A Marriage of Many Interests PDF/EPUB Í of Many ePUB

  • Kindle Edition
  • 85 pages
  • A Marriage of Many Interests
  • Dina Thala
  • English
  • 10 March 2014

5 thoughts on “A Marriage of Many Interests

  1. Miss Coyldeor Miss Coyldeor says:

    I just discovered young writer Dina Thala and really like her style The MMMFMMF stories she depicts might sound a little stereotypical but they are so finely written I can't drop my KindleNote that the book isn't meant to be consistent with SW canon movies It's actually much funnier It finally brings the dose of sex we all are waiting for involving our beloved redhead general of course I hope there will be episodes about him

  2. Mextex Mextex says:

    Ooof this destroyed me Coming from Tumblr obviously I had to know what was up with Hux shhhhh and I wasn't disappointed I would give 6 stars withfor a seuel I hear something's up TW this is adult minded in all ways Be still my 3

  3. Sinéad Jillian Sinéad Jillian says:

    A great read It's so beautifully well written the way the thoughts of the main character are brought towards the reader is marvelous It got me hooked by the first page This book is also steaming hot full of erotica so better prepare to change your underwear often while reading thisThe way the characters change their behaviour and composure over time following certain events really resonates Dina Thala has also managed to convey a universe with a cultural structure using only a few pages while the rest of the story clearly concentrates on the protagonists as human beings with suppressed desires expectations and fears This book is especially interesting for the fans of a certain movie franchise but not only

  4. SaraB SaraB says:

    I go for both psychological and smutty this fit my needs Complicated characters in a good way gets into the villain's head realistic arc Will reread I can see why someone would feel disturbed though this is for mature smutty sexy and deep readers ONLY

  5. Xaiver Adams Xaiver Adams says:

    A new fresh and interesting story of a couple with different desires

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A Marriage of Many Interests[Read] ➪ A Marriage of Many Interests Author Dina Thala – Liversite.co.uk When young and beautiful Mara is offered to marry a high ranking officer of the Empire it is considered an excellent match for her wealthy family However she does not yet know that General Xander Vale When young and beautiful Mara of Many ePUB ´ is offered to marry a high ranking officer of the Empire it is considered an excellent match for her wealthy family However she does not yet know that General Xander Valentine is a ruthless warrior famous for having destroyed entire planets Reluctantly she puts her own dreams to the A Marriage PDF \ side to take her place in society But Mara's marriage does not turn out to be anything like what she had been led to believe Valentine is cold distant and with time she realizes that he is hiding a secret large enough to rip their lives apart a secret even dangerous than the countless war Marriage of Many ePUB ☆ crimes he perpetrated during his career And it has something to do with the presence of Sir Edan Brenlin which she is expected to accept without uestion Who is that mysterious brooding knight really This complicated love story between a closeted man and his young wife set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away is followed by a free ‘what if’ short story Dark Erotic Romance bittersweet HEA.

About the Author: Dina Thala

Dina is a young author of Many ePUB ´ living with the love of her life and raising a family writing when the need strikes It often does She started writing and reading as a six year old and never plans to stop She enjoys darker romanceerotica and has a soft spot for villains and happy ends paired A Marriage PDF \ up together While she never went through the very situations she depicts she occasionally draws from her perso.