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Kiss of a Demon King ❴Read❵ ➬ Kiss of a Demon King Author Kresley Cole – From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this spellbinding story of a demon king trapped by an enchantress for her wanton purposes and the scorching aftermath that follows when he tur From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole a Demon eBook ☆ comes this spellbinding story of a demon king trapped by an enchantress for her wanton purposes and the scorching aftermath that follows when he turns the tables and claims her as his captiveHIS OBSESSIONSabine Sorceress of Illusions the evil beauty who surrenders her body but not her heartHER DOWNFALLRydstrom Woede the ruthless warrior who vows to keep her at all costsTHEY WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO WANT EACH OTHER THIS MUCHWith each smoldering encounter their shared hunger only increases If they can defeat the sinister Kiss of PDF/EPUB ² enemy that stands between them will Sabine make the ultimate sacrifice for her demon Or will the proud king lay down his crown and arms to save his sorceress.

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  1. Candace Candace says:

    Whew Just when I thought that maybe I was going to get bored with this series this book made me fall in love with it all over again Something about these books appeals to me on a very primal level Although the caveman dialogue is laughable at times it definitely appeals to your baser needs Whoever thought that grunts and single word sentences like Mine would be so damn sexy? This series is my new guilty pleasure Rydstrom and Sabine were everything that I was looking for Talk about having a love hate relationship For most of this book either Rydstrom or Sabine was a captive of the other Neither wanted to submit but they both wanted it so bad The anticipation was painful and splendidRydstrom has been fighting to reclaim his throne for hundreds of years He has made great personal sacrifices in order to place his duty to his kingdom above all else including searching for his fated bride He has accepted his lot in life and values honor than personal pleasureYet just when he has his crown back within his grasp he finally encounters his mate As if the gods were playing a joke on him his female is none other than the powerful sorceress Sabine Known for her ruthlessness as much as she is known for her beauty she is also the sister of his usurperAs evil as Sabine may seem outwardly she's really just a product of her circumstances She knows all too well that she cannot trust others She has been hunted since she was a child and has been killed in cold blood than once She trust only herself and her sisterFrom start to finish these two were a match made in hell or heaven depending upon the moment I loved their tumultuous relationship You never knew whether they were going to go at it or kill each otherOverall I thought this was a great story I will be starting the next book in the series immediately Love it

  2. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Having just discovered Kresley Cole’s “Immortals after Dark” series I have been searching for all the books in the series and so far have read 3 which I have really enjoyed I am not a big fan of fantasy but the combination with paranormal romance works for meKiss of the Demon King is the 7th book in the series and so far it’s not one of my favouritesThe hero Rydstrom is the deposed King of the Kingdom of Rothkalina a scarred horned demon who is trying to get back his kingdom with the help of his brother and all those Valkyrien crazy womenwow I adore Nixwhat a characternot sure if I am crazy about the horns these demons havei try to block them out of my head when I readmaybe I will get use to them in the futurebut right now I would loveno hornswho knows he may cut them off like his brother did to please his wife Holly who wants to live a normal life amongst humansso coolOn his way to meet his brother and find the only thing that will kill the evil Omort who took over his kingdom and almost killed him he’s captured by Sabine the Sorceress of Illusions the evil beauty who just happens to be Omort’s half sister This woman is a heroine beyond believebeautiful conniving selfish self centredI could go on and onbut waitwhy do I like her so much But I didbecause I saw the real Sabinesomeone who has suffered so much in her livesyes she dies and comes back a few timesnot how she sees herselfAfter meeting each otherin a situation not to Rydstrom’s likingof course nothe realizes that she is the mate he has been waiting for the last 500 years However being a very upstanding honest unable to tell a lie we are told demon he finds it hard to believe that such a person like Sabine could possibly be the right oneWhat I most loved about this book was SabineI mean she wants to change the world Rydstrom has always known in his kingdomaway with boring and drab clothingit’s going to be bright coloured minis laces gold gold and gold she is hooked and addicted to goldThe author’s world building is incrediblea world still in the dark ages and suddenly you “trance” to modern day New Orleansmakes it so much real to me Well real in a waybecause this world is filled with so many crazy charactersfire demons lykaens witches vampires valkyrians and others that I can’t remember right nowThe dialogue is stunning humorousfound myself laughing out loud a few timeshow could one not when you read Sabine gave a scoff “I could be virtuous if I wanted to be”In an incredulous tone he said “You don’t know the meaning of virtue”“Of course I do – it means your thong must be white” There's a lot of action violence and SEXWOWWWWWthe two just couldn’t stop doing itwith each other to each otheri can’t remember when last i read a book that had so many pages of hot steamy sexy hot sexGreat endingthe last scenes are so cuteand of course funnyhow could it not be when it’s about this gorgeous interesting womanI am looking forward to read the other booksalways surprised by the plotscharacters

