An Eye for an Eye eBook ☆ Eye for an MOBI ï

  • Kindle Edition
  • An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young, #1)
  • Carol Wyer
  • English
  • 14 October 2016

10 thoughts on “An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young, #1)

  1. Robin Loves Reading Robin Loves Reading says:

    An absolutely stellar book Really review to come closer to publication day

  2. Zoé-lee O& Zoé-lee O& says:

    Well Hello Kate It must always be a bit daunting for an author who introduces a new character into their fold especially when they already have established characters Here it is no different Carol has Robyn and Natalie so I was nervous to see how Kate would fit It took me a few chapters to get into the flow of the book this is because in a way I felt like I might be betraying Robyn and Natalie so a small part of me maybe didn’t want to like the book However when it clicked it clicked and there is than enough room for Kate Young in this world Plus I loved the bookRobyn and Natalie are two powerhouse women they both suffer some big losses they are conflicted tenacious but loyal so how would Kate fair up Well she slotted in as if she has always been there Her story well I won’t talk about her story but you can see throughout how it affects her it bleeds into her work life The constant worry of the case with the blurring of lines is a huge factor throughout this book We have a new team to meet and they have Kate’s back even when you feel like they might notWe have a whole bunch of new characters to be wary of no one to hate just yet but we do have a dodgy wotsit that I will be keeping my eye on But I can sense when the fallout comes it will be a HUGE explosion I don’t think anyone will be safe and it is uite an exciting thread to carry on in the series Although exciting might not be the right word considering how dark this thread is Yup Carol is back darker than before More ruthless and she makes sure she makes your heart crack a littleI didn’t play detective I watched the story the sad tale they are always sad and the reasoning behind it all However I love that this story is not wrapped up all neatly there are a few loose threads floundering ready to take us on to the next phase of the story One thing to love is when the book title makes sense here An Eye for An Eye makes perfect sense and it adds to yet another layer to this tale When everything and I mean everything clicks in to place it is an eye watering OMG moment One that will make your heart falter as you second guess what you have read I had suspicions all along and I really did not want them to be true the lump in my throat was hugeYou can not help but love Kate You feel her pain and you can see easily why she loves her bubble and wants to stay there I bet so many of us would want to do the sameSo many words I want to say but I can’t But please do take the chance on Kate you won’t regret it

  3. Misty’s Corner Reviews Misty’s Corner Reviews says:

    Misty's Corner Review My FULL Review is on NetGalley I will add my review to GoodReads BookBub BN Google Kobo and Misty's Corner Reviews' blog Facebook Instagram Twitter and Pinterest once published on Feb 1 2021I would recommend this to all crime thriller fans whether you are a long time Carol Wyer fan or reading this author's work for the first time A genuinely smashing start to a new seriesA very special thank you to Carol Wyer the publishers at Thomas Mercer Publishing UK and NetGalley for this chilling advanced copy of An Eye for an Eye I have voluntarily and honestly reviewed this title FIVE STARS Thanks for readingMisty M MistysCornerReviews——————————————Follow MeBlog | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterPinterest | GoodReads | BookBub

  4. Vicki - I Love Reading Vicki - I Love Reading says:

    Another first class edge of your seat thrilling read from this very talented author A fantastic start to a new series DI Kate Young has been on leave after some sort of traumatic experience You get to learn about this as the book progresses Invited back to work Kate is very unsure if she is read for this or even capable She agrees to go back and start out with a very small team just three of them so Along with Kate she has DS Emma Donaldson on DS Morgan Meredith The team are faced with a murder case A well known businessman has been murdered and Kate is now the lead on the case As this book starts with you knowing something has happened to Kate you are slowly drip fed information on what happened with her Kate seems to grow in confidence as we go through the book and you know she is going to be a formidable character as this series grows A first class fast paced read that will grab you early on and keep hold of you This author has the ability to surprise with each and every book she writes An exceptional writer who scares me sometimes with the ideas she comes up with for a story lol ​You've done it again BRAVO

  5. Steph Lawrence Steph Lawrence says:

    I feel so incredibly lucky to have read an advance copy This book is amazing The author has grown so much Full review at publication

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  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    Review to follow for the blog tour

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An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young, #1)[PDF / Epub] ☉ An Eye for an Eye (Detective Kate Young, #1) Author Carol Wyer – A killer running rings around the police A detective spiralling out of controlDI Kate Young is on leave She’s the force’s best detective but her bosses know she’s under pressure on medication an A killer running rings around the police for an ePUB ☆ A detective spiralling out of controlDI Kate Young is on leave She’s the force’s best detective but her bosses know she’s under pressure on medication and overcoming trauma So after her bad judgement call leads to a narrowly averted public disaster they’re sure all she needs is a restBut when Staffordshire Police summon her back to work on a murder case it’s a harder suspicious Kate Young who returns With a new ruthlessness she sets about tracking down An Eye eBook Í a clinical calculating serial killer who is torturing victims and leaving clues to taunt the police Spurred on by her reporter husband Young begins to suspect that the murderer might be closer than she ever imaginedAs she works to uncover the truth Young unravels a network of secrets and lies with even those closest to her having something to hide But with her own competence—and her grip on reality—called into uestion can she unmask the killer before they strike again.

About the Author: Carol Wyer

USA Today bestselling author and winner of for an ePUB ☆ The People's Book Prize Award Carol Wyer writes feel good comedies and gripping crime fictionA move from humour to the 'dark side' in saw the introduction of popular DI Robyn Carter in Little Girl Lost and demonstrated that stand up comedian Carol had found her true nicheTo date her crime novels have sold over copies and been translated.