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A Girl From Nowhere (The Firewall Trilogy Book 1) Surrounded By Fire, A Girl With Mysterious Powers And A Young Warrior Search For Safety Life In The Wasteland Is A Constant Struggle No One Knows It Better Than Taimin Crippled, And With Only His Indomitable Aunt To Protect Him, Taimin Must Learn To Survive In A World Scorched By Two Suns And Frequented By RaidersBut When Taimin Discovers His Homestead Ransacked And His Aunt Killed, He Sets Off With One Mission To Seek Revenge Against Those Who Stole Everything With Nowhere To Call Home, His Hunt Soon Takes A Turn When He Meets A Mystic, Selena, Who Convinces Him To Join Her Search For The Fabled White City Taimin And Selena Both Need Refuge, And The White City Is A Place Where Taimin May Find Someone To Heal His Childhood InjuryAs They Avoid Relentless Danger, Taimin And Selena Attempt To Reach The One Place That Promises Salvation And They Can Only Hope That The City Is The Haven They Need It To Be

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    Told Not ShownI enjoy fantasy on occasion, and I m always looking for a new series to sink my teeth into I had high hopes for this first book of a fantasy series However, I found myself disappointed.As I started reading this book, something felt off and odd, and it took me a bit to puzzle out what was bothering me I finally figured it out, though The book feels like it is telling than showing There s a writing adage that authors should show rather than tell, but this author misses the mark When authors tell than show style, it puts an artificial distance between the reader and the characters and what happens in the book, and I found that to be the case here The book appears to be aimed at the young adult fantasy reader, as the language is simple and straightforward No problem there Even though I am far past that age, I often enjoy books written for the YA audience I don t let it deter me I just love good books, no matter who they are written for If only I could call this a good book If the book description and the promise of a new fantasy series interests you, I suggest you read the Look Inside at to see if this writing style works for you It didn t for me My book blog

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