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The Sinner (Black Dagger Brotherhood #18) A Sinner S Only Hope Is True Love In This Passionate New Novel In JR Ward S New York Times Bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood SeriesSyn Has Kept His Side Hustle As A Mercenary A Secret From The Black Dagger Brotherhood When He Takes Another Hit Job, He Not Only Crosses The Path Of The Vampire Race S New Enemy, But Also That Of A Half Breed In Danger Of Dying During Her Transition Jo Early Has No Idea What Her True Nature Is, And When A Mysterious Man Appears Out Of The Darkness, She Is Torn Between Their Erotic Connection And The Sense That Something Is Very WrongFate Anointed Butch O Neal As The Dhestroyer, The Fulfiller Of The Prophecy That Foresees The End Of The Omega As The War With The Lessening Society Comes To A Head, Butch Gets An Unexpected Ally In Syn But Can He Trust The Male Or Is The Warrior With The Bad Past A Deadly Complication With Time Running Out, Jo Gets Swept Up In The Fighting And Must Join With Syn And The Brotherhood Against True Evil In The End, Will Love True Prevailor Was The Prophecy Wrong All Along

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    At Cincinnati QA event 6 April 2019 Four books announcement 1 2020 BD The Sinner Syn, Jo Early, Butch and Lassiter 2 December 2019 Where Winter Finds You Trez Selena 3 August 2019 Blood Truth BDB Legacy Boone 4 BDB legacy 2020 The Jackal about Rhage s half brotherIn details From J.R Ward s Facebook page The full transcript of the 2019 event for The Savior in Cincinnati, Ohio.Abbreviations that may be used HEA Happily Ever AfterSV Scribe Virgin WARNING Numerous SPOILERS ahead Q What is the next BDB hardcover book A The 2020 hardcover BDB book is The Sinner, featuring Sin and Jo Early Q What was the hardest book for you to write A The hardest story was Zsadist Emotionally, it was tough I ve always said that I d never re read Zsadist s book The other one was Blay and Qhuinn, but because it was a clusterf ck of what could go wrong, did Computers broke, files were lost I had to spend a lot of money on getting an expert to recover the lost files it just went on, and on Q What inspired you to write this series A I got fired from my first publisher I started by thinking, I d write like Nora Roberts, but the problem is, Nora Roberts writes like Nora Roberts already So, after I was fired, I had to reinvent myself Then after two weeks of thinking, I was out of the job I love and would maybe never get to do again, I tried writing some romantic suspense All of a sudden, there was this huge presence in my head, and he was like, My name is Wroth Which made no sense Then, there were all these people in my head, and I have no explanation for why they chose me, but, here we are Q When are we getting Adrian and Eddie from the Fallen Angels series back A So, in the last book of the Fallen Angels series they were sent off, by Lassiter, and I keep thinking, they re going to show up I ve been waiting for them But I think it s going to be in The Sinner Q Is the Fallen Angels series complete Is there any chance they ll be in the BDB series A Yes, they ll definitely be in the BDB world once Adrian and Eddie come Q At the end of The Savior, we saw JM and Zsadist eating the apple is it important that they shared the apple with Nalla A Yes, that is definitely significant, and also a Keep Reading Q There is a balance in the BDB world What does Lassiter have to give up to save Sarah A The true answer to that is, Lassiter ain t giving up sh t You know how the SV was all, There must be balance And all that sh t, but Lassiter doesn t give a sh t He wears leopard print tights, FFS general nods and agreement from everyone present Q On the back of Phury s neck, there s a symbol What does it look like A I don t think I can describe, and I don t have the talent necessary to draw it Maybe I ll have to get someone artistic to draw it Q Does Devina show up in the next book Devina was originally in the Fallen Angels series A Yes, Devina definitely shows up in The Sinner We know that the Omega has to end We know that Butch is the Dhestroyer are not ready for this she falls in love with Butch Yes, that s a big reveal, but I want to make it worth your time to come to this sh t Q There s images of the Old Language, but what does it sound like A Hmmmm That would be interesting I d like to do that for people who are interested in hearing it, but that s going to take some time Q I read Prisoner of Night, and I don t understand Do the BDB not know the others at the penal colony exist A The reason I want to write books like Dearest Ivy and Prisoner of Night is so I can focus the world I can t fit it all in the BDB books, so I m happy to write those e books so I can write details outside of the larger BDB books But, that means that