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  • 07 September 2016
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  1. Kylie D Kylie D says:

    This is the type of book I wish I could read all the time Set against the backdrop of pre revolution Russia we get a look into the privileged lives of the dancers of the Tsars Imperial Ballet Concentrating on famed soloist Valentina and up and coming corps dancer Luka and their illicit love affair we move from rehearsals to performances and then to the dancers private downtime Yet their affair seems to be doomed as Valentina has a protector Maxim a man who has paid for her lifestyle and his job is to move her forward in the company in exchange for sole use of her body As Luka urges Valentina to leave Maxim the revolution hits and suddenly not only the exclusive existence of the dancers is in danger but their lives as wellThis book had everything Star crossed lovers a well researched history and a realistic look into the lives of the rich and famous in war torn Russia Kerri Turner's novel is extraordinary her love of dance shining through I can't give this book enough accolades it is one I'll return to again and again Now I'm off to buy tickets to the balletMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    It was 1914 in Petrograd and Luka Zhirkov was nervous as he walked into the rehearsal room His lifelong dream had always been to dance Now he’d been given the chance to dance with Romanov’s Imperial Russian Ballet and he knew that he could go far if he was accepted His awe at the beauty and talent of Valentina Yershova when he first saw her was such that his desire to dance as her partner one day was foremost in his mindValentina was one of the many who had a protector – a man who would own all but her heart As Luka’s talent grew and his contract was renewed so too did his admiration for Valentina grow But they both knew it was a useless fantasy – Maxim would never let her go; in fact he could ruin Luka’s career uite easily Luka was also burdened with guilt over his role in the war that had invaded Russia – his brother had gone to fight for his country; his father was proud of his soldier son and ashamed of the son who danced while the country sufferedPoverty and starvation were rife through the streets of Petrograd and when the revolution took hold the danger was there for all to see What would be the outcome for the members of the Imperial Ballet and all its dancers? And would Luka and Valentina ever know happiness? The Last of the Romanov Dancers is the debut novel by Aussie author Kerri Turner and it was an exceptional read in my opinion Based on many facts – as told at the end of the novel – I found it to be a poignant heartbreaking and intriguing historical novel which I thoroughly enjoyed Well researched the lives of the characters in war torn Russia were chaotic and filled with envy jealousies and hate But above all their love of the dance shone through Highly recommendedWith thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review

  3. Brooke - One Woman& Brooke - One Woman& says:

    wwwonewomansbbrwordpresscomwwwfacebookcomonewomansbbrThe Last Days of the Romanov Dancers by Kerri Turner 2019Valentina has escaped poverty by being a dancer in the Romanovs' Imperial Russian Ballet She has clawed her way through the ranks with not just her talent but her alliances with influential men that grant them her body but not her heart Then Luka a factory worker's son joins the company and everything she has built is put at risk In the eyes of his father Luka is a traitor for joining the company instead of going to war As civil war tightens its grip and people are starving Luka is torn between his growing connection to Valentina and his guilt for their lavish lifestyle The ballet has become the ultimate symbol of Romanov indulgence and the lovers will need to choose between their country their art and each other I've always been uite interested in the era of the Romanov downfall so when I saw this book involved that plus the exuisite art of ballet I was very intrigued It didn't disappoint and I uite enjoyed this book Luka's character development was done really well I thought; at the beginning he was a likeable but slightly naive young man and by the end he had grown through his experiences I liked Valentina and respected the choices she made given her circumstances I appreciated the small tidbits and tastes of what life was like in this time period the brief description of contraceptives used by women was certainly eye opening I do think perhaps a glossary of some terms used in the book would have been helpful for me the dance terms and FrenchRussian terms etc but a uick Google helped me out a few times haha Overall a very enjoyable well researched tale of the growing love between two dancers in a time where ballet was to the working class like a red flag to a bull A fantastic debut for this author I look forward to her next literary offering

