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  1. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    I enjoyed this book just as I have enjoyed all the Lora Leigh books I've read but I've yet to read one of hers that thoroughly captured me I guess it's just something about her writing that doesn't completely engage me in the storiesThough this book is the eighth book in the Bound Hearts series it can be read as a stand alone with no problems The characters are all new as far as I can remember and the basic premise of the series is easy to understand reading the beginning of this book So if you considering reading this book you can do it without reading the backlistthough I do recommend reading them They're greatIn this story John Mac McCoy and Jethro Riggs both came from traumatic childhoods that scarred them emotionally They spent years as FBI partnersand as partners as another sort Both enjoyed threesomes and whenever one was involved with a woman the other was inevitably invited to join It soothed the darkness inside them and built a bond stronger than bloodThen Jethro met Keiley and though he'd never admit it he fell in love But he didn't believe he could give her what she neededshe was innocence personified after all so he steered her toward his best friend Mac instantly fell for her and the two soon married Mac had every intention of inviting Jethro into their bedeventuallybut not until Keiley was ready for it She was too battered emotionally too innocent to jump into a menage too uickly So to separate himself from his old life he resigns his membership in Ian Sinclair's Club a place where men who enjoyed threesomes could gather uit job as an FBI agent and moved Keiley back to his farm in his hometownNow three years later Mac sense Keiley is finally ready for Jethro to join themthough she'd never outright admit it She's too afraid of what others will think a result of her father's betrayal So he sets out to seduce her into it What neither Keiley nor Jethro know though is that Mac has no intention of this being a temporary thing He plans for Jethro to stay permanentlyI think this is the most well rounded of the Bound Hearts books yet Which is not surprising given that it's the first full length mainstream release the previous ones being short Ellora's cave books The characters have much depth the emotions solid the storyline prominent Which makes this story much realAnd I'm always a fan of Menage HEA stories I enjoy reading about people who aren't afraid to step outside the norm to find their happiness So that part of this story gets two thumbs up from meThe beginning started out a little slow It seemed to keep circling around the same thing the emergence of Mac darker sexuality and Keiley's confusion a little too much But once Jethro joins in the story it gets interestingI didn't uite like Mac's manipulativeness For three years he hides a part of his nature from his wife Keiley had an idea it was there but she was given reason to believe he'd put those desires behind him I just thought it was kinda wrong Then the way he brought Jethro injust inviting him their deciding they'd seduce her into itI don't know it didn't seem uite right But it wasn't a huge deal for me Just a minor thingThe sex was whew Super hot stuff there I thought Leigh did a great job conveying Keiley's emotions and confusion over the situation It was very realistic And I loved Jethro Dark brooding heroes always suck me in ;There is also a nice suspense angle to the book One of Mac's cases comes back to haunt them the Playboy stalker And Mac and Jethro have to figure out who he is before Keiley's life is endangered It gave the story a little meat to it so it wasn't all about sex And then there was the vengeful woman from Mac's past causing havoc Another nice angleSo overall this was an enjoyable book and a great addition to the series It didn't make it to a five star rating for meand I'm not even sure whybut it was definitely a solid four star If you've read the other Bound Hearts book then I think you'll definitely like this one And if you just like Menage HEA books then this is one to try

  2. Mahlet Mahlet says:

    This took me awhile to get through for 2 reasons 1 the character Mac was pissing me off I felt he was forcing his wife into a ménage relationship without much discussion So I uit and re read another book 2 unrelated to book see below While the book was definitely hot and I'll certainly read Lora Leigh again I had some difficulty especially in the beginning In addition to Keiley's husband bothering me I also found Keiley to be a little unbelievable If Mac would speak to her in a certain tone nip her in a certain way Keiley often said like he never has before She was constantly amazed by this dark side of her husband that she never knew Apparently Mac a man who engaged EXCLUSIVELY in ménages and kinky sex for YEARS has been nothing but sweet and tender having just vanilla sex with his wife of 3 years I took issue with this Thankfully Jethro my favorite character of the book shows up pretty early I love the struggles between Jethro and Keiley They start to fall for each other but Keiley feels like she's betraying her husband while Jethro feels he's betraying his best friend Their first scene together alone was sizzling hot and I enjoyed their guilt that followed In addition to the hot three way action there's a stalker with his sights on Keiley that adds some nice suspense Plus there's a vindictive society princess who lusts after Mac and tries to make Keiley's life hell I am so glad I stuck with this book I plan on reading Wicked Pleasures before year’s end

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    What I like about Lora Leigh books is they go beyond the hot scenes with kinky fantasy guys they have plots and characters and visual settings This one has a well done stalker plot although I'm not sure the bad guy's hiding place is very feasible The romance plot starts 3 years into a marriage where the hero has been treating the heroine like a 19th century maiden very vanilla even though that is not his usual taste Now he's bringing along his darker tastes without discussing any of this with her and expects her to adjust and accept He is manipulating her to accept Jethro hard to take that name too seriously into their bed with the eventual hope to make the menage permanent Again he does not discuss this with her OR Jethro The romance plot is further complicated with small town innuendo and gossipPersonally I liked Jethro a whole lot better Mac needed to be smacked on occasionVery useful book if you need to steam the wallpaper off the walls