  3. P P says:

    “I'm not interested in a life that doesn't have you in it” Kiss of a Demon King is hot beyond measure Rydstrom is not a caveman like the other heroes of this series he is a king and duty bound to reclaim the throne As he was captured in the last book Rydstrom will not allow his plan to be interrupted by a sorceress who gradually invades his heart Sabine is a multilayered character Kresley Cole shows us since the beginning of the book why she ended up like this her past was heartbroken for me and made me pity her so much thenThe chemistry between the MCs didn't start immediately it slowly soaked into my conscious and when climaxes hit I couldn't stop my hands from shaking THAT epicness was everything I liked how each main character has their reasons and are on their own ways to accomplish the goals they're so reckless and independent though “SHE MAY BE AN EVIL BITCH BUT SHE IS MY EVIL BITCH AND I'LL HAVE NO OTHER” I liked this book than the last one even though the stories overlap a bit I think Kresley Cole is good at this her narration is strong but sensual that I'm always excited whenever her new books are outhttpsgoogl5pelZP

  4. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Rydstrom Woede Demon Sabine SorceressOkay this was definitely love at first sight for the fallen demon king of Rothkalina and for the ueen of Illusions So you're just a cold heartless bitchAs much as you're a self righteous miserable prickSabine has known that she is Rydstrom’s mate for hundred of years and she has tried to be prepared for their first time She learned all the tricks of seduction; she was reading about his life; his conuests and his battles from afar And she stayed a virgin Because it has been predicted that their offspring their son will be powerful and uniue There should not be any doudt when she was finally pregnantUnfortunately nobody informed Rydstrom that his future mate has already been born and that she is a detestable sorceress Thus he was trying to find his mate among every available and willing demoness More than a thousand years later he is too bored to try another female There is no challenge for him For a demon prince attempting females was critical He'd bedded one after another trying to find his consort Rydstrom had taken females in the first century of his life than he had during the fourteen that followedAnd then Sabine appears as an instrument of his worst enemy fools Rydstrom ties him up with magic and spends days and days “poking the bear” ie the demon Not a very clever thingTo be honest I got bored after a while I think the seduction scenes maybe could have been a bit shorterAnyways this is another amazing book of the series Rydstrom will have to win his consort and get his Kingdom back Winning Sabine will be actually harder than he thought it would be because he understands only demonesses’ behavior and Sabine is completely different species Sabine gave a scoff I could be virtuous if I wanted to beIn an incredulous tone he said You don't know the meaning of virtueOf course I do it means your thong must be whiteBut it doesn’t matter because she belongs to Rydstrom and he will never let her go That sorceress might be an evil bitch but she's my evil bitch And I'll have no other Worth mentioning Valkyrie Nyx plans to visit the Lords of the Underworld Gena Showalter’s world in Budapest Her appearance will be described in book “The Darkest Whisper” where she will confuse Torin Every so often he would catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman walking through town Long black hair exotic eyes that were bright one moment and glazed the next She’d pause in her stride smile frown then kick back into gear When the wind caressed her ruffling her hair Torin would catch the barest hint ofpointed ears? Whether he was seeing things or not the sight of those ears made him hard as a rock He had the strangest urge to lick themShe wore a T shirt that said Nixie’s IAD House O’ Fun and she had earbuds in her ears What was a Nixie?

