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  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Summer Darlings
  • Brooke Lea Foster
  • 10 November 2017
  • 9781982115029

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    Fun throwback to the 60 s with a surprise twist ending The 60s were transitional time in our history and this new book has captured the fun and flirty atmosphere perfectly.Young college student from an innercity background spends an impressionable summer in Martha s Vineyard On the outside we see the glamour and prestige, but behind closed doors Heddy finds life is so different.The story is so addicting because of the fact the author captures the young innocence so perfectly The awe inspiring homes and grounds, the beaches and sun, glitz and glamour, even crushes and young love.But we soon see behind the scenes and how the affluent people are not what they seem Beautifully developed and highly detailed, this story will suck you in and not let go Plus, the ending caught me off guard and surprised me A startling development that completely changed the story but yet gives us hope.Foster nails her debut novel with an amazing story full of flair and flirtation where growing up is not an option but knowing who you are is critical.Fun and addicting with a startling ending you never saw coming A must read copy received for review considerationFull Review

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    Rated 4.5 It s 1962 and Heddy Winsome is heading to Martha s Vineyard for a summer that will forever change her life Having been raised in Brooklyn by a single mother struggling to pay each month s rent, Heddy is striving for something Everything was looking bright but after losing her scholarship to Wellesley, her future is in jeopardy A summer working as a nanny for one of Martha s Vineyard s wealthiest families offers her some hope Will being surrounded by the rich and privileged enable Heddy to enter this world and help her get closer to the life she believes she deserves Summer Darlings is a fun book filled with people who are not what they seem From the perfect couple, Ted and Jean Rose Williams, who hire Heddy, to the fun loving and very famous actress Gigi who lives next door, to two possible love interests You can visualize the impeccable, tasteful homes, the private beaches and the early 60s styles And there s some fun nostalgic references of people and places from the period.Many thanks to NetGalley, Gallery Books and Brooke Lea Foster for an advance copy of this impressive debut effort The publication date is May 5 and I so hope Summer Darlings gets the attention it deserves.Review will be posted on MicheleReader.com closer to the publication date.

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    Welcome a fresh new voice in historical fiction Brooke Lea Foster spins a delicious tale of a young girl from Brooklyn who spends a summer rubbing elbows with the rich and famous on Martha s Vineyard Filled with 1960s nostalgia and a host of deftly drawn characters, this is a novel that gives us an intimate look at the world of privilege, proving once again that money does not buy happiness.

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    Heddy is a Wellesley student from a working class Brooklyn family who has landed a summer job as a nanny for an affluent family on Nantucket in 1962 From the moment the ferry docks, she is transported into a world she quickly realizes is not the rosy picture that is seems Trying to wade through the illusions is further complicated by the loss of her scholarship and she fears her dreams of becoming a writer will be permanently crushed.As the book progressed, the characters came to life with all of their flaws, secrets, motives and schemes exposed against the fa ade created Heddy s background serves her well in trusting her instincts Gigi the actress mocked and flaunted the social morays, but even she had her own selfish reasons for befriending the co ed By keeping true to her values, Heddy is able to survive in a world sorely lacking them.Thanks to NetGalley and Gallery for an ARC of this book My review is voluntary.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was an eye opening read, coming of age, money does not buy you happiness, what you see is not reality story My favorite character was Gigi Told in truthful and harsh way Great book

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    We have all heard it before Money doesn t buy happiness in Foster s Summer Darlings this phrase rings true Money may not buy you happiness, but this novel brought me joy I loved the detail.Reading this book, made me feel like a fly on the wall in a different time with the high society types I would never dream of rubbing shoulders with.The characters were vibrant and the character arch of Heddy was wonderful to read All of the characters we follow are hiding their own secrets which I absolutely love this in books I read When this comes out, I will be picking up a copy I received a copy for review from the publisher via Netgalley.

