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    Refugees didn t just escape a place They had to escape a thousand memories until they d put enough time and distance between them and their misery, to wake to a better day Nadia Hashimi, When the Moon is LowNuri was a beekeeper in Aleppo, Syria, his wife Afra an artist of course this was before the war that was to tear their lives apart, and in which they suffered the most unbearable loss In addition, this loss left Afra blind Prior to the war, they d lived a simple but happy life among friends and family, people who knew the meaning of the most important thing in life love As things became ever dangerous, with random killings and beheadings of innocent men, women and children, they had no choice but to leave what was left of their once beautiful city, and the only lives they had ever known They become one of the many thousands of displaced people asylum seekers making the dangerous journey across countries and stormy seas, whilst encountering much hatred and prejudice along the way These people have witnessed unbelievable horrors that have left them grief stricken, broken and traumatised, and, as they begin this mammoth journey to who knows where they have to believe that they will find a new home somewhere, but it will be a home with rooms empty of those that they loved.Gosh, what a journey this was, not merely in geographical terms, but in the raw emotions of those involved The subject of immigration is one that everyone has an opinion on, and The Beekeeper of Aleppo takes you behind the news headlines, giving a birds eye view of the dangers and obstacles involved It s a horrifying yet beautiful novel that is so relevant right now.The author is well qualified to bring us this fictional, yet realistic story, as she spent time working as a volunteer at a UNICEF supported refugee centre in Athens Don t miss this haunting , heartbreaking and thought provoking novel even the simple description of the love and attention Nuri lavished on his beloved bees, is just so moving it s enough to break your heart Thank you to Netgalley and Bonnier Zaffre for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange

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    After I finished reading this, I almost wasn t going to write a full review, but just say that it s a heartbreaking, realistic rendering of the refugee experience, of people struggling to make it to a country that would provide asylum from a place where they have endured incredible loss and face imminent danger In spite of the heartache, it s a beautifully written story and I highly recommend it That s all I was going to say because I thought the book was so powerful, it would speak for itself But I couldn t leave it at that because this book, this story deserves a few words This author deserves a few words about the amazing thing she has accomplished in this small volume Nuri, the Syrian beekeeper of the title and his wife Afra make a harrowing journey from Syria, through Turkey and Greece to the UK, a hard journey, traumatic at times from what Nuri sees and does there and the past he dreams about Afra, his wife is suffering , blinded by the bombing is grieving an unimaginable loss to most of us Nuri cares for her, seemingly so strong in the face of the adversity that has fallen on them, but he too is suffering and it manifests itself in such a heartbreaking way He, too is suffering from the loss, has witnessed horrific things, and has lost his livelihood caring for bees in a business with his cousin The loss of everything they held dear and now this profound grief and sense of displacement As I read this, I wondered about Christy Lefteri and how she could be so intimately engaged in their sorrow and their struggle Then I read her note at the end and realized that her deep compassion emanates from her experiences as a volunteer with refugees, from listening to their stories and from a personal connection to refugees her parents This article describes that connection I loved the writing, how she seamlessly bridges the past to the present through flashbacks and through Nuri s dreams and nightmares and by connecting one chapter to another by a word The last word of each chapter is continued with the title of the next chapter and that word begins the first sentence of that chapter I found this very affecting This is not a very long book, but it is not a quick one to read It is incredibly sad and some of the images were reminiscent of the horrific ones I ve seen on TV, as the refugee crisis is front and center in the news I have read a number of novels about immigrants, but none until now about the journey to asylum This is a stunning portrayal, profoundly emotional and thought provoking If I had written a shorter review, I would have said, you need to read this.I received an advanced copy of this book from Random House Ballantine through NetGalley.

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    What a thought provoking and haunting piece of fiction, beautifully written and the reader does get a horrifying glimpse into the refugee and asylum crisis and the challenges and heartbreak families caught up in this nightmare in Syria have trying to flee to safety.This is the story of Nuri, a beekeeper and his artist wife Afra and their Journey to safety in England after the situation deteriorates in Aleppo and the sacrifices they make in order to reach family and friends in England If you are reading this book looking for an insight to the Syrian Conflict and the Civil War in Allepo then this novel will not answer your questions however this is a well written story about the impact that war has on the innocent citizens caught up in the conflict and this is vitally important as here in Ireland where refugees have settled, we need to have an understanding and compassion in order for families to settle and feel comfortable in our community and this is an area which I think governments need to address as sometimes these families must feel so isolated and alone when they arrive here The author Christy Lefteri who in the summer of 2016 and 2107 worked as a volunteer in a Unicef funded refugee camp in Athens takes stories and sights from her time there as writes this work of fiction based on fact and what she witnessed while a volunteer there The story is beautifully written and constructed in a lovely way which added to my enjoyment in reading the book If enjoyment is the right word The images the author created are vivid and striking and the characters well portrayed This book really made me think and about how challenging and terrifying it must be for families to leave behind what is familiar and make this treacherous journey to the unknown and then to gain acceptance and understanding in their new home while they themselves try to come to terms with their grief and loss, it just doesn t bear thinking about I was really glad to have read this novel as it is well written, thought provoking and a book that would be wonderful discussion book for book groups as the author has included discussion questions and an author s note at the end.

