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The Bromance Book Club The First Rule Of Book Club You Don T Talk About Book ClubNashville Legends Second Baseman Gavin Scott S Marriage Is In Major League Trouble He S Recently Discovered A Humiliating Secret His Wife Thea Has Always Faked The Big O When He Loses His Cool At The Revelation, It S The Final Straw On Their Already Strained Relationship Thea Asks For A Divorce, And Gavin Realizes He S Let His Pride And Fear Get The Better Of Him Welcome To The Bromance Book ClubDistraught And Desperate, Gavin Finds Help From An Unlikely A Secret Romance Book Club Made Up Of Nashville S Top Alpha Men With The Help Of Their Current Read, A Steamy Regency Titled Courting The Countess, The Guys Coach Gavin On Saving His Marriage But It Ll Take A Lot Than Flowery Words And Grand Gestures For This Hapless Romeo To Find His Inner Hero And Win Back The Trust Of His Wife

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    this story is cute, funny, heartwarming, a tad bit steamy, and a realistic portrayal of what it means to work to save a marriage i really enjoy when a book is pure entertainment, but can also teach value life lessons in the process and i didnt expect such depth from this story, but its what i got and i couldnt be happier and while i did enjoy the story, i was really impressed with the writing the pacing is phenomenal and there is no wasted page, no wasted scene everything has a purpose and, even though there are some really entertaining scenes, they also play an important role in the narrative as i admired the writing, i couldnt help but find myself really rooting for the main characters i knew how it would end, but i was still invested in their effort to work on their marriage overall, this has some really great storytelling and im so ready for the sequel to be released 4 stars

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    Reread x2 Still as perfect as I remembered it to be Book Boner Introducing my new favourite bookish phrase This book was the one My emotional state is in a frenzy right now THIS WAS SO GOOD All you need to know is that it s a book club starring all dudes, who read romance novels to help them understand the women in their lives better The relationship these men had between them was so awesome and full of humour and support It was such a great bromance The story was adorable, it was at times cheesy, but it fuckin worked for me Twas the perfect amount of cheese.We are so in need of romance stories that actually explore the dynamics of a relationship About couples who are going through rough times and seeing how they salvage their relationship Or not What I loved about this book is that the main plot runs parallel to an actual story line from a book our main character is seeking guidance from I liked what that indicated That books are what we turn to for answers when we run away from life I loved this book I already want to reread it.

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    A Rom Com book from a man s perspective Brilliant Gather around ladies and gentlemen You are going to love this A love story Gavin and Thea have hit an impasse in their marriage It all started in the bedroom, escalating off the charts from there Ultimately ending with Gavin moving out Only problem is.they really love each other I mean pure, deep down, can t ever see myself with anyone but you kind of love But alas, their lines of communication have broken down and they re on very different paths Thea is asking for a divorce, while Gavin is determined to win her back Sometimes you need to go back to the beginning Enter his baseball teammates and affectionately known as The Bromance Book Club That s right ladies, look out These husbands and boyfriends developed their own book club to read romance novels hoping to learn the art of wooing Is that sweet, or what Oh my gosh, this was one of the most fun and delightful reads I ve come across this year I read this with a permanent smile on my face from start to finish, only to be interrupted by fits of giggles If you re looking for an adorable, fun Rom Com look no further A Rom Com buddy read with Susanne that we both just loved Thank you to Edelweiss , Berkley Publishing and Lyssa Kay Adams for an ARC to read and review.

