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Hard Sin (Alpha Antihero, #3) My Childhood StolenMy Future RobbedMy Life Had Been Hijacked Since Before I Was BornEvery Day I Woke With Air In My Lungs Was A Reminder Of What I D Lost But I Didn T Escape The Most Violent Cult In The Country, And Survive Four Tours In The Army To Go Down Like ThisI Was Candle Scott And This Was War HARD SIN Is Not A Standalone Story It Is The Third Book In The Alpha Antihero SeriesThe Alpha Antihero Series HARD LIMITHARD JUSTICEHARD SINHARD TRUTH

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  • Hard Sin (Alpha Antihero, #3)
  • Sybil Bartel
  • English
  • 22 April 2017

About the Author: Sybil Bartel

Sybil grew up in Northern California with her head in a book and her feet in the sand She used to dream of becoming a painter but the heady scent of libraries with their shelves full of books about wistful summer days and first loves drew her into the world of storytelling Sybil now resides in Southern Florida and while she doesn t get to read as much as she likes, she still buries her toes in t

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    Tarquin Scott was a digger.And my digger would ve buried me Those words broke me I don t expect you all to understand if you haven t started this series, but good Lord, this third book in the Alpha Antihero quadrilogy had my emotions and anxiety all over the place The first half of the book my heart hurt so much for Tarquin aka Candle The love, memories, and guilt he carried around for his Shaila was beautiful in a heartbreaking way The fact that he was so committed to his bond to her and so committed to carrying out his revenge most definitely had me cheering him on Then comes the shift When the big revelation happens, Candle s reaction was something that took me completely by surprise I didn t like it one bit Nope, I had a hard time getting through some parts towards the end because of his callous behavior But then I had to take a minute and realize this is why Candle is the alpha antihero I didn t really think so in the first 2 books But I most definitely see why he is considered this in HARD SIN And of course I hung in there and things started to make sense as confessions and truths were revealed By the time I reached that cliffhanger ending, my heart hurt all over again for him If there is ever a couple that deserves a happily ever afterAlong with this heartwrenching read, we get some really awesome backstory from previous books characters and meet up with some of our favorite alphas, like Andre Luna and Talon I know this review was completely vague, but I felt it was necessary since we are getting further and further into Candle s story and don t want to give anything away Just know this is an absolutely amazing series and with Hard Truth, the final book releasing in May, there is no excuse to not dive in right now and catch up You won t be disappointed

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    unfortunately was like i predicted in the last book, her not being dead,unfortunately i hated the author choice for heri felt disgusted , i hated it, i hated all the years they wasted I don t want even to give details , i feel disappointed Also i don t even think i will read the last book in the seriesI can t believe he didn t try to kill her father,also i can t believe she stayed 7 years doing that,i don t care why she had to, i can t fathom the fact she didn t try something, i can believe at first she couldn t but this many years Naaaaah not for the type of characters this author present to us in the last books At this point i swear i rather her being dead and him with somebody else, i still like and adore him but not with her ,especially not now Also i m tired of all this cliffhangers, so many short books about them, i rather have 2 longer ones, but 4 Come on now.

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    Candle is a man on a mission who is determined to avenge for the wrongs of the past and anyone who stands in his way will become collateral damage He has no regard for the personal cost and how it has shaped the man he is today The one thing about Candle of which there is no doubt is that when he loves he loves deeply, unconditionally and truly despite everything that threatens to destroy it.Candle is one of the most compelling characters I have ever met which combined with the suspense and emotion of this story leads to a heart wrenching cliff hanger that has you wondering how it will all end.

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    Words.In the right hands, with the right imagination, with the right craftsmanship, words are MAGICWONDEROUSPOWERFULI have loved enjoyed ALL of Ms Bartel s books All of her Alphas I ve rooted for them their women to achieve happiness, their peace, their love And I always wanted the good guy to win against the bad guys including against Candle whenever he occasionally popped up in her other series.But, no No More.Because Ms Bartel s wizardry, her craftsmanship, her stellar writing has FIRMLY PERMANENTLY placed me in Candle s camp.In this 3rd book about the making of Tarquin Candle Scott, Ms Bartel has created a damaged, flawed, tortured anti H whose lethal, frigid, controlled exterior hides a heart of unimaginable fidelity, love depth that is in its own way frighteningly fragile.Everything Candle shows, speaks, does, reeks of danger, lethality a dispassionate agenda He allows no one to get close, to know him, to know or understand his past, his goals, his unflagging, unfailing, unrelenting PAIN LOSS since the death of his woman, Shaila, their unborn child And this agony is kept rabidly chained because if it ever slips the shackles Candle s imposed, the world will burn to ashes.And THIS is the magic wonder power of Ms Bartel s writing for me I ACHE for this hard, hard man For his PAIN For his AGONY For his unwavering fidelity Her words on a page that carve DEEP into my emotions, my heart, my reality Because the entire time I read this straight through in ONE sitting all I was aware of was Candle, his focus goals, his pain, his tormented memories.This book will pull you deep into this man s loss, his pain, his loyalty fidelity His unrelenting path of vengeance against the 2 heinous men who caused the destruction of Tarquin the birth of Candle.Do you want to truly FEEL To ACHE To CARE about a character To understand HOW a villain becomes an anti Hero yet in his own unique way a Hero To yearn long heartbreakingly for him to win To achieve his peace His happiness Read this series READ IT.Ms Bartel has eclipsed herself IMO with this series She s taken a damaged, enraged, tortured dark man allowed her readers to understand him.To admire him.To empathize sympathize with him.To have their hearts bleed for him.To love him.