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Set during the backdrop of WW1 Russia the country is divided into two different halves Those who have money and privilege and those who don't With the war dragging on and becoming less and less popular this is a land that could explode with rage at any moment Against this we have Valentina Yershova and Luka Zhirkov who find themselves caught in the middle Both having come from working class backgrounds and are now performers in the prestigious Imperial Russian Ballet that is seen with disdain by the poor and those returning from the warBut where Valentina is realistic on how to get ahead with the help of her brutish protector who in exchange for giving her a lavish lifestyle and chances for advancement gives him access to her intimately Luka is not His belief is that hard work will see him advance in his career only to come to the realisation that in this company this is not the case with money and power being key With the country tearing itself apart and revolution coming closer by the day Luka begs Valentina to leave her protector and go with him but will she and what would be the conseuences?Valentina and Luka's relationship is one of enchanting calamity and along with the chaos of Russia at war drives the narrative The sense of humanity in the poor whose rage and desperation rise with each day and the rich who look down on them creates a powderkeg atmosphere that is perfectly created In the hands of a lesser writer this story could have been bogged down with tenderness and cliches but instead Kerri Turner's debut novel is a dark and powerful story of love against the odds and has a beauty all of its own

  5. Deborah Ideiosepius Deborah Ideiosepius says:

    This was uite a fascinating book for me; set as the title suggests in Russia just before the Tsarist family the Romanovs fell and the country succumbed to internal strife and revolution Mostly set between between 1914 and 1917 the story goes between the two viewpoints of dancers in the Imperial Russian Ballet Valentina Yershova is one of the prime ballerinas in the troupe she is not at the top yet but she is working toward it Coming from a poor background she would never have made it as far as she has without having a 'protector' a man who helps advance her career pays for an opulent life style that she could not otherwise afford and who introduces her to the right people to advance her career Valentina is a good ballerina but her passion for dance is evenly matched by her determination to make something of her life Surrounded by the ridiculous opulence and careless lifestyle of the great she daily walks on a knife's edge to maintain and advance her statusLuka Zhirkov has just graduated from the Imperial Ballet School to the Russian Ballet he has the true immersive dedication to ballet that you would expect from someone who has castoff his laborers family background and dedicated everything to ballet His viewpoint is refreshing in comparison to Valentina's because he sees the wrongs committed by the upper echelon and the social discrepancies that she is blind to Where she is desperate to advance he is desperate to dance and modestly grateful for the comparative luxuries that his position in the ballet grants himThe two as might be expected fall in love but Valentina has her protector and the Ballet itself is on the verge of crumbling with the Romanov family that are it's patrons The relationship is secret and anything but smoothI really enjoyed this story I have not read much set in Russia so that was fresh and interesting The dedication and detail of the culture the historical setting small details of table settings All of those details made it a rich lush reading experience The way the Ballet stood between the upper echelon of society and the way Luka and Valentina tied in the commoners gave the reader a great sense of the place and timesIn fact to be honest I loved the place and the times so much I was a little impatient with our leading pair as lovers While I could completely see the two of them falling in love and certainly in lust I found it hard to reconcile the two as such passionate lovers that they were both willing to walk away from everything in their lives to pursue that relationship They seemed too different and too disengaged from each other for the romance to really zing at least for me However that small detail really didn't matter because other things were constantly grabbing my attention My mother was into Ballet so I know a little about it but only a little I loved the descriptions of the Imperial Ballet the small cruel accuracy of things like the foot injuries routinely suffered by the dancers The small details of their warm up regime All these things fascinated me I wanted ; when Luka first joins he describes feeling an outsider as he observed the camaraderie between established dancers I wanted to read bout him establishing his own contacts his own camaraderie The way the story builds up the social background; of the war that decimated the young men of Russia of the growing dissatisfaction with the elite all those things made for a great story for lovers of historical fiction And really Valentina and Luka do serve perfectly in their way to anchor the time and place They give the reader a way to feel personally connected to the events from two very different perspectives so they do well in that regardNow no spoilers we start the story off in 1917 with Luka waiting for Valentina to come to him so they can run away together then we are immersed in 1914 and we leave that behind The ending which I will not disclose was brilliant just perfect for the book perfect for the characters and completely tied off the story for me Brilliant work Kerri Turner A really good ending is something that one comes to increasingly value the one reads This one left me happy and sad satisfied and thoughtful I finished reading this book a few weeks ago and have read others in the meantime but I am still thinking about this one