  5. Auntee Auntee says:

    I'm going to say up front that I was fully prepared not to like this one or at least be a little disappointed because of the mixed reviews I've read But darn it after about page 150 which I know that's a long time to give a book a chance I was totally riveted did not want to put it down and bought into the story hook line and sinker In fact I just spent about 3 hours to finish it up and even teared up at the end And most of the time I had a silly smile on my face or caught myself chuckling while reading Go figureSo the book started out a little slow and confusing for me It took me a while to immerse myself again in Kresley Cole's world of the Lore with the demons vampires sorceri witches valkyri and assorted immortals This stuff can get overwhelming at times It took me a while to remember and get up to speed with the Demon King of Rothkalina Rydstrom and his story Things picked up when the sorceress Sabine the ueen of Illusions stepped into Rydstom's life These two had a powerful chemistry and I loved the bickering the sexual tension and the constant one ups manship between the two of them They had the whole lovehate thing going on and I loved seeing Rydstrom struggling with his control and his growing feelings for Sabine I loved Rydstrom's sexy presence even his demon's horns and his whole honorable character yet I also loved seeing Sabine push his buttons and making him lose control and do and say things he wouldn't normally doNow SabineI took a while to warm up to her Which isn't surprising for me since I always find something objectionable about Cole's heroines compared to the heroes at least at first It's hard to like a heroine who lies cheats steals and is so stubborn and deviousbut there was just something about her and the I read and found out her circumstances the I forgave her and began to admire her sort of like Rydstrom did I loved reading her thoughts about Rydstrom and loved seeing her struggle with her feelings for him I thought the sexual torture in the castle dungeon went on a little too long and dragged the story down a tad even though it was kind of hot But the story really picked up for me when Rydstrom made his escape with Sabine in tow and he unleashed his full demonic and masculine powers Now that was hotI also enjoyed when Rydstrom and Sabine made their way to New Orleans and had a run in with some of the previous characters in the series especially Nix I liked Nix's reference to checking out the Lords of the Underworld that was cute There were some very funny moments between Nix Rydstrom and Sabine a funny moment in the bar when Sabine meets up with Regin and a conversation between Holly Dark Desires After Dusk and Nix about Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe that made me laugh out loud It was also in New Orleans where Rydstrom and Sabine finally started admitting their feelings for each other and finally had a mutually satisfying sexual encounter page 357 instead of just over the top sexual tension So the reader has to wait a long time but to paraphrase Rydstrom it was worth every minute of the waitThe conclusion was action packed with Sabine's near death Rydstrom's reuniting with his brother Cadeon the sacrifice Rydstrom was willing to make for love and the final showdown with Omart the Deathless I think I bit off a few fingernails reading the final 30 pages There was a very nice epilogue that brought you up to date with some of the characters but left a few unanswered uestions and left a few stories hanging I'm sure there will be some future books that will take care of that thoughIt's hard to pick a favorite out of this series because to me they're all good in their own way It's all a matter of what characters you connect with and whose story speaks to you It may not have supplanted my favorite No Rest For The Wicked but Kiss of a Demon King came darn close 5 stars

