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Sin Eater The Handmaid S Talemeets Alice In Wonderland In This Gripping And Imaginative Historical Novel About A Shunned Orphan Girl In Th Century England Who Is Ensnared In A Deadly Royal Plot And Must Turn Her Subjugation Into Her Power The Sin Eater Walks Among Us, Unseen, Unheard Sins Of Our Flesh Become Sins Of Hers Following Her To The Grave, Unseen, Unheard The Sin Eater Walks Among Us For The Crime Of Stealing Bread, Fourteen Year Old May Receives A Life Sentence She Must Become A Sin Eater A Shunned Woman, Brutally Marked, Whose Fate Is To Hear The Final Confessions Of The Dying, Eat Ritual Foods Symbolizing Their Sins As A Funeral Rite, And Thereby Shoulder Their Transgressions To Grant Their Souls Access To Heaven Orphaned And Friendless, Apprenticed To An Older Sin Eater Who Cannot Speak To Her, May Must Make Her Way In A Dangerous And Cruel World She Barely Understands When A Deer Heart Appears On The Coffin Of A Royal Governess Who Did Not Confess To The Dreadful Sin It Represents, The Older Sin Eater Refuses To Eat It She Is Taken To Prison, Tortured, And Killed To Avenge Her Death, May Must Find Out Who Placed The Deer Heart On The Coffin And Why

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    WHAT A PREMISE Sin Eater is an original historical novel about women who are to bear society s burdens by being relegated to sin eaters Sin eaters are women who hear confessions of the dying and eat food that symbolically stands for their sins By doing so, they lift the burden of the dying and are destined to serve as the companion to the ultimate sinner, Eve, in hell.14 year old May, an orphan, is punished for stealing a loaf of bread by being forced into a life of servitude by serving as a sin eater Forced to wear a collar and branded with the letter S on her tongue, May is now both feared and shunned by the society in which she lives Called to people s death beds, she hears their sins and eats their burden allowing for God to forgive the sinner May now has to worry about taking on others sins and potentially being cast to hell to serve as a handmaiden to Eve When she and another sin eater are summoned to the Royal Court, they hear the confessions of a former governess to the Virgin Queen, Bethany, drawing May into a mystery of secrets and lies and murder in the Royal Court Through Sin Eater, Campisi explores societal, class, and gender differences in the 16th century The tone is gloomy and tense May s character is strong and compelling She tells the reader of her experiences from prisoner to sin eater Her life is filled with difficulties and tragedies While she takes comfort with the society s unmentionables, her loneliness and fear shine through the pages With that being said, I wish I got to see of the society in which May lived We get a little glimpse of her world, but I would have loved , especially of the Royal Court I wanted to be transported, but I was only about half way there.I will say that this was a fascinating read, but I enjoyed the premise than I liked reading it It s of a character study than mystery However, I am appreciative of the original storyline, and I look forward to Megan Campisi s next book and seeing what other unique tales she has to share 3.5 starsThank you to Isabel Atria Books for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Nope It s not fair to compare this book with the other novels and talking about the resemblances with Handmaid s Tale, Wolf s Creek or any other epic stories Sin Eater is dark, unique, original, well crafted, visionary, horrifying, twisty, surprising tale, a very well written, somehow quirky, absurd, complex fantasy For its uniqueness and eerie, creepy, dark, intense atmosphere and impeccable development, I m giving my four solid stars This is story of a fourteen years old girl May sentenced to be an apprentice of a sin eater eating the fests of sin left the coffins as she was expecting a standard punishment like being whipped or burned at a stake By eating foods which symbolize the sins, she helps the soul s transgressions to the heaven I loved the way of her naming the people with creative names in her nonstop thinking mind Even though her weird traits, it is easy to connect with her character and follow up her journey And now May takes her first steps to the weird world, living in her own purgatory till one day a deer heart is found at the coffin And May s mentor rejects to eat it because it doesn t represent any sin which results her brutal death Now May is alone, determined to find who is responsible from the killing of her mentor by searching the person put the deer heart and she eventually finds herself at the rabbit hole of lies, manipulations, and deceptions And of course that ending is harsh slapping on your face coming out of nowhere It rocks your world After seeing Parasite s well deserved winning, I haven t been shocked for so long Reading this book is dazzling, complicated, devious but also exciting experience for me I enjoyed settling of Elizabethan England and different writing technique keeps your attention alive from the beginning till the last page One of the mind crushing, soul shaking and different readings of the year Special thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for sharing this impressive book s ARC with me in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSIN EATER is another one of those books that suffers from poor comparisons Alice in Wonderland meets the Handmaid s Tale The Name of the Rose meets Wolf Hall I am seriously side eying all of the authors of those blurbs right now because comparisons like that 1 fail to adequately describe what the book is about, 2 do it an injustice by shaping the book as something it is not, and 3 are just such bad comparisons that I literally cannot even.SIN EATER is a fantasy novel not historical fiction It takes place in an AU version of Elizabethan England that is somewhat similar but with all different names and customs May is a young woman who is about to be sentenced for a crime, but when sentencing is meted out, she doesn t get the usual death or torture No, instead she is sentenced to be a sin eater, a person who eats the feasts left on the coffins of the dead, with each food representing a crime that person committed in life.Sin Eaters are basically the dregs of humanity, on par with grotesques and lepers As if their forced ostracism isn t enough, they re also forced to take a vow of silence that is nulled only when they are listing out the feasts of the sins and offering the dying absolution May learns all of this at the knee of the older, established Sin Eater a woman who has been eating sins for so long that they have made her fat.Everything changes when the Sin Eaters are called to the palace to eat the sins of a dying handmaid of the queen At the feast, which is public, there is an item on the coffin that does not represent any of the sins the handmaid recounted But who would have reason to lie about the sins of the dead And why The answers to this lead May down a rabbit hole of intrigue, lies, and deception amidst the royal court lies deep enough that people are willing to commit murder to ensure they stay hidden.I do think the premise of the Sin Eater is a cool one Other books have done this with mixed success I m thinking specifically of the YA fantasy novel, THE SIN EATER S DAUGHTER Setting the book in an AU fantasy version of England makes sense, I guess, although the world isn t developed nearly as much as it should be, and even though there are feminist themes hinted at in the book, none of these are really carried to fruition either, so to compare this book to THE HANDMAID S TALE a richly imagined world filled with lengthy criticism on the way women are treated seems unfair.If you read this book, try to read it outside of the framework of the blurbs It s a dark fantasy novel that doesn t have magic instead, it s got a caste system and a means of purging sin that uses impoverished and marginalized women as the vessels Maybe it could have been handled with finesse than it was, but the writing is good and the idea was interesting, and for a debut, this isn t bad Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars

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    Sins of our flesh become sins of hers through the Eating, praise be After committing a crime, 14 year old May is condemned to be a sin eater She begins to follow the elder sin eater to learn her new job While learning, a deer heart is placed at someone s Eating although the dead didn t confess to the sin that matches that food May decides to discover the truth of the murder mystery, but she finds secrets, witchcraft, and lies along the way and her world is quickly and quietly turned upside down My soul carries the sins of this town I ll carry them with me until I die Throughout the story, May examines her new purpose and evaluates her freedoms She internally ponders the meaning of her identity does the role of a sin eater define her I wish you could show folk your insides the way you show your face Then they d know I m not wicked at all I really enjoyed taking this journey with May She was a very unique character, and it was both bleak and fun to be inside of her head Overall Thoughts The 16th century setting was phenomenal It was eerie, dark, and I was easily transported there The ending was fantastic I thought I had the mystery all figured out, but I was wrong Of course, there are a couple of things you might figure out along the way, but the final twist at the end totally caught me off guard The last two sentences were very emotional and I teared up The character is unique and her burden as a sin eater is interesting to follow I love how May names the people that she encounters she is a quirky character and I loved her My only complaint is that in the middle it started to get repetitive with May going to someone s house who was dying, listening to their sins, and then eating the foods to carry on their sins for them This made the pacing in the middle get a bit slow.There are several old English words, so you might consider reading this on a Kindle to translate the words that are unfamiliar.I recommend it to historical fiction lovers who don t mind imaginative elements May was awesome and I miss her already 4.5 starsThis ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley and Edelweiss for an honest review Opinions are my own.More about this Wikipedia What is a sin eater Sin eaters and the lost sacraments Sin eaters eat your sins

