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Fat Tuesday ➳ [Reading] ➶ Fat Tuesday By Sandra Brown ➩ – Liversite.co.uk Cop Burke Basile has nothing left to lose Marriage and career over, he focuses on nemesis Pinkie Duvall, flamboyant lawyer who saves killers from justice Burke kidnaps Remy, Pinkie s trophy wife Their Cop Burke Basile has nothing left to lose Marriage and career over, he focuses on nemesis Pinkie Duvall, flamboyant lawyer who saves killers from justice Burke kidnaps Remy, Pinkie s trophy wife Their attraction is electric Remy will do anything to save her innocent sister, still in her alumni convent school On Fat Tuesday, masks are stripped away.

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  1. ♥Sharon♥ ♥Sharon♥ says:

    After a very slow start, I ended up really enjoying this one I do have to say though, if you are already a Sandra Brown fan I m guessing you ll enjoy it too but if you have never read any of her books, this one might not be the best one to start with.Anywhoooo, in Fat Tuesday we meet Burke Basile and Remy Duvall I d be amiss if I didn t mention the rather repulsive Pinkie Duvall and Wayne Bardo too These two just bugged the crap out of me There was not one thing I like about them but I am sure that was the point of their characters.The setting is New Orleans of course with the title Fat Tuesday and the story encompasses the beauty and excitement that surrounds the people there There is corruption going on in the N O P D that has caused people to be on edge Burke Basile, a narcotics officer, has suffered the loss of his partner at his own hands The courts have returned no justice so he decides to take matters into his own hands He separates himself from the police force and sets out on his on vendetta.Burke was your typical SB bad tempered yet sexy hero Not much was going his way and where he had found happiness in the past was no longer there for him When he decides to seek vengeance again Pinkie Duvall he winds up taking on a partner that makes him a bit edgy and ends up playing a role that he had no business doing But it was a way to get to the one person that Pinkie controlled and worshipped His wife Remy Remy there was a certain innocence about her Though being married to Pinkie would lead you to think differently They guy was ruthless but Remy had bought her freedom with him He was her and her sister s way out of a life that only brought her shame As Burke s plan for vengeance starts to unfold some things go as planned while other things do not Keeping Remy at his fishing cabin on the edge of a Louisiana swamp gave them the leverage to lure Pinkie in but it also put him in a situation where he would be tempted Burke lusted after Remy and didn t want to desire her the way he did It would be a battle he d end up losing In the last 20% of the book things get absolutely crazy The suspense heightened and there a few twists and turns Sandra Brown always has the knack for throwing in something unexpected and I love that I also love how the side characters are constantly throughout the book and not just popping up within a few scenes Gregory, Ruby and Dredd all added that little extra something.

  2. Mo Mo says:

    I should do my reviews straight away LOL, I know I liked it but not sure if it was a 4 or 5 star read I read it over 3 weeks ago I know, I know, my memory is dreadful It was good though, I do remember that Burke Basile is a cop with nothing left to lose Haunted by his partner s death, his marriage and his career over, he focuses on his nemesis, Pinkie Duvall, a flamboyant attorney who helps killers evade justice Burke s shocking revenge centers around kidnapping Remy, the lawyer s trophy wife But Burke hasn t planned on the electric attraction he ll feel for this desperate woman, who rose from the slums of New Orleans to marry a man she can never love Nor can he predict the fierce duel that will explode as the clock ticks toward midnight on Fat Tuesday, when all masks will be stripped away and Burke must confront his own terrifying secret With that, his lips searched blindly for hers He kissed her hard, crushing her mouth first at one angle, then another, and yet another He was awkward, clumsy even But ravenous men eat gracelessly

  3. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review was written October 9, 2018 4 Stars Thrilling good and perfect for me todayI listened to the 13 30 hours audiobook narrated by Jack Garrett Always glad to be back to a romantic suspense book by Sandra Brown Two and a half hour in and I was hooked to the story, liked these main characters and enjoyed listening to this for me new narrator Fat Tuesday is from 1997 and is the story about the cop Burke Basile who wants to get revenge A, in his opinion, very corrupt and evil lawyer has cost him both his best police colleague s life and at last also Burke s own beloved job Desperate it seems like a good idea to kidnapp the lawyers young and beautiful trophy wife Remy Duvall Or isn t it She is extremely attractive and Burke feels it What to say Simply another good enough romantic suspense as always from Ms Brown I truly enjoy them every time Evil men with next to unbelievable huge black nasty hearts, good brave guys, elegant intelligent heroines and a dream alpha hero All kisses are intensely hot and you can always hope for a sincerely romantic ending Favorites I LIKE to listening to SB books

  4. -ya -ya says:

    The villain was a completely deranged psycho.The heroine was boring.The hero was unstable.I had a hard time believing the roles of these three characters in book Also, there wasn t any strong connection between H h No chemistry whatsoever The mystery did help move story forward, but everything else seemed flat This book was not a good read for me.

