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Pleasure Unbound ➨ Pleasure Unbound Ebook ➮ Author Larissa Ione – In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She's a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in di In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She's a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise and the head doctor Eidolon makes her body burn with unslakable desire But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers she must betray the surgeon who saved her lifeTwo lovers will dare to risk allEidolon cannot resist this fiery dangerous woman who fills him with both rage and passion Not only is she his avowed enemy but she could very well be the hunter who has been preying upon his people Torn between his need for the truth and his uest to find his perfect mate before a horrific transformation claims him forever Eidolon will dare the unthinkable and let Tayla possess him body and soul.

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  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Okay so I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I gave this book four starsPlease don't lose respect for me Hear me out Trust meI just seems antithetical I mean the name of the book is Pleasure Unbound and when my husband asked what I was reading I blushed as I revealed the book's name Then there's the cover that is really the epitome of cheap softcore porn PNRAnd the plot just seems too ridiculous He's an incubus demon she's a demon hunter who can't come when she's with a man it's like someone gave this plot device to Ione as a joke to MAKE her fail as an author A mean joke or some kind of wacky test Clearly the Mad Hatter has taken up work as a publisherBut here's the deal Despite the seemingly cheesy concept bad cover work and HORRIBLE name Ione has written something remarkably readableAllow me to demonstrateThe characters are actually interesting In some respects they do represent the mainstays of the genre He's a fuckhawt doctor and she's a kickarse Buffy clone She does ridiculously stupid things in the name of her prejudice toward demons and out of fear of her lust for him and he gets angry at her but funnels that into sex because her cooch is like crackRight We've all been there and done that in other storiesBut for once I can actually believe that this man would be a doctor He actually behaves like one which is refreshing You know what else is refreshing? The female protagonist is believably and understandably stupid as opposed to just being an idiot More than that she thinks and learns from past mistakesThey both deal with her emotional trauma together in a fairly touching way I really enjoyed the trust and respect growing between these two charactersWhat else is there you ask? Well there's a reasonable plot for starters It was interesting immersive and this book was completely fun and sexy to read You will not find any manroots or blossoming lady gardens in this book I think he sheaths himself once or twice but honestly it's a romance novel if someone doesn't sheath something at least once then I'm actually going to be disappointed Other than that the language is very modern and the lemon scenes are veryniiiiiiiiceI give Ione props for reasonable writing that flows solidlyLastly the male protagonist is uite the wet dream a handsome rich doctor who is a little anally retentive but otherwise dedicated and responsible And he has what every sexy rich charming man should haveSexy rich charming brothersWhich means I'm going to head off and read the next three books

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    Hey I just met youAnd this is crazyBut I'm gonna fck you senselessAnd tell you all my secretsI am so disappointed with this book I have no wordsWait actually I doLet me tell you what happens in the first 5% of the booka bit spoilerishThe main guy is a demon who works at a demon hospital The main woman is a slayer who is killing demons like crazy and is their arch nemesis and of course it goes the other way around as wellSo this wounded woman ends up in the demon hospital and the main demon dude treats her The next day the demon's demon brother goes into her brain and makes her have sex dreams and hallucinations The main dude of course can't help himself cause he's a sex demon and proceeds to fck the patient while she is still wounded and having hallucinations and she has absolutely no idea who he is I am thinking what the fck kind of main character is that?? One who goes on and on about his doctor's oath about helping and treating people no matter how they are but he is OK with fcking a woman who has been mentally roofied? Way to go jackassSo the first sex happened at 7% if you can call it sex there's a proper name for what happened but oh well and after it they are still enemies and she still wants to kill him so of course the most intelligent thing to do for him is to tell her all about him what his powers were what his powers currently are what his tattoos mean that he was born with and so on and so on That is the second conversation between them if you count the sex as a first conversationI don't know maybe I am too used to reading about main characters who don't suck or have a brain larger than a peanut but this simply did not work for me at allNot the idiotic romance between them not even the writing so the story was uninteresting to me as wellMy advice if you are looking for a good paranormal book with good world building with intelligent characters DON'T PICK THISIf you are only looking for smut and don't care if your characters are stupid as sht this will work perfectly fine