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    4.5 StarsHuh, and people say romance books are trashThey obviously haven t found the wonders inside them and need a lecture of their own from the guys at The Bromance Book Club.This book didn t give me a book boner, but it did left a HUGE smile on my face and made me cackle like a madwoman in the middle of the night which didn t bode well with the elegant street rep I d been told I had Poor neighbors probably think I m crazy now LOL I d also been in a pissy mood these past days, so it was no easy feat what this book managed to accomplish You guys read romance novels We call them manuals Anyway, this book was brilliant, marvelous, refreshing, cheesy stinking cute, and hilarious If you think about it, the conflict behind the marriage miscommunication and the couple s personal issues their backstory were typical But it was the concept of the story and how it was weaved wrapped executed that made this such a unique book Men are idiots We complain that women are so mysterious and shit, and we never know what they want We fuck up our relationships because we convince ourselves that it s too hard to figure them out But the real problem is with us We think we re not supposed to feel things and cry and express ourselves We expect women to do all the emotional labor in a relationship and then act confused when they give up on us I normally am not a big fan of second chance romances, but I really appreciate the relationship dynamics in this book It seems ridiculous how anyone can live under the same roof with their spouses for years, yet very rarely do they have proper adult communication However, I ve also seen it happened in real life I loved the idea of a married couple trying to reconnect, win each others heart back, and salvage their marriage Gavin and Thea did all of it with flying colors Well, mostly Gavin I think Thea could ve come to her epiphany a lot sooner than she did.The side characters were an absolute treat to read, except maybe Liv But I get it I understand where she was coming from The twins were total adorbs even though I did think they acted older than their three years The unsubtle feminism from the male characters was a little too in your face, but I didn t mind Also, the chapters from Courting the Countess were a cringe fest, but at least I got a good laugh out of them They might seem redundant, but I think it s cool seeing how they mirrored and influenced Gavin and Thea s predicament.The audiobook was P H E N O M E N A L I absolutely adored the narration Gah, it was all that southern drawl that did it The british accent was a nice complement too I m adding it to my top audiobooks of the year Also, just a random thought, the whole situation with Gavin and Thea s relationship reminded me of Taylor Swift s song, The Story of Us If you know the lyrics and read this book, you ll see how it s fitting With all that being said, make sure you don t miss out on this freshly quirky rom com And audiobook is the best way to do it.PS I m raising a petition for Netflix to turn this into a movie Anyone, who s with me Read in Audiobook Format

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    Many thanks to Berkley and Edelweiss for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Gavin had called this little proposition a competition No, this wasn t a competition This Was War This is one of those rare displays of love at first page I was barely five minutes into the audio book when I thought to myself, Yup, this one s a keeper And when the final seconds played, my heart ached because the definition of bittersweet is finishing an amazing book So, what s this book about The Bromance Bookclub follows Gavin, a hot baseball player whose marriage is in trouble After being kicked out of the house by his wife, Thea, Gavin realizes that he wants to save his marriage And so, he reluctantly enlists the help of the Bromance Book Club, a secret group of men who read romances to better understand women s perspectives You re probably thinking that this sounds super romantic and funny but you d be wrong because that doesn t even begin to describe it I think one reason I loved this so much was because it was so meta Kind of like Waiting for Tom Hanks, this book referenced plot points of romance novels and tons of pop culture I haven t had too much experience with middle aged romance so I can t say that this is the best one out there but I can say that it is the best one I ve ever read I think I have discovered a new favorite romance trope Falling In Love Again This trope seems to only be found in middle aged romances so I ll definitely need to read of them Finally, the sex I don t remember the last romance I read yes, I do I just don t want to name names but it was very disappointing when it came to sex so I was going into this novel with low ish expectations Why I don t know I m weird But this did not disappoint There were many sexy and steamy scenes and each one of them were perfectly sexy and steamy Overall, I cannot put into words how much I loved this book GO READ IT NOWWWWWWWWWW Bottom Line5 StarsAge Rating R Content Screening Spoilers Educational Value 0 0 Violence 1 5 Punches are thrown, walls are broken Sex 5 5 Detailed sex scenes, sex innuendos, constant sexual content Langauge 4 5 F k, cl t, d ck, b tch, sh t Drinking Drugs 4 5 Alcohol, main character is drunk multiple times throughout the book Trigger and Content Warnings Female sexual dysfunction, Divorce, Vomiting.NOTE This is an adult novel It contains frequent and detailed sex scenes Please do not read if those details make you uncomfortable.Reps Female sexual dysfunction Cover 4 5 Characters 5 5 Plot 5 5 Audio 4 5 Publication Date November 5th, 2019Publisher Berkley Publishing GroupGenre Romance Comedy F ck goddamn it, that big green DOWNLOAD NOW button is so tempting i just couldn t resist Goodreads Blog Twitch Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn

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    2.5 starsA light hearted second chance sports romance, which sadly didn t really deliver I seem to be in the minority here, but I didn t love this I thought I would, as it s a sports romance, and is a story about a couple staying together, getting a second chance It even has a men s book club supporting each other, helping each other to understand their partners It was an original concept I liked that it was about men in a secret book club, trying to understand and connect with their partners and wives I liked that it was a quick read I liked that it was a story about a couple staying together, I don t see that much I liked that it was quite steamy The second half of the book was quite cute Unfortunately, there was also a lot that I didn t like I have to start with the female main character, Thea She was unreasonable, irritating and a liar The woman faked her orgasms for over three years, and it wasn t the only thing she was faking What was the point in that She didn t get what she wanted, and her husband thought he was doing all the right things, so carried on doing them I ve never understood women who do that You should be able to be honest with your husband, and communicate your needs But that s the crux of this story This couple aren t honest with each other about anything They don t talk to each other How was Gavin to know that she was unsatisfied, she acted, and lied about it I m not just talking about in the bedroom She didn t like the life of a WAG, she wanted a different life, wanted different things, but expected him to know all of this Did she tell him any of this NOOOO He was not a mind reader Another thing that bothered me was that Thea accepted no responsibility for the breakdown in her marriage Gavin was in the wrong, and she was in the right, and my goodness the book hammered that home to me I actually ended up hating her, and feeling sorry for Gavin She even kicked him out the house, and then was mad when he left It was a test, and he wasn t supposed to leave Like She Asked Him To So of course he failed that, and then she asked him for a divorce Poor Gavin actually hadn t done much wrong Yes he wasn t as attentive as he should be, but with young twins, and a busy career, these things happen He also wasn t that sexually experienced, so didn t always hit the spot with Thea, but she could have helped him out there There are two people in a marriage, and Thea could have voiced her wants and needs, and they could have worked on their marriage together He really loved her and his kids Thea also compared all men to her absent, philandering father Yes we get it, your father was an arsehole, but you can t judge everyone by his standards, you have to have a little faith and trust I actually think she needed some counselling, to move past her unhappy childhood, and perhaps they could have had some couples counselling Gavin spent the whole book trying to win her back, and she shot him down over and over By the end of the book, Thea realised these things and her character does grow, but by that point, at about 80% it was too little, too late for me I just couldn t stand her Other things that bothered me was the unsubtle feminism The men in the book club, turning to regency romance novels to help them with their love lives, was just pure fantasy And all of the unrealistic things that came out with..like talking about toxic masculinity It felt preachy and overly political to me I keep reading romance books with all of these woke men in, and it just makes me roll my eyes You can have male characters who are feminists, and all round decent guys, without shoving it down my throat The chapters from the regency romance which Gavin was reading also felt unnecessary to me They were overly cheesy, and made me cringe Then there was the fact that Gavin actually used the actual lines and moves from the book he was reading Word for word It was really manipulative and Thea was angry about it, but got over it I would have been furious to find that out That the lovely, sweet things my husband was saying were straight out of a book, and not his real feelings I didn t like Thea s sister either She was such a jealous, interfering bitch She was the one who encouraged Thea to throw Gavin out, and every time they made any progress, there she was trying to undo it One final thing that bothered me was the twins They were about 2 2 1 2 years old, yet were written as if they were 4 5 years old I know it s a minor thing, but it really irritated me how they didn t act like toddlers To sum up, I felt that this story was too light hearted for the serious topic it covered And the couple would have avoided all of the hassle and heartbreak if they had actually just talked to each other like mature adults Urgh I hate the miscommunication trope It might work in YA, but it really irritates me in adult fiction JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER DAMNIT Many thanks to Berkley and edelweiss for the chance to download an e arc in exchange for an honest review

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    Might be of a 3.5 but I m rounding up because this was a lot of fun I can t lie and say that it wasn t a smidge pander y and contrived at some parts, but overall this was a really fun ride and I definitely recommend checking it out if you re interested in reading a romance about a couple staying together rather than getting together I 10000% will be carrying on with the series