sometimes, the timeline seems disjointed, or like things don t fit the bigger world Q Who is talking to Jane and Hannah on the other side of the Ouija board A It was the Scribe Virgin Q Is Jose de la Cruz Butch s police partner a wolfen A No, he s just a regular guy, a good Catholic boy But I d like to see him back in the BDB world Wouldn t you love to see what he thinks of it Q Have you been approached for a movie or TV Would you have control over casting A I get approached for movies and specials But, the writing is it for me So, as long as I could keep doing the books and the characters, I would do it Q Will we ever get of Butch and Manny s dad A In The Sinner, we will see of Butch, Manny, and Jo Early s father, Robert Brook, the douche Q Will JM ever find out that he was Darius A The Scribe Virgin had an agreement with Darius, that he gave a token of conscience Even though Lassiter is now in charge, the magic that rules the agreements is still in force And, that knowledge would destabilize the entire BDB world So, no, I don t think so Q When the Omega was speaking to Butch, and he says, Find your family was he talking about Manny and Jo A I don t think he was talking about Jo, Manny, and Robert Brook He was trying to get Butch to come over to the dark side, like Darth Vader to Luke in Star Wars Q Would you ever consider writing Darius backstory A I would, but you have to realize, that would only be for fans that are really invested in the world It wouldn t appeal to new readers So, yes, I d like to but I m not sure if I ll get to Q Will we see of Assail s cousins A Yes, I love those ghost pepper eating Q I m confused because Phury was asking if someone could imagine Cormia abandoning her child, if she had one But, didn t we see them have Ahgony, and Zsadist showed up and sang for the baby A Yeah, but that was a flash forward about five years That question would be asked before they had Aghony The time line just hasn t caught up yet Q I cheered out loud when Sarah knew sign language When Butch was inducted, his name was Dehstroyer on the wall in the BDB cavern But when JM was inducted, his name, Tehrror, was not on the wall.A I think the thing to remember is that the BDB is evolving When Butch was inducted, that was a million years ago And, even though Dehstroyer isn t Butch s name, that he uses, that was what they did at the time They used the warrior name But now, they ve changed, and JM is also on the wall as Darius So, it seems like they used JM because that s who he is Q Was the raid on the Sanctuary 35 years ago or 75 years ago It appears in different books as 35 or 75 years A That was a copy editing error There are different places we could go after The Sinner, so, maybe there needs to be a past cannon, like the Insider s Guide, so we could clarify this stuff Things like, the relationship between Darius and Beth s mom But, it would be for hardcore readers, and they d have to understand that that doesn t end well But, yes, it was 75 years ago, not 35 Q With Sarah s background in immunology, could she solve the disease killing the Chosen A Yeah, I think that s a distinct possibility And maybe she could solve the blood issue, the one that Havers was never able to solve Q What s the hierarchy of the deities A Devina, Lassiter, SV, and the Omega Two good, two bad The question for me, since I think the Creator prefers balance, is what role is the Creator playing in the demise of the Omega With the SV out of it, will he have a hand in the exit of the Omega What s interesting to me, is that, at the end of the FA series, Devina was down and out She s smart And, she s had time to plan Because remember, time isn t the same for the deities It s going to be interesting to watch Q Do you know how the penal colony is going to be introduced A There s going to be another BDB Legacy book, called The Jackal It will feature Rhage s half brother and the penal colony, and will be out in August 2020 Q This question was hard to hear, but it sounded like they were asking why JR listens to rap vs other types of music A The music helps me see the books and the scenes I m a runner, and I love rap, and it really helps me focus Q Do we see Nate or any of the others in future books A Nate, Markcus, and Luchas all get books Q Why couldn t Nate tell that Lassiter s not a vampire Is there another connection we don t know about A Yes, and Keep Reading Q We get references to a lot of the fathers of the Brothers Why don t we hear about the warriors moms A One of the hard things is that the world is so large, it s challenging to tailor the stories and keep the books tight and focused I want to keep the focus back on the couple, so it s not so sprawling But that also means that other details get sacrificed Q Why did Devina leave those glowing footprints A The reason why she leaves the footprints, because