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On the Edge of Daylight [Epub] ❥ On the Edge of Daylight Author Giselle Beaumont – Liversite.co.uk Esther Bailey is Titanic’s newest recruit and one of the first female officers of her time Although she’s braced herself for the duties ahead she never expected to clash with her own mentor First Esther Bailey is Titanic’s newest recruit and one Edge of MOBI õ of the On the PDF/EPUB or first female officers of her time Although she’s braced herself for the Edge of Kindle Ñ the duties ahead she never expected to clash with her own mentor First Officer MurdochHis cool dismissal of her only turns colder as they bicker throughout their forced partnership with Esther’s short temper challenging his own But as Esther begins to prove her worth blurring the line between subordinate and superior she and Murdoch find themselves uestioning what matters most their careers or the feelings they’re hiding from each other As tragedy unfolds around them will they overcome the sinking together and live to see daylightBlending fact with fiction On the Edge of Daylight is a heart wrenching historical romance that tells a different story of the RMS Titanic through the eyes of the crew and shows the duty loyalty and sacrifice of two officers who were never supposed to fall for each other.

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  1. Kelly The Sassy Book Lover Kelly The Sassy Book Lover says:

    I've never had a book touch my heart and soul like this I was in tears for the last few chapters because I knew what was coming Giselle has the talent of making it all come to life in such detail that it's like you are there I couldn't put it down and it's one that you read slowly holding onto every detail They had a love that everyone dreams of even when they were battling each other I loved that others wanted them together if it meant he was happy I normally don't talk about the love scenes very much but their first one was powerful after all the build up and it made me believe they were soulmates Thy did everything they could to help the others and wouldn't leave each other With a book like this with such a tragic ending overall it does have a happy ending in its own way Esther was a strong woman with the mouth of a sailor that really proved herself She overcame some terrible things in her past and while on the ship but she never gave up I loved her spark from the beginning and how bold she was in everything She was willing to take the risksWill tried his best to treat her like any other officer and hide his feelings He is one you have to get to know and understand but will love When he finally let his feelings take over he was like another man He would do anything for her and she was all he thought aboutI normally don't comment on covers but this one makes the story come to life even It gives you face to put with the people Same goes for the artwork at the end I also love that she includes notes about facts and fiction in the story and info It inspires me to research on my owncopy provided for an honest and voluntary review

  2. Joann Joann says:

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose You lose big if you download this free Kindle I thought it sounded so promising a young Esther Bailey the first female office on a cruise ship Well the writing had you in some downright silly stereotypes and downright silliness And don't get me started on the foul words and sex parts Let this book sink along with the ship

  3. Rachel Heil Rachel Heil says:

    I actually first read this story when the author had published it on a website for fanfiction Initially I was hesitant I'm not a huge fan of fanfiction as I often find it to go over the top and the stories aren't very well developed However this one proved me wrong The story itself follows of the story of the movie Titanic that the actual sinking itself though as someone who has studied Titanic for a long time it is mostly accurate to what actually happens There are times in the book where you can see where the author borrowed ideas from the James Cameron movie but she changes it enough to where the reader doesn't really mind and it fits in well with the storyHowever the main premise of the story is one that the author created on her own It follows Esther Bailey who is making history as the first female officer at the White Star Line In light of the way many thought during this time her male counterparts aren't very thrilled especially the man in charge of her training First Officer William Murdoch While most of the officers seem to warm up to Esther the relationship between Murdoch and Esther is difficult even though there appears to be some underlining feelings between the two I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it was fun reading it through a second time as Ms Beaumont made several changes from when she initially posted it online I loved how she portrayed the characters and she did a good job building up the relationship between Esther and Murdoch Nothing felt forced or too slow or too uick The ending itself was also very satisfying I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the Titanic It's a nice addition to the vast cannon of Titanic literature and even if you aren't big into the Titanic it's a great love story

