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Elizabeth's Wolf [PDF / Epub] ✓ Elizabeth's Wolf ★ Lora Leigh – From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes a new revised edition of a beloved classic in the passionate Breed series Elizabeth's Wolf won the hearts of readers everywhere when it was firs From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes a new revised edition of a beloved classic in the passionate Breed series Elizabeth's Wolf won the hearts of readers everywhere when it was first released and now experience the magic again in this special expanded edition Special Forces solider Dash has all but given up his will to live until an innocent letter from a little girl brings him back to life Cassie writes to him every week strengthening his resolve to recover from the devastating loss of his unit But when the letters suddenly stop arriving Dash instinctively knows Cassie and her mother are in critical dangerElizabeth and her daughter are on the run from a dark and bloody past that refuses to let them go The stakes are too high for her to fall for this dangerous man who's just walked into her life but now than ever she needs helpSaving his mate and her daughter calls Dash's beast to the forefront and transforms the lone wolf into an alpha protector he becomes Elizabeth's Wolf.

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  • 09 May 2015
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About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

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  1. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    In anticipation of Cassie's book Cross Breeds Elizabeth's wolf is re released with a new cover Not that the old one was bad but this was a conseuence of getting back the rights of the books by the authorThis is the book that we met Cassie for the first time as a little girl Elizabeth is her mother Cassie will help Elizabeth and Dash meet and conseuently mate Dash is a lonely wolf breed and a soldier who hides and pretends to be humanThis is the book in which actualy the wolf breeds are also introduced One of my favourite books in the seriesFrom Lora Leigh's Facebook page about the new edition Elizabeth's Wolf had somewhere around 30000 words added Clarifications as well as information that pulls the Vanderale connection in were added Did anything change the story? No The stories themselves or their plots characters etc haven't been altered as of it In The Man within and Elizabeth's Wolf its been information that only adds to the series or characters or clarifies them in some way In reissuing the books I wanted to make certain they were as clean as possible as well as ensuring that any plot holes in regards to the series were fixed I'm 30 or 31 books into this series now and after Cassies story the series will take another turn with Dane Vanderale Lobo and several other characters taking prominent roles We'll still revisit older characters but its time to let the new characters have their heads I want to get those older books in circulation once again though because they add to the series as a hole in vital ways I believe They show the beginning of mating heat the fluidity of the heat and the Breeds themselves in a way that can never go into a single book I hope you enjoy the books If you've already bought them then no you don't have to re buy them to understand the series or how it stands The revised portions of the books aren't going to be extreme nor change the books themselves in regards to plot You don't have to rebuy the books if you've already read them You don't have to have the books to continue readying the series Those who haven't ready them I hope you enjoy them as much as the newer titles I've always tried to write the books to stand alone as much as possible So acuiring the reissue's is not reuired 

  2. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    The letter came at a time in his life when the battle inside his soul could have tipped either way The first opening linememorable broken sad the feelings it ignited in me were just unbelievable My Momma says there might not really be fairies but it’s okay if I think there are Cause nothing don’t exist if you don’t believe in it And if you believe in it then it’s real as sunshine I believe in you Dash Connected by an emotional bond three people will have to fight enemies determined to destroy them before they are able to find a place to live to love and find peace and happinessThat’s what Cassie’s letters did for Dash Sinclair as he laid broken physically and emotionally – they brought him back from the brink of death and giving him a chance for having a family at lastDash SinclairMAN WOLF DNA Created in the Genetic Council labs and since his escape has without friends and family been hiding under the radar of both the Breeds and Genetic CouncilsThis was such an intense and emotional story The love and courage of a mother fighting to keep her daughter safe from the Genetic Council scientists who have a huge interest in her daughter Elizabeth and her daughter have been on the run for a long time and finally Dash finds them after searching for monthsElizabeth and Dash are both broken and tortured by the things that have occurred in their pasts and so is Cassie I loved seeing their interaction and building a family togetherTheir journey is filled with danger suspense love secrets and we follow them on their journey to discovering the truth about their place in the BreedsThe mating frenzy continuesElizabeth Dash’s mating or rather lots of matingsyesthere are a lot and a lot so many times so many pages that I gave up counting after a whileBut what made this book for me was Cassie An extraordinary child who just grabbed at my heartstrings from the very beginning She’s sweet loving brave and feisty and the most beautiful sense of being She’s been scarred hurt tortured and chased by really evil elements and despite her fears she faces them with such courage and strength Sleep Cassie the fairy whispered then a gentle smile tilting her ghostly lips as a feeling of warmth accompanied the soft touch she made to Cassie’s forehead Rest little one and know you were given a soul as bright and shining as your smile SleepCassie closed her eyes As she felt the warmth slowly ease away she peeked from between her lashes and watched as the fairy stood to her feet and began to dissolveGoodnight Cassie The soft glow eased away leaving her alone as her lashes fluttered sleepily“I’m a good girl Bo Bo” she whispered to the teddy bear as she hugged it tighter “Momma says I am And Momma doesn’t lie to me Maybe not all Coyotes are bad I’ll be a good one” She has a special place and purpose in the Breeds world and I can’t wait to know about her

