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Lover Eternal Black Dagger Brotherhood #2 ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Lover Eternal Black Dagger Brotherhood #2 By J.R. Ward ✾ – 12 Audio Cassettes 1425 HoursIn the shadows of the night in Caldwell New York there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other Audio Cassettes Black Dagger PDF/EPUB ¶ HoursIn the shadows of the night in Caldwell New York there’s a deadly war raging between vampires and their slayers And there exists a secret band of brothers like no other six vampire warriors defenders of their race Possessed by a deadly beast Rhage is the most dangerous of the Black Dagger BrotherhoodWithin the brotherhood Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetite He's the best fighter the uickest to act on his impulses and the most voracious lover for inside him burns a Lover Eternal Epub / ferocious curse cast by the Scribe VirginPossessed by this dark side Rhage fears the times when his inner dragon is unleashed making him a danger to everyone around him When Mary Luce is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world she must rely on Rhage's protection Knowing that Mary feels the same intense animal attraction Rhage must make her his alone.

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  1. Beth Beth says:

    Crack Crack laced with rat poison That’s what this series represents I’ve now read the first two books in this series and feel that both have been pleasantly distracting entertaining and I intend to finish the series post haste However I’m definitely camping out with everyone who’s ever read these and gone “huh?? How could I possibly be enjoying this?” The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a group of warrior vampires who are fighting to protect weaker civilian vampires from evil soulless albino vampire slayers who smell like baby powder If that’s not compelling enough to get someone to pick this series up I don’t know what is HA Each book focuses on the romance of one brother and the female of his destiny In this particular book the brother in uestion is Rhage Rhage is an oversexed vampire with a dragon curse oooh dragons outside of a medieval mystery or epic fantasy Whenever he loses his temper he turns into a dragon and kills everything in sight Sex helps him control the dragon Sex and fighting Duly noted and kind of hot so I was intrigued Rhage’s lady friend is a human woman named Mary who volunteers for a suicide hotline and also happens to be dying of leukemia Obviously she’s being set up for some kind of immortality deal Sort of boring when you’re dealing with a vampire story in my opinion however I should note that in Ward’s world vampire bites do not turn humans into vampires Vampires are born not made So I was also intrigued how Mary’s inevitable death due to cancer could be worked into immortality if the restrictions of the world prevent her from becoming a vampire herself spoilers past this pointIn addition to containing spoilers this is the part of the review where I will complain about the things I did not like about this book and then try to pinpoint the exact reason this series has me panting for that shipment from booksfreecom can’t get to my mailbox fast enough For starters let’s start with the overarching complaints that have impacted the first two books in the series and will likely extend to the rest based on the series research I’ve conducted thus far The heroes names are insane And not in the good way Wrath? Rhage? Phury? Zsadist? And in this particular installment an adolescent vampire who dreams of the name Tehrror is introduced to the mix as well Give me a flipping break “Shitkickers” annoy the bejeebus out of me Apparently to be a fully fledged member of the brotherhood one cannot wear boots one must wear “shitkickers” The tough guy dialect shared by the brothers makes me cringe and I feel embarrassed for them whenever they talk to each other Actually come to think of it the affected vernacular it has to be affected because literally NO ONE ELSE in their world talks that way except the brothers reminds me of people I’ve met in real life who are emotionally weak andor were picked on horribly as children and have adopted a tough image to overcompensate Maybe that’s not too unheard of given the fact that pre warrior vampires are born as weak pencil necked geeks But even if that’s the case the way they talk to each other annoys me The rap music Um no Just no The references were over the top and ridiculous And they made me laugh which I don’t think was the point The reason I did not particularly like this book was because I felt it fell apart in the middle It started strong It was intriguing And then something happened that turned me off so badly that I realized I’d reached the point of no return with this couple and regardless of how they worked the problem out amongst themselves I was done with them Despite the fact that sex supposedly calmed Rhage’s dragon beast being with Mary had the opposite effect As he kisses her and tries to be intimate with her he can feel the beast coming closer and closer to the surface and is reluctant to have sex with her for that reason She doesn’t know about his curse so he’s scared of frightening her or hurting her and tries to prevent this from happening by backing away from her when it becomes too much to handle At one point he decides to go to a bar to meet a strange woman and have anonymous sex with her which will then allow him to “be” with Mary without losing control Mary doesn’t know his reasons but she knows he leaves her in his room to go out and have sex with a stranger I think most romance readers would be annoyed by his decision to do something like this However knowing there was a fairly legitimate reason for doing this bought him a small bit of leeway from me I didn’t like it but it wasn’t completely out of character However immediately after he returns from the bar where he admittedly has just had sex with some strange woman she jumps his bones and they have sex for the first time WTF??? That pissed me off BIG time OK ladies if your man leaves you alone in his bedroom and you know he’s just gone out to have meaningless sex with an anonymous stranger the first thing you do NOT do is share your holy of holies with him the second he returns mmkay?After that happened I didn’t really care less about what happened to either of them I had a hard time taking either of them seriously after that point and the fact that the last portion of the book spent energy in setting up the next installment in the series rather than in resolving the plots within its own pages also irked me to no end The book just sort of ended It wasn’t even on a cliffhanger Mary’s civilian vampire friend Bella was abducted by the evil slayers Bella is being slated to be the destined female for Zsadist in the third installment of the series and it peeves me to no end that she was abducted in the second book and not even mentioned in the last chapter The last chapter of Lover Eternal was a happy sappy ending between Rhage and Mary and had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that her friend had been abducted a few chapters earlier and never rescued Lame