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    This book is my favorite kind of historical fiction enthralling, heartfelt and full of surprises Foster did such a great job fleshing out each character with hopes, ambitions and serious flaws that I wasn t sure who to root for or who to trust Seeing the Vineyard s residents through Heddy s optimistic and idealistic eyes was especially interesting because as soon as the rose colored glasses come off and she starts to see people for who they really are, so does the reader Spoiler no one is as nice or perfect as they first appear.

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    Summer Darlings is a compelling debut, a taut portrait of money and social status, and of a young woman finding her place in the world Foster is a keen observer, offering a glittering glimpse into the private lives of Martha s Vineyard s elite families, along with romance, secrets and class issues I couldn t stop turning the pages until I had reached its breathless, satisfying conclusion

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    Thank you to Gallery books for sending me this ARC This in no way influenced my opinion of this book.Set during the splendid summer days of 1960 s Martha s Vineyard, this page turning debut novel pulls back the curtain on one mysterious and wealthy family as seen through the eyes of their nanny a college student who, while falling in love on the elegant island, is also forced to reckon with the dark underbelly of privilege SPOILERS First thoughts There is so much below the surface of Foster s writing At first glance, the Williams family seems to have it all Compared to their new summer babysitter Heddy who grew up learning how to stretch a dollar, the Williams family have than enough to spare Husband and wife Ted and Jean Rose seem to have the perfect marriage Jean Rose padded into the kitchen, her hair set perfect in waves, her makeup expertly applied, and Ted leaned over to kiss her good morning lightly on the lips without looking up from his paper Later, when recounting her first impressions, Heddy would write in her journal that Ted kissed Jean Rose like it was on his to do list, and she wondered if a morning kiss from one s husband was different from an evening kiss, which may be less perfunctory Foster s description of places and things put me into the story I found my self immersed in the story I lost myself in this book When Heddy would take the kids out to the beach for the day for a surf lesson with Ash, I could almost smell the Beach air from my front porch Books like this one are far and few between in my opinion Its so hard to find a author that is so talented at not just writing words but making the reader feel them, to make the reader live them.I could not put this book down The author tells so much in her words You spend the first of the book believing that its just about this rich family and their summer babysitter But its so much Its about the mother wanting out of the marriage shes in but having to uphold a certain picture of a life that she has About a family that fears the father s outrages It makes the reader wonder if hes cheating on the wife Jean Rose is trying to hang on to her youth by flirting with Ash.Heddy went to the Martha s Vineyard thinking that money would fix her whole life She could find a husband and never worry again She thought that all marriages were perfect But she soon found out differently Ted and Jean Rose the couple she once thought the most perfect on the planet were potentially the most imperfect They didn t even seem to like each other They may even despise each other, and yet there they were, together, at social functions, faking their way through a life they d decided was their own Over the summer, things are revealed Heddy sees right through every thing and every one Her innocence is no longer and she sees everything for what they are Despite everything There was sadness in these walls no matter how perfectly painted their lines And now that she knew the details of Ash s scheming, the unhappiness in Jean Rose s marriage, that Gigi had demons of her own, Heddy could see that money couldn t fix a person It couldn t save someone, or serve as a band aid to whatever wounds a person carried around It helped keep the lights on and the radiators humming, but it didn t make anyone happier And I think that sentence, Heddy could see that money couldn t fix a person It couldn t save someone, or serve as a band aid to whatever wounds a person carried around That describes this whole book This is by far one of my top 3 books for this year I was sad to finish this book Most people fly though books that they love but I would rather slow down and soak in every bit of the book I drug out reading it for as long as I could I honestly didn t want it to end This is the perfect beach summer read lighthearted and feel good book And has a happy ending I will be looking for Foster s next book I thoroughly enjoyed her writing It was so smooth and easy to read Like I said before, Foster puts so much into her writing Heddy, even at 21 years old thinks that life wont hurt her and that it will go smoothly That childhood kind of innocence Heddy wrapped her arms around Ash s neck Theirs would be a Cape Cod house, sweet yellow shutters with a paved drive He would do the yard work and she would bake the cookies At night they would snuggle on the couchThey d have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and she d dress them in coordinating outfits on Christmas, and they d drink a little too much spiked eggnog and make love after putting out the children s presents She would kiss him goodbye in the morning and again when he got home He d never cheat on her, and they d never be pressed for money If only life were that simple

