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  1. Dina Dina says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words

  2. Auntee Auntee says:

    I loved this book my favorite of the Rough Riders series so far I couldn't put this one down and it even made me cry at the ending It was wickedly hot even raunchy at times yet there was really a decent story going on too AJ Foster has had her eye on sexy cowboy rancher Cord McKay for years but he barely notices her He's 13 years older than her and only thinks of her as his younger sister's best friend if he thinks of her at all or as his young son's one time babysitter But now AJ's old enough 22 and it's time for her to make her move and get Cord to notice her She's on a break from school and is back in town taking care of her elderly mother who is bedridden after a recent accident She's got the time and the opportunity now and she's going to step up and take it He's free again recently divorced and the sole caregiver of his young son and with his son out of town visiting his mother for the first time he's available for seduction And it doesn't take long Cord can't take his eyes off the beautiful blonde as she's dancing at the bar and can't believe that it's AJ And when AJ propositions him to teach her everything he knows about sex she's a virgin he can't believe his ears or his good fortune Of course being a McKay with their wild and bad reputation he wants this affair not to become public to spare AJ's reputation so the affair is conducted totally in the privacy of Cord's house or barn or truck But AJ's okay with that this is her one chance at getting Cord to notice her and maybe even fall in love with her and she's not put off by the secrecy or his domineering ways And boy is he domineering Readers may cringe at some of Cord's Neanderthal ways and he has some pretty kinky ideas about sex But AJ loves it couldn't be happier and these two have some rowdy good times And it's all due to come to a close in a few short weeks when Cord's son Ky returns and AJ goes back to massage therapy school But what happens when real feelings develop? After being with Cord and seeing how compatible they are AJ wants the whole enchillada Will Cord be man enough to put his damaged heart out there again or will he be content to live out his life as the grumpy man he's becoming? Will he let AJ heal him?This book was scorchin' hot and things started off with a bang In fact there was so many sexual shenanigans going on not only with the HH but the hero's cousins and brothers that I was starting to roll my eyes and think is this all there's going to be? But then the story between Cord and AJ started to take off and the reader gets to see how much the HH have in common and how they are both the responsible ones in their family with a lot of family burdens to carry And while there were times when I wanted to slap Cord upside the head for being so bossy with AJ and being such an uber alpha I also wanted him to not be afraid to admit to himself that he was falling for AJ and that there could be a future for them He was domineering and stubborn a dom sexually but you could also see he had a heartI loved AJ admired her work ethic and her spunkiness and she wasn't afraid to tell Cord off a time or two I felt he respected her for that I was glad to see that she didn't sell herself short either She was not going to put her life on hold if she couldn't have Cord's love And when Cord thought he might lose her and pulled out all the stop to woo her it brought tears to my eyesThere were some light hearted scenes in the book too especially the bachelorette party for one of AJ's girlfriends some hilarious stuff thereAfter finishing this book I can't wait to read the next one in the series There are so many McKay brothers or cousins with stories to tell with some already started in this book that it should be many books before this series is over This one was definitely a keeper for me and it rates 5 big starsWarning This book contains explicit sex some on the raunchy side graphic language light bondage spanking sex using a foreign object popcicle mfm menage not including the HH and a scene with a mmmm menage Not for the faint of heartCord

  3. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    Cowgirl up and Ride is number 3 in the Rough Rider series and I have to tell you I LOVED this book I felt like the first 2 books in the series were just about sex which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I never felt connected to or invested in the characters That is not the case with this book AJ and Cord’s story began many many years before the events in this book and it was one of sacrifice devotion and acceptance of ones selfI felt that the secondary story revolving around Colt’s downward spiral into alcoholism was handled very well and in such a way that I was able to feel the emotional pain he caused not only his family and friends but himself as well I was happy to see this addressed in the manner it was because with the amount of time these characters in all the books spend in bars it’s important to show that it’s not always good times and that there has to be a level of responsibility involved in partying too That brought a sense of “real life” and the conseuences of making bad choices into the storyFrom the start I adored Cord and AJ and worried over them when they struggled with family issues and relationship problems Cord is an amazing dad and AJ such a wonderful young woman and together they have what it takes to make a beautiful sexy and completely believable happily ever afterThe bottom line If you’re looking for a really wonderful story and some very hot sexy times give this book a try I’m glad I did