  4. Winona Cross Winona Cross says:

    Titanic novels are a favoriteI began this novel with great anticipation at the uniue storyline involving a female officer Esther Bailey and a relationship with a true Titanic officer Will MurdochOn the Edge of Daylight is a good read however the author's use of the exact dialogue and scenes from the movie Titanic was distracting She could have used dialogue written from her imagination rather than that from the movie I did read the entire book It was good but distracting as I previously mentioned

  5. PennsyLady (Bev) PennsyLady (Bev) says:

    On the Edge of Daylight A Novel of the Titanic by Giselle BeaumontI need to begin by mentioning the fact that I did not see the movie TitanicTherefore I can't say the novel borrowed from the filmThe author did supply an initial list of characters an afterwardto her narrative artwork Titanic diagrams timelines etcThe historical notes explained the creative liberty the author exercisedSome characters were fabricated including our main female character Esther Bailey seventh officer in trainingHer love interest William McMaster Murdoch first officer of the Titanic has been resurrected from the actual tragic crew and depicted as single to suit the love affairI appreciated a look at the probable daily routine of officersthe opulence of passengers and the functions correlated for their pleasureI didn't think torrid displays of passion were necessary and it limits the audience to whom I would suggest the novelThat is my personal feelingThe historical fiction is imaginative occasionally intense but the reader with limited knowledge of the tragedy that would include me need remember this is a fictional extension of an actual eventbeautiful cover choiceARC rec'd thoughtfully packaged as a gift35

  6. Ashlee Ashlee says:

    On the Edge of Daylight is a novel that left a bad taste in my mouth Once posted on FanFictionnet as fanfiction of the 1997 movie Titanic the published version does little to disguise it from what it really is fanfiction From using dialogue and scenes taken directly from the movie to using the very obvious likeness of Ewan Stewart the actor who played Will Murdoch in the film on the cover it is extremely difficult to separate this book from the movieCallum Lockerbie is a very ill disgused Plan B of movie villain Cal Hockley right along with his unwilling fiancée and his formidable gray haired valet The novel even goes so far as to have his fiancée nearly fall overboard only to be rescued by some lowerclass ruffian; in this case it's wireless operator Harold Bride instead of Jack Dawson It appears that minimal effort was made to separate the novel from the filmIn terms of the writing I found it to be very saturated with description and difficult to get through Esther Bailey is a Mary Sue character in the highest degree with everyone around her being obsessed with her except of course the love interest No one can understand why Murdoch doesn't like Esther when she's SO charming and SO likable Even those who didn't like her at first end up liking her and valuing her Of course Murdoch isn't the only one who's madly in love with her at first sight Not only does Lowe want her but Cal Hockley sorry Callum Lockerbie is obsessed with her too I find their respective infatuations a bit difficult to believe given that there's nothing particularly likable about Esther nor do she and Murdoch have any sort of chemistryIt's just my opinion but I feel that this novel would have been better left on FanFictionnet

  7. Toni Vincett Toni Vincett says:

    OMG what can I say about this book I completely fell in love with the characters and it’s the 1st book that has made me cry for sure I shall be reading this book again in the future

  8. Lawrence Duma Lawrence Duma says:

    A little too familiarWhile I enjoyed this book I couldn't help but read certain parts of the book especially the sinking and thinking how much it closely resembled the sinking in the 1997 film

  9. Danielle Carpenter Danielle Carpenter says:

    The book cover is a cartoon but then this romance starts off like a cartoon I enjoyed the historical facts about the Titanic and the afterward on the crew of the Titanic Bailey and Will's relationship was explosive and at times I felt like I was in a dog fight The fictional parts of this book is the romance and a woman officer aboard the Titanic Otherwise the book is well written and the story is enjoyable

  10. Daniella Daniella says:

    An exciting story I really enjoyed this romance Esther and Will are nice characters and the plot is a sweet slow burn I like Esther in particular I was never fully submitted however This is a voluntary review of an advance reader copy

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