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    Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an early e copy This is my first review since the COVID panic really began in earnest, so it s a bit trickier than normal to write a focused review But here we goFor me, SUMMER DARLINGS had three different stages It opened with what felt like a character study Heddy, of college age, comes to work for a WASPy, well to do family on Martha s Vineyard for the summer In this stage, the appeal is in observing the otherness of the time period 1960s , and in watching Heddy navigate the class differences Then, the book broadened into a bit of a romance, with two men on the island vying for Heddy s attentions and provoking her boss s petty envy This stage also includes a kind of Cinderella story, as a famous actress summering on the island takes Heddy under her wing and sets about making Heddy over The entirely fictional actress possessed vampish shades of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, and between this fact and the many references to Jackie Kennedy, the book reminded me a bit of Jess Walter s BEAUTIFUL RUINS, with SUMMER DARLINGS perhaps skewing to the commercial side of that equation versus the literary Finally, during the third and extremely fast paced final stage of the book, the plot transforms into a bit of a twisty whodunnit heist My only complaint here is that the pacing ramped up so dramatically it felt a bit rushed at times, but I think other readers will not mind actually enjoy a book that sprints to the end in this manner As far as helping potential interested readers find this book I think fans of Fiona Davis would be best suited to really enjoy SUMMER DARLINGS SUMMER DARLINGS doesn t do Davis s signature toggling between a past plot line and a present plot line, nonetheless there was something in Foster s plucky protagonist that is reminiscent of Davis s protagonists, and both authors work hard to transport the reader to a beloved time place I WOULD have said this would be a great summer beach read, because it seeks to distract transport But maybe with our present state of virus ridden affairs in this world, it can be a good book even if you have to PRETEND you re at the beach In other words, if you want to get away, you can pour yourself a Cape Codder or a Greyhound and dive into these pages.

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Summer DarlingsSet During The Splendid Summer Days Of S Martha S Vineyard, This Page Turning Debut Novel Pulls Back The Curtain On One Mysterious And Wealthy Family As Seen Through The Eyes Of Their Nanny A College Student Who, While Falling In Love On The Elegant Island, Is Also Forced To Reckon With The Dark Underbelly Of Privilege In , Coed Heddy Winsome Leaves Her Hardscrabble Irish Brooklyn Neighborhood Behind And Ferries To Glamorous Martha S Vineyard To Nanny For One Of The Wealthiest Families On The Island But As She Grows Enad With The Alluring And Seemingly Perfect Young Couple And Chases After Their Two Mischievous Children, Heddy Discovers That Her Academic Scholarship At Wellesley Has Been Revoked, Putting Her Entire Future At Risk Determined To Find Her Place In The Couple S Wealthy Social Circles, Heddy Nurtures A Romance With The Hip Surfer Down The Beach While Wondering If The Better Man For Her Might Be A Quiet, Studious College Boy Instead But No One She Meets On The Summer Island Socialite, Starlet, Or Housekeeper Is As Picture Perfect As They Seem, And She Quickly Learns That The Right Last Name And A House In A Tony Zip Code May Guarantee Privilege, But That Rarely Equals Happiness Rich With The Sights And Sounds Of Midcentury Martha S Vineyard, Brooke Lea Foster S Debut Novel Summer Darlings Promises Entrance To A Rarefied World, For Readers Who Enjoyed Tigers In Red Weather Or The Summer Wives

About the Author: Brooke Lea Foster

Brooke Lea Foster is an award winning journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, People, PARADE, Parents, Psychology Today, Washingtonian,and The Atlantic, among others.