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Sweet Persuasion Sweet Series #2 [Reading] ➾ Sweet Persuasion Sweet Series #2 By Maya Banks – Liversite.co.uk For five years Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies Never her own Until nowHer most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man Sweet Series eBook ↠ For five years Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies Never her own Until nowHer most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man Someone who will command her pleasure her and have complete authority over her So she seeks out Damon Roche owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants AnythingTogether they'll journey into a world she's only Sweet Persuasion PDF/EPUB ² dreamed of She's given the opportunity to immerse herself in a different life while her normal one waits for her to return whenever she wishes Damon has no desire to let her go however Serena is the woman he's long searched for and it's up to him to convince her to stay when the game is all over with He wants their fantasy to become their reality and for Serena to remain his pampered cherished submissive.

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  1. Kristen Kristen says:

    4 12 StarsLOVED IT What it's about–book blurb For five years Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies Never her own Until nowHer most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man Someone who will command her pleasure her and have complete authority over her So she seeks out Damon Roche owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants Anything My thoughts I know MANY struggled with this book and I understand why frankly elements of this plot can't help but offend our feminist sensibilities In addition the BDSM content was a little harsh and hard to read at times That said few erotic romances have captured my attention uite like this one did And though I spent a good portion of this book sitting outside my comfort zone I couldn't help but fall in love with the love story Like many who've read this book the infamous and humiliating punishment scene was difficult to read and left me with an assortment of vacillating emotions However I also understood why the scene was necessary in the context of the lifestyle in which they practiced In fact I felt the scene was essential for the plot and the couple's relationship It also helped that the heroine gave her full consent She knew she had the power to stop the punishment but chose not to For these reasons I was okay with her public punishment I know this book isn't for everyone but it worked for me The all consuming connection between the hero and heroine as well as their struggles and their unconventional relationship made reading this book a riveting and satisfying experience After finishing this series I can easily say that Sweet Persuasion is my favorite of the series with Sweet Possession a close second The fact I didn't have to read a ménage scene during this book—which is a common occurrence in this series–made me love it even

  2. Auntee Auntee says:

    Well I tried I really tried to love this one to give it a chance despite the subject matter woman who runs a business making people's fantasies come true wants to live out her fantasy of becoming a sex slave But I discovered that no matter how much I like an author's previous works I'm just not into the whole bondagedominationsubmissive thing I don't see the romance in it it's not arousing to me doesn't get me hot or even lukewarm and a lot of the time I find it demeaning So why did I read this book? Well gee it's Maya Banks you know? And I happen to love most of what she writes but darn it this one just didn't totally work for me I just didn't feel the romance I didn't particularly care for either the hero Damon he just wasn't my type seemed a little too sophisticated too urbane or the heroine Serena I don't think she knew what she wanted therefore I wasn't all that invested in what happened to them And although at first I was thinking about the bondage scenes This isn't all that bad and he's treating her uite well later on in the book when the heroine was about to be 'punished' I was shouting out Run Serena head for the hillsSpoilers aheadThere was one scene I think it was after Damon and Serena had some rather rough anal sex that Damon brought her over to lie exhausted at his feet on a pallet while he worked on his laptop from his big comfy chair while he 'lovingly' rubbed his toes across her nude body that I thought this guy really needs a dog And this was just the beginning of scenes that irritated me The scene where she 'serviced' him orally while he met with two business associates and then later they joined in? Just a big ewww for me But the straw that broke the camel's back for me was when Serena did something that was thoughtless that ended up worrying Damon so he ordered her to do something and she had the nerve to defy him and then of course she was due a big 'punishment' And it was pretty darn punishing Twelve lashes with a leather belt to your torso then 12 'welts' to your butt? And then you provide the hero with oral sex? And all in front of some party guests? And you're not humiliated you're aroused? And then you're forced to kneel for hours in front of his 'chair' while the party goes on around you? And then you're fed like a dog with his master with your head in the hero's lap? So not for meOkay so after all that why did I still give it 3 stars? I happened to like Ms Banks writing style if not the sex scenes It flows nicely and there are no dead spots I enjoyed reading about Serena and her two friends Faith Sweet Surrender and Julie the upcoming Sweet Seduction and thought some of their conversations about their love lives were pretty funny I enjoyed the small glimpse into Damon's life outside of his relationship with Serena The visit to his mother's house in Louisiana and his relationship with her brought some much needed background to his character he wasn't just a fabulously wealthy kinky businessman after all I just wish the author would have spent a little time delving into Serena's background I felt she got a little short changedSo if you don't mind a storyline heavy on BDSM you may actually love this book For me a little bit of BDSM goes a long way and I'm afraid this one was a little hard for me to take Will I continue on with this series? You betcha I'm dying to read Micah's story that guy has some secrets I'm sure and I also want to see how Julie the masseuse gets Nathan to finally notice her This one wasn't uite up my alley but you can't win 'em all 3 starsWarning This book contains explicit language and sex including oral and anal bondage with cuffs a rotating table with clamps etc themes of domination and submission whipping with a whip and a man's belt semi public nudity and sex acts in front of party guests Definitely not for the faint of heart