  6. Kristen Kristen says:

    5 starsWow Absolutely fantastic I loved Kiss of a Demon KingFor a book I wasn't too sure about in the beginning I ended up loving every thing about this story The range of emotions I experienced while reading Kiss of a Demon King was surprising and enthralling making me savor everything about this book  I was captivated and frankly mesmerized by the complex belligerent sinister yet somewhat humorous relationship between the hero Rydstrom and the heroine Sabine They were imperfectly perfect together and I admired their eventual acceptance of each other for who they were both as a species and as individuals Our couple sum each other and their relationship up perfectly during the following conversation from the book So you're just a cold heartless bitchAs much as you're a self righteous miserable prick Her lips curled into a smirk But that doesn't mean we can't have something meaningful between usThe epilogue at the end of this book left me with a huge smile on my face and an anxious anticipation to read the next book in the series I think it's safe to say I'm very much enjoying the Immortals After Dark books  

  7. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This book sparkled from the first sentence Love the lead in with introducing Sabine's character I finished this book yesterday and I loved it It was dark in a way that the others weren't uite dark The usurped kingdom of Rothkalina has some murky happenings under the helm of Omort the Deathless I believe this is also due in part to the fact that the heroine is supposed to be evil in this story I wouldn't exactly call her evil I'd call her pragmatic She's had a rough life that taught her to look out for Number One and her sister She died several times and faced enemies out for her blood innumerable times She was raised in a environment where kindness was considered weakness and where she always had to be on guard In that context she didn't come off as evil But juxtaposed to virtuous King Rydstrom she probably does seem amoral I admired Sabine for her survivor traits and for being down to earth about who she was She was a sensual being she liked her gold and she liked to dress dramatically And she was do what was necessary and wouldn't hesitate in the doing of of it That is the great thing about this story Rydstrom and Sabine are soulmates They may not view life the same way but I felt they were a great pair because their strengths complemented each other And although Sabine is not exactly what Rydstrom thought he wanted in a ueen it turns out she is exactly what he needed and vice versaI hesitate to call this story a redemption story because I don't believe that Sabine is actually redeemed all that much She does learn to let others into her heart and to allow herself to care but she was never a person who killed for no reason or went out of her way to hurt others Merely she was a person who was hardened to others And we see that she does grow in her ability to feel for others It was nice to see her bond with the demon orphan Puck despite the fact that she has no use for children and her kind is raised to look down on demons She will always be a bit of a wild card who has moral flexibility yet it is clear that she won't harm innocents and is devoted to her King and would do anything for him I truly believe she will be an excellent ueen for RothkalinaA purist would find some of the happenings in this book somewhat objectionable This story has a lot of bondage control and captive themes The script get flipped around and the captive becomes the captor I didn't have issues with the way things unfold because it was very true to the characters and the storyline Although Rydstrom is a boy scout type hero every person has their limits as to what they will take and he is also a Rage Demon who has been under lots of stress for millenia So it made sense that he would explode or implode at some point And Sabine was following through to her nature as an extreme pragmatist of a morally flexible disposition Considering what Sabine did to Rydstrom in the first part of the book I felt that it was fair what Rydstrom did to Sabine when he got the opportunity The term parity was used I believe there was definitely parity in his treatment of her The great thing is the huge lie that he told Sabine was actually laughed off by her and she was proud of him for doing it It was an interesting moment to read as I was expecting the stuff to hit the fan but Sabine laughs and says that she is proud of him for doing what he did So in the end they were a very interesting couple with a uniue dynamic between them for a romanceI really liked how the relationship issues were resolved between Ryd and Sabine He didn't feel that he could trust Sabine to stay with him and he had to learn that she would stay with him out of choice so he had to learn to trust her love for him Sabine had to learn to do what she said she would instead of lying all the time which she did She had to learn to trust someone to take care of her as she had always taken care of herself or her sister and vice versa And she had to learn to allow herself to be loved and to trust in that love She wanted a strong man but then she had to realize that a strong man would want to protect his woman For a woman used to being in control surrendering control must have been extremely difficult I can understand having those issues because I don't like depending on others or being under someone's control So in that way I could identify with her due to my own trust and control issuesThe world building and fantasy elements in this story were excellent It was exciting to keep reading and to see of the Lore world that Cole has written Fundamentally this is a very steamy paranormal romance but it is also just as good as fantasy on the sword and sorceror side if the readers doesn't mind lots of steamy descriptive sex scenes The humor is also excellent and I found myself laughing out loud many times I really admire the way that Cole can combine humor and intensity in her books She is the ueen of great one liners This along with the sexy men and their devotion to the women they love is what keeps me coming back to her books and the Immortals After Dark in particular Not to mention the wonderful mythical world she has created using her imagination and the old folklore and myths that I grew up reading And I love that her heroines are strong and real life with their share of flaws and admirable traitsIt was great to get inside of the Demon King's head and to see his conflict with Cadeon from his viewpoint To see what his struggle has been And his loneliness waiting for his true female You feel for him because all along having a woman to love was probably just as important as regaining his throne but he couldn't wear his heart on his sleeve since he was a King Thus issues are deeper than it seemed on the outside Yes Ryd was upset that his kingdom was lost but he also was upset with the way he felt that Cadeon was wasting his life I was glad to see the brothers make up and come to an understanding of each other Rydstrom turns out to be a three dimensional character with a good and a bad side and with scores of passion locked inside of his methodical demeanor He is as intense as they came and boy do I love the intense heroes I loved his fixation on Sabine although at times it seemed uite out of control but then Sabine was a pretty maddening heroine to deal with for a mandemon like Rydstrom I was glad that in my opinion he never truly hurt her or did anything beyond the pale based on their unusual relationshipIt's also great to see appearances by other members of the Lore such as Nix who always has a rather pivotal role Holly fighting off some massive morning sickness and a brief appearance by Regin It's like seeing old friends again and catching up We also get to meet some new characters that I hope to see of I feel that there is much to be resolved between Sabine's sister Melanthe and Thronos who is out for her blood Future couple? I think yes I am also intrigued by Lothaire a Fallen vampire who seems like he may not be as evil as one would think So when this book ended I was sad I wanted to read and experience of this universe But I enjoyed every moment of the reading I hope that Cole continues to write these books long into the future and I can't wait to see how the Ascension goes down as we see the formidable Lore being paired up and forming the force for the good

