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    Now available to request via NetGalley Well, well, well, as I live and breathe Hester Crimstein in my little station Whether you are stumbling across this review in search of a new stand alone thriller or as a long term fan of the author, you are equal parts welcome here Friends, The Boy from the Woods is Harlan Coben at his best, and let me tell you why Readers of Stephen King claim their loyalty as a fan base in part because he has an uncanny way of providing layers to his work Sure, you can jump right in to most of his fictional pieces and get by just fine, but once you ve experienced a few of his stories, you start to find the hidden gems, cross references, and golden nuggets that he leaves behind for those who wish to go deeper What King does for science fiction, fantasy, and horror, Harlan Coben does for crime fiction Did you happen to read Run Away earlier this year If so, you ll find out early on that the events of The Boy from the Woods happen tangentially to what Simon Greene experiences in Run Away Don t worry if you haven t read it there are no spoilers for that plot in this book, and you could still go back and read Run Away after finishing this one, as they are two separate entities However, this is just an example of the easter eggs you ll find throughout if you re a dedicated fan clears throat insert Hester CrimsteinIf you re new around here, let me catch you up to speed Hester is a 70 something year old defense attorney who is a little bit of this And a whole lotta this Basically, she s one of my favorite fictional characters of all time She s got style, she s got class, and she s a teeny tiny woman who s a great big smart ass Each and every time she has shown up in one of the author s books as a supporting character, I ve longed for an in depth peek into her story Finally, it s here I won t say too much, other than this was everything I have been waiting for over the past 12 years of reading Coben s novels Also, Hester getting a romance will fix everything that is wrong in the world, I assure you The reason Hester is a central character in this book is because her grandson, Matthew, is tangled up in something he shouldn t have been teenagers, amiright There is another aspect of the story that is described in the synopsis, and I don t want to mention it here specifically, but it s worth stating that it kept my focus in a different place which, in turn, helped keep most of the twists and turns a surprise As a reader, I ve always found that the very best thrillers are equal parts gripping plot progression and in depth character development Harlan Coben manages to balance action scenes with emotional connections as a perfected art form, which is why he has become one of my most trusted go to authors of the past decade Perhaps being a long time fan allowed me to appreciate every instance of crossover characters, every exclamation of Articulate when a phone was answered, and every familiar setting that I ve grown exceptionally fond of between NJ and NYC, but I believe The Boy from the Woods stands on its own as a memorable thriller I enjoyed every minute I spent with this book, and I hope to meet Hester, Oren, and a few other characters in future endeavors Many thanks to the author for providing my review copy.

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    Harlan Coben s novel is a fabulous thriller that takes a little while to work out where it is going, there are numerous threads and a particular highlight is the range of characters from the endearing to the boo hiss variety, set in Westville, New Jersey The eponymous boy from the woods is Wilde, a feral child, approximately aged between 6 8 years old, discovered surviving alone in the woods with no memory of who he is or where he came from No one ever claimed him or came forward with information on who he might possibly be, placed with foster parents, who excelled at school, joined the military, taking part in numerous secret missions, only to leave to work in the private security and investigations sector His past has made him a loner, with a non negotiable need to spend time in the woods where he now lives, and unsurprisingly he has issues when it comes to intimacy and connecting with others.Naomi Pine is a school girl having to endure never ending intensive daily bullying and abuse that the teaching staff never confront, until one day she disappears Matthew never challenged the bullies but he is worried when she no longer attends school, so much so that he asks his grandmother to investigate His grandmother just happens to be the larger than life character, the 70 year old widow Hester Crimstein, a famous TV lawyer with some great one liners, still grieving the loss of her son, David, and romantically drawn to Westville Police Chief, Oren Carmichael One of the main instigators of Naomi s bullying is the entitled rich kid, Crash, the child of the famous Dash and Delia Maynard Aside from Wilde, there are two other major ex military men in the story, one in charge of security for the Maynards and there is Saul Strauss, now an activist lobbying for Dash Maynard to release incriminating secret tapes of Rusty Eggers, a divisive politician campaigning to become president As Crash is abducted, Wilde is hired to find him whilst searching for Naomi as well.This is a powerful thriller that reflects many strands of contemporary American politics, the deplorable controversial tactics deployed to obscure issues and prevent the truth having any impact, the secrets and lies of the rich and powerful that they will do anything to stop becoming public The star highlight is the indomitable and colourful Hester, finally beginning to get over the loss of her husband, Ira, close to Wilde since he was a child and a friend of her beloved son, David She dominates any scene she is a part of, a true believer in upholding the law, even when it doesn t work Coben s touches on issues of the nature of contemporary politics, the influence of the rich and powerful and on ethics, integrity and morality I love this twisted thriller, where little is as it appears, with the slow and expert reveals in a compulsive and riveting narrative Highly recommended Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC.