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    Candle Shaila Hard Sin by Sibil Bartel is the 3rd book in the Alpha Antihero series and can not be read as a standalone must be read after Hard Limit 1 and Hard Justice 2 Like the two previous books, Hard Sin continues with the story of Candle Scott, in a first moment and then with him and Shaila until the end I felt profoundly for Candle and Shaila It broke my heart the way Candle was conducting his life, surviving, only to fulfill his desire to revenge against the ones who made his life miserable He had lost the only thing he cared the most in his life and and it didn t matter if he ended dead or alive Then, I broke again for Shaila, for the life she was forced to endure, for the degradation she was put through by the hand of the person who was supposed to protect her in the first place But I was happy too because, even though they were manipulated and didn t know about each other, Shaila didnt loose her light and fire completly and Candle stayed true And I liked even the fact that, this time, Candle didn t hesitate This is a very emotional, raw and gritty story seven years later things turned around 360 , both MCs are dealing with internal guilt, helplessness, having a hard time with communication and forgiving themselves and the other, but never, in any part of the book, the reader doubts about their deep love for each other I liked that the Team once again comes to rescue full of spirit , as always , that we get to see the River Ranch s taking down from Candle s perspective as well as Kendall s journey after the compound I also loved that Candle and Shaila maintained their jealousy towards one another and mostly the fact that, even though they are not together in the sense of what they once were, Candle always refers to her as my woman Again and for the last time, Sybil give us another killer cliffy to let us feel what we just read and organize our emotions for the Grand Finale This is one of the best series I have read and my advice and recommendation is for people to read it and to feel it, it is the greatest way to experience it Now give me Hard Truth so I can break again and put myself together once again, because Candle and Shaila are worth it

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    EXCELLENT EXCEPTIONAL AMAZING Anyone who know s me, know I adore Sybil Bartel s books She is absolutely my favourite author and I m a voracious reader I ve been with her since she started and I ve never been disappointed Now, let s get to this new series Prepare for it because the emotions that this series brings out was like giving birth _ I thought I was going to stop breathing but then I fell in love This is a tough, emotionally charged read but so worth it Hard Sin is the 3rd book in this series and all are about Candle I have never read such a complicated yet amazing character which was meticulously loved and created by this author If you ve read Sybil s books, you know all about Candle if not, start at the beginning and read the Uncompromising Series This series starts with a novella, Hard Limit which lays the foundation of this story., then Hard Justice and this, Hard Sin I have to tell you, I couldn t have wished louder for another book and just found out that Sybil is adding a 4th to this series and Candle s story You don t want to miss This series, is much like Sybil s other series, it is 200% addictive This series is much emotional and I later couldn t decide if I was happy, sad, scared, or anxious at any given time This girl can write her pants off This is not to be missed, trust me Simply AMAZING

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    An Emotional Heartfelt Story That Will Captivate You.Hard Sin is the 3rd book in The Alpha Antihero Series Hard Limit Hard Justice need to be read first.Hard Sin is an emotional and heartfelt story Once my heart breaks for Tarquin Candle and all he has been through with growing up in a violent cult, barely escaping and learning to adapt in society His anger, rage, pain, and sadness is so palpable that you can almost taste it Sybil s story and words are written with skill and heart that you can t help but feel as if you are right there with Candle Be ready as Candle makes his way towards his future This story is going to take you on a rollercoaster full of emotions So strap in and get ready for one heck of a bumpy read Don t forget your tissues I love all of Sybil s Alphas and Antiheroes I am hooked on The Alpha Antihero Serie I absolutely love this series and Candle I look forward to reading about Candle and his story in Hard Truth Candle s story will captivate you from beginning to end 5 Stars

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    When you discover a new to me author and start reading everything she writes because you get so hooked up on her characters, I always found it so interesting the way she does the secondary characters and so when that character is the villain Hard Sin is the third book in the series and it s not a stand alone Tarquin Candle Scott is everything that you can expect from a great villain but you just can t fall in love with him and his story His heart was broken in the cruellest way and even after so many years of longing and despair, the heartbreaking story is not over Just like in real life, this story has two beautiful souls that are meant to be together through all the hell that life is throwing in their path I need the next and final book to finally have my heart back and see that light at the end of the tunnel for him and his heroine Dark and haunting but so addictive, Candle s story will steal your breath away.

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    I am so angry with this book I loved the two previous books Candle and Sheila were so perfect together And with the cliffhanger in the previous novel and the glimpses we saw of Candle in the other books, you really think its leading up to something It does, TO ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER I was livid Another cliffhanger is one thing but on such a stupid, pointless one I almost threw my kindle across the room.Candle and Sheila what a surprise, she isn t dead , only get reunited towards the end of the novel AND ITS SUCH A WASTE They bitch and moan to each other the whole time, I was so disappointed and angry This is not the couple I remember.And Kendall She is the most annoying character ever It wasn t enough for her to be annoying in two other novels, no she has to but back into this one and ruin everything.I am not looking forward to the final instalment.

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    My heart broke and broke and broke again and again Man, Sybil Bartel can really make your emotions go on a roller coaster ride of infinite loops and turns Every moment in this book I waited and waited and waited for the revenge I knew Candle would take Then something shocked me to my very core I did not see that coming, though I guess other readers did I love that we get one book in this series to really finish it out and I cannot wait to see what happens next Candle is the ultimate antihero His story is epic It spans years and lots of bloodshed It delivers love and pain and bonds that cannot be broken no matter how much time passes I think this series is my favorite of Bartels so far.

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