as Throe gets sucked down into the hole, he gets stripped of all of his energy Devina needs to follow a trail up So what was glowing, and then faded, was the residue of the trail she followed up the hole Q With the scene with the apple, did you plan that it for it all to come full circle this references the original scene when Zsadist shares an apple with JM when he s new to the Brotherhood compound and then the newest scene in The Savior, where they offer the apple to Nalla A There have been several scenes and details that I didn t understand the importance of The damn coffins in the garage I mean, there s three John Deeres and some fertilizer and a stack of % coffins Vishous kept talking about the chained dogs That moment when Zsadist was on the bus, and pared that apple What I know to be true, is that if something keeps showing up, it must be important As I was getting ready to outline The Savior, I saw JM with a black dagger, peal that apple And it was crystal clear I don t like profound moments, I get tetchy at tender moments So, I m watching him pealing this apple, and I m like, what s he doing And then I realized, no, what s important is who is he giving it to Q When Vishous got scratched, and realized that the water helps that Why Is that important for later A I don t know Q I don t like the ebooks I prefer a book in my hand Is there any chance of a collection of those e books A The thing I m very cognizant of is the pricing of the books But, once I write the book, the rest is up to the publisher I d like to get things into the hands of the readers, but hard cover books gets expensive So, the e books lets me get the stories into the hands of the reader at a lower cost But, Simon Schuster is aware that people would love to have a compendium of those e books and they re working with me to make that happen Q Will there be firefighters A We re trying to fit it into the schedule, and we re hoping to announce something soon, perhaps for 2020 Q Xhex said that JM s grid is similar to Darius What does she think about that A There was a part where I felt like she was coaching JM, and I thought he was going to get it, but no, she didn t get him there Q I m confused by the names like Xhex, and s Ex I never know how to pronounce them, unless I hear you say them A Yeah, I think we need a pronunciation guide Q I love that the Brothers aren t perfect Are you ever going to stop writing them A Have you ever known a man that was perfect And, one of the things I was worried about was, what if they stop talking to me So, as long as they keep talking, I ll keep writing Q Who will be the first trainee to be inducted in the Brotherhood A That s a Keep Reading, because I don t know yet We re going to find out together Q Are the diamonds Lassiter gave to Mary and Sarah significant A Remember when Lassiter gave the diamonds to Mary, and he said a mother s tears are precious He has the ability to turn tears into diamonds Diamonds are forever, so the diamonds he gave to Sarah were a promise that she would live forever Q When will we get the hardcovers for the first books re released A I get a lot of people who ask that The thing is, there s a certain threshold that a book has to pass, in sales, for the publisher to consider re releasing a hardcover book All folks can do is keep asking And, I ll keep telling them folks are asking Q Pre trans are able to go out in the light Do the kids go to school A Not a traditional school You have to think about how kids were educated in the 1800s There s some things about the BDB world that haven t evolved So, they don t attend schools Q Is Fritz getting a book A No, that just wouldn t be interesting Q I want Lassiter to have his own, whole book Not just pieces of his story in other books A He does get a book, but it s going to be awhile Q Does your mom read your books And if so, which is her favorite book A I want you to know, my mom has never had biblical knowledge of a man I showed up in her mailbox but she loves the first one, she liked Dark Lover Q Have you ever considered posters, with models So we can really see what the Brothers look like A I have an idea I m thinking of commissioning a series of illustrations, of what the Brothers look like Q This is another question that was difficult to discern, but it seemed that the questioner was asking why the book covers don t always match the description of the character A The publisher has control of the covers, and they can get close, but they can t get the exact match Like, hair styles, or tattoos So they do their best Q Throughout the books, there s a theme of the humans being rats without tails But, they re getting together with humans, and the Queen was human Why are they still being disrespectful of the humans A You know, a lot of people have asked that question And I just don t have a good answer FIN