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    Wilde was living wild in the woods get it thirty years ago No one, including him, knew his name, his exact age, where he came from, his parents names, were or how long he had been surviving alone in the woods He has vague memories, foggy nightmares, but even as an adult all he remembers is scavenging to survive and playing with his friend, Adam.He s an adult now, but still comfortable being on his own, living in the woods and keeping even those who love him at arm s length Raised in foster care, he excelled in school and even so in the military where he was a member of an elite group taking part in secret missions When his godson asks him to locate a missing girl, Naomi Pine, he knows there is to the story than his godson, Matthew is telling him Soon Wilde begins his investigation and enlists Matthew s Grandmother, TV personality and lawyer, Hester Crimstein, who in my opinion steals the show She is a tough old broad that is also va va voom She seriously is the best, and I am purposely not saying about her.Soon, it becomes clear as it always does in this genre that there is going on with the various characters in this book than meets the eye Soon, Wilde will be up against those with secrets, those with hired muscle, those who will do anything to uncover those secrets and those who will do anything to keep those secrets hidden Coben does not disappoint in this book, what begins as a missing person investigation quickly turns into so much This book touches on politics, power, romance, bullying, quilt, family, loss, the impact of secrets and how social status can either help or hurt a person There are a lot of characters in this book and Coben gives them unique personalities and voices The plot moves at a fast pace as Wilde and others attempt to figure out just what the heck is going on and why.This is another solid book by Coben He delivers time and time again and this book is no exception I found myself engrossed in the book, completely glued to the pages, waiting for the reveal and completely enjoying the book from the very first to the very last page There are so many characters in the book that I just want to see read again Articulate and yes, at some point in the near future I am going to answer my phone this way Well written, well thought out, perfectly paced, captivating and entertaining Highly recommend Thank you to Harlan Coben, goodreads and Grand Central Publishing who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    The Boy From the Woods is an action packed thriller about two missing teenagers, a dirty politician, and damaging secrets The plot seems simple and focuses a teenage girl who disappears without a trace She is the school pariah Then the rich popular boy, who is a bit of douche, disappears as well This is where things get complicated There s a lot of action and suspense in the attempts to find the missing teenagers Lies unravel and secrets are revealed Conspiracy theories, a ransom note, and a lot of drama play into the outcome of events Two main characters solve the case The boy from the woods, Wilde, and lawyer, Hester Crimstein.Wilde was found as a little boy living in the woods by himself The mystery of how he came to be living on his own in the woods has never been solved He has no recollection of his parents, the only thing he remembers are parts of dreams He is now an adult, former army intelligence, drop dead gorgeous and to top it off, he happens to be a genius Haunted by his past, he is damaged and reckless, but of course, he has a huge heart All of the women want him He is a bit of a giant cliche Then there is Hester, a 70 year old kick ass lawyer who made an appearance in The Runaway. I loved her character she is intelligent, feisty and posses the ability to slay people with her words She made this book for me.I would compare reading this book to watching an action movie the characters are mysterious and charismatic, and the plot is intriguing until one starts to think and ask questions It s all a little too unbelievable, but it makes for good entertainment.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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    When it comes to timely reading of pre publication books I get by way of NetGalley, I try to play it straight really, I do by reading them in order of next to be released But sometimes I get one I m so excited about that it jumps to the head of the line This is one of those times And to the half dozen books that got pushed aside, I promise to get to them soon, but love means never having to say you re sorry This one was way too good for apologies It s most notable to me for the interesting characters, starting with Wilde, a now grown man who, as a young boy, was found living in a state forest He had no memory of a family, or how he got there, curiously attributing his language ability to sneaking into people s homes when they were gone to watch TV shows like Sesame Street and videos how he learned to turn them on remains a mystery to me, but hey Also important to this story is attorney Hester Crimstein, a somewhat quirky but very likable character who has appeared in previous books.At this stage of his life, Wilde has become quite accomplished, having graduated from West Point and served in the military, but he remains somewhat reclusive and continues to live in the forest in an eco friendly but technologically advanced pod like structure that can be moved around at will He has no real emotional attachment to anyone and prefers living alone how he survived communal living at West Point and the military is beyond me, but I m guessing it wasn t the most fun he ever had in his life But back in the woods, he manages to collect a menagerie of former and current ladies More to the point here, he was good friends with Hester s late son, David and, of course, with Hester.A young girl named Naomi Pines, a victim of bullying at school, goes missing, and her off and on classmate, Matthew Hester s grandson is so worried that he begs her to look into her disappearance When Hester asks viewers of her popular TV show to be on the lookout for Naomi, all heck seems to break loose Much of that emanates from the wealthy and powerful parents of one of the boys who bullied Naomi unmercifully exactly why school teachers and officials always looked the other way when that happened isn t clear, but I suppose it has something to do with not wanting to get on the wrong side of those snooty parents.Of course, there s a subplot that involves goings on and the potential for blackmail among the aforementioned filthy rich parents and their friends, one of whom is making a run for a major political office And that leads to some political commentary which, I presume, reflects the author s opinions and certainly mine , to wit The middle class has become complacent They are smart, but they are lazy They see the grays, they get the other side Extremists, on the other hand, see only black and white They are not only certain that their vision is absolutely correct, but they are incapable of even understanding the other side Those who don t believe as they do are lesser in every wayThey don t see right or wrong they see us and them Aided by some old friends, Wilde ratchets up his investigative skills to find Naomi and when another youth goes missing and the plot thickens, they tackle that as well sometimes at their own peril All in all, it s a sometimes harrowing experience for the characters and a whirlwind for readers at least for me Loved it many thanks for the opportunity to read and review it.