  4. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Eighth in the Bound Hearts erotic romance series The threesome focus is on Keiley Mac and Jethro Riggs and yeah a bit out of the main stream for this series as this story takes place on Mac's family farm in North CarolinaMy TakeThis is my favorite of the series I think it's the kitchenno seriously I like this one for the depth to which Leigh takes the characters It's of a psychological exploration with the protagonists with the added sensuality of the sex as well as a peep at what makes a serial stalker tick I doubt we could ever learn what makes a woman like Delia thinkThere's such an amazing sweetness in this story so much caring between Mac Keiley and Jethro but also between them and the McCoys' friends in Scotland Neck All three of them are highly moral people; they just have a bit of a kink I just love how all their friends rally round even Mr Staten A nice combination of decent people scary suspense and hot dominant loving I like Kei's feisty approach to Mac and their friends especially that Maxine What a firecracker she is Neither Kei nor Maxine take any shit from anyone and they are so supportive of each otherMac is so sneaky He knows very well what Jethro is expecting when he summons him to be his third And Mac and we know what he really intends Keiley is fascinated by the idea but she worries about how it could affect her love for Mac How wrong it is to move beyond a mental fantasy and make it a reality Oh man when you read the back history on each of the primary protagonistsyou just wanna cry I think Jethro's experience was the worst I just can't imagine family doing something like this to one anotherI really only have one whine and that's when Max takes Keiley to task for missing meetings I'm missing something As far as I can tell Keiley only missed one meeting What's the big deal?The StoryMac and Kei have been married a few years now Just long enough for them to be a bit too comfortable For Mac to miss the options available through the Sinclair Club For Kei to start wondering actively about the rumors she had heard about Mac About Jethro To wonder what it would be likeThen Kei starts losing things A dress she can't find A comb going missing Perfume a pen Nothing you'd notice in the normal span of life Little things that don't mean anything unless it's part of a stalker's routineThe ladies' organization to which Kei belongs has been planning their annual fair to raise money for charitable causes and two of its leading lights are Victoria Staten and her daughter in law Delia Staten Victoria befriended Mac decades ago Giving him an outlet away from his abusive father Delia Delia is another story Oh she befriended Mac too years ago But she's a viper out to hurt anyone she can and Mac got away before she could get her teeth into him Now he's back With a wife Not that that could stop Delia StatenThen there's Mac's old partner from the FBI Jethro Riggs It hasn't been the same for Jethro since Mac retired Got married Without Mac's warming influence Jethro has been getting colder and remote More enforced leaves of absence from the agency for unprovoked violence With this latest forced leave and Mac's sexual restlessness Mac asks Jethro to come down for a visit A visit that both excites and terrifies KeiThe CharactersKeiley Hardin McCoy is a computer analysis and programming expert who works from home She's fit into Mac's old hometown uite well serving on a number of committees and participating in the community She's extremely sensitive to gossip due to what her parents put her throughJohn Mac McCoy is a former FBI agent who specialized in undercover sex crimes along with Jethro Riggs an FBI agent who spends time on suspension than actually working Joseph McCoy had been Mac's father and totally irrational and vicious Debra was Mac's timid mother Ian Sinclair is the man who introduced Mac to the joys of sharing Wes Bridges is the trainer Mac employs on the farm Pappy is an old farm dog who moved on in when Mac and Keiley moved inMaxine Bright has become Keiley's best friend since she moved to Scotland Neck; her husband Joseph is a banker and a former cop Maxine's sister Fayrene is insisting that her husband Chase Sinclair a Ranger home recuperating invite his Army buddy for the summer Tobias Blackwood is the young friend his father insisted he bring round for dinner; now he's the sheriffDelia Staten is a bitch and she's never forgiven Mac for leaving town over fifteen years ago without her Robert Staten is her husband running the various family enterprises Victoria Leia Staten is Delia's mother in law and the most influential woman in the county I can't tell who Jethro's direct boss is it's either Director Richard Williams or Director Scarborough; I do know both are mighty sick of Jethro Dell is a fellow FBI agent and investigating the stalker they've nicknamed the Playboy Stalker Cameron is head of security for Sinclair's Club and Jethro's cousin; he's offered Jethro a job anytime he wants to leave the FBI He's seriously considering it Chet Waterson had a party with some very revealing pictures posted Gladsteen is a networking expert; she'll explode a swath through the countyThe CoverThe cover feels very much like Mac and Kei with its narrow revealment reflecting the serial stalker preying upon Kei The title is totally accurate as well with all that Kei has thought forbidden for her peace of mind for the antics she Mac and Jethro engage upon the exposureThe title is too accurate for Keiley's scruples cause her to believe this is a Forbidden Pleasure