  3. Julianna Julianna says:

    Some readers seem to think that a good storyline and good erotic content are mutually exclusive and while unfortunately this is often the case I for one do not automatically think that my brain needs to be checked at the door when I'm in the mood for a really hot steamy romance But alas perhaps I'm expecting too much The plot of Elizabeth's Wolf felt like it was built up around the scorching love scenes and when all was said and done I was left with uestions than answers both about the Breeds and about the individual story contained within this book Ms Leigh's explanations for some of the things that happen are at best weak plot devices and at worst confusing and convoluted One example of a weak and convoluted plot device in my opinion was the Breed registration process for minors When looked at logically it made little sense in and of itself much less as a protection measure for Breed minors In reality it was simply a way for the author to “legally” make Dash Cassie's daddy Also as hard as I tried I couldn't uite figure out how Grange a drug dealing pervert became involved in Breed experimentation except that he coincidentally had connections with a Breed scientist and it was some sort of power play Another thing that didn't make much sense to me was Elizabeth's need to fight Grange herself Initially she was practically begging to stay with Cassie but Dash wouldn't allow it giving her all sorts of confusing reasons why she couldn't Then Dash later gives her an out because of his concern for her safety though why he wasn't worried about that from the start I don't know but she refused to take it I realize that she felt some desire to be a part of taking down a bad guy who had ruined her life and threatened her little girl and Dash wanted to know that she could handle the danger and stress of being his mate but it all just seemed like thinly veiled excuses for putting Elizabeth in the thick of things Don't even get me started on the realism of Elizabeth being able to train for such a mission in just a few weeks No matter how tough she was or how intensive the training Elizabeth likely still would have been of a liability than an asset Another thing that bugged me was all the new characters coming out of the woodwork to help Dash and Elizabeth go after Grange I understood that the author was trying to demonstrate that Dash a solitary man who flatly refused to acknowledge he had any friends really did but I thought that it could have been done better and the characters given backstory and connections Overall for plot and execution I give Ms Leigh a CNow that all my criticisms are out of the way I have to say that in spite of the plot weaknesses I still actually enjoyed this story Why you ask? Well a couple of reasons For one this lady sure knows how to write blistering hot love scenes that had me drooling panting sweating and begging for which I suppose is a main point of a good erotic story In fact sometimes they would turn my brain to mush until I was thinking “Ummm what was it I was having issues with again?” For the most part all these scenes beginning with the sexual tension in the early chapters were extremely sexy and well written Admittedly there were a couple of times that Dash could have toned down his need to exert his masculinity in particular the final scene where he “punishes” Elizabeth for disobeying orders but overall in spite of their intensity the love scenes exhibited enough tenderness and feeling to satisfy me The other thing that worked really well for me was the concept driving the story From the start I've been very engaged by the idea of the Breeds and can't seem to get enough of them I also enjoyed the notion of Dash and Elizabeth falling in love through the letters he exchanged with her daughter Cassie and how those letters gave him a reason to live There is just something very romantic about two people falling for each other through the written word alone Of course I know that Dash's wolf DNA played a part too but it was still a great way to start a story in my opinion So for imagination creativity and her ability to sear my brain with mental pictures of extreme hotness I give Ms Leigh an AI think that the one last thing that really cinched my liking of the book were Dash and Elizabeth It seems that Lora Leigh has a tendency to write cookie cutter heroes and heroines Her men tend to be extreme dominating alphas and her women are usually spitfires who give 'em hell The only thing that seems to vary is the intensity of the characters Dash and Elizabeth were no exception to this rule but they