  3. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    DNF at 9% Because life is too short to read infuriating crap✉ Friendly message to my dear ever stalking PNR review trolls✔ YES I DNFed this at 9%✔ YES I had the audacity to rate it anyway✔ YES I had the nerve to write a so called review about it✘ NO I have no credibility as a reviewer► Be offended all you want I don't give a damnWorry not people for this is not going to be one of my never ending rambling reviews I've wasted enough time on this awe inspiring masterpiece as it isWhy did I DNF this so early? Here's why spoilers ahead deal with it and stuffSo this girl called Buffy Tayla is a demon slayer ooooooh original As the story begins she lays half dead on a demon hospital bed because yes demons have hospitals too The doc in charge is obviously a super good looking HAWT AS HELL demon called Eidolon ← I love it when MCs have Greek names Kinda makes me feel like I'm reading Socrates Or something Definitely makes me feel much intelligent and stuff So dear Buffy Tayla here is all dosed up because of her multiple wounds In comes one of HAWT AS HELL Eidolon's brothers What does he do? He gets into Buffy Tayla's little head because cool demons can do that and makes her have sex hallucinations And that's not screwed up at all Nope It's not like he's taking advantage of the fact that she's just laying there unconscious or anything Damn I love PNRI Have a Greek Name I'm So Bloody Fishing Cool and HAWT AS HELL Eidolon comes in just as dear Buffy Tayla is thrashing in her bed consumed by demon manufactured lust You'd expect Eidolon who just spent 3 pages blabbering on and on about his doctor's oath view spoiler eat your heart out Hippocrates hide spoiler

  4. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Adult Review for Erotic Content Tayla's observation 'his magic penis' Whoops excuse me I did not mean to react so strongly I meant to reply with please tell me Sothis Eidolon guy He kind of has magic spermies that do magic sperm y things to a woman If that's not going to get someone interested then I don't know what else to sayThis was fluffy cheesy good time PNR and I loved every second of it I never once rolled my eyes at the flowery sexual terms nor did I bat an eyelash at the crazy male behavior If there's one thing I expect from PNR it's that I already know I'm going to get a yummy smutty ridiculously over the top story and that's what I crave when I reach for the genre It's my comfort food version of reading where for once I don't have to stop and uestion every single action I find incredibly unrealistic I'm pretty sure that creatures with green skin and demons with horns are a dead giveaway that realism is going out the window Hooray Let the good times rollSpeaking of good timeslet's go back to the magic sperm If there's a wait list to be the test subject for this stuff SIGN ME UP The chick in this book had serious issues with even getting an O due to previous trama and she was still having the time of her life Talk about some awesome sex right?As for the world buildingit wasn't bad I had a few moments of confusion when it seemed like a lot of races and descriptions were dumped on me all at once but after a few chapters it all started coming together I can honestly say that I would prefer not to read about demons unless it's a Georgina Kincaid type of succubi so it was never my intention to read this book until a group picked it for their read Even though I'm still not comfortable with demons the concept makes me feel kind of icky I enjoyed the read enough that I might continue on with the series because I want to know about the other charactersThree cheers for snark This author has a great sense of humor I'm taking you home In a car?Only because my flaming chariot is at the shopAnd eew Dude she's a Buffy I'd sooner shove my dick into a month dead corpseYou probably have Wraith snortedYou eat fast food?Only when there's a shortage of live sheep and small childrenUGH? Your hospital is called ugh?She wondered if his apparently keen sense of smell would pick up the odor of her failing deodorantHot guy sense of humor smokin' hot sex interesting world recipe for success If you can ignore the obvious cheese which automatically goes hand in hand with the whole smutty pnr vibe you'll have a fun time

  5. Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions Bubbles Hunty Honest & Direct Opinions says:

