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  • 177 pages
  • The Saturdays
  • Elizabeth Enright
  • English
  • 26 January 2018
  • 9780805070606

10 thoughts on “The Saturdays

  1. Hilary Hilary says:

    We loved reading about this family of two sisters, two brothers, dad, and Cuffy who has looked after the family since their mum died.We were sent a different book than the one we had paid for was refunded and told to keep the book sadly this copy had a hideous cover, even worse than the one pictured here why do they feel the need to replace a beautiful old cover with something new but much worse it happens all the time which also meant it had no illustrations After a page or two we really loved this book, we so enjoyed the different characters and how separate adventures happened in each chapter, each character taking their turn to enjoy the pooled allowance to spend in their own way We did find it amusing that nail varnish had been invented but not nail varnish remover How funny, everyone seemed to have an extreme reaction to nail varnish and hair cuts which was a lovely snapshot of what was acceptable at that time My daughter wondered whether they got a lot of pocket money or if things were cheaper in those days, but given they were spending 3 and a half lots of pocket money each week, we were suprised that they could afford an opera ticket, a circus trip and huge amount of food or a haircut and manicure But practicalities aside this was a lovely theme for the book and gave the opportunity for them each to take the lead role in their chapter Despite our copy not having the author s illustrations we so enjoyed the story, we really enjoyed Mrs Oliphant s story of being kiddnapped by gypsies, Rush s trip to the opera, finding a homeless dog, and the end trip to a lighthouse was wonderful I want to become a Melendy tomorrow please We are waiting for the next book to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

  2. Melody Melody says:

    6 11 Re read I don t know if I think this book is practically perfect because I know it by heart, because I love each and every one of the characters, or because the writing is stellar Maybe all of those things Enright was a genius, and it makes me sad when people have never heard of her.This time through, the Isaac the dog storyline seemed somehow touching than usual I love Mona s sadder but wiser moment, and Oliver s adventure But my favorite favorite is the story of Gabrielle and the Gypsies But Willy Sloper on opera is classic, and close to my heart Seriously, just read this book, okay 1 10 Re read of an old favorite I love it, but not as much as I love the Gone Away books It s somewhat dated, but not in a painful way It s particularly odd to read about a family who lives in New York City who have a house and a yard and who are decidedly not rich This book feels less like a whole book to me now and like an introduction to the family who one comes to adore over the next two books It s a capsule, a moment, and a series of character sketches All of the characters are interesting but it s the barest hint of what comes next, how we come to know them in The Four Story Mistake and Then There Were Five I will confess publicly to having no memory whatsoever of Spiderweb For Two, though I remember carrying it home from the library in my daisy adorned bicycle basket I m impressed with the sheer staying power Enright s images have so many things I remembered as crisply as if I d read them for the first time last week Who can forget Randy on the trapeze in the Office Or Oliver at the circus Cuffy s teeth in a glass The vignettes are very vivid, and in a lot of ways I think this book is a love poem to a vanished New York.

  3. HP Saucerer HP Saucerer says:

    This was such a satisfying and wholesome read What an absolute joy it was spending time in the company of the delightful Melendy family.The story transports us back in time to 1930s New York, where we meet the four Melendy children Oliver, Rush, Randy and Mona Tired of wasting their Saturdays doing nothing, the children decide to pool their allowances and take turns having adventures in the Big Apple Each fun filled adventure is brought to life vividly through beautiful description and is characteristic of each child Often, the most exciting and memorable parts of the children s adventures where they meet someone unexpectedly or discover something new happen after their chosen activity, and it was these parts that I enjoyed the most It was only very recently that I discovered Elizabeth Enright, after several of her books appeared on a list of the greatest adventure stories for children which I came across online, and I have to thank my incredibly kind GR friend, Hilary, for sending me a copy I m thrilled to have discovered this series and can t wait to jump into the next Melendy adventure.

  4. Canadian Canadian says:

    Elizabeth Enright captures the drama, joy, and adventure of childhood in the books that make up her Melendy family series true classics of children s literature The Saturdays , originally published in 1941 and the first novel in the series, introduces us to the New York City based family Mona 13 , Rush 12 , Miranda Randy 10 , Oliver 6 , Mr Melendy a writer , Cuffy the beloved housekeeper , and Willy Sloper the handyman, who maintains the old coal furnace The story begins on a rainy summer afternoon The children, lounging distractedly in the Office , their attic playroom, are thoroughly bored when Randy has the brilliant idea of pooling the siblings weekly allowances so each of the four can have a solo outing And so ISAAC the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club is born Randy goes first, since she came up with the idea On the Saturdays that follow, each of her siblings will also venture out alone onto the streets of New York and return with a story that ultimately enriches the lives of the entire family All of the children have particular artistic or scientific interests Mona, in theatre Rush, in classical music Randy, in the visual arts and dance and Oliver, in engineering, particularly trains These interests guide what the kids will choose to do when their special Saturday comes..In the course of the story, the children gain a dog, aptly named Isaac, whose breed Rush jokingly identifies variously as a Bronx Beagle , a Central Park setter , and an Interborough Rapid Transit retriever to anyone who inquires They meet up with Mrs Oliphant an old family friend who knew their parents when young and who, herself, had a very surprising adventure of her own in childhood They also experience excitement, fear, and alarm when their ramshackle house catches fire one afternoon and when the ancient coal furnace acts up in the middle of another night There is a fascinating sequence in which Rush and Randy separately have very similar near death experience dreams well before the details of such experiences were commonly documented for the public apparently due to incipient carbon monoxide poisoning caught in the nick of time.The kids make some interesting and surprising discoveries about the world on their solo adventures The girls hear stories from adults they meet, and realize that Sometimes people are not the way they look Rush, who comes out of an opera matinee to find the city s snow clearing equipment fully engaged in battling the season s biggest snowstorm, hears an old man make a strikingly modern observation Used to take a team of hosses pullin a snowplow to do a job like that And hundreds of fellas out shovelin the way Nowadays they do it all by machinery Ain t no work for nobody That s what s the trouble with this world The man goes on to muse that he sometimes thinks a day will come when these fellas build so much machinery that it will revolt turn on em and swalla em up So many contemporary works of children s literature focus on afflictive emotions and the grudges between family members That s why reading about the energetic, loving but never saccharine Melendy siblings is such a delight They genuinely like and care about each other.I have never forgotten Enright s The Four Story Mistake , which I read and loved as a child, and which I now plan to re read I wasn t certain if I d also read The Saturdays when young, but I know now that I did not I d like to thank my Goodreads friend Hilary for her lovely reviews of these books They encouraged me to delve into them once again It was a wonderful thing to rediscover the pleasures and treasures of childhood.