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    3.5 Stars The Sin Eater walks among us, unseen, unheardSins of our flesh become sins of HersFollowing Her to the grave, unseen, unheardThe Sin Eater Walks Among Us A strong round of applause for Megan Campisi for creating a unique and original book set in sixteenth century England Recently orphaned, fourteen year old May has been jailed and convicted for stealing bread Her sentence to be a Sin Eater A what you ask A sin eater, shunned, an S tattooed on her tongue, unseen until she is seen, not to speak unless hearing the sins of the dying She is a cast out, who provides a service to those who are dying She will listen to final confessions and for those sins she will eat certain foods so that they may be granted access to heaven.It s a dark and dreary world May s only solace is meeting another sin eater, who takes her in and shows her the ropes, then one day, May is once again alone Her mentor has been jailed and executed because she refuses to eat a deer heart which has been left on the deceased coffin Her reasons, the dead woman did confess to the sin which the heart represents Left in a court where women are dying and deer hearts are appearing on their coffins, May knows something is not right at court Someone out there is killing others and May is in danger but she can t wont refuses to stop investigating her mentor s death.This was an incredibly unique tale and Campisi did a fabulous job transporting me to sixteenth century England May is a likable character who I couldn t help but feel for She is an orphan trying to survive in the beginning of the book but through the course of becoming an outcast, suffering loneliness and having no one acknowledge her, she finds a strength within herself She is a young teen in world full of royal intrigue, witchcraft, lies, manipulations and betrayals The setting is dark and gloomy I enjoyed the contrast of how she was shunned, not looked at, not touched, considered cursed, until she was needed Then they came calling, invited her into their homes, told her their sins and feed her for absolution.The book started off strong for me but did lag a little in the middle and slightly towards the end, but then there are some aha moments, some reveals and a solid ending I really enjoy book which not only entertain but teach me I had no idea that sin eaters where real and sin eating is viewed as a ritual You can learn as I did by reading about sin eaters on Wikipedia.Dark, original, unique, gloomy, and entertaining It stands on its own and doesn t need to be compared to other books Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    3.5 rounded up to 4 stars The sin eater walks among us I studied history and taught it, so how did I not know about sin eaters It s the reign of Queen Elizabeth I Bethany in the book and May Owens is caught stealing bread Her punishment is to be branded a sin eater and a collar placed around her neck May is now marked and shunned by society She will be summoned by a family who has a dying relative She has to eat a ritual meal after hearing a death bed confession, allocating foods to sins These are placed on the coffin and once eaten May takes on the sins of the dead, she absorbs them and therefore the deceased s soul can enter heaven This ritual is linked to Eve and she is cursed like Eve and she will bear the sins in silence until her own death However, this story goes beyond sixteenth century rituals although they are central to the story May goes to the Queen s court where she hears a deathbed confession where her observations uncover a conspiracy symbolised by the appearance of a deers heart on a coffin May knows that the dead person did not confess to that sin So who has placed the deers heart there and why The story is told by May herself in a style reminiscent of the century There is much to like and praise in this book The historical detail is fantastic, the writing is colourful and lively with occasional touches of humour I love the folklore and the superstition which captures the period of time effectively and the style feels authentic It s a dark and intriguing story and I like the twist at the end However, it is complicated and I think readers will need to have some understanding of the history to appreciate some of the plot and the characters in it It does get repetitive towards the middle too which causes your interest to fall away somewhat However, overall because it s so original and it looks at a little known historical area that is absolutely fascinating I would recommend it to fans of historical fiction or anyone who finds the concept intriguing Thank you to NetGalley and Pan McMillan