    That glossary at beginning was helpful but it still left out a lot of words A warning I'm gaytarded and this review will reflect said gayness He doesn't need to touch her black panties to know they soaked He can smell it From across the room In her defense she has been wearing the same panties for at least two days So it's understandable they'd smell but still my fragile gay boy eyes didn't need to read thatSex at 7% I prefer build up before sex And her slippery juices shudder shouldn't she be dehydrated with the uantity of fluids leaking out of her cooter? You're so wet You smell raw ready like raw eggs or some uncooked steak? There is no way for me to pictures these smells as erotic I hate smells though the gross me out And honestly the raw vagina probably smells better than the sweaty anus I had to use the kindle dictionary to look up labia and that makes me wish kindle had a gay language so it could have said oh girl you don't even want to know Because yeah I didn't want to know Is the touchy feely homo moment over? I object to this slanderous filth If anything they were being total chicks Gays would never be so disgraceful ;I like that the author makes us feel sympathy for the poor demons being hunted by the ignorant and evil humans 69% view spoiler Gem says the people that kidnapped her parents need her ASAP because their current cutter was injured in an explosion They narrow it down to the nurse Paige but she's in a comma and can't be uestioned The explosion was in their secret parking lot and Paige kept at their hospital How would the bad guys know what happened to her? hide spoiler

  6. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    5 I don't know how many times I have reread this book STARS Eidolon is a demon and a doctor and the founder of the only demon hospital A hospital where all lucky demons can visit get well not kill each other and then run free to torture humans or not And of course in this hospital no humans are allowed since humans are the worst race that walks on earth according to the Demon Bible of course And then Eidolon's future lady Tayla Mancuso appears who is human wounded and about to die and Eidolon decides to make her feel better in every possible way deep sigh Tayla basically has three secrets 1 she likes killing demons because demons are bad ha ha2 she cannot orgasm poor Eidolon3 the last secret will be revealed while you read the book and will be a surprise for her as well I absolutely adore Eidolon He is on my top ten list of desirable paranormal guys that although I have a crush on them I do not want particularly to meet in person Eidolon is a Seminus demon a sex demon that reuires sex often in order to survive And his love partner has to be satisfied in order for him to be satisfied After a certain age he has to be bonded to a female otherwise he will lose his mind This age is approaching and Eidolon does not want to lose his mind He has endured a lot to become the first demon doctor and to build the first demon hospital Underworld General Hospital aka UGH is a perfect little world Demons –even the meanest ones are likable or at least tolerable but definitely interesting The same way some humans can be bad and this is not accepted by humans’ society some demons can be nice and this is not accepted by demons’ societyThe atmosphere of the series reminds me the TV series Angel which I used to adore Angel David Boreanaz was a vampire whose human soul was restored to him by gypsies as a punishment Epic TV seriesLarissa Ione has created a whole new world with places mythology demon names and attributes It will blow your mind if you love paranormal and you give it a chance

  7. mark monday mark monday says:

    Are you feeling emotionally blocked and bound up? Are your personal pleasures compromised by feelings of loneliness dissatisfaction murderous wrath? Is your sex life arid extra dry? DIAGNOSIS Torpid Trench SyndromeTREATMENT Treatment for TTS addresses the psychosis or delusional symptoms exhibited by lady demon slayers This often involves a combination of therapy and medication Your incubus doctor may guide you through counseling psychotherapy or role play before a diagnosis COMPLICATIONS TTS causes sufferers to engage in risky aggressive behavior In some cases this behavior can include the stalking or slaughter of poor innocent demons who are minding their own business In rare cases TTS can result in being taken to a secret demon hospital sedated and strapped down and then gently roused and aroused by a sexy incubus doctor who really fills out his scrubs and who is tenting those loose pants of his in obvious appreciation of your assets so no need to get uptight about that it's a natural reaction for humans and incubus doctors alike Untreated TTS is often associated with pointless threats running hot cold pretending you're just not that into him and strident whinese OUTLOOK TTS may only last for a few hours or days but it can continue for months or years or forever If you are a lady demon slayer and notice symptoms of TTS seek medical help right away Getting treated for Torpid Trench Syndrome is crucial in maintaining a sexy lifestyle both above ground and within the Stygian depths belowSUGGESTED MEDICATION Seminus Incubus USES This medication is used to stoke and enhance uncontrollable sexy movements andor outbursts of wordssounds Seminus Incubus is a medication that works by increasing the activity of a natural substance dopamine in the brain and by increasing other sorts of activities as well Take this medication by mouth or any orifice with or without food usually once a day or twice or thrice or however many times you can handle it in the morning or at bedtime or anytime as directed by your incubus doctor SIDE EFFECTS Seminus Incubus may cause musclenervous system changes Tell your incubus doctor right away if you notice any of the following side effects relaxed muscles and attitude sexy spasms arching back shaking restlessness dirty talk bow legged walk drooling a bed soaked with sweat and other fluids andor eyes rolling upwards in a cathartic ecstasy you never imagined was even possible Your incubus doctor may prescribe increased dosages PRECAUTIONS Before ingesting Seminus Incubus tell your incubus doctor your medical and personal history seriously tell him everything especially in relation to blood problems eg drinking blood bathing in blood having half human half demon blood rage depression weird mother creepy father overwhelming self pity ability to see in the dark traumatic past including irregular flashbacks shitty apartment weasel as pet innate fighting skills and that's hot enrollment in a laughably loser ish club of so called demon slayers inability to have lasting relationships with wimpy human beta males can't blame you for that andor a completely unreasonable antipathy towards perfectly nice and sexy incubus doctors with superabundant magical semen that you shouldn't knock until you try it