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    I don't want to stop Mary His thumbs caressed the skin of her throat and they pressed into her jaw and angled her head backI want to get you hot Hot enough so you don't feel anything but me So you don't think of anything but what I'm doing to youI want you liuid I loved this book Rhage is definitely one of the guys at the top of the BDB fav list 3 Uber hot and such an amazing hero A total must readThe storyAfter meeting a boy who looks to be a pretransitioned vampire Bella decides to take him to the Brotherhood along with her neighbor Mary who knows the kid and can translate for him The kid John Matthew is mute and doesn't know anything about himself or his parents and is practically living on the streets Mary wants to help him so she agrees to go with him to the training facility not knowing it is in fact the Brotherhood's safe houseThe brothers recognize him as one of their own with a warrior name of TehrrorOn the first visit with John Mary meets Rhage the most beautiful man she's ever seen who for some reason is drawn to her like crazyEven though Rhage knows he can't make any commitment to a woman like Mary he needs to have her whatever it takes After a few dates kisses and memory wipes Rhage is torn between his emotions and his loyalty to the Brotherhood He needs to protect Mary and wants to be with her even though that is against the rulesLuckily Rhage was never one to follow them ; I’m a vampire I’m a warrior I’m a dangerous beastAt the end of this evening you aren’t going to remember you ever met meAnd the idea of not even being a memory of yours makes me feel like I’ve been stabbed in the chest The story I loved the RhageMary romance Loved It was very emotional and beautiful most of all very HOT indeed DThere are several new storylines included the one about John Matthew a new character and we are introduced to Bella the heroine from the third book The writing we get multiple POVs from the MCs and now the new characters John and Bella as well as Butch and maybe a few others don't remember all of them Anyway for me that's just a bonus never liked just the one person POV soThe hotness OMG this book is uber hot Rhage is really REALLY direct and says what's on his mind usually everything sexy ahahhahahhaha but yeah schorching hotThe cliffhanger it has nothing to do with Rhage and Mary but still my advice is to have the third book already open on the first page 'cause you won't be able to stop yourself from reading it ASAP “I will not fall in love with you” she said “I can’t let myself I won’t”“That’s all right I’ll love you enough for the both of us” Mary has been ill for some time and now her leukemia is back She's afraid of the treatments and knows what's waiting for herHaving low self esteem because of her physical condition she can't think of any possible reason why would Rhage be interested in her She constantly pushes him back and thinks he's making fun of her or that he just wants to be friendsEven though she made me want to kick her at some points in the book I really liked Mary She is a strong character despite her illness she's used to taking care of herself and doesn't lean on anyone for support She really likes Rhage but doesn't think he wants to be with her and I have to say I just love that scene when she found out that he's a vampire D Anyway she's not one for crying and moping and I liked that too DI think my fav scene with her is when she pets the beast on the head DDD What you just had is nothing compared to what I want to do to you I want my head between your legs so I can lick you until you scream my name Then I want to mount you like an animal and look into your eyes as I come inside of you And after that? I want to take you every way there is I want to do you from behind I want to screw you standing up against the wall I want you to sit on my hips and ride me until I can’t breathe Rhage was cursed by the Scribe Virgin to transform into a huge terrible beast whenever he goes out of control To prevent the beast from getting out he uses fighting and sex to release his frustrationsEven though everyone envies him for being such a hit with the women Rhage just feels hollow because of it there is no real enjoyment in it for him just means to an endThat is until he meets Mary He's shocked by the attraction he feels because he hasn't felt it before for anyone and he's willing to do whatever it takes to be with her even though it seems that she's not very interested in him XDRhage is one of my favorite Brothers 3 I adore himI couldn't help but sympathize with him and feel sorry when he went on the sex prowl He is sick and tired of that life but must keep doing it to prevent the best from coming out and possibly hurting the people he cared about the BrotherhoodHe meets Mary and can't stay away from her and the time they spend together the he realises she is meant for him and he wants to bond with herThe only problem is Mary shutting him down and not trusting himBut the end Oh the end made me love him what he did was just Beautiful I cried at that part it was so emotional 3 He deserved his happy end and the way it was made just how it was meant to be My favorite uotes from other characters “Last night IahI drove out to Marissa’s brother’s house I don’t even know how the Escalade got there I mean the last thing I need is to run into her you feel me?”“Let me guess You waited around in hopes of catching a—”“In the bushes Rhage I sat in the bushes Under her bedroom window”“Wow That’s”“Yeah In my old life I could have arrested me for stalking” “My twin’s not broken He’s ruined Do you understand the difference? With broken maybe you can fix things Ruined? All you can do is wait to bury him” “Don’t touch me I can’tI can’t stand to be touched okay? It hurts”Bella stopped“Why?” she said softly “Why does it—”“Just get the fuck out of here please” He could barely get the words out “I’m about to destroy something And I don’t want it to be you”“You won’t hurt me”He closed his eyes “Did it hurt you to do this to him?” she demanded softly knowing Vishous hadn’t left “Tell me it hurt you”She heard a whispering of cloth When she glanced over her shoulder Vishous had taken off his shirt On his muscular chest there was a fresh wound a slice as if a blade had cut into his skin“It killed each one of us” V’s diamond eyes usually so calm were narrow and pissed off “When I say I’m never wrong I’m not on an ego trip Seeing the future is a goddamned curse my brother You think I like knowing how everyone’s going to die?” Rhage is like totally hot you feel me?