  5. C Joy C Joy says:

    This is my favorite book in the Bound Hearts series so far It's very different from the previous books in the sense of the story I liked the story the mystery and suspense The way the characters were described delved into and developed were really convincing Lora Leigh brought the characters to life she brought out their innermost desires they were introduced accordingly and she certainly took time in telling the story not that the pace was slow but because the focus here is of emotion rather than lust although that's a huge part of it tooMac tried to ignore his sexual hunger for three years so as not to scare his wife Keiley away Keiley the pure and innocent virgin who married him has recently been restless but she's not really clueless about Mac's membership in The Club She pushed and prodded until they had that little exhibitionist episode against the old tractor then suddenly it's time Enter Jethro the third It gets exciting afterwardsThe author's excellent writing style really showed Keiley's confusion her hesitations and finally her admission to love another man than her husband I really didn't understand what all these menages are all about but I liked how clearly everything was explained what works for each character how Mac feels complete whenever he sees Keiley being pleasured by his best friend Jethro the man he trusts the mostI also like the angle of the mystery stalker it added the thrills each character's background was explained Mac's history whis father Keiley's ostracism because of her parents' doings and Jethro's acceptance of being rejected by everyone since his youth The best part is how they found each other how they fill up each other's pieces how the relationship would work and I liked how loose ends were tied Sex scenes were the best I really appreciate the no bondage routine a little spanking is good too They were passionate erotic and downright naughty and I loved them

  6. Holly Holly says:

    I absolutely love Lora Leigh but this incredibly hot read is one of my favorites the idea of two men worshiping you like Jethro and Mac do with Keiley is the ultimate in yummy fantasy IMO anyway Loved it would highly recommend

  7. Elena Elena says:

    It was definitely a steamy read so no complaints there However the way it was written Keily just seemed to be peer pressured into this weird menage so it doesn't seem healthy to me First off Mac starts off extremely annoying keeping his distance telling her how to dress no short shorts so as to not provoke him why not? He is her husband should they not be indulging in their sexualities instead of restraining them? So she is making him lunch and he is outside working on the farm ? and she has to beg him to come and eat but he is just SOOOOO aroused he can't bear to be near her? Just have sex with your wife what's the problem??? I just did not get why he couldn't be sexual with her why did he force himself to keep everything so vanilla for so long married 3 years? but then out of nowhere so abruptly push her into being with another man when she was clearly unsure of it It just seemed as someone already said that he needed a lot of therapy and not the sexual kind

  8. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 stars Romantic SuspenseEroticaMenageI love author Lora Leigh and I had high expectations for this based on reviews I’ve read Although I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as her Tempting SEALs and Elite Ops novels it’s still a blistering hot read with plenty of angst and an uber alpha male that’s typical of Leigh’s style My biggest issue with this story is that I didn’t like either of the main characters or find their lovemarriage at all believable The female protagonist Keiley was whiny and annoying and Mac was so controlling and dominating that it bordered on abusive not sexy in the least I did like the third character Jethro who supplied some much needed comic relief Like all of Leigh’s books it’s got some seriously steamy sex scenes but it just didn’t affect me as strongly as her other books have Overall it’s mainly worth reading for the hotness

  9. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews says:

    So i read this one yesterdayAnd i really enjoyed the hot steamy scenes they were very goodBut i dunno i just couldn't get into the story i mean i loved that fact there was HEA at the endBut my concern was thatShe end up Loving Both of these menI like Mac and Jethrobut i would have liked to see Jethro get his own WomenI understand that they complete each other the 3 of them yada yada yada but i couldn't get past the fact she was completely in love with Machubby and then when Jethro comes for a visit and gets to be there third and then she started falling for him to i was like EhNoLMAOAnd then the whole if they had kids who would be the fatherand would they eventually get hurt It was a very mixed feeling book for meMy first too i love everything i read most of the time getting 3 stars is not that bad

  10. Laura Wright Laura Wright says:

    I don't know how this woman manages to make me love a threesome but she does

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Forbidden Pleasure ➵ Forbidden Pleasure Download ➾ Author Lora Leigh – People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club But only its members—many of them Washington insiders—know the truth That it’s a place where men can share their women with a carefully selected People have heard fleeting rumors about The Club But only its members—many of them Washington insiders—know the truth That it’s a place where men can share their women with a carefully selected male partner Former FBI John “Mac” McCoy resigned his Club membership when he married Keiley Hardin Tempting and innocent sweet and sexy she would never accept Mac’s desire to share her with another man Still Mac’s fantasies of sharing Keiley haunt his dreams And his passionsUnable to wait any longer Mac invites his best friend Jethro Riggs to his home with the intention of drawing Keiley into the pleasures that only be achieved when two men love the same woman But there’s going on in Mac’s neck of the woods than he could have possibly imagined A past case involving a stalker who likes to play games has turned up again—and this time Keiley is the target Passion pleasure and fear combine as the forbidden becomes an addiction—and none of them can escape.

  • Trade Paperback
  • 335 pages
  • Forbidden Pleasure
  • Lora Leigh
  • English
  • 09 June 2016
  • 9780312368715

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Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.