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    This alternative historical fiction novel centered on a sin eater in a version of Elizabethan England was dark, lyrical, and unforgettable Concept Pacing Sense of place Sin Eater comes out on April 7, 2020.May Owens is caught stealing a piece of bread in the streets of an alternative version of London It s the time of the Virgin Queen Taken to be sentenced, May is shocked to receive a one of a kind punishment she s been declared a sin eater A sin eater is always a woman She s branded by a collar displaying an S, and branded with a black ink S on her tongue She s not allowed to speak, she s not allowed to be touched, she s not allowed to be looked at, and her entire life is plagued by the limitations of her new position she eats the sins of the dying As you can tell, the job isn t great May s life as a sin eater in this alternative London was fascinating, heartbreaking, and poignantly human This is a lingering read I really disagree with the comparisons claiming this tale is like The Handmaid s Tale and Alice in Wonderland neither of those comparisons resonated with me and they really miss the connections to historical England and the lyricism of this novel This is about the grimy underbelly of London, the seedy witchcraft of a prescience era, and the life of a pariah among and separate from the people Also, there are no fantastical elements to this novel whatsoever, so fantasy fans take note I still loved it, but would not call it a fantasy even in the loosest sense Thank you so much to Atria Books for an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

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    A reinvented alternate Sixteenth Century English Court had sentenced fourteen year old May Owens to life as an outcast For the crime of stealing bread, May was given a life sentence A Sin Eatera social pariahbrutally marked with an S etched on her tonguea shunned woman forced to wear a heavy brass collar with a hanging S pendantcannot be touched or spoken tocannot speak except during recitations or eatings.What is a Sin Eater Her fate is to hear the final confessions of the dying, eat ritual foods symbolizing their sins as a funeral rite The sin eater bears the sins of all folk in silence to her grave She alone may never confess and be absolved May finds herself apprenticed to an older Sin Eater I am not to talk Even to her They dwell in Dungsbrook, no place is as unfortunate Daily messengers from all walks of life request the services of the Sin Eater for a Recitation of sins of the dying or an Eating of the ritual foods When the foods is et, your sins will be mine , says the Sin Eater.An Eating is conducted for Corliss, governess to Queen Bethany, daughter of King Harold II Folk attend the Eating to bear witness The elder Sin Eater stops eating, refusing to eat the deer heart placed atop Corliss s coffin. The deer heart is a lie No confession has been recited to warrant this ritual food Disobeying a direct order, the Sin Eater is sentenced to death for treason.May Owens is determined to discover who placed the deer heart on the coffin She must avenge the death of her mentor, Ruth May is now the sole Sin Eater attending recitations and eatings She lives on the fringes of society I wish I could show folk my insidesthen they d know I m not wicked at allfolk would know I am goodly Sin Eater by Megan Campisi is an imaginative, creative work of historical dystopian fiction One cannot help rooting for May An excellent read I highly recommend.Thank you Atria Books and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review Sin Eater.

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    My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.As I read this dark tale, it brought to mind a Twilight Zone type TV episode I had watched in my youth about sin eaters i.e, people who ate the sins of the deceased so that the dearly departed could pass on to heaven.The idea that you can buy yourself out of Hell or the Final Reckoning after death is certainly not a new one These practices continue to exist today Just about every religion has some ritual that will speed a soul to its final resting place We can still, to this day, pay for masses for the souls of our dearly departed so that they may be released from purgatory and cleansed of their sins All these fear based conventions or traditions fed and still feast off the general inexperience ignorance is too harsh and loaded and superstition of the general population As I have already said, despite the widespread advancement of education, similar sin eater practices persist to this day in many cultures or religions In this story, young May Owens is sentenced for her paltry crimes to become a sin eater Her poverty and desperation have inadvertently condemned her to becoming a social pariah she is now contaminated by other peoples sins.This author writes very well although there are times where I felt I was plodding along In her preface, the author describes her story as being a fairy tale or fantasy, but the events described are often too gruesome to fall into that tame category This novel reminded me of why I stopped reading historical fiction the plight of women in the days of old was abysmal We still have a long way to go, and change has not been universal, but this story underlines many of the key factors that continue to take away our power and our voice These types of stories always make me so thankful to be living in this day and age I m going to rate this a 3.5 out of 5 This novel had great potential I am actually looking forward to reading future works by this author she certainly has what it takes to write a decent novel.

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    4.5 stars I really liked our main character May In a way, this is an important coming of age novel May must use her intelligence and guile to survive the intrigues of the palace This looks very much like it is set in the reign of Elizabeth I , but all the names of the court have been changed out Despite the author making it clear that this was a work of fiction , I still managed to learn a few historical facts Highly enjoyable not historical fiction