  3. Penny Penny says:

    “ all I ever want you to be is mine” Yes I read it again “Tell me Serena Do you want me?” he asked softly “Do you ache for me? Do you want my possession? Do you lie awake at night wanting a man strong enough to harness your sexuality stroke it until the fire rages and then unleash it set you free?” I found very well put their BDSM relationship The way it was defined how nicely it was transmitted how much they wanted to please each other the transparency of their feelings; it all explained very well what that kind of relationship is really about It was beautifully done “I’ll never ask for something you can’t give Serena mine I only want what you freely offer I only want you With me belonging to me Me protecting you cherishing you honoring you with my every breath with my body my soul and my heart”I appreciated very much that Damon wasn’t into titles like “Sir” or “Master” instead he preferred to be addressed by his name I never liked the titles part of the BDSM relationships it seems too fake and ridiculous to me “What do I call you?” she asked softly “You’ll call me Damon I see no need for dramatic titles I on the other hand will call you beautiful lover mine I’ll call you mineI would have liked development in their story it seemed too short and uick for me I needed time of their relationship and interactions Also the ending was a bit too brusue for me Then it was the double punishment I understand the why of it and I don’t have a problem with it I just personally never enjoy reading about punishment in BDSM books I think it might be a pride issue “I want your obedience I expect it—no I demand it I don’t relish nor will I enjoy the idea of punishing you So if you seek to bait me so that you enjoy the thrill of discipline you’re sure to be disappointed” Damon Well I am in love what else can I say he really is perfect LOOOOVED HIM 3 “You don’t trust me yet and you shouldn’t as we’ve only just met But you will come to trust me and when that happens you’ll give yourself into my care and keeping When you do that I will give you what you most want What you need And I’m going to love every damn minute” I envy the girls friendship their loyalty and devotion to each other It really is special to have that kind of support and constancy It is fantastic to know that when you screw up everything in your life is a mess and you are completely lost; you can count on those special people that show you that you are not alone That’s what the girls are to each other in this book and in others of this series just like the boys are too To me these friendships are a very good component that this series have an essential ingredient really I won't allow you to degrade yourself for voicing your desires They're yours That makes them important ValidI my opinion the combination of book 2 and book 4 of the Sweet series are a great insight to the BDSM lifestyle In a way this series remains me to the Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair except that the Sweets series are not that heavy on the BDSM stuff and have a romantic air sweetness “I love you Serena Stay” Sweet Temptation Sweet #4Sweet Addiction Temptation Sweet #6