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    I don t think I d have picked up this novel of my own accord But I received it as a thoughtful gift so I felt I should at least give it a try And I m glad I did It has given me a sense of what it means when your world is turned upside down by a political situation that is outside your control, and of how difficult it is to put all the pieces back together again.Nuri and his wife Afra are refugees in England, having made the long and perilous journey to escape the war in Syria They are relieved to be safe from harm at last, but we get the sense that something is still not right Afra is currently blind and Nuri has developed a habit of waking up in strange places They re also waiting to hear if they will be granted asylum Before war broke out in Aleppo, they had a comfortable life Nuri enjoyed his job working as a beekeeper with his cousin Mustafa, and their business was booming Afra was a successful artist They had a young son, Sami, but he is not with them now.The story alternates elegantly between a tense present day in England, the tumultuous period in Syria and the treacherous journey in between Mustafa has already made it to the UK and Nuri communicates with him via email throughout, clinging to the hope that they can resume their beekeeping venture again one day Meanwhile Nuri and Afra try to salvage their relationship from the horrors that have broken it.I learned from a recent RTE interview that Christy Lefteri is the daughter of two war affected parents She also spent time in a Greek refugee camp, helping families who had arrived from Syria and Afghanistan Her experience and knowledge of the situation shows, and the story feels very authentic as a result The writing is fine without being spectacular, and there is one late twist that felt absolutely obvious from early on But it s still a worthwhile read an affecting, eye opening tale of hope and survival.

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    The Beekeeper of Aleppo is astonishing, mesmerising, absorbing, overwhelming, heartbreaking, moving, poignant, exceptional Christy Lefteri has produced a quite incredible work of fiction that extends beyond television news and what is printed in the papers giving a voice to the men, women and children living amongst the Syrian conflict humanising the suffering, misery and despair of refugees through excellent storytelling and characterisation and opening our eyes to the dark reality of war on a much deeper level The novel, influenced by the author s volunteer work in an Athens refugee centre and the stories of these families, centres around a beekeeper and his wife As their lives are torn apart by war they venture to escape from Syria and embark on a treacherous journey through Turkey and Greece toward Britain This is a captivating book of the darkness in loss and light in human spirit, finding love in the midst of war, the bee symbolising life and hope in a shattered world Lefteri s fiction is well researched, written and conveyed, and the author should be commended for utilising the power of storytelling in such a responsible way This is one of my favourite books of the year and highly recommended.My rating 4.5 5.0

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    Without spoiling the book s slow building story, The Beekeeper of Aleppo is a beautifully tragic adventure of one family s escape from Aleppo in 2015 during the height of the Syrian Civil War As the Civil War continues, much of Syria s civilian population is fleeing the country due to humanitarian violations In The Beekeeper of Aleppo , we meet Nuri and Afra a married couple living in Aleppo with their extended family beekeepers and developers of honey based products They are enjoying a relatively normal life in Aleppo, until the War began After a few devastating consequences imposed on the family during the initial proceedings of battle I will not spoil them for you in this review , the family decides it s time to venture to the United Kingdom They have friends and family there and can work together to survive The Beekeeper of Aleppo shows a peek at one family s trials and tribulations during their journey throughout Europe and getting asylum in the United Kingdom This beautifully told story really captivated me and really held me engaged throughout the story I think that anyone who has been reading listening to the news and knows about the Syrian Civil War which should be everybody hello, stop living under a rock then this book needs to be on your reading list I was already very sympathetic towards the refugee crisis in Europe and now in the United States , but this story is next level remarkable.

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    Ontroerend Hartverscheurend Aangrijpend Prachtig.Een confronterend maar vooral hoopgevend verhaal.Alleen maar liefde voor Nuri en Afra.

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    Review to follow nearer publication day.

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    4.5 5 stars Haunting, topical and Important Before the troubles Nuri and his Wife had a wonderful life, simple but rich in the best of ways Nuri was a bee keeper, his wife was an artist and his young son was a child who loved to play and read and make up stories Then the bombs hit, ISIS take over and in fear for their lives they flee to be with his cousin and business partner in Britain.The book is beautifully written and the plot weaves between their arrival in Britain to be processed for asylum and Nuri s flashbacks to the heartbreaking journey and struggles to get here Given the subject this was never going to be an easy read is it one that has a happy ending Can there ever be such a thing when you ve witnessed your world fall to pieces This is a book that I will think about long after turning the last page and one that anyone with any compassion or interest in the human fall out of war will love as much as I did.Many thanks to NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for the opportunity to read an advanced copy this is my honest, unbiased opinion of this book

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    THE BEEKEEPER OF ALEPPO is a beautifully written novel about the absolute horrors of war and dislocation A man and his wife had a wonderful life in Syria until everything was destroyed by war Now they must journey to England and an uncertain future This book has made me rethink everything I thought I knew about refugees I highly novel

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The Beekeeper of Aleppo The Unforgettable Love Story Of A Mother Blinded By Loss And Her Husband Who Insists On Their Survival As They Undertake The Syrian Refugee Trail To EuropeNuri Is A Beekeeper His Wife, Afra, An Artist They Live A Simple Life, Rich In Family And Friends, In The Beautiful Syrian City Of Aleppo Until The Unthinkable Happens When All They Care For Is Destroyed By War, They Are Forced To Escape But What Afra Has Seen Is So Terrible She Has Gone Blind, And So They Must Embark On A Perilous Journey Through Turkey And Greece Towards An Uncertain Future In Britain On The Way, Nuri Is Sustained By The Knowledge That Waiting For Them Is Mustafa, His Cousin And Business Partner, Who Has Started An Apiary And Is Teaching Fellow Refugees In Yorkshire To Keep BeesAs Nuri And Afra Travel Through A Broken World, They Must Confront Not Only The Pain Of Their Own Unspeakable Loss, But Dangers That Would Overwhelm The Bravest Of Souls Above All, They Must Journey To Find Each Other AgainMoving, Powerful, Compassionate, And Beautifully Written, The Beekeeper Of Aleppo Is A Testament To The Triumph Of The Human Spirit It Is The Kind Of Book That Reminds Us Of The Power Of Storytelling