  8. Exina Exina says:

    I have to admit that in the Immortals After Dark series I liked Kiss of a Demon King the leastIt has many positive aspects but also many many things I disliked about itFirst I was forced to reread what I have already known about the world of the Lore Although very important information was also offered such as the story of Sabine and Melanthe facts about the world of the Sorceri and how Omort had taken over Castle Tornin it is too long too detailed and descriptive Nothing happens and there is no action in this partRydstrom is chained to the bed through almost 130 pages There is no suspense as he is chewing over his lost crown his relationship to his brother Cadeon – although it is nice to see how Rydstrom relates to him – and whether Cade gets the sword or not Since I’ve read the books of the series in order I’ve already known that Cade succeeds Before reading I assumed this book starts at the point in time or a little bit earlier when Cadeon’s book ends But no I’ve waited for Cadeon and the sword’s arrival for 335 pagesI was a little bit disappointed in Rydstrom I expected humor and less rigor I didn’t feel his character close to meI sympathized with Sabine and Lanthe very much Their life was so hard and painful and they are still living in continuous threat Sabine’s behavior is understandable I loved to follow her emotional journey Lanthe has a great sense of humor and I hope she has her own book as wellOmort as the antagonist is perfectly drawn as well because I hated him with all of my heartThe highlight of the story is the appearance of Nïx and her friends – not a surprise “Kill me Valkyrie?” Sabine scoffed “I can make you see things that will turn your brain to soup”“A gain” Nïx sighed unfazed by the threatSabine probed the Valkyrie’s mind finding easy access With a stifled gasp Sabine just as rapidly withdrew her probe Chaos utter chaos“Welcome to my world” Nïx said with an exaggerated wink The sibling story lines are elaborated thoughtfully I loved to see the strong bond and love between Sabine and Lanthe Rydstrom and Cadeon’s relationship is also worth mentioning as they finally realize and admit how important they are for each otherThe story action is stuffed with unnecessary episodes without excitement or dynamism and the final battle in Castle Tornin is too short After reread it's still not among my favorites