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    In 1986 a couple of hikers in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest found a boy who, it seems, had be living wild He was unschooled and had no memory of life before the the forest Jump forward thirty four years and the man that was this boy has grown into an intelligent, educated man who has operated as a private investigator In fact, Wilde, as he s now known, set up his own company in partnership with his foster sister some while back He now lives in portable accommodation in the forest in which he was found He has trouble sleeping in large structures so this existence suits him Hester Crimstein is a lawyer and a television personality and when she learns from her grandson, Matthew, that a girl in his class has gone missing she turns to Wilde for help Wilde is known to Hester through his friendship with her late son who was tragically killed in a road accident Naomi Pine, the missing girl, had been a victim of bullying at the school and Matthew, although not an obvious participant in this, may have been peripherally involved Soon Wilde s investigations start to turn up a spider s web of links and possible motives for Naomi s disappearance Before long the whole affair has grown legs and has potential implications for a huge range of people up to and including a politician with aspirations of ascending all the way to the White House I found this to be a really slow burner and I was something like three quarters of the way through before I became really interested in the outcome The the only character fully developed here is Wilde I bought into his personal story and found that my interest picked up whenever he was centre stage Hester, Matthew, Naomi and the rest failed to convince me, each being either under developed or what felt like a caricature of someone we ve all seen on television or in the popular press And the story itself really doesn t pick up any pace until the final section The denouement, when it comes, tidies up all the loose ends a little too neatly, somewhat in the style of a made for television movie I ve read better books from this author and though I never felt I wasn t going to complete reading the whole story I wasn t champing at the bit to pick it up again at any stage except when it was edging close to it s climactic ending There s a lot going on here and I wouldn t be surprised to see this one made into a film at some point, but it won t be my favourite mystery of the year.My thanks to Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Life isn t lived in the black and white, Wilde People like to think so nowadays All the online outrage, things are either all good or all bad But life is lived in the gray Life is lived in the nuances Action wise, this book was as excellent as I have come to expect from Harlan Coben Lots was going on at all times Several subplots overlapped and came together, which made it so that the pacing never lagged But where this differed from Coben s most recent book Run Away and the now almost classic Tell No One is that The Boy from the Woods had no strong emotional pull for me.I ve said this before, but I am an emotional reader I love to connect with characters, share their experiences, and become deeply invested in what will happen to them In this book, that never really happens I think this may be because the two characters we follow Hester and Wilde had no real emotional attachment to the main mystery that of a missing girl and the missing son of local billionaires And on top of that, the girl s parents do not seem to give much of a shit where she is and the rich boy s parents seem interested in protecting their own secrets.Because of this, I never felt emotionally drawn into the story It never got my pulse racing as I wondered if these poor kids would be found I experienced of a mild curiosity about them, not that all consuming need to know what would happen.The book does tie well into current U.S events and politics There s a guy called Rusty Eggers running for president and he s a little bit of Trump, a little bit of Weinstein essentially, a powerful man with powerful connections and maybe a lot to hide Political secrets and cover ups abound Coben plays around with a number of subplots that feel like distractions because, well, they are If you ignore them and look underneath to the bare bones of this book, it is very easy to figure out who is behind the kidnapping Though, credit where it s due Coben lays out one twist after another in the final few chapters and I m sure even the most astute readers will have a hard time spotting everything that is coming I certainly didn t.Of the two main perspectives the story is told from, Hester was undoubtedly the star for me She s a badass, seventy year old lawyer who takes shit from no one Wilde, unfortunately, was nowhere near as interesting as I thought he might be He is the boy from the blurb who was found in the woods as a young child and remembers nothing from before that His circumstances and mysterious history are intriguing, but he himself felt a little flat I far preferred Hester s chapters.The Boy from the Woods is definitely not a bad read for those who enjoy action, thrills, and some politics thrown in too But I will always prefer books that I become emotionally invested in over lots of mindless action.Facebook Instagram

