper and now I have to hunt down the rest of these books Aghhhh Mama gotta know

  9. Mel Mel says:

    When I put this series on my TBR list I didn't realize that it started out as erotica Not that I have a problem with erotica; I am a huge perv after all I just wasn't prepared for the level of hotness Then I checked the book out from the library yes they had erotica at my library and realized that it was an Ellora's Cave book I knew then that I would probably really like the book cause again I am a perv and this is smutty paranormal goodness Holy frakkin hotness Batman This book was scorching hot and amazing hot sex scenes aside the book was REALLY good It isn't often that an author combines erotica with a storyline that keeps you intrigued hello genetic engineering and government conspiracy so much that all of the sex just fits This is one of the hottest books I've ever read and now I will go broke buying the rest of the 20 books in the series since my local library only has books 1 3 WARNING If you aren't into smutacular goodness you need to avoid this book like the plague There is lots and lots of sex some very dominating scenes and things that most people would consider taboo Not me cause again I am a huge perv; It takes a lot to shock me

  10. Holly Holly says:

    Tempting The Beast starts out with Merinus Tyler arguing with her testosterone loaded male family members that she is capable of tracking down Callan Lyons a genetically modified male who could become the investigative story of the century She argues that as a woman she can get Callan to talk to her Understandably her brothers and father are not excited by her logic However Merinus has been half in lust with Callan since the moment she saw his photo and can't deny this inexplicable pull to talk to him to see him The moment she does that lust ramps up to something neither she or Callan can resist It becomes a chemical and emotional reaction that terrifies Merinus It is a complete loss of reason and all they can do is feed the raging mating lust that consumes them Callan Lyons has been hiding from the soldiers the Council members have been sending after him since he was twenty He had been bred in their labs to become a perfect genetically altered killing machine One terrible explosion later and Callan and his pack members run for their lives and their right to live Luckily they have with them a scientist from the Council who cares for them and helps them understand the ever changing DNA complications in their bodies When the mating heat strikes Callan and Merinus down hard it is this evolving science that might save their Pride and bring Callan a sense of family Unfortunately betrayal within their ranks brings the Council back into their lives and danger to Merinus Callan's genetic lion DNA comes roaring to life at the thought of harm to his mate His only hope might be to bring his Pride out of hiding and into the public eye but will that be enough to keep the Council off their backs and Merinus from their labs? Lora Leigh's first book in the Feline Breeds series was one hot orgasmic shuddering adjective filled romance While some parts had me rolling my eyeballs I still liked it The beginning parts of the book had me practically panting and there were shivers running up and down my spine as well as other naughty parts I loved how Callan tried to pass himself off as just a man but when his lion side came roaring out it was scorching He finds this need to dominate and possess Merinus and when his barb emerges for the first time it was seriously weird and damned hot at the same time You'll have to read it to find out what I mean And for those who like to know there was no menage in this story This was my second Breed book I've read Megans Mark and I can't wait to read

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Tempting the Beast ➹ [Download] ➵ Tempting the Beast By Lora Leigh ➼ – Liversite.co.uk Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment One of six fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride Merinus Tyler is the reporter who will tempt him draw him until the fury of the mating frenzy locks Callan Lyons is a genetic experiment One of six fighting for freedom and the survival of their Pride Merinus Tyler is the reporter who will tempt him draw him until the fury of the mating frenzy locks them into a battle of sexual heat there is no escape fromDeception blood and the evil Genetics Council are hot on their trail Callan will use his strength to try and save them bothand do all in his power to keep his woman in the process.