were toned down enough for me to like them both pretty well Although he wasn't uite as vulnerable as I like my heroes to be Dash did exhibit some classic tortured hero characteristics He was a solitary man who had basically been on his own since he was ten and rarely allows himself to get close to anyone Experience had taught him some hard lessons in loss and betrayal until the letters of a little girl brighten his existence After that I loved how he became singularly focused on rescuing this child and her mother both of whom his wolf senses told him were in grave danger I also liked that in spite of his intense instinct to dominate Dash did manage to tamp down that need sometimes and behave in a gentle civilized way and his softer side always showed where Cassie was concerned Elizabeth was a very smart and strong woman to have kept herself and Cassie alive while constantly on the run from the villain for two years I liked her complexity in the early parts of the book her wariness over allowing a man she doesn't really know and isn't uite sure she can trust to take over the job of protector but her weariness in having fought for so long and the vulnerabilities associated with that I liked that she was willing to let Dash take the reins but that she wanted to know what was going on too She also had a lot of mettle to stand up to Dash when his harsher side came out and I couldn't help but like the way she sometimes teased taunted and tried to get the upper hand There were times that I felt like I was being jerked back and forth between this couple's fierce moments and their tender ones but overall it wasn't too bad In spite of their occasional arguments I still felt like they were a good matchThe secondary characters were a mixed bag Cassie was really the only supporting player who had much influence on the story She was a cute kid and while I usually enjoy precocious children in my romances I thought that her words didn't always reflect her mere eight years I know that she was supposed to be very intelligent for her age but even super smart kids should still act and speak in an age appropriate way Her blatant manipulations sort of rubbed me the wrong way too so I never completely warmed up to her Mostly though she was just a good kid in a extraordinarily bad situation In my opinion the villain Grange was underdeveloped and didn't have enough bite He was really little than a vague far off threat until the very end of the book and even then was pretty benign There were also plenty of Breed sightings The five main feline Breeds Callan Taber Tanner Dawn and Sherra as well as Mercury all put in appearances though Taber and Tanner had no dialog Callan is the hero of book #1 Tempting the Beast; Taber is the hero of book #2 The Man Within; and Sherra is the heroine of book #4 Kiss of Heat Her hero Kane Tyler also put in his third appearance in Elizabeth's Wolf Tanner Dawn and Mercury all helm books later in the series Additionally there was a mention of Aiden Faith and Jacob all wolf Breeds who eventually get their own books Elizabeth's Wolf also has a wide variety of Dash's “friends” who pop up here and there at least one of whom is uite colorful but for the most part they didn't play particularly big rolesIn the end the plot holes in Elizabeth's Wolf may have had the logical part of my brain screaming in frustration but the mindless sex scenes definitely satisfied some baser instinct “brain candy” as I've seen other readers call it There was also just a dash no pun intended of a few elements that I really like to give it some flavor and keep me reading and eagerly coming back each time I had to put it down As with the first two books in the Breeds series the editing could have used spit and polish There were uite a few repetitive words and phrases lots of sighing shrugging and head shaking going on poor word choices typos and minor inconsistencies but I was entertained enough to overlook most of these too and just enjoy the story Three books into the series I'm not entirely certain that all my uestions and curiosities about the Breeds are ever going to be answered to my satisfaction but I'll certainly have fun trying to find out Elizabeth's Wolf is book #3 in the Breeds series There are currently a total of 18 novels and short stories in the series The recommended reading order can be found on Lora Leigh's websiteNote This book contains a couple of acts of violence as well as extremely explicit language and sexual situations including some BDSM biting spanking mild restraint dominationsubmission and anal sex all of which some readers may find offensive