  3. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    5 Bonding with the Beast Stars Spoilers First read 2014Reread March 25 2017Rhage What? I'll tell you this Your destiny's coming for you And she's coming soon Rhage laughed Oh yeah? What's the female like? I prefer them She's a virgin V and RhageLover Eternal the 2nd book in the BDB series is Rhage and Mary's book and a total 5 star hit for me It was just as awesome as book one maybe a bit awesome because there was so much Z in it and I am head over heels for Z I don't know what it is about this series but each book just grabs me by the feels Rhage and Mary's love was an angst filled journey to HEA But it was so good all I could do was hold on for the roller coaster of loveYou're crowding me I know Talk Oh for God's sake what do you want me to say? Even exasperated her voice was beautiful Anything Fine Get your hand off my throat and let me go or I'm going to knee you where it counts Mary and Rhage “She smiled a little You are a manipulator I like to think of myself as an outcome engineer” Mary and RhageRhage was the playboy of the Brotherhood He's called Hollywood because of his good looks and his man whore ways Everyone thought he was cool and sexy but under it all he was numb He hated the meaningless sex and wanted a female of worth The problem was he was cursed with a beast inside that if he didn't have sex of fight to tame it the beast would come out and kills everything in site I do believe this was the only book in history where the hero cheats on the heroine and I still loved the shit out of him and forgave him within minutes Of course he only did it once there are no details of it to be read and he did it because he started to lose control twice of his beast Not that I didn't wish he would have found another way but I still understood Rhage was so lovable even with his flaws He was honest to a fault Sexy caring and loyalyes I know I am saying that about a man that cheated but he really was Mary knew she was dying Her leukemia was back and now there was this amazing super sexy guy that wanted to be with her So of course she pushed him away a few times and lashed out She was scared and hurting and you could feel her fear and pain coming in waves off the pages I love that Mary was sweet but she could act rude and stupid too She seemed down to earth and real because of it Mary in her own way was a warrior and a fighter I loved how big her heart was I also love how accepting she was of Rhage the fact that he was a vampire and had a beast I'm not a man Mary even though parts of me look like one What you just had is nothing compared to what I want to do to you I want my head between your legs so I can lick you until you scream my name Then I want to mount you like an animal and look into your eyes as I come inside of you And after that? I want to take you every way there is I want to do you from behind I want to screw you standing up against the wall I want you to sit on my hips and ride me until I can't breathe Rhage What did you just say? She hadn't meant for it to happen she thought The falling or the telling But she would take neither of them back I'm not sure she murmured taking in the brute strength of his shoulders and arms But I think it was something along the lines of 'I love you' Yeah that was it I ah I love you Now that was lame She could do a hell of a lot better Mary grabbed his face planted a good hard one on his mouth and looked him straight in the eye I love you Rhage I love you something fierce Rhage and MaryMary and Rhage were so sweet together Both loving and supportive I was really rooting for their love Rhage was sexy as hell and being the legendary lover of the vampire world he was rocking it in the bedroom I loved the parts with Mary and the Beast It was funny and cute how he was like a loving puppy with her after having just ripped a bunch of bodies apart These two had to go through so much to get their hea it was really heartbreaking at times Is it just me or does anyone else not really like the The Scribe Virgin? I mean at times she seems so mean and cold Then she will do something nice and I will soften to her a little only to have her turn around and be cold again I loved all the bits of Z and Bella in this book Z is just so damn damaged I want to kiss it all and make it better for him And I love Bella because she sees what a amazing male Z is when most just look at him and see broken Their book is next and I can't freakin wait Z is one of my top 5 book boyfriends of all times You need to stay away from him When she didn't respond the warrior pulled her into a corner and gripped her shoulders My twin's not broken He's ruined Do you understand the difference? With broken maybe you can fix things Ruined? All you can do is wait to bury him Her mouth opened slightly That's so callous That's reality If he dies before I do it will kill me But that doesn't change what he is She pointedly separated herself from the male I'll keep that in mind Thanks Bella Phury and BellaI want to look at you I like to look at you His eyes narrowed No you don't Yes I do No one likes to look at me Not even I do You're not ugly Zsadist He laughed deliberately running a fingertip down his scar Now there's a ringing endorsement As well as a blatant fucking lie I find you mesmerizing I can't get you out of my mind I want to be with you Zsadist frowned falling still Be with me exactly how? You know Be with you She blushed a brilliant red but figured she had nothing to lose I want to lay with you Bella and Z