  4. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars – EroticBDSM RomanceRevised ratingreviewAfter reading BDSM erotic romances and the books Sweet Seduction and Sweet Temptation I achieved a much deeper understanding of Damon and Serena’s relationship felt a greater appreciation of them as a couple and gained respect of their Ms lifestyle especially when Damon calls her Serena Mine sigh So I increased my rating from 4 to 5 starsOriginal ratingreview“To each hisher own” and “don’t mock it 'til you try it” or so the sayings goWhew this one was hard to ratereview Provocative kinky stimulating emotionally charged wickedly eroticThere were aspects of this story that were worthy of solid 5 stars some parts like a 3 and a couple of scenes that had me recoiling just a little bit I kept thinking about the lyrics to Depeche Mode’s song “Master and Servant” while reading thisit's very fittingI appreciate the allure and appeal of a Ds relationship and understand the painpleasure fixation at least to some degree That being said this leaned much heavier towards the whole Masterslave thing and there were some parts that raised my feminist hackles just a tad okay maybe a lot I’ve read a few reviews that suggested what Damon really needed was to just get a dog and there were a couple of times that I had that exact same thought myself The public punishment scene induced a slight cringe of disbelief and shock especially since Damon adamantly declared “I’d never hurt you Serena” So 24 lashes with a leather belt across the shoulders back and buttocks while a party of people witness your shame and humiliation is painlesshmmm? And there’s no broken skin or lasting marks as a result even though no aftercare like applying a salve balm or an ointment was performed to prevent scarring?? That just didn’t sit right with me Not to mention that DomsMasters are entrusted to handle all the aftercare needs of their submissives after bondagepain play I mean come on she didn’t even need Vitamin E or Neosporin afterward? Serena must have freaky super healing skin because I have a permanent mark on my shin from where my ski boots were latched too tight once Still the uality of writing in depth characters and raw powerful eroticism are top notch as always in true Maya Banks fashion Although I had serious doubts about the believability of the Mastersex slave relationship she actually makes it plausible and realistic for the characters Damon and Serena; and I could even fathom some of their fascination with the concept even if it’s not uite my cup of coffee I’ll definitely read the upcoming books in this series Sweet Seduction that’s due out October’2009 and Sweet Temptation mysteriously yummy Micah’s story slated for release in April’2010 Even though I didn’t love every facet of this story it was still entertaining and definitely H O T enough to hold my attention and a pulse pounding erotic read; so I’m settling on 4 stars

  5. Shar Shar says:

    Selfish pompous douche meets limp wet dish rag; awkward kinkfest ensues Badly written with really unlikable and obnoxious characters The dialogue was especially bad; super stilted and weirdly formal Who the hell talks like that? The sex slave fantasy has been done before better Maya Banks just handled it badly it was all about humiliation and sexual use like a masturbatory aid not about mutual enjoyment I usually enjoy some BDSM smut but this was very off putting This book has lots of contrived angst and annoying bullshit rationalizationsjustifications for some uestionable behavior because IMO it did cross the line to abuse