  4. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Breeds 3Wolf Breeds 1Featured Couple Dash Sinclair Wolf Elizabeth Colder Human In this book we read about one of the most popular characters in this series Cassie Cassie doesn't show up much often in the series She is introduced in this book as a secondary character She is the child who was writing letters to Dash describing her life and her mother Dash is a soldier who almost gets killed and almost loses her will to live since all his suad has died Little Cassie’s letters have brought back his will to live Dash has started have feelings for Cassie and her mother Elizabeth and through the letters he discovers the family he always wanted When he is released from the Army he starts looking for the mother and daughter and then he finds out a big secret Elizabeth is on the run trying to hide her innocent daughter who her biological father has basically sold to the scientists for experimentsDash will be there to protect them even if he and Elizabeth have never met before he will save them over and over again making Elizabeth trusting him and he will unveil his own secret to them He is a Wolf Breed who hides his existence almost all his life Elizabeth apparently is his true mate and soon they need to see what this means exactlyI really liked the fact that although Dash is a very dominant Alpha male he doesn't go all caveman but he gives Elizabeth time to adapt and accept their attractionWe will find out as well how different is having sex with a Wolf Breed in comparison to Feline BreedsThis book is one of the favorites of the Lora Leigh Breeds’ enthusiasts And I have to admit that it is one of my favorite books in the series as well The actual sex between Elizabeth and Dash comes further down in the plot and the feelings and the gaining of trust are the elements that dominate the bookThere is something plainly romantic about two people falling in love though letters especially when the male is a tortured military man who has never experience love in his life“Elizabeth's Wolf” is a first class well built story It is a combination of tough heartbreaking emotions action and of course family bonds

  5. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Prepare to fall in loveI remember reading this years ago and I’m still in love with the series storyline and the characters that bring it to life This is a re issued re edited version and it was like finding a new favourite while visiting an old oneDash had been hiding Hiding from his roots from making connections From daring to live a life he was afraid to have When he was ready to let it all go Cassie’s letters her words touched his heart and his soul Flowery words for a man who was born to be alpha but the emotions he felt were anything but poetic He had always been a force but now now he was driven by love “First First he had to find the family he had claimed in the darkness of pain” The only way to describe Elizabeth was fierce She was protective in a way that no mother should ever have to be but circumstances meant she had to stay one step ahead at all times to keep her daughter safe Everything she did everything was with one eye always watching for the next threat She knew it would come it always did and she had learned to be wary Dash was too good to be true wasn’t he?It’s hard to pick what I loved most about this suspenseful paranormal tinged tension filled read Cassie was a little dynamo and her character was the focal point of every situation as Dash and Elizabeth met and began figuring out their relationship Trust was key and it was hard won with actions speaking louder than words And those actions? Yeah they were hot With a shift in focus in the latter chapters the dynamic changed again The focus was still on survival but it allowed the chemistry between Dash and Elizabeth to sizzle in heated scenes that scorched chapter after chapter Put it all together and this love story has me reaching for this series’ first book so I can start a re read long overdue Diane 45 stars