  4. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    RHAGEaka beautiful and gorgeous Brotherand probably the most underrated of the Brotherhood Here's this amazing guy who can get any women he wants but what he's looking forsomeone to love and care for just seems to be just a dream Afraid to love because of what's inside himAnd at last meeting Mary the woman who loves him for who he is for what's underneath that beautyshe's sees a soul that's worth lovingmy heart really bled for the pain she's had in her life and my heart soared when she found a life with RhageSome favorite uotesI'm not okay she said hoarsely between breaths RhageI'm not okay” “I will not fall in love with you she said I can't let myself I won'tThat's all right I'll love you enough for the both of us” YES SHE DOESFirst reviewed in 2011LOVER ETERNAL is the 2nd book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series that I am becoming and addicted to as I continue reading it This is another rereadi can't get away from this seriesI keep reading each book over and over againI wish I could read LOVER REBORN like right nowAnyway after reading this book againI love it just as much if not than before Rhagewhat a gorgeous manI ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIMsoam I going to read it again????? You betA story of finding true love making sacrifices fighting evil loyalty steamy and erotic sex and devotionRhage is a strong absolutely gorgeous reason why he’s often referred to as Hollywoodhas been cursed by the Virgin Scribe she is the mother of all vampires with a dragon that can only be controlled by having sex with different women and he is tired of meaningless sex and longs to find a woman he can love and be with He meets Mary Luce a very average looking woman who touches his heart with her voice She is battling with leukemia and is in the final stage of the disease and knows that she will not have much time to liveTheir relationship is so sweet and tender The sacrifice Rhage makes to keep Mary alive is totally amazing There is so much passion in their story and you knew that they were meant for each other I loved these two characters TWe learn about the Lessing SocietyMr X Mr Olove the names The story also introduces us to new charactersBella a vampire and a friend of Mary’s John Mathews the young and lonely boy Mary “adopts” and introduces to the Brotherhood and about Wrath and Beth’s lifeGetting to the last page you feel part of this fantastic and fabulous familyWe get hints and clues for what is coming in the next booksthe story of Butch and Marissa Zsadist and Bella and the end of this book is really greatleaves you wanting to get started on the next installment