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    Wilde was found living feral in the woods when he was a young boy and has no memory of his past or even his name He became friends with a boy called David and was then taken into foster care.Many years later he is asked by David s son to look for for a girl in his class that has gone missing.This is the first book by this author that I have read and I really enjoyed it, especially all the different characters I will be looking to read of his books.Thank you to NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for my e copy in exchange for an honest

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    As with every single prior Harlan Coben novel, I am in love with these characters, this book and I can t believe I have to wait a year for a new book The Boy in the Woods features a connection to one of my favorite Coben recurring characters, the esteemed Hester Crimstein, but this time, Hester is one of the stars of the show we do get an articulate reference as well including these easter eggs to past books or characters is one of my favorite things about reading Coben it s like an inside joke with these characters who have been in my life for so many years The book itself a missing teenager, an unstable political personality and somewhere in the middle, there s Wilde, the man who was rescued raising himself in the woods as a small child and befriended by Crimstein s late son Wilde is one of the most interesting protagonists Coben has created to date and if you ve read Coben s work previously, you know that that is really saying something This story had me guessing from page to page and loving as it all came together Kudos, Mr Coben on another FIVE star read I can t wait for March 2020 til the rest of the world gets to experience the magic of this book Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for an advanced copy All opinions are my own.

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    Any normal Harlan Coben fan does exactly what I did when I received this early copy I started reading it as soon as I pulled it out of the mailer Cue the roller coaster track sound as I start turning pages bc that s the thrilling ride this book is Lots of moments that had me squirming in my seat wondering if I should just pace the floor as I read The story of Wilde, Naomi, Hester and Oren makes for a complicated plot that you are just absorbed into I love Hester and wonder if anyone else pictures here as Kathy Bates in Harry s Law bc that is spot on how I see it in my head Definitely in my top 5 of HC books and I can t thank him enough for this early signed edition for review

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The Boy from the Woods In The Shocking New Thriller From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Run Away, A Man Whose Past Is Shrouded In Mystery Must Find A Missing Teenage Girl Before Her Disappearance Brings About Disastrous Consequences For Her Community And The WorldThe Man Known As Wilde Is A Mystery To Everyone, Including Himself Decades Ago, He Was Found As A Boy Living Feral In The Woods, With No Memory Of His Past After The Police Concluded An Exhaustive Hunt For The Child S Family, Which Was Never Found, He Was Turned Over To The Foster System Now, Thirty Years Later, Wilde Still Doesn T Know Where He Comes From, And He S Back Living In The Woods On The Outskirts Of Town, Content To Be An Outcast, Comfortable Only Outdoors, Preferably Alone, And With Few Deep Connections To Other PeopleWhen A Local Girl Goes Missing, Famous TV Lawyer Hester Crimstein With Whom Wilde Shares A Tragic Connection Asks Him To Use His Unique Skills To Help Find Her Meanwhile, A Group Of Ex Military Security Experts Arrive In Town, And When Another Teen Disappears, The Case S Impact Expands Far Beyond The Borders Of The Peaceful Suburb Wilde Must Return To The Community Where He Has Never Fit In, And Where The Powerful Are Protected Even When They Harbor Secrets That Could Destroy The Lives Of Millions Secrets That Wilde Must Uncover Before It S Too Late