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    4.5 starsWhen I went into this book, I was crossing my fingers that the execution of it and the writing style matched how great the synopsis was I m so glad the book held up to how good it sounds, and it s definitely a memorable romance I ll be recommending My primary concern about this book was that since it s about a married couple with kids, I wouldn t be able to relate to it or enjoy it since they re several years ahead of me on the maturity scale Attached to that, I was hoping this wouldn t become a women s fiction book about fixing a marriage with no steamy scenes Quickly, both of my fears became obsolete The fact that this book follows characters who are already in a relationship makes it so much real Rather than two characters living out a dolled up romance, this is about a relationship that s dead and both characters having to fight to reanimate it It s different than anything I ve ever read and was so interesting and realistic and human In addition, the scenes of Gavin and Thea interacting with their kids were SO wholesome I jokingly told my friend while I was reading this that it reads like what a Nicholas Sparks book would be if Nicholas Sparks books were actually good It talks about family issues both in their current relationship and in their childhood trauma while also being a cuddly romance about two adults rediscovering each other through honesty This book was SO soft because Gavin was making an effort to be attentive to Thea s needs and insecurities, and watching them reblossom to one another was so heart warming and emotional.The writing of this book is spectacular in all areas except one I loved when the author would delve into the character s backstories and they way she wrote their dialogue and all the humor that was folded into the Bromance Book Club I especially loved how this book was a mix of real time action with scenes interspersed from the regency romance book the men were reading The reason I took off.5 stars, however, was there were moments in this book where the characters would randomly get on a soapbox about feminism that didn t match the context of the conversation at all There were seriously some paragraphs that read like an essay for a women and gender studies class rather than a romance book because it wasn t subtle at all The men in the book club are self aware about feminism and toxic masculinity, which is good, but it wasn t subtle at all and ended up sounding like fan service to other women reading the book because those random feminism rants didn t sound authentic to the men s voices at all But a part of the book I did like is that Thea, the wife, was strident in her independence and her feminism, which I enjoyed way than when the characters went off on tangents about the male gaze and the patriarchy.But overall, this book was so addicting and enjoyable It was quick and sweet but also the perfect amounts of meaningful and realistic I love any romance book that takes the shininess away from relationships and delves into real human lives, and this book definitely fits that category I can t wait to pick up a copy when it comes out

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    4.5 starsDude The Bromance Book Club is everything you have heard it is fun, sexy, heartwarming and addictive I didn t want to put this book down This is Rom Com done right A book from the male perspective Sometimes love isn t enough Especially when you find out your wife has been faking the big O and you flip out which gets you kicked out, so you walk out, and decide you want back in, but she is not having that Whew What s a guy to do Turns out Gavin s friends know exactly what to do as they come together and suggest a book club of sorts where they read romance novels to learn how to keep love alive and in in Gavin s case, how to win back his wife As this group of guys give him advice, Gavin attempts to save his marriage to Thea I wasn t a big fan of Liv, Thea s sister who I felt was annoying and went out of her way to be rude to Gavin I didn t see her reactions as being justified and when she told him she lived there in the house he paid for and she was being a jerk I was thinking show her the door Seriously, I hope she gets her head out of her you know what in the next book She did soften up at the end but has a long way to go Enough about her, Thea and Gavin and their daughters and dog were adorable and very human They both had issues and worked on them I found this to be a pleasant surprise and could not put this book down This isn t a book about people falling in love, it s a book about people in love with issues, and them finding their way back to the beginning, trying to get back what they lost, to become better individuals, and to move forward.The result is a fun, sexy, heartwarming and clever story Thank you to Berkley and Edelweiss who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    The Bromance Book Club is adorable, sweet, and sexy, giving a new twist to the rom com This one was definitely lots of fun Gavin Scott should be on top of the world He s a star for the Nashville Legends, a Major League Baseball team, he s playing really well, and he has a beautiful wife and adorable twin daughters But things between him and his wife, Thea, haven t been good for a while, and she just kicked him out of the house, saying she wants a divorce.But Gavin s teammate and best friend knows how much his marriage means to him, so he recommends group counseling the group being a number of local guys who have been in the same situation as Gavin and wanted to save their marriages The key, they say, isn t apologizing or declaring your love It s getting to know your wife again, reconnecting with her and recapturing the romance and passion you once had.And the best learning material Romance novels, because they can help you woo her the way she s always dreamed But the most important thing is you can t share any of this information with your wife It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but Gavin doesn t see much alternative Thea is ready to end their marriage permanently, and his ego and pride keep getting in the way of what he s learning He doesn t realize that they both have to change, however, if this plan will work Not only are there issues between them which need work, but each of them has their own issues they need to deal with as well It s not going to be easy, that s for sure This book was really adorable and pretty sexy, too I thought it was a fun twist on the story we see so often, given that we re dealing with romance between a married couple I love that Lyssa Kay Adams made Gavin real instead of your stereotypically sexy baseball player, and I liked most of her characters I will say I m not a fan of those who sabotage relationships for whatever reason, and if you read this you ll know who I mean If you re a rom com fan, you should definitely plan to add The Bromance Book Club to your list See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.You can follow me on Instagram at