  5. Laura Laura says:

    46 stars “I know all about you and everything I see is beautiful Everything I see is mine”“I’m not yours” she whisperedThe rejection didn’t faze him “Fine If I can’t have you then you do the taking Have all of me part of me a small piece whatever you want Just please have something” Blurb Within the brotherhood Rhage is the vampire with the strongest appetites He's the best fighter the uickest to act on his impulses and the most voracious lover for inside him burns a ferocious curse cast by the Scribe Virgin Owned by this dark side Rhage fears the time when his inner dragon is unleashed making him a danger to everyone around himMary Luce a survivor of many hardships is unwittingly thrown into the vampire world and reliant on Rhage's protection With a life threatening curse of her own Mary is not looking for love She lost her faith in miracles years ago But when Rhage's intense animal attraction turns into something emotional he knows that he must make Mary his alone And while their enemies close in Mary fights desperately to gain life eternal with the one she lovesIt feels so good re reading these books It’s like coming back home after a long and exhausting dayAnd boy Rhage can make me giggle like a little girl and blush like an old horny nun and Mary sweet Mary she’s oh so wonderful She’s such a warrior with the gentlest heart of allNote As always when it comes to the BDB books I can’t be neutral even to save my life So I’ll try to keep my head straight and have my feeling in controlThis second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world tells the story about Rhage and Mary and how they save each other in every possible way This book also plays a main part because it leads to some of the following stories As a seuel I can’t say Lover Eternal complements the first book but it does do a very good jobWarden’s writing style is always on point and sharp Some people may find the language and the way the Brothers talk not so appealing but I like it a lot It makes sense if you’re really into the story The same goes for the femalemale thing One thing we need to remember is that they’re a different species and their ways and traditions are also different and even when they keep up with modern tendencies they’re still animalisticOnce you get that behind I think the books become and enjoyable I sometimes skip the lessers parts but in this book I didn’t do it One of the lessers O was twisted and sick as fuck When he was human he was a monster and now in this new life he’s such a psychopath and his uest to find a woman who looks like his dead wife it’s both repulsive and interesting to readNow back to our MCsRhage is a really complex character He has so many layers but he’s always ready to be the optimistic one the one who takes the beating for someone else the one who makes things lighter and the one who will have everyone’s back but he’s in deep shit he suffers not only because of his curse but also for the emptiness of his actions “Could you notride me about the females? Because the truth is I hate it I really doI hate the anonymity of it I hate the way my chest aches afterward I hate the smells on my body and in my hair when I get home But most of all I hate the fact that I’m going to have to do it again because if I don’t I could end up hurting one of you guys or some innocent bystander And those two sisters you’re so impressed with? See here’s the thing I only pick the ones who don’t give a shit who they’re with because otherwise it’s not fair Those two bar chippies checked out my watch and my roll and figured I was a pimp trophy The fucking was about as intimate as a car accident And tonight? You’re going home to Wellsie I’m going home alone Just like I did yesterday Just like I’m going to do the day after The whoring isn’t fun for me and it’s been killing me for years so please give it a rest dig?” Only fighting and sex can calm him enough to keep the beast under control but he hates himself afterwards And Rhage is actually so selfless despite some of his actions He cares for his brothers a lot he’s ready to do anything for them ready to endure any kind of torture for the sake of them and now Mary’sHis backstory is also interesting Here we have a young man blessed with godlike looks herculean strength and almost endless energy smart as they come and charming as fuck so what does he do after his transition? He’s drunk on power He fucks his way through life and abuses of his recently acuired gifts for years until he’s introduced to the Brotherhood and then he kills a bird “It was a barn owl One of those lovely white barn owls I can still see the red stain as its blood seeped onto its feathers When I picked up the bird and felt its light weight in my hands I realized that carelessness was a form of cruelty See I’d always told myself that because I meant no harm anything that happened wasn’t my fault At that moment though I knew I was wrong If I hadn’t given the female my gun the bird wouldn’t have been shot I was responsible even though I didn’t pull the trigger” That’s when the Scribe Virgin curses him with the beast “She cursed me and since then anytime I get out of control the beast comes out In a way it’s really the perfect punishment It’s taught me to regulate my energy my moods It’s taught me to respect the conseuences of all my actions Helped me understand the power in my body in a way I never would have otherwise” It says a lot of him to see things that way now he’s grown up so much since all of that and despite the persona he shows to everyone he’s really matureThat what makes him perfect for Mary Luce I think She’s a survivor and a helper She was with her mother when she got sick and died she decides to help others and she became a therapist for autistic children and she loved her job but then she got leukemia and almost die though she clinically died a couple of times She’s been in remission for a couple years and she volunteers part time on a Suicide Prevention Hotline She doesn’t take crap form anyone she always has a smile ready and she doesn’t make excuses for herself or anyone elseOf all of the things I love about Mary is the fact that she’s so open to everything She doesn’t judge people that easily and when she does she tries to vanish that feeling She’s fearless and tough and she is just so so good And you know I usually don’t like honest to god good characters but Mary is legit awesome She could not rely on him for comfort not even in this moment Her life depended on her keeping it together and there was a slippery slope to tears If she started crying now she wasn’t going to stop in the days and weeks ahead God knew the hard inner core of her had been the only thing that had gotten her through the last time she’d been sick If she lost that resolve she had no power whatsoever against the diseaseMary wiped her eyesNot again she thought She would not lose it in front of him again She’s fought alone for years now that having someone watch her die like she saw her mother that’s something she can’t stand She’s willing to give herself the good parts to people but her illness is hers only Trusting Rhage and trusting he can handle it and love her even when she’s sick is her biggest battle “And you don’t want me going through that?”“No I don’t I don’t want that for either of us I’d rather you remember me the way I am now And I’d rather remember us the way we’ve been I’m going to need some happy places to go”“I want to be there for you”“And I don’t need that I’m not going to have the energy to put up a front And painpain makes people change” Once she fully understood Rhage and their feelings she let go It was a breaking point to admit she was going to be worse and worse and he was going to be there for herBoth she and Rhage have their insecurities for her was her illness and the fact that she was going to become someone she doesn’t want to and for him was the fact that he had a dangerous ugly side and how could someone see past that? How can he be worthy of someone after everything he’s done?So they find in each other exactly what they’re looking for and way Oh and they’re very sexy together Rhage man he’s a sensual male He knows what he wants and how to take it and make you beg for but his confidence and utterly devotion make him ten thousand better And Mary? She looks so innocent and sweet but she also likes control she loves watching him fall apart overwhelming with pleasure She gives and she demands and she’s the perfect balance to Rhage recklessnessNow we also had some others storylinesBella and Zsadist John Matthew Butch and Marissa and Phury’sI like Bella I like her a lot She’s proper an aristocrat woman who is reserved but she goes after what she wants She’s been taken care of her whole life and she craves for adventures an affair with the dark side and she finds Zsadist view spoilerI’M SO READY TO RE READ THEIR BOOK OMG OMG I CAN’T BREATHE hide spoiler