  5. Ellie Ellie says:

    4.75See, I wouldn t really describe this book as amazing, not because it s NOT amazing, but because amazing seems too modern a word for a book which was published in the nineteen thirties or forties the word seems wrong somehow These were really, really swell see, that s fitting for the time period books They re like an extinct species Authors just don t write like this any Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling.all of my favorite authors, practically, the ones from this age anyway, they just don t or CAN T write as well as this.I discovered this book about two years ago, I think, before I d heard of Goodreads I was rapidly running out of books to read, so I was frantically searching the shelves of the Children s section for something interesting, some new series I could dive into When I came across The Saturdays, I read the back and was like, Eh Sounds like some of the silly, babyish books that I m too old for But since I was almost out, I read it anyway, and really, really liked it Although it was a children s book, it wasn t at all silly or babyish For some people who only read YA or adult books, this might not be for you, but if you liked The Moffats when you were a kid, or other books like those, and still do, you will probably love these books.The characters all seemed so real I remember wishing I was a neighbor of the Melendys I still do I probably always will One of the best things was having a character who plays the piano excellently, writes music in later books , and enjoys opera, all at the age of twelve Very hard to find in today s books That was probably one of my favorite parts of the book, finding out that the character likes opera D Yes, I love opera The summary on the back is grossly inadequate Love those words They make it sound like the main part of the book is getting their father to let them go rampaging around the city on various Saturdays By Chapter Two, he s agreed The book is basically composed of a string of little adventures They re very interesting, and at times very funny The characters are all very different, but all very interesting Mona is the oldest, thirteen years old at the start of the series She wants to be an actress and is able to recite dozens of passages from Shakespeare whenever she feels like it Rush, twelve, is the one who likes opera or the one that likes it the most and classical He is very different from most of all the other boy characters I ve read about in that he wants to become a great piano player, and he spends one Saturday at an opera Siegfried, the third in Wagner s long and tragic ly ending string of operas Miranda, always known as Randy, is ten, artistic, and going to be a dancer someday Oliver is, as the book says, the sensible one of the family At the age of six, he goes to the circus all by himself, without his family knowing, and doesn t even get into any trouble until his way home o.o Again, if you read solely YA or older books, you might not like this But if you liked, say, The Penderwicks or The Moffats, there s a good chance you ll like these They re clean well, duh , funny, interesting, and very well written.

  6. etherealfire etherealfire says:

    A favorite preteen read that I believe I obtained as part of a Scholastic Book Club Reprint I d love to get a copy of this book again because it was so much fun.

  7. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    Sweet story The Melendy family is a good example on how to treat each other and admit your faults I definitely recommend this for all kids.

  8. Mariah Mead Mariah Mead says:

    Rereading this classic was wonderful The Melendy s are a delightful bunch, full of spunk, fun and have a tendency to get into trouble.

  9. Emily Emily says:

    This was not an obvious choice as a read aloud for a nine year old boy it was one of those times when I didn t have a book for him waiting on deck, and had to delve into my own shelves in desperation , but it worked surprisingly well, even the beauty parlor chapter T laughed a great deal at Rush s witticisms, which surprised me I know the book so nearly by heart, I d almost forgotten that a lot of his lines are meant to be funny and surprising, and not as inevitable as the rising and setting of the sun The book itself is a wonderful love letter to New York City as it was 70 years ago It shocks me how long ago it was written it still seems so fresh and alive The occasional World War II references completely escaped me the dozens of times I read it as a child as far as I was concerned it took place in an eternal now.

  10. Elisabeth Elisabeth says:

    Elizabeth Enright s books are exactly the kind I would want to write if I wrote children s books And her characters adventures are exactly the kind I would want to have if I could be a kid again.

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The Saturdays[PDF] ✅ The Saturdays Author Elizabeth Enright – Saturdays can make dreams come true when the Melendy children take turns to spend their pooled allowances Actor Mona 13 recites poetry and Shakespeare at the drop of a hat Engineer Rush 12, mischievou Saturdays can make dreams come true when the Melendy children take turns to spend their pooled allowances Actor Mona recites poetry and Shakespeare at the drop of a hat Engineer Rush , mischievous, builds Meccano bridges Miranda Randy dances and paints pictures Oliver, , calm and thoughtful, is a train engineer Father writes Housekeeper Cuffy mothers.

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Elizabeth Enright was born in Oak Park, Illinois, but spent most of her life in or near New York City Her mother was a magazine illustrator, while her father was a political cartoonist Illustration was Enright s original career choice and she studied art in Greenwich, Connecticut Paris, France and New York City After creating her first book in , she developed a taste, and quic.