  6. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I recently bought the entire Fresh Produce Budoir Photos™‎ editions of the Sweet series on the cheap because a I am trash when it comes to used bookstores and b thanks to devious marketers my brain has learned to make the association that dark cover inanimate object lady porn Don't get me wrong; this nefarious camouflage not only tricks people into thinking that whatever I'm reading must be classy AF it also makes it easier to sneak these books into lunch breaks or bus rides but there's something about a risue cover with two people being caught in flagrante delicto that makes romance novels extra funThe first book in this series is called SWEET SURRENDER and you can read my review of it here Finishing SWEET SURRENDER was a big oh no moment for me because I did not think it was a very good book and took issue with many things about it including what I perceived to be some very troubling and sexist themes and a rather flippant and disparaging view of the BDSM community and now I'm stuck with the entire series What a dilemmaI considered cutting my losses and getting rid of the books but you guys encouraged me to continue reading the series Not because it gets better or anything no you had no sweet words of hope to impart to me; you wanted to see me suffer Well whether I read the books or not I'm out 10 Might as well get my money's worth right? Right Oh the things we do for loveLuckily for me SWEET PERSUASION which like SWEET SURRENDER is for a mature audience per its back cover was a much better book than SWEET SURRENDER Many of the things that annoyed me so much about SWEET SURRENDER were absent Our main character Serena is the head of this company called Fantasy Inc which as far as I can tell is like a cross between an event planner and an anthropomorphized Groupon she hooks people up with their fantasies if they want to be a chef for a day she makes it happen; if they want to be princess of a cruise ship she makes it happen actual examples btw But the one fantasy she can't hook up is her own Serena secretly wishes that she could be a man's slave and give him total and complete control over her Enter DamonWARNING SPOILERS AND MATURE CONTENT The relationship between Serena and Damon is actually decent although the build up of the relationship is better than the consummation of it Banks just doesn't write very sexy sex in my opinion She uses some very strange phrases which I will list shortly that pull you out of the moment and she switches back and forth between her names for sex organs and acts which is jarring to me anyway It helps that both characters are on board and unlike Gray from the previous book Damon doesn't humiliate and browbeat Serena into giving in to what he wants That doesn't mean that SWEET PERSUASION is totally light though It's a very edgy erotica that seemed to put a lot of people off with scenes including a public sex auction flogging anal playsex being whipped with a belt and countless other examples of public humiliation in which he does all these things and to her in front of other men The Scene that got many people upset just made me raise my eyebrows a little because I've read so much worse at this point but I was side eying a lot of those anal scenes Banks does actually introduce training before the sex itself through the use of plugs which I have never seen done in an erotica before so points to her but then after that Damon pretty much seems to stop using lube and just goes for it if you know what I mean which soundsumno Nope So much nope NopeUnlike SWEET SURRENDER In SWEET PERSUATION the anti BDSM vibe is less noticeable I felt like Gray went out of his way to portray an Us vs Them vibe that felt very mean spirited and off putting also way to alienate a significant chunk of erotica readers That was far less present in SWEET PERSUASION although I still felt like there was an effort to distance these characters from the BDSM community Why else would Damon like Gray make a point of not using safe words? I won't use a word that encourages a man to disregard the word no coming from a woman's lips If you say no if you're even thinking no then it ends for me I won't indulge in silly little no means yes games When that word crosses your lips? It's over If I ever ask of you something that you won't give unreservedly then all you need to say is no 78I swear to blog the male characters in these books love calling women's fantasies silly little nouns I do like how he respects no's Gray did not always do this but I didn't like how he took no as a complete and total shut down of the scenario basically a no seemed to mean that he would end their relationship completely That's not really a fair choice that's a my way or the high way Also there's a reason for safe words sometimes people engage in play where saying no might be part of the scenario ie rape play and you still need a safe consensual way to stop As Faith did with Gray though Serena takes Damon's mansplanation of sex as gospel truth She wasn't even sure how to respond to that because he was absolutely one hundred percent right How moronic to ever discount the notion of a woman saying no 78 Well yes but also not necessarily Is using a safe word so hard?Speaking of words here are some Weird sex descriptions My pussy burns as if someone holds a fire to it 36 7 Her shoulders shook making her breasts bob which rubbed her nipple rapidly across the fork 151 What the actual fork Would you call that fork play then? Or getting forked? she lay there uietly her body a receptacle for his 158 Huge and swollen within her he pulsed as his cock split her ass wide and he poured hot liuid inside her 218 There was a multitude of sexual scenarios from a simple one on one couple fucking like bunnies to an outright orgy with no less than eight people joined like LEGOs her orgasm swelled and then burst around her like flowers opening to the sun's rays 247'Cream' Counter Hesitantly she raised her hands and then looked down at the sticky cream on her breasts and belly 148 She could feel the creamy moisture gather between her legs 233 Sexist lines I'll be amazed if you don't order a girly salad What is it with women always ordering salads anyway? 63 Nothing happened Julie If I had any idea you'd be worried I would have called you You were sort of out of it so I put you to bed Someone spilt beer on your shirt and so I stripped you down I didn't even look at you I swearWell why the hell not? she asked in exasperation Am I ugly? 172 I also didn't like how heavily Serena's friends featured in here You guys know I don't like Faith and she was in here a lot constantly blushing and gloating about her fantastic relationship Julie on the other hand is a massage therapist who is trying to abuse her position to seduce one of her clients who she thinks is hot She wears low cut tops tries to make these professional massages sexy and uses the information in his client folder to get in contact with him about personal matters She's also the one who asked if the reason that this man Nathan didn't touch her while she was unconscious was because she was ugly I think it's safe to say that Julie is probably my least favorite character so far I'm not looking forward to her book at all and unfortunately I think she might be next All reservations aside SWEET PERSUASION was objectively a vast improvement on the first book The problem here wasn't the relationship itself which was pretty okay I thought for a masterslave role play fantasy especially since the author makes a solid attempt to introduce consent but how it was written The sex scenes are so cheesy Some are sexy which makes it even disappointing when you happen across a bad one I thought the drama in the last book was unnecessary although no kidnapping attempts thank God What they were arguing over didn't feel like a Big Deal for me if they had actually taken a moment to talk like adults there wouldn't have been a conflict But the build up? Solid A for sexual tension Damon's character wasn't ruined as I feared and he actually had some genuinely decent lines like this one I won't allow you to degrade yourself for voicing your desires They're yours That makes them important Valid There is nothing crazy about them 69If you're still interested in reading this series I think I'd actually suggest starting from book #22 to 25 stars