  6. Christy Christy says:

    Rhage’s story was nothing like I expected it to be It was so much better Rhage is also known as ‘Hollywood’ to the other warriors of the BDB He is the best looking of the bunch and is with a different girl or girls every night He is also the first one ready for a fight But he has his reasons He was cursed to live with ‘the beast’ for 200 years and he has 91 years left to go What people don’t know about Rhage is he doesn’t love using all the women fighting all the time It’s just what he has to do Fighting and sex were the only two releases that brought him down and he used them like a diabetic with insulin Mary is a thirty one year old human who is a cancer survivor She works and voulenteers at a suicide prevention hotline She mostly keeps busy and keeps to herself She befriends a boy John Matthew who can hear but not speak Mary knows ASL so it works out well for the two of them Mary’s neighbor Bella comes over one night and meets John She knows what John will be and calls the BDB Mary comes to the BDB to act as a translator for John There she meets Rhage Mary knows something is different about Rhage She also knows how good looking he is She is just average nothing special but for some reason Rhage wants her From the first moment he hears Mary’s voice he knows He knows she is it for him He wants her and he will do anything he can to get her and keep her Mary is hesitant to say the least after she finds out her cancer is back she doesn’t want to be close to anyone and she still can’t understand why someone like Rhage would even be interested in her But he is And he is persistent For the first time Rhage wants someone not just for sex but to be with to love “I know all about you and everything I see is beautiful Everything I see is mine”
“I’m not yours”“Fine If I can't have you then you do the taking Have all of me part of me a small piece whatever you want Just please have something” Rhage will do anything for Mary and to be with Mary Even if it means defying the brotherhood Which he does than once He even has to go through a rythe from the brotherhood which he does willingly He would do anything to keep Mary Rhage completely changes his ways He wants to be different for Mary Mary brings out the best in Rhage but she also brings out something else The beast The beast wants Mary just as much as Rhage and instead of going away like the past when he has been intimate it comes out Luckily they find a way to make it work Bruce and V chaining Rhage down that what a scene The beast likes Mary it wants her She’s the only thing that can calm it “How can you stand to have me near you? The only thing I can't handle is your leaving” Things are good for a while But Mary gets sicker and sicker There is nothing Rhage can do to help her And the war with the Lesser’s is still going on and one of them has a captured a close friend the last 20 25% of this book was intense Rhage and Mary’s story was beautiful heartbreaking inspiring and sexy So much better than the first Rhage broke my heart He is not the cocky womanizer the first book displayed he is so much that that I absolutely adored him Mary’s story was heart wrenching as well She was strong a survivor and the perfect mate for Rhage I was than a little emotional while reading this one I have a feeling the next book is going to be any better Z Z Z If that is possible The best PNR I’ve read in a long time “You know you were never the possessive type before”
“Thats because I never had something I wanted to keep”