  9. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    Spoilers I didn't think I was going to like this one that much because I thought the last one was just meh but I really liked this one Sabine was a little rough around the edges for about half of the book but she had good ualities too and she was also a fighter and braver for all the things that happened in her life She was a darker character but not evil “You leave me tied up like a dog? Then you had better remember that this bitch bites”“Sabine gave a Scoff I could be virtuous if I wanted to beIn an incredulous tone he said You don't know the meaning of virtueOf course I do it means your thong must be white” Rydstrom Woede was sexy and honorable with a kinky side He makes a good king and sexy alpha male“SHE MAY BE AN EVIL BITCH BUT SHE IS MY EVIL BITCH AND ILL HAVE NO OTHER” He swooped her up in his arms Will you shut up? With his free hand he brushed her tears I made it ten minutes before I came after you” I really enjoyed Rydstrom who is so in control lose his crap in their relatioship I love that they are the polar opposites but they complement each other I loved love loved when he told cadeI never hated you Rydstrom gruffly added I love you brother And I'm proud of the man you've become tear God so cuteand Nix is one of my favorite characters The things she says always gets me laughing and I loved the shout out to Lords of the underworld“Auntie Nixie’s taking a TO I’m heading to Budapest to investigate this band of immortal warriors “ she explained “They’re called the Lords of the Underworld If that doesn’t make you want to mate” She growled and clawed at the air “Anyway they’re supposed to be excessively hawt”The end was just the icing on the book cake for me The brave ueen helps save the kingdom with her king and he saves her life and cade's having twins Great book on to the next one

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I read this last year but I just realized my review was like 3 sentences and pretty crappy for such an awesome book I love Rydstrom and have loved him since the beginning of the Talisman's HieHe has been looking for centuries for his female hoping to find a noblewoman of his kind but never in million years did he think he'd be stuck with Sabine the ueen of IllusionsShe takes him prisoner in Cade's book remember? Well now we find out what she does with him See Sabine's not on the same side as Rydstromnope she's on the side for EVIL really she and her sister Lanthe are just trying to survive no matter which side they are on really they are on their own side the 2 of them And have been forever Well Sabine chains Ryd up and torments him sexually until he is willing to make her his ueen or so she thinks Really the vows in demonish that he gives her are for revenge not marriage OoopsieOnce Rydstrom escapes with Sabine as his hostage hey turnabout's fair play right? with a little help from Lothaire they escapedAfter Ryd tortured Sabine right back they both realized that they each felt something for each other Hmmwhat could that be?Love That's right the two fell in love And my favorite part of the whole book is when Rydstrom realized he couldn't change Sabine so he let her gobut he realized that maybe he didn't want to change her He found her not even a block away from the house sitting on a curbAs he approached he saw her wiping her face with her forearmSabine wascrying? What are you doing out here cwena? Over the past week Rydstrom had been pleased when she'd worried about him and gratified when she'd felt the sting of jealousy Was he a terrible man to hope she was crying about him?She glared at him with her bottom lip uivering allowing him to see her like this instead of using a mask I d don't have anywhere else to g go Another swipe of her forearm over her eyes Lanthe's gone and I c can't get to her for six days And I'm in a strange t town and land and Vrekeners are everywhereSabine hadn't even mentioned what they'd just gone through And you br broke up with me she said her tears falling faster Is that supposed to make me happy?Come inside SabineNo You t told me not to She sniffled You don't want me at your houseHe swooped her up in his arms Will you shut up? With his free hand he brushed her tears I made it ten minutes before I came after youawwwwbest line ever I made it ten minutes sniff sniffThis series is awesome but READ THEM IN ORDER

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