  6. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line The letter came at a time in his life when the battle inside his soul could have tipped either wayNow this is the Lora Leigh that made me a fan Erotic romance at its best; Steamy graphic love scenes mixed with action and suspense Written in 2004 when she still used an editor and cared and before her storylines became repetitive ridiculous and made sense ELIZABETH'S WOLF was my first Breed book and even though its the forth in the series stands alone just fine and had me captured from the very beginning Dash Sinclair is a wolfhuman hybrid created in a secret lab from which he managed to escape as a teenager Growing up alone and on the streets without friends or family Dash eventually finds himself in the military where he is trained to kill After a horrific helicopter explosion in the Middle East that kills his entire unit Dash is slowly recovering in hospital when his commanding officer begins reading letters to him from a young girl back in the states She is Cassie Colder and something about her letters calls to him something about the girl and her widowed mother makes him feel possessive and protective almost immediately forcing him to recover faster from his life threatening injuries When the letters abruptly stop Dash learns that Cassie and her mother Elizabeth have perished in a fire In his heart he doesn't believe this to be true and hires a private detective to look into their situation Learning that the two are actually on the run from the twisted evil man known as Grange Dash makes it his personal mission to protect them and claim them as his own His mate and his child Months later Dash tracks down Elizabeth and Cassie and rescues them from another would be attacker Cassie accepts him immediately but Elizabeth although fascinated is weary because she hasn't been able to trust anyone in a long time and those that have helped her in the past have died in the process Having no choice however Elizabeth allows herself to be rescued by Dash who whisks them away to a safe house where they can all begin to heal and recover As Dash learns about why Grange really wants Cassie his worst fears are realized but as Elizabeth comes to trust and love him he also knows that he will stop at nothing to protect what is now his Even though our heroes don't make love until nearly halfway through the book this is one hot read Dash tells Elizabeth from the beginning that when she's ready he will have her and she accepts this knowing that there is no way to fight the growing attraction she feels towards this gorgeous alpha male Ultimately the anticipation the knowing looks and gentle caresses the reader foreplay is almost hotter than the actual act The sex scenes are graphic and so explicit that at times I was uncomfortable And the c word and cat word are used repetitively Still this is a good strong story full of action intensity and family bonds Dash's loneliness is heartbreaking but Elizabeth's character is written strong she is a worthy mate who completes him The scenes between Dash and the precocious Cassie are also well written and very sweet Several breed characters I'm assuming from past books turn up for the exciting climax which comes together rather abruptly and finishes too uickly even though all the loose ends are tied up

  7. Dina Dina says:

    I´m not a big fan of books with children they´re usually too sugary sweet or too unbelievable mature for their age That said I must admit I LOVED Cassie How could I not? She made me smile with her chocolate addiction one I can truly relate to and she broke my heart when her horrible past was revealed I loved Dash and Elizabeth too but it was Cassie who made the book for me I wonder if we´ll ever see her grown up and what choices in life she´ll makeAs for the kinky stuff When I thought I was getting used to the barb thing I´m supposed to deal with the knot thing now?? Oh well I´m so erasing that from my mind Anyway that was just a minor distraction that thankfully didn´t interfere with my overall enjoyment I´ve got to remember this is PNR so unusual things are expected to happen

  8. Holly Holly says:

    Elizabeth's Wolf is another winner from Lora Leigh This book has the longest length so far that I've read out of all her Ellora's Cave published Breed books so we get excellent story telling plus all the hot naughty nekkid sex Lora Leigh could throw at us This book was smoking hot and Dash was delicious I really liked Elizabeth too and all the cute glimpses I got with Cassie in Kiss of Heat I got even of in Elizabeth's Wolf Dash was a really take charge kind of man and only in a romance novel can a man walk into this kind of situation and just take over and get away with it Much less be thought of as hot and sexy His concern and immediately connection with Cassie was soooo adorable as was his concern and all consuming lust for Elizabeth I hope this doesn't come across as sick but I actually really liked Cassie and Dash's fatherdaughter relationship than Dash and Elizabeth's slightly combative lover relationship Dash and Elizabeth were absolutely scorching together but whenever Cassie was around I just found her to be so adorable and an absolute scene stealer Manipulative and sweet and achingly trusting She was the type of little girl you want to gather up in your arms and never let go I would have fed her all the bits of chocolate I could have just to keep a smile on her face Cassie has got a serious chocolate fetish and I can't wait for her to grow up and read about what kind of woman she's going to be This one really expounded on the greed of people and what lengths the Council will go to to get their hands on the Breed children born outside the labs The man hunting Elizabeth and Cassie was really disgusting and I thought his end was not nearly painful enough Call me bloodthirsty but I wanted gory screaming torture The ending seemed a little rush to me I felt Lora Leigh could have weighed out the middle and the end better but all in all I loved it Dash was absolutely adorable and I loved his need no one attitude When all his friends came out of the woodwork to come to his aid I thought it was sooooo sweet This was really the most awwww worthy of the Breed books and I just loved everything about it It was so achingly sweet and I loved how the Breed community came together and rallied around Cassie While it was sexy and steamy as only Lora leigh can write I really enjoyed the sense of family this book had I highly recommend Elizabeth's Wolf as another excellent addition to the Breeds series Enjoy