  7. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line Ah hell V you're killing meLOVER ETERNAL is Rhage's story and oh man are we in for a treat Such a perfect heartbreaking romance Continuing directly after Dark Lover we find The Black Dagger Brotherhood now living together in Darius's mansion Wrath has stepped up to the throne with his ueen Beth by his side as the battle with the Lessers continuesOne of the things I loved about the book is that we get to know all the brother's a whole lot better here their uniue personalities along with all their uirks fears and flaws The constant teasing and smart ass comments are hilarious and the bond between the men instills in us a true sense of family Rhage as this books hero is a great character With a boyish style of charm he's funny sexy and fiercely loyal Throw in the playboy model good looks and yes he's every woman's fantasy except for one small thing Rhage has been cursed by the Scribe Virgin and now bears the mark of a dragon inside and out The only way for him to keep the beast uiet is with violence or sex and Rhage hates himself for it Struggling each day to keep from harming those closest to him because once the beast gets out its so violent and unpredictable that even the Brothers fear for their lives Mary has been fighting a curse of her own and fears that the cancer which robbed her of her looks and youth may have returned She is in her own words nothing special plain and past her prime with a body battered by chemotherapy When she befriends a young mute boy named John Mathew her life changes forever Bella Mary's friend and neighbour recognizes the boy as one of her own a pre transitioned vampire and strangely baring the mark of a warrior Acting as John Mathew's translator Mary finds herself at the Brotherhood mansion where she meets Rhage He is instantly attracted to her coming on strong although she can't understand what he sees in her On their first date Mary assumes he's being polite and just wants to be friends but as Rhage continues to pursue her she is thrown into the world of the paranormal For Rhage Mary is IT Her voice soothes him and he finds her to be the most beautiful interesting woman he's ever met wanting her like no other before but unfortunately his beast wants her too After being told repeatedly to `scrub' Mary's memories and defying direct orders Rhage ultimately must pay the price for his insubordination and this is uite the scene as the Brother's are forced to perform a `rythe' a ritual where the recipient is struck by a weapon without defending himself However this turns out to be only the first of his many sacrifices for Mary Rhage and Mary's love story is well done heartbreakingly sweet but also erotic as hell As Mary attempts to `tame' the chained beast while Butch and V stand guard I honestly didn't know if they were going to get there HEA until the last few pages and Rhage's final meeting with the Scribe Virgin contains an absolutely heart wrenching scene that kept me gasping as I know her enjoyment of sacrifice Throughout this story we have of course go back and forth to the Lessers who have set up a torture facility and a side plot develops which finds Bella irresistibly drawn to Zsadist He of course pushes her away but not before allowing us a glimpse of softness within 'the cold one' Phury warns her to leave him alone explaining that his twin is ruined not broken but when the Lessers kidnap Bella's it's Zsadist who makes it his personal mission to find her Setting up the premise for the next book in this fantastic series Lover Awakened and this story is not to be missed This series just gets better and better and if you like your paranormal romance than I can't recommend LOVER ETERNAL enough