  4. Desperado Desperado says:

    My Thoughts FYI this isn't so much a review as me an outlet for me to gather my thoughts explain my ratingI didn't have many problems with CGUR but the ones I did unfortunately affected my rating overall enjoyment First I absolutely loved AJ She was smart courageous had a great sense of humor I also loved how she wasn't satisfied to settle for second best She knew what she wanted if Cord wasn't willing to give it to her he could fuck off she'd be okay I respect that immensely in a woman I look forward to reading about her in other books in the Rough Riders seriesAs for Cord? I'll be frank I wanted to knock his teeth in with a crowbar couldn't stand him for the most part He did a very good job of being the Divorced Emo Cowboy Who Thinks Most Women But His Mama Are Bitches Ho's I now understand why a lot of country songs are about a guy crying like a pussy in his truck drinking Jack because his lady done left him for his Jiffy Lube tire You want reasons for the Cord hateration? I'll give you reasonsReason #1 He spent too much freaking time feeling sorry for himself less time doing something about it That guy spent so much time talking crap about himself I wanted to slit his wrists put him out of the world's miseryReason #2 Every time AJ tried to express her feelings about him to him good or bad he ignored it used it as an excuse to put his rooty in her tooty There's one scene in a bar where AJ basically tells him to fuck off because he did her wrong Does he listen? No he says something along the lines of That smart talk is gonna earn you a spanking in the bed missy Dude she does not want to bone you right now She wants to castrate you Listen fool listenReason #3 He toke way too damn long to wise up realize AJ was the lady for him I don't want to spoil the book but lets just say that I wouldn't have believed this book was going to end in HEA if I didn't know ahead of timeReason #4 I'm not completely sure why but sometimes Cord gave off this pervy vibe to me Maybe it was because he was so damn determined to constantly bring up the fact that he was 13 years older than AJ It made me go oO especially when he'd follow it up with a Baby come let daddy give it to you hard I seriously don't care about the age difference but when you keep shoving it in my face in a negative light it's hard for me not to start thinking Damn that shit is wrongIn spite of that I enjoyed this book The sex was western sizzlin I liked the heroine supporting characters I adored little Ky The Colt Dag storyline was heartbreaking I even liked reading about the day to day woes of a cowboy I just couldn't get into Cord Which is why I'm rating this book 35 stars

  5. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars – ContemporaryWestern RomanceEroticaBDSMMénage“Cowboy Take Me Away”Cowgirl Up and Ride is another flaming hot read in Lorelei James’ spectacularly fun wickedly erotic Rough Riders series that just keeps getting better and betterWise and responsible beyond her years virgin good girl next ranch Amy Jo “AJ” Foster has been in love with the oldest McKay brother divorced rancher Cord McKay since she was 5 years old She’s waited patiently for 17 years for her dream cowboy to finally take notice and to see her as than just his kid sister’s best friend and his son Ky’s babysitter Now that AJ’s 22 and Cord’s 35 she figures she’s waited for him to come around on his own long enough and pulls out all her sexy cowgirl seduction tricks to get him into bed and to hopefully win his heart forever AJ might be sweet and innocent in the ways of sex but she’s staunchly determined to have Cord in every way even if it means submitting to his dominance and control and indulging all of his wild fun kinky fantasies Cord was burned by his ex wife and has sworn off all emotional involvement with women so he figures that a hot short term fling with the young vivacious eager AJ is the perfect way to satiate his deprived libido without any serious emotional entanglement But then he’s totally blindsided by the depth of his feelings for AJ Will Cord be able to get past his fears stubbornness and alpha cowboy male pride and express to AJ how he feels before it’s too late? It’s an entertaining deliciously raunchy and pleasantly sweet erotic and romantic read If you love sexy alpha cowboys spirited cowgirls and lots of nekkid fun and smokin’ hot sex then this one’s definitely for you Big 5 stars