  9. Quinn Quinn says:

    Elizabeth's Wolf had one of the best starts to a story I've ever read It captured my immediate attention and drew me into the story without hesitation leaving me convinced from the outset that this was going to be one helluva 5 star readSpecial Forces soldier Dash Sinclair lies gravely wounded in a Middle East army hospital victim of a bombing that killed the rest of his unit Always a solitary man Dash has little to live for until one day his commanding officer reads him a letter from a little girl Seven year old Cassie's school had arranged for their students to write to serving soldiers who had no one else to contact them Cassie chose Dash because she liked his nameDash immediately feels a connection with this little girl and the mother he comes to know through Cassie's letters Through the words on the page and his own unerring intuition Dash comes to understand that Cassie and her mother are in danger of some sort and he finds the motivation to get better Cassie and her mother need himCassie has a young girl's belief that Dash is the answer to her prayers and those of her mother But Cassie's mother Elizabeth knows better There will be no knight in shining armour to rescue them she is on her own on the run and will keep doing whatever it takes to keep her daughter safe from the men that would harm herIt takes months to recover and months to find them but Dash is a man on a mission And when he finds them he wont let anything stand in the way of protecting them not even Cassie's wary mistrustful mother His wolf has recognised Elizabeth and Cassie as his but it's not going to be easy to make Elizabeth accept what Dash has been waiting his whole life forI absolutely loved the premise of this book and the author executed it brilliantly While Elizabeth's Wolf is part of an erotic romance series there was no action past the halfway mark and I was absolutely fine with that I was enjoying the story so much that it didn't need any further 'pull'As the storyline developed it lost a little of that extra special something and while still absolutely enjoyable it became a little less amazing hence the downgraded rating Even so this remains one of the best erotic romanceromantic suspense I've had the pleasure of reading and leaves me wanting of this author's Breeds series

  10. Angela (Angel& Angela (Angel& says:

    Elizabeth’s Wolf is one of my favorites in the Breeds series It’s because it has a wounded soldier and a little girl I feel in love with Dash the first moment he is featured and of course Cassie and her mother I love how the story starts love Cassie our little girl who has a little fairy that guides her to write to this soldier who has no family no friends no one to write too him It brings home the sacrifices our men and women make even toughs who don’t have someone waiting back home for them Dash is a wolf breed one that’s genetics are recessed so it makes it easy for him to hide in the world Not all the breeds can hide but many have found a way and a few are now coming out to the world It’s the beginning of that coming out and the world is either accepting them or notDeep down Dash’s wolf even though Dash himself doesn’t understand knows that he must find and protect this little girl and her mother Elizabeth did what any mother who loves her child would do She protected her little girl and knows that she is at an end and needs help but doesn’t have hope any She’s been burned one to many times and has watched good people die so she doesn’t trust These two where great together Their are several surprises along the way and once they find out what Cassie is things start to fall into place It’s an emotional upheaval for allOne of my favorite lines from Elizabeth’s Wolf is “Let me show you have a Breed male makes a meal out of his mate” Oh that’s dame hotI’ve enjoyed several of the books in the Breeds series Some where better then others Some can be read as standalone while others follow a story plot from one book to the next The Breeds themselves are an interesting species and they don’t fully understand their race yet so the finding mates and living life is a journey Rated 5 Stars

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