  8. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    Warning this one should take a while So go do whatever it is you have to do grab a picnic a bottle of vodka should do and take a deep breath Here we goBe glad and rejoice dear friends and enemies for my PNR allergy has come back full force Well no that's not exactly right It's my romance allergy that's alive and kicking And I have JR Ward to thank for it yay Because seriously this book? It's so packed with romantic crap that it would break even the most hardened of serial killersWhen I started reading this luuurrrrrve masterpiece I was prepared to love it Hey you there no fainting ok? You did enough of that after Dark Lover happened Time to manwomanwhatever up You are strong You can do this Anyway where was I? Oh yes I was prepared to love this book Belief suspended to the power of 100 and all that Only that there is only so much I can take I am a cold hearted cynic after all and attacking me with an army of fluffy bunnies and pastel colored rainbows is guaranteed to unleash the homicidal maniac in me In my Dark Lover review I pointed out all the things that should have made me want to throw the book across the room in complete exasperation and utter desperation but didn't For this book I shall therefore list all the things that should have made me want to throw the book across the room in complete exasperation and utter desperation but didn't Because I was reading on my Kindle and didn't want to break it in a fit of sugar shock induced violence① Welcome to the greatest pity party on earthPlease meet I'm Not Worthy Mary and Woe Is Me Rhage she is annoying as hell has no self respect on that later and whines 247 He revels in self pity and has as much charisma as a cardboard box which is uite ironic for a guy nicknamed Hollywood ← and the award for the silliest names nicknames ever goes toJR Ward Congratulations the winner is you Such a delightful couple these two They really are a match made in heaven ② Holy Bloody Mary Mother of GodMary Mary Mary What should we do with you? You must be one of the most exasperating female characters I've ever come across You know JR Ward the whole I'm so ugly and boring and uninteresting and a burden and Rhage only wants to be friends with me ha figures and why would Rhage want to be with someone like me when he can have the hottest chicks in the universe act gets old really fast And when I say really fast I mean REALLY FAST ✉ Private message to Mary stop thinking start humping Or grinding Or whatever You get the ideaNot only does Mary have no self esteem whatsoever she also has absolutely no self respect Isn't she a dream come true? Get this her mateboyfriendwhatever you know the guy she's not good enough for refuses to have sex with her I could tell you why but spoilers He goes off to have sex with some unknown chick in a bar he's classy like that ← yes people who have read this book I know he supposedly HAS to do this view spoilerpersonally I would have gone and killed a few things instead but it's his life not mine hide spoiler

  9. Mo Mo says:

    45 starsI must say I really enjoyed this one Only book 2 so we have a long journey to takeRhage was great was built like a monster but was a puppy in reality The only thing I can’t handle is your leaving I loved HIS love for Mary How he wasn’t afraid to shed tearsThis one was sad in parts funny in parts romantic in parts scary in parts “The front door flew open and Mary shot out of the house jumping off the porch not even bothering with the steps to the ground She ran over the frost laden grass in her bare feet and threw herself at him grabbing on to his neck with both arms She held him so tightly his spine crackedShe was sobbing Bawling Crying so hard her whole body was shakingHe didn't ask any uestions just wrapped himself around herI'm not okay she said hoarsely between breaths RhageI'm not okay” “I will not fall in love with you she said I can't let myself I won'tThat's all right I'll love you enough for the both of us” Of course we got to meet all the Brothers again and Butch yes I still love Butch He and V are a hoot “You're getting into some kind of shape copAw come on now Butch grinned Don't let that shower we took go to your headRhage fired a towel at the male Just pointing out your beer gut's goneIt was a Scotch pot And I don't miss it So onwards and upwards to start reading

  10. ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ says:

    RHAGE's story is only 199 on right now One of my favorites in the series I even like Mary PhttpswwwLover Eternal Previous postThis is my second time reading this and while I did skim through the Lessers sections I am keeping my original rating The Lessers serve to give the Brothers a villain to battle and some ass to kick I didn't feel it was necessary to re read those sections But the romance between Rhage and Mary was still fantastic and perfect for a good PNRIf you don't like romance and get annoyed by tropes you'll probably hate this It's got the mega alpha male who is stalkerish in the beginning and the seemingly submissive female who ends up being strong and his eual Mary did have a legitimate reason for her low self esteem and doubts And Rhage had good reasons for the way he acted before meeting Mary too I am much lenient for some reason with PNR compared to regular romances and this one still works for meI might add later but this is still a favorite old school PNR comfort read for me Original postWhile I wait and wait and wait for my re read of Dark Lover with Sarah who will probably hate it and the MacHalo group on October 22 2015 I've decided to re read Rhage's bookYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Let the sexy times beginImage from Deviant Art by michy0828

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