  5. Carol Storm Carol Storm says:

    I ve seen Sandra Brown s novels around for years, but I always avoided them, probably because I was afraid there would be too much boring police work and icky crime scenes like in Laura Griffin s technically excellent but romantically dull TRACER series and not enough hot blooded sex and steamy sexual tension Well, I was really wrong to avoid Sandra Brown, because FAT TUESDAY is an amazing book And yet what shocked me as I kept on reading was that I loved this book precisely because it s NOT a romance novel Over and over I saw things happen that NEVER happen in a romance novel The hero and heroine are BOTH married to other people as the story opens Neither of them are virgins Burke Basile is a bored, resentful cop, and he s very frank about how much he hates married life and how little respect he has for his wife When he catches her cheating with the local football coach, he beats the crap out of the guy, and calls his wife every name in the book Stuff like that just doesn t happen in romance novels Remy the heroine starts out as a weak willed, passive trophy wife, married to a sleazy lawyer At first I thought Pinky Duvall would be a funny crooked lawyer, like Saul Goodman on BREAKING BAD, my all time favorite TV show But no Pinkie Duvall is slimy all right, but he s also deadly He s a defense lawyer who has half the cops in New Orleans on his payroll, and he s got his hooks into everything dirty that happens in the city, from drugs to prostitution Nobody crosses him, certainly not his terrified and weak willed wife I loved Pinkie because he s the opposite of the usual romance novel villain who s either a sniveling weakling or a crazed psycho Pinkie has the brain power to build up a whole empire based on sin, and he has every kind of sinister henchman you can imagine, from slimy sex offenders who like to play with knives to gigantic brutes who break skulls like walnuts to high ranking cops who lose their souls while trying to bring him down So when Burke Basile gets framed for shooting his partner and Pinky Duvall gets the real killer off the hook, it s not like a romance novel at all I mean, Remy is stunning and Burke is so turned on by her he actually masturbates in her honor while lying in the bathtub drinking whiskey after he quits the police force and walks out on his wife This stuff was so nasty I nearly had a heart attack It wasn t romantic, but it was almost terrifyingly real and dirty and sexy all at the same time So then, Burke has nothing to lose, and he decides he might as well kidnap Remy, and when Pinky Duvall s goons come after him, he s just going to kill as many of them as he can before they get him Sort of like a plains Indian making his last stand What shocked me was that as Remy and Burke got to know each other things really did become romantic, but not in the usual way of romance novels I mean, the two of them have really, really good reasons to hate each other and they re not shy about throwing all kinds of horrible and true accussations right into each other s faces But once they re out there all alone in the endless bayous of Louisiana, each one starts to realize the other one is far complicated than they thought And when Pinky finally comes after them he finds he has two enemies instead of one, each one far formidable now that they re working together I loved this book so much because it had a much stronger villain than most romance novels, a much realistic view of cops and criminals, and a much suspenseful plot with a lot of twists and turns I also loved the supporting cast, several of whom were so charismatic they just jumped off the page and made me wish I would see them again in some other book My favorites were Remy s kid sister Flarra, so flirty and innocent and full of life, and Dredd, the Cajun swamp rat with the sinister past I also loved Gregory James, the timid sex offender who becomes a most unlikely hero He was a bit of a gay stereotype, but I loved his redemption all the same And he totally reminded me of Richard Peed in Stephen Hunter s DIRTY WHITE BOYS But my favorite supporting character hands down was Madame Ruby, who runs a very, very refined and expensive bordello, and who manages to come across as both elegant and ruthless She has ice water in her veins when it comes to fighting for her business, yet when she s dealing with her young girls she comes across as strict and firm but also caring and almost motherly I would love to see her in some other book So summing it all up, I never even thought of reading Sandra Brown before I read FAT TUESDAY, and now I can t believe how much I was missing

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    First part of the book is slow but it picks up after 150 pages or so

  7. Amy Metz Amy Metz says:

    Ridiculous is the word that comes to my mind for this book I like Sandra Brown, I really do I ve read a lot of her books and have loved them Which is why I chose this one because of her name and my past experience with her books But I wasted my money She insulted my intelligence with this book, and I m not that intelligent It angers me that a bestselling author can put out stuff like this And I will be wary of future books by her, which is a shame The male mc is a mean, cantankerous, unlovable vigilante Why would we like him I didn t Why would we root for him I didn t The female mc is a little sympathetic, but doesn t seem real The villain was a true bad guy, but he was so bad, I got tired of him fast There was no mystery except who was the mole in the police department which turned out to be ridiculous There was no thriller None There was no romance until 3 4 of the way in SPOILER when the two main characters who up until then hated each other suddenly did a 180 and fell madly in love Ridiculous I m not even sure you could call it a romance The first time he saw her he thought she looked like a hooker he repeatedly called her a whore to her face He kidnapped her and held her hostage in a swamp But suddenly, they re passionately in love Really But she s married, he says No, not really, she says She wasn t married in the church, so in her mind she s not really married and adultery is okay Really Seriously Ridiculous Contrived, unreal, unlikable, and ridiculous You ve ruined my impression of you, Sandra I don t know if I ll take a chance on you again This one was THAT bad.

  8. Julie Julie says:

    Sandra Brown is one of my favorites I had not read this one She has a lot of books It is an older title, 1989 But, it wasn t dated like many from that era can be It was an uplifting story, which has been written many times over, about a woman who is able to escape a powerful, emotionally abusive husband and find true love, but it is also a crime novel with a few big surprises along the way Romantic suspense is always a big favorite of mine, and so I really enjoyed this one If you can find a copy or if has if available for kindle, I would suggest it for all Sandra Brown fans and fans of romantic suspense.

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I won this book from Goodreads First Reads last month Once I had a day or two to read, I finished this book in one sitting The characters are interesting yet imperfect which makes the story that much interesting I found this to be a page turner with a unique premise Burke Basile, a New Orleans Detective, leaves the police department in the aftermath of a drug bust gone bad in which he accidentally kills his best friend and partner In order to get revenge against the criminal attorney he is convinced is at the helm of the drug ring, Basile decides to kidnap the attorney s trophy wife Twists and turns follow and ultimately what seems like an impossible situation to overcome ends happily.

  10. Cristina Cristina says:

    3,5 stars

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