  6. Amanda - Mrs B& Amanda - Mrs B& says:

    Russia revolution and a tragic love story defines the debut novel by Australian author Kerri Turner With aspirations of becoming a ballerina and earning an Associate Degree in dance Kerri Turner has channelled her passion for both ballet and historical fiction into her novel The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers This is a grand story with history and romance both competing for your undivided attentionThe Last Days of the Romanov Dancers begins in a time of great change The revolution and the war have come to Petrograd but for two dancers of the Imperial Russian Ballet it is business as usual One of the company’s most revered dancers Valentina Yershova maintains her lucrative position in the ballet due to her talent and her benefactor She is only a stone’s throw away from poverty She has given her whole life to her career and this includes her heart too But when a young and talented male dancer Luka Zhirkov also from the same working class background as Valentina vows to love her completely both their lives are put at risk Luka has his own personal battles his father does not have any faith in Luka’s career in the Imperial Russian Ballet He would rather Luka follow in the footsteps of his brother a soldier fighting on the front for his country As the war continues to take its casualties Luka’s must grapple with his guilt of not doing his part along with his love for his art and Valentina The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers is a tribute to revolutionary Russia the last days of royal rule and the majestic art of balletI consider myself to be a big fan of Russian historical fiction My fascinating for Russian history peaked during the time where I immersed myself in the Bronze Horseman series by Paullina Simons which is still my all time favourite set of books back in 1998 This series has stayed with me many years later and I am constantly on the lookout for books that are able to capture the same time period and depth of feelings evoked by the great Tatiana and Alexander When I cast my mind back I have also had a long standing personal fascination for anything Romanov related since my mother told me the sad story of the fate of Anastasia her royal sisters and the Tsar and Tsarina as a 13 year old girl Since my teens I have continued to search for literature around this time period and these royal figures I am sure you get the impression that when I first set eyes on a copy of The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers I did a uite a book happy dance I was keen to delve into the pages of this book as soon as I couldPromising to be a historical fiction novel about the revolution passion art sacrifice country and love I soon settled into Kerri Turner’s debut Time and place stood still I completely surrendered myself to the world Kerri Turner carefully recreated Her research cannot be disputed It is thorough and vivid balancing key events and figures all within an involving narrativeI can’t say that I was too surprised to learn that the author Kerri Turner trained to be a ballerina from a young age Turner’s passion for the art and her understanding of the techniues involved the brilliant costumes the feelings associated with performing as well as the pressures on dancers was all captured perfectly She extends this to her leads Valentina and Luka but also the other dancers in the company I developed a particular fascination for Mathilde Kschessinska a real life figure in the world of Russian ballet at the time It actually enticed me to seek out information and perhaps literature on this figureTurner’s background in ballet and the research she has committed to bringing to the pages of her novel helped me to understand a little about the art of ballet and systems that were in place in Petrograd during the revolution I did not realise that there was an official Imperial Ballet and I wasn’t aware of the influence of the royal family over this company I also learnt of Rasputin’s a personal figure of fascination to me mark on the company Through The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers I was drawn to the prominence of the Ballets Ruses and what securing a place in this company meant to a professional dancerTurner does an excellent job of painting a picture of the Russian revolution the political tensions and the spectacular downfall of the Romanov dynasty Although I have read about Russia before during these times I found Turner’s depiction of this time to be insightful She drew my attention to the stark contrast in wealth and class The opulence that was a life for many and the utter despair for those of the working class‘The building where his father lived was indistinguishable from those around it On the stairs Luka had to step over children with bare feet He could smell their dirty hair skin and clothes and held his breath as though that might prevent him from catching germs’What was most interesting about this aspect was the role in the benefactors and their influence over the lives of top level ballerinas Valentina’s life would not be as comfortable financially if she did not have the support of her protector It comes at a price though which we learn through Valentina’s experiences Valentina is forever a slave to her protector Her heart cannot be taken by another only her benefactor This is where her troubles begin“I wasn’t talking about just any kind of man Luka Vladimirovich I was talking about protectors you know men who bestow money and gifts and influence the rankings within the company in return for exclusive use of a dancer’s body and bed Like Victor Dandre did for Anna Pavlova or Diaghilev for Nijinksy You didn’t think they became so famous based on talent alone did you?”I definitely gave my all to Luka and Valentina I wanted all the feels from their grand love story I did feel my heart beat in places for them but ultimately not as much as I had hoped Turner works hard at her romance pulling out all the stops and complications It is definitely risué and tragic‘There was a pause then Valya’s hands were around the back of his neck and her mouth against his The warmth of her lips the sweetness of her breath was so familiar and Luka tried to pull her closer even though they were already pressed together The two of them stood enter twinned silent and trembling unable to tell any longer where one of them stopped and the other began’I came to the realisation that The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers was much than a tragic love story rather it is Luka’s journey His love for Valentina and the experiences that arise for him allows Luka to grow as a dancer and as a man It widens his perspective it makes him stronger and this clarity eventually allows him to fulfil his potential I very much connected to Luka’s parting moments in the novel it was poignant and perfectly realisedThe characters are rendered well the setting perfectly realised the ballet world brought to life and the narrative is tragic The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers will be sure to leave a stain on your mind With plenty to keep ballet lovers on their toes romance readers enthralled and history lovers occupied The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers allows the reader to take an unforgettable step back in timeI wish to thank H Fiction – AU for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposesThe Last Days of the Romanov Dancers is book #20 of the 2019 Australian Women Writers Challenge