  7. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    45 STARSDear DamonTake me Make me your slave You may do what you wish to me I am yours Sweet Persuasion is the second book of Maya Banks’s Sweet series and it is hands down my favourite I have a feeling that it will remain my favourite even when I get down to reading the other books in this series This book is sinfully sweet mixing the perfect amount of kink and tenderness The BDSM wasn’t over the top or scary And I think most of that is because Damon Roche the hero of this book is so downright sexy that any female would be willing drop down on her knees for himDamon mans The House an elite club where you can live out your sexual fantasies He is Mr G all sleek and uiet strength the absolute perfect gentlemen But when it comes down to sex he is raw sexuality to the hundredth degree So much so that these pages burn so hot they’ll scorch your fingers I devoured his book completely and when I flipped that last page I was so sad to have it all end Simply put Damon is a dream And I never wanted to wake up to realitySerena has dreamed to be owned completely in the most basic and primal way She wants to be taken wholly by a man who she can trust to take care of her As a wish fulfiller herself she desperately seeks out her one chance to make her wildest dreams come true With Damon she gets thatHere’s a not so secret secretI am not a fan of butt plugs I’ve read a few erotica romance novels in the past with them and they just make me cringe But SOMEHOW in this book I didn’t find myself wincing as I read those scenes Again I think it may be solely because it was Damon and not any other character Damon was a great Master caring for her and pleasing her at the same time He made sure he never hurt her and through that he gained her complete trust Sweet Persuasion was deliciously dark and alluring And mixed in with the humour and heart it made for the perfect book to heat up my evenings

  8. seton seton says:

    Pretty good considering it's not really my cuppa I love smut as much as the next girl but I have a low threshold for BDSM Spanking by hand is fine but as soon as all the hardware comes out the nipple clamps the crops the whips the handcuffs the furniture it becomes a real turn off This book was hardcore than the first book in the series SWEET SURRENDER but beneath all the BDSM there is a tender relationship with lots of heat Banks does exceptionally hot sex scenes altho I could have done without the descriptions of bowels being pummeled She also does a great job setting up Book #3 and Book #4 in the series and I look forward to them in hope that she will go easy on the BDSM I have read the majority of Banks's book and this is the first time I really couldnt handle some of the elements in her novelsContent warning exhibitionism anal belting whipping with a crop nipple clamps bondage public punishments one scene that verged on menage a uartre and abuse of the phrase sex slave

  9. Teryl Teryl says:

    What I learned from this book I don't want someone to feed me from their handI don't want to be told when I can and can't wear clothesI don't want to sleep tied to the bedI don't think whipping me with either a crop or belt would give me an orgasm and I most definately don't want to be around people naked or be whipped in front of othersAfter all that for some strange reason I liked Damon

  10. Cami Cami says:

    Very sexy book I was wanting to know about Damon and so this gave me what I wanted He is just as lovely as I thought he would be after reading the first book

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