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The Silence of Bones I Have A Mouth, But I Mustn T Speak Ears, But I Mustn T Hear Eyes, But I Mustn T See, Joseon Korea Homesick And Orphaned Sixteen Year Old Seol Is Living Out The Ancient Curse May You Live In Interesting Times Indentured To The Police Bureau, She S Been Tasked With Assisting A Well Respected Young Inspector With The Investigation Into The Politically Charged Murder Of A NoblewomanAs They Delve Deeper Into The Dead Woman S Secrets, Seol Forms An Unlikely Bond Of Friendship With The Inspector But Her Loyalty Is Tested When He Becomes The Prime Suspect, And Seol May Be The Only One Capable Of Discovering What Truly Happened On The Night Of The MurderBut In A Land Where Silence And Obedience Are Valued Above All Else, Curiosity Can Be DeadlyJune Hur S Elegant And Haunting Debut The Silence Of Bones Is A Bloody Tale Perfect For Fans Of Kerri Maniscalco And Ren E Ahdieh

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    THE SILENCE OF BONES is, in part, my love letter to Korean history I was born in South Korea, but I was raised in Canada, and spent all of my teenage years obsessing over British history, Jane Austen and BBC dramas In short, I grew up knowing almost nothing about Korean history, except for the brief stories my parents shared with me, and the snippets I learned about whenever I managed to stay awake during Korean history class back when I studied in South Korea Then everything changed for me in 2015 when I, out of sheer curiosity, read further into Korean history and fell madly in love with it I was fascinated by everything and was gripped by a terrifying desperation to write a Korean historical mystery I hesitated for a while, wondering if I, a Korean Canadian diasporan , even had the right to write about Korea, and afraid that no one would be interested in a mystery set in a non western country It was the WeNeedDiverseBooks movement that finally gave me the courage to write.At the very heart of this book is a personal story inspired by my family, a family dispersed I spent nearly half my life living with my siblings in Canada, far away from my parents, far away from my relatives And so, while I was writing this book, I found myself wrestling with two questions that always haunted me What will it cost to keep family together when things are falling apart and everyone is scattered And where is home when you live far away from those who have loved you for all of your life Soon THE SILENCE OF BONES will be out in the world, no longer mine but belonging to the readers I hope this book will introduce you to or deepen your appreciation for the complexity, depth and grandeur of Joseon Dynasty Korea I especially hope that those who are homesick, like I was and still am, will feel less alone.CONTENT WARNINGS violence murder gore character death misogyny mention and description of animal abuse mention and description of suicide

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    This book, you guys My heart just filled with ten thousand rivers of emotions and tears Set in Korea in the 1800s, TEN THOUSAND RIVERS follows the journey of Seol, a girl indentured to the police bureau who becomes caught up in an investigation of a murder She quickly becomes entangled with the dark secrets and political intrigue surrounding the case.TEN THOUSAND RIVERS swept me away to ancient Korea, filled with misty mountains and hazy, foggy cities paddy fields and oceans June s writing is so atmospheric, and sometimes I had to pause and close my eyes over the gorgeous imagery her prose evoked Even better than the setting are the characters strong, wounded, yet brave and the relationships between them It s not often that I get teary or feel sad reading a book but certain chapters of June s had me clutching my chest and reading the lines over and over again because they were just so perfect a delicate balance of hope and depth and grief The book is filled with themes of courage, morality, feminism, and family relationships, each explored in such sweeping, lush ways.I m so honored to have read an early version of this, and I cannot wait to buy this once it s out A gorgeous debut.

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    GUYS I AM LIVING FOR THESE CULTURALLY CORRECT AND STUNNING COVERS OKAY and now I feel weird because I truly SAW this cover, okay It was on Goodreads and it was beautiful and now it s gone I am confused and devastated a n y w a y sconsidering I am learning the Korean language, culture, and basically as much as I can about that country yes, this is calling my name very loudly.yay we have a new cover although I loved the first one better and I m still super hyped for this

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    I had the utmost pleasure of reading this a while back and adored every word June s writing is breathtaking, her characters pull at your heart, and her mystery is both alluring and constantly leaves you guessing I am so excited that others will be able to read this beautiful book as well and that someone as deserving as June gets to have her words be out in the world.Everyone, you are doing yourself a favour by adding this book to your TBR

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    Full review on my blog I want to start off with a thank you to the publisher, Feiwel and Friends, for sending me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.The Silence of Bones is one of my most anticipated releases of 2020, and I could not contain my excitement at the chance to read it Seriously, I dropped my entire TBR just to dig into The Silence of Bones And lads, it did not disappoint.I went in expecting a dark and generally typical who done it murder mystery with an interesting setting 1800s Korea I came out with tears in my eyes and a weight lifted off my soul.My opinion of mystery thrillers in YA leave something to be desired I mentioned this on Twitter, but the genre is often diluted or pushed to the side to accommodate a romance plot because that s what the industry says will sell The Silence of Bones not only brings something fresh to YA mysteries, but also transcends most adult mystery novels I ve read in the past.

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    3.5 StarsReview to come

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    I finished THE SILENCE OF BONES last night, late This book is phenomenal It s a well paced, well plotted mystery, but it s also so much than that It s an exploration on family, about what loyalty means, and is just gorgeously written I felt like I was in 1800 s Korea, traveling alongside Seol I could not recommend this book highly I m so excited for it to get into the world and for other people to have the opportunity to read it An absolutely stunning debut.

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    June Hur paints a beautiful picture of Joseon Korea in her gripping historical mystery novel An intriguing tale that touches on class, honor, the value of one s beliefs, and the lengths one is willing to go for loyalty and family Hur presents such a vivid portrayal of the Joseon Era that it s like stepping back in time With its breathtaking prose and complex characters, this mystery novel is sure to keep you guessing until the very end

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    My excitement for this book knows no bounds

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    A fantastic, twisty tale following a murder investigation in 1800s Korea If I could pre order it right now, I would I am so excited for the world to read this book in 2020 Congrats, June

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