  7. Sue Gerhardt Griffiths Sue Gerhardt Griffiths says:

    45 starsGRIPPING MESMERISING BEAUTIFULWow what a debut A magnificent and superb page turner The last 100 pages had me in tears but it was those final 30 pages that had me sobbing The entire story though is divine For anyone interested in the lives of real life Russian figures ballet WWI and the revolutionHighly recommendedMany thanks to Harleuin Australia for providing me with a free copy of The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers for an honest review

  8. Theresa Smith Theresa Smith says:

    What a glorious cover this novel has It caught my eye immediately and then the lure of history within the context of ballet and a revolution all sealed the deal for me There were many elements present to make this story a great one but they didn’t uite all mesh together for me The story itself was very much a surface tale the romance between the two main characters overshadowing all else and while I believe it was intended as a grand love story there just wasn’t enough characterisation to pull this off and the way it all played out was predictable in the extreme However I do think my disappointment with this novel stems in part from a case of “it’s not you it’s me” For a start I’m not a fan of romance I don’t mind some romantic elements secondary to the main plot but where the romance is the plot with no other forces driving the story I lose interest A grand love story is a different kettle of fish but that’s not the same as romance and unfortunately the two are often presented as one and the same I approached this novel with an historical fiction lens not a romance one so that was my mistake not the author’s Secondly this is the third novel I’ve read on the Romanovs and the Russian revolution I haven’t liked any of them so it stands to reason that this slice of history might just not be my cup of teaNow I did pull a few things out of this novel that beg for greater attention The volatility of Petrograd and indeed the whole of Russia during this era was particularly well rendered On a whole this novel was very well researched and the sense of atmosphere just crackled with authenticity It was very much a place where people had all or nothing no in between whatsoever and WWI magnified this discrepancy all the ‘It was true that beggars were rarely seen in this area There was an unwritten law in Petrograd that until now had always been obeyed the poor would stay within their own areas moving from home to work to markets and never venturing into the glistening inner city world of the rich and privileged They belonged where the tram tracks stopped and you had to wade through mud to get anywhere; where there was no electricity and the nights were as black as the insides of your eyelids Both rich and poor had silently agreed on this so long ago that no one noticed the division any — until now when that border was suddenly crossed by one that didn’t belong there’‘He walked away before she could argue or try to follow him He couldn’t stand to be there any with people who were so ready to ignore those who had already lost so much and were desperately trying to survive off less food than was left over on the silver plates they dined from What was he needed to get away from them so he could try to convince himself that he wasn’t becoming one of them That he wasn’t ignoring his hungry hurting country just because his own life had been made easier thanks to the ballet’Anyone interested in the history of ballet will enjoy this novel Kerri Turner is a ballet dancer herself and this is very much evident in the way ballet has been brought to life here on the page The mechanics the grace the hard work the competitiveness and much to my delight the ugly side I do like it when an author shows us the ugly side of something so beautiful In this case it is the way in which female dancers were ‘protected’ which is just a another way of saying kept as a private prostitute Valentina’s utilisation of this system is a big reason why I didn’t feel that connection to the love story between her and Luka I also really wasn’t convinced by anything that she ever did that she was even worth the risks Luka was taking to be with her‘Baudruches weren’t an option of course They were supposedly effective at preventing babies but had a reputation for being low class because of how widely used they were by prostitutes They were also said to dull the man’s pleasure Valentina couldn’t ask that of Maxim— why would he pay a fortune for her if he couldn’t fully enjoy her? Rather than make her his wife he’d just find some other dancer all too willing to satiate his desires Maxim wouldn’t like being kept waiting for so long It didn’t matter that she was tired that she didn’t enjoy the way his lovemaking became forceful and almost violent after a temper She wasn’t paid to satisfy