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    1 Dark Lover 2 Lover Eternal 3 Lover Awakened 4 Lover Revealed 5 Lover Unbound 6 Lover Enshrined 7 Lover Avenged 8 Lover Mine 9 Lover Unleashed 10 Lover Reborn 11 Lover at Last 12 The King 13 The Shadows 14 The Beast 15 The Chosen 16 The Thief 17 The Savior The devil works hard, by my nostalgia works harder Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch

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    Syn Jo Early s book I M SO HERE FOR IT

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    BEFORE RELEASE Jo Early Syn from the Band of BastardsBlack Dagger Brotherhood, Black Dagger Legacy Fallen Angels series reading order novella Fallen Angels book Black Dagger Legacy book Dark Lover BDB 1 Wrath Beth Pt 1 Lover Eternal BDB 2 Rhage Mary Lover Awakened BDB 3 Zsadist Bella Pt 1 Lover Revealed BDB 4 Butch Marissa Pt 1, Vishous Pt 1 Lover Unbound BDB 5 Vishous Jane Pt 1 Lover Enshrined BDB 6 Phury Cormia Qhuinn Blay Pt 1 Father Mine BDB 6.5 Zsadist Bella Pt 2 The Story of Son BDB 6.6 Lover Avenged BDB 7 Rehvenge Ehlena Wrath Covet Fallen Angels 1 Lover Mine BDB 8 John Matthew Xhex Pt 1 Crave Fallen Angels 2 Lover Unleashed BDB 9 Payne Manny Visous Jane Pt 2 Xcor Envy Fallen Angels 3 Lover Reborn BDB 10 Tohrment Autumn John Matthew Xhex Pt 2 Qhuinn Blay Pt 2 Xcor Layla Pt 1 Rapture Fallen Angels 4 Lover at Last BDB 11 Qhuinn Blay Pt 3 Xcor Layla Pt 2 Trez Selena Pt 1 Assail Sola Pt 1 Possession Fallen Angels 5 The King BDB 12 Wrath Beth Pt 2 Trez Selena Pt 2 Xcor Layla Pt 3 Assail Sola Pt 2 Immortal Fallen Angels 6 The Shadows BDB 13 iAm Catra Trez Selena Pt 3 Xcor Layla Pt 4 Assail Pt 1 Blood Kiss Legacy 1 Paradise Craeg Butch Marissa Pt 2 The Beast BDB 14 Rhage Mary Bitty Pt 1 Xcor Layla Pt 5 Assail Pt 2 Jo Pt 1 Blood Vow Legacy 2 Axe Elise Rhage Mary Bitty Pt 2 The Chosen BDB 15 Xcor Layla Pt 6 Qhuinn Blay Pt 4 Trez Tres Selena Pt 4 Vishous Pt 2 Blood Fury Legacy 3 Peyton Novo Saxton Ruhn Dearest Ivie BDB 15.5 The Thief BDB 16 Assail Sola Pt 3 Vishous Jane Pt 3, Jo Pt 2 Prisoner of Night BDB 16.5 The Savior BDB 17 Murhder Sarah JM Xhex Pt 3 Blood Truth Legacy 4 Boone Helania Syn Butch Where Winter Finds You A Caldwell Christmas BDB 17.5 Trez Tres Selena Pt 5 The Sinner BDB 18 Jo Syn

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    Ok but this is literally the 4th 5th book with Butch being featured as the side story Nothing against the guy but good lord Ward He was just featured in the last Legacy book, and I know why he s being featured here but still Shuffle around a bit and give the other guys in the back some much needed page time Can we get some Phury, Tohr, Rehv up in here please Jesus And trigger happy Syn not meeting Jo before this huge missed opportunity btw makes me deeply nervous with the insta love template Ward keeps shoving in every book nowadays I iz officially scared ETA Since certain stans are feeling a certain way about my little ol review and want to jump in my comments and act a mess, let me repeat myself I don t GAF about Vutch, V, Butch or how perfect you think BDB is as is This isn t a survey but my opinion I want better storyline pacing and development and seeing other OG characters outside of V If that bothers you, keep scrolling Ward isn t paying you to act a whole fool on her behalf If you are over 50 and acting like this online, seek help Your mama didn t raise you to act this way over fictional vampires.

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    Next year cannot come quickly enough, true And gimme some of that Butch He is so my fav Brother and cannot wait to see the Dhestroyer prophecy come into play Syn and Butch will work great together.

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    expected publication 2020Change toExpected publication March 24th 2020 by Gallery Books

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    Now this cover i like

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    Woot Syn Jo Early s book

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    Pre Order THE SINNER A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novel by J.R Ward Releasing 03 24 2020 Kindle Hardback Featuring Syn Jo Early There will also be a lot of Butch and Lassiter Also Available for Pre Order Pre Order WHERE WINTER FINDS YOU A CALDWELL CHRISTMAS A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella by J.R Ward Releasing 11 26 19 Featuring Trez and Selena Kindle THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD SERIES by J.R WARD SERIES LINKS Dark Lover Kindle Lover Eternal Kindle Lover Awakened Kindle Lover Revealed Kindle Lover Unbound Kindle Lover Enshrined Kindle The Black Dagger Brotherhood An Insider s Guide Kindle Father Mine Zsadist and Bella s Story A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella eBook the printed version of this story is also found in The Black Dagger Brotherhood An Insider s Guide Lover Avenged Kindle Lover Mine Kindle Lover Unleashed Kindle Lover Reborn Kindle Lover At Last Kindle The King Review Kindle The Shadows Review 5 Stars Kindle The Beast Review 5 Stars Kindle The Chosen Review 5 Stars Kindle Dearest Ivie A Novella Set in the Black Dagger World Review 5 Stars Kindle The Thief Review 4.5 Stars Kindle Prisoner of Night Novella Review 5 Stars Kindle The Savior Review 5 Stars Kindle WHERE WINTER FINDS YOU A CALDWELL CHRISTMAS by J.R Ward Releasing 11 26 19 Featuring Trez and Selena Kindle THE SINNER Releasing 03 24 2020 Featuring Syn Jo Early There will also be a lot of Butch and Lassiter Kindle BLACK DAGGER LEGACY SERIES by J.R WARD BLOOD KISS Review 5 Stars Kindle BLOOD VOW Review 5 Stars Kindle BLOOD FURY Review 5 Stars Kindle BLOOD TRUTH Kindle