  6. Buggy Buggy says:

    SAVE A HORSE RIDE A COWBOYOpening Line Amy Jo Foster had loved Cord McKay her entire lifeYeehaw another smoking hot instalment from the Roughriders This is book 3 in the series and my favourite so far As usual our couple has all kinds of ways hot and sexy lovin going on but between the erotic interludes theres also a really romantic love story unfolding too Yup I fell hard for tough gruff single dad cowboy Cord McKay and enjoyed his struggle with the sweet and much younger little Miss AJ There’s also a whole family of disfunctional confusingly named McKay cousins and brothers just itchin to get there tales told With several of them jumping the gun here and telling wild and naughty side stories about their drinkin dating bar fightin multiple partner swappin MM encounterin getting kicked off the range where’s my life headin unruly lives It’s a wonder really that any woman would go near those McKay boys must have something to do with their blue eyes cheeky grins and the way they fill out a pair of Wranglers Oh Yeah I loved every angle of this storyDivorced rancher Cord has sworn off women besides what with running his ranch looking after his young son and dealing with his deviant brothers and drunken cousins he’s got his hands full However when his former babysitter AJ Foster asks him to teach her the ways of lovemaking taking her virginity in the process its an offer he can’t refuseAJ is a strong completely likable character who’s been in love with Cord since she was 5 years old and he white knighted her after she fell from her horse She’s been saving herself ever since waiting for Cord to see her as than just the neighbour girl in pigtails Now she’s all grown up and ready to claim the man she wants All she has to do is convince Cord to open his battered heart long enough to realize that they’re perfect for each other in and out of the bedroomSo saddle up girls and enjoy the ride theres plenty of sexy nekkid fun here a hilarious drunken bachelorette party and some surprising tragedy too And then theres the love Cord and AJ will ramp up your pulse in the bedroom while at the same time managing to tug at your heartstrings Even though Cord’s bossy and downright stubborn you can see early on that he also genuinely cares for AJ and despite his domineering ways crumbles when he thinks he’s lost her Then watching while she stands her ground and he tries to win her backsigh be still my heart Marry me for me Marry me because I'm a selfish bastard and I want you to be mine forever Marry me because I don't know if I'll survive the rest of my life without havin' you by my side every damn day

  7. Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy says:

    Oh dear lord McKays one minute I want to join in the hot people sandwich parties BUT then I realize how many people participate in those sandwiches but THEN I realize there is no wrong loving in McKay landimage error

  8. Smitten& Smitten& says:

    Who doesn't love a hot sexy brooding horny cowboy? I know I do And so does AJ Foster She's loved him her whole life God she loved this man She loved his gruff sweet thoughtful sides And his edgy side She wasn't in love with the perfect Cord McKay she's been fantasizing over forever but the real flesh and blood man The real man Flaws and all These books are pure smut This was pretty much a sex scene marathon with a loose story line bumbling along in the background But if you're after smokin' hot cowboy sex all is well and goodSaying that you are starting to see all of the characters intermingling now and all of the stories coming together You can notice the author setting things up for future stories as well as continuing to enjoy seeing some favourite characters from previous books in the seriesI love these books for what they are If I need a break from angst heart ache brain overload I turn to Rough Riders Just like the cowboys in them they're easy ; They're uick straightforward romps and a sure fire way to get your panties to combust Lord I'm gettin' addicted to your kisses AJ I feel plain damn drugged when you're kissin' me I feel plain damn lost myself when you ain't around Cord and AJ were no exception AJ is the stereotypical virginal good girl who has saved herself for the experienced wordly hot cowboy down the road It's all very corny and uite predictable but sometimes you need a little predictability to help you catch your breath Should I tell her that I can't sleep I can't eat and I miss talkin' to her? Or just sittin' with her? That I miss the secret way she smiles at me? That I constantly think about the way she smells the taste of her mouth the feel of her skin and the sound of her laughter? The sex is graphic raunchy and in abundance Little AJ gets uite an extensive education from the much older ' hard as a posthole digger' Cord McKay Where these guys get their stamina from I do not know 'At it like rabbits' comes to mind Right now AJ I wanna pin you against the wall and fuck you hard enough to rattle the stalls Then I want to bend you over the railing' and take you from behind sinkin' my teeth into that spot at the base of your neck that makes you scream my nameAJ swallowed Um Let's start with just one and work our way down the wish list okay? So yeh there isn't much to say As much as I love books that make the world shift on it's axis and change my view on life books like the Rough Riders series definitely have their place and I recommend them to anyone looking for saucy sexy cowboys and something that won't tax your brain too hardTo read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest in the chat on Facebook