her own wants’‘It was a common practice in pre revolutionary Russia for ballet dancers to take an aristocratic or influential protector to cement their position in both company and society Given the Imperial Russian Ballet’s reuirements for a high level of health and cleanliness their dancers were considered a safe and perhaps importantly respectable alternative to prostitutes’ – Author notesLike I said above the ballet world was meticulously rendered and the history well laid out for ardent enthusiasts to appreciate I wasn’t familiar with the differences between the Ballets Russes and the Imperial Ballet prior to reading this novel I also didn’t realise just how much devastation the collapse of the Romanov dynasty had on the entire art of ballet‘There’s a freedom in the Ballets Russes you won’t get in most other companies They aren’t afraid to break boundaries Yet they also desire to drill into the very soul of what each ballet means That is why Diaghilev attracts the best Not just dancers you understand Alexandre Benois and Bakst have each painted scenery for him; Stravinsky was disregarded in Russia until Diaghilev made his name; and you’ll find Jean Cocteau running around and making the dancers laugh during rehearsals You work hard though; perhaps harder than in the Imperial Russian Ballet The Ballets Russes is not a job but a lifestyle’‘Sadly the Russian Revolution saw the end of the Imperial Russian Ballet There have been other companies bearing the name in the decades since but they are not a direct descendant of the original; it was disbanded and ballet was shunned post revolution as a reminder of the hated elite the country had overthrown’ – Author notesLuka as a dancer with the Imperial Ballet was protected from conscription and despite the relief this brought him it was also a heavy burden that he carried Particularly since his brother was a soldier at the front It was also the cause of friction between Luka and his father In terms of characters Luka was fleshed out thoroughly than Valentina but then he was also a appealing character to become invested in He opened the novel and also closed it Valentina remained distant throughout and I can’t help but wonder if the novel wouldn’t have been strengthened if it had been exclusively told from Luka’s perspective He certainly felt things deeply not just at a personal level but at a civic one as well‘The woman was dressed in a worn sheepskin shuba and Luka knew instinctively she was a factory worker She had that perpetually underfed hollowness to her face and a lack of hope in her eyes that made her fit in with this crowd in a way Luka no longer did He offered her a smile wondering if perhaps she had seen him dance and wanted to say hello It would be the first time anyone had ever recognised him and it coming from the area he’d grown up in would be some kind of validation But the smile died as he saw what she held in her hands and his stomach flipped like he might vomit It was a white feather so like the one he’d handed to Valentina at Mathilde’s country house But this was not a symbol of a dream waiting to be fulfilled’‘Have you heard what the men lucky enough to return from the front are saying? The things they’ve had to do out there the decisions they’ve had to make? There’s nothing noble about this war like we were told when it was first declared I believed that lie; I was proud of one son for fighting in it and ashamed of the other for not But what those men have seen and done no ruler who cares for his people could force men to go through that’I’ve included a lot of uotes within this review in the hopes that it will help you form an impartial view on this novel and be able to decide for yourself if it’s for you I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading it particularly if you favour Russian history andor love the ballet And if you’re a fan of romance then this story likely has all the feels for you I just felt that there were all of these stepping stones crafted but none of them had been lined up to make a solid path But it is a first novel and I feel it does hint at great things to come from Kerri Turner‘I’d been on my own stage forever and suddenly I saw the world for what it is—its potential for pain and loss yes but also for love that isn’t defined by any parameters A world where a woman who once had everything could lose it all but still find something to give to those that were forgotten or ignored I had always believed Mathilde to be the very worst example of what was wrong with Russia— I guess the revolutionaries and I had that in common It took two revolutions a civil war and countless deaths for me to realise we can be so much than our circumstances make us appear’Thanks is extended to H Fiction via NetGalley for providing me with a copy of The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers for review