  9. Vintage Vintage says:

    Lots raunchy sex but this time it's just between the virginal and crushing AJ and the somber grumpy kinda of a jackass Colt no CCord Ugh Lorelei did you have to give ALL your male characters names starting with C?It starts out with the same ole chest banging alphabrava moves once AJ asks Cord yes CORD to indoctrinate her in the wicked ways of being a woman It will be a no strings affair that no one will know about A little tough to keep uiet as in past books the matriarch of the family has tried to set AJ up with some of her other manwhore sonsThe beginning and middle has lots of aforementioned alpha raunchy sex and there is some major family dysfunction going on Some of the individual books are a miss but the overall Rough Riders series actually has an arc for character development and redemption in the family and amongst the brothers and cousins that is than just who can bag the most babesTowards the end it really works as LJ gives us Cord's bewildered and pathetic inner man mumbles What happened to his no strings affair? Why won't his little heroine stay put now that he wants her? It is a rare occasion where the heroine spells out clearly where he has messed up and why she deserves better Even rare the H does something about itPSThere are scenes with some of the other characters that are indulging ineverything that are OTT MFM and MMM

  10. Daisiemae Daisiemae says:

    Holy Cow this series keeps getting better and better Not only do we have two main characters that is easy to care about and root for we get to continue to witness the lives of the McKay familyAmy Jo Foster has been in love with Cord McKay her whole life Unfortunately for her he has always thought of her as his little sister's best friend Amy is innocent in many ways She is often relied on by her older sister and other's often view her as responsible and usually always doing the right thing For once she decides to take a chance in her life and sets out to seduce Cord McKayCord has his own problems His wife had left him several years ago and he has raised his young sonand had done a very good job at it Now his ex wants to see her son and he must deal with the ramifications of the emotions and heartache that her abandonment has brought to themWhen he decides to go the local watering hole and have himself a beer he is surprised to see Amy Jo there He is even surprised at the arousal and attraction he feels for herWhen she propositions him for some hot and sweaty sex he can't believe his ears I loved Amy Jo and Cord The chemistry between them was so sizzling HOT Whew I loved the determination Amy Jo had to have Cord in her life Both characters are well developed and I loved watching their relationship develop and how they worked through many obstacles to be togetherSo turn down the heat girls and get you a cool drink because you will be in for a wild rideIf you are offended by explicit language and some REALLY HOT SEX well this book is not for you Lucky for me I don't run into that catagory

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Cowgirl Up and Ride ⚡ [PDF] ✍ Cowgirl Up and Ride By Lorelei James ✵ – Ridin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in loveA Rough Riders bookGoody two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as than the neighbor girl in Ridin the edge of lust is fun until someone falls in loveA Rough Riders bookGoody two boots AJ Foster has waited her entire life for her dream cowboy Cord McKay to see her as than the neighbor girl in pigtails Now that she s old enough to stake her claim on him she s pulling out all the sexual stops and riding hell bent for leather straight for his libidoDivorced rancher Cord has sworn off all women until innocent AJ suggests he teach her how to ride bareback and he realizes she doesn Cowgirl Up Kindle - t mean horses or bulls Between his responsibilities running his massive ranch missing his young son and dealing with the sexual shenanigans of his brother and cousins Cord is than willing to take AJ up on her offer On a trial basisThe fun and games tie them both up in knots AJ isn t willing to settle for less than the whole shootin match with her western knight But for Cord even though the sexy cowgirl sets his blood ablaze he s determined to resist her efforts to lasso his battered heartSweet determined AJ has the power to heal or heel the gruff cowboy unless Cord s pride keeps him from admitting their relationship is than a simple roll in the hay.

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