  9. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers is a powerful and passionate novel full of history and research into the Imperial Russian Ballet It is beautifully written and a must read for ballet lovers and readers who enjoy historical fiction The dancers really do dance off the pageIt was imaginative and I loved the references to all the famous Russian ballets the exuisite brooches and jewellery swans and so much Pirouette your way into this one and enjoy The Last of The Romanov Dancers by author Kerri Turner

  10. Kerri Turner Kerri Turner says:

    I’m the writer so of course I love it Now it belongs to the readers Enjoy ❤️

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The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers❄ [KINDLE] ✽ The Last Days of the Romanov Dancers By Kerri Turner ➝ – Petrograd 1914 A country on a knife edge The story of two people caught in the middle – with everything to loseA stunning debut from a talented new Australian voice in historical fiction Valentina Y Petrograd A country Days of ePUB ✓ on a knife edge The story of two people caught in the middle – with everything to loseA stunning debut from a talented new Australian voice in historical fiction Valentina Yershova's position in The Last PDF or the Romanov's Imperial Russian Ballet is the only thing that keeps her from the clutches of poverty With implacable determination she has clawed her way through the ranks to soloist utilising not only her talent but her alliances Last Days of PDF/EPUB ´ with influential rich men that grants them her body but never her heart When Luka Zhirkov – the gifted son of a factory worker – joins the company her passion for ballet and love is rekindled putting at Last Days of the Romanov Epub / risk everything that she has builtFor Luka being accepted into the company fulfils a lifelong dream But in the eyes of his proletariat father it makes him a traitor As war tightens its grip and the country starves Luka is increasingly burdened with guilt about their lavish lifestyles While Luka and Last Days of the Romanov Epub / Valentina's secret connection grows the country rockets toward a revolution that will decide the fate of every dancerFor the Imperial Russian Ballet has become the ultimate symbol of Romanov indulgence and soon the lovers are forced to choose their country their art or each other A powerful novel of class turmoil passion and just how much two people will sacrifice.

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