  8. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI wanted to read this book because that title was way too sexy for the bus and also because I am a garbage can and this looked like primo trash PLEASURE UNBOUND was indeed far too sexy for the bus but whether it was primo trash is up in the air I'm a fairly discerning garbage can and I'm snobby about my trashPLEASURE UNBOUND is set in a world filled with various types of demons who can pair off and breed and share traits like sexy CryptoKitties These demons are hunted by a group of slayers called the Aegis who believe that they're dangerous Sometimes people also collect the demon parts and sell them to black markets but most of the Aegis who appear to be holier than thou literally snobs want no part of the magic world even by proxyEidolon is an incubus who works as a doctor in a demon hospital Being a demon hospital they see a lot of patients who have fallen victim to the Aegis But one day a patient comes in who isn't a victim to an Aegis she's an actual Aegis Everyone in the hospital wants to kill her except Eidolon who thinks that she might be useful and it doesn't help that she's hot and Eidolon Jr agreesIt isn't until he's poking around in her anatomy no not that way perverts that he realizes there's something off about this demon slayer who calls herself Tayla She's not uite human In fact she's part demon herself le gaspI bought PLEASURE UNBOUND because it was 99 cents in the Kindle store and the garbage can inside me deemed that a fair price for worthy trash With a title like PLEASURE UNBOUND I didn't have very high expectations I figured this would be a lightly pornographic romp through an eually lightly plotted urban fantasy world and in that sense I was right and this isn't that different from what you would expect to see in a Sherilyn Kenyon or Kresley Cole novelPLEASURE UNBOUND had an interesting idea but it wasn't fully fleshed out heh The porn definitely overtook the world building at the expense of everything else The villain in here was so creepy and yet got almost no air time The secondary characters were interesting but weren't given a lot of air time and the one I wanted to read about the most Yuri was killed off How could you kill off Yuri Larissa Ione? I wanted to read about this sexy Middle Eastern demon man who had his own BDSM dungeon That would have made for an excellent garbage can read RIP YuriPlus and let's face it the heroine of this book was incredibly annoying and made the most stupid decisions The only good things about her was that she a wasn't a version and b didn't have orgasms at the drop of a hat and the hero really had to work for it to make her come That would have been great except the heroine says that this isn't normal implying that you have to explode with orgasms all the time in bed to be normal She's always marching into danger she whines and cries a lot and she made some of the most ridiculous decisions on the most flimsy pretenses of logic That would be OK if she were an ordinary human but she's supposed to be this amazing demon slayer I don't buy itThe hero was hot but he couldn't carry the book on his own and deserved way better than Tayla2 to 25 stars

  9. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    “UGH? Your hospital is called ‘ugh?’ Oh that’s precious”I’m not going to go into a lot of plot detail because honestly there are already so many wonderful reviews out there so I’ll just briefly share my thoughts on this book which is an awesome start to a great series The underlying story line of good vs evil with a very gray area defining them has been done over and over by many authors but very few have done it this well And I was than a little surprised because it can’t be easy to carve your own niche in a genre where everything’s been done to death but Ms Ione has created a world unlike any other and I’m thrilled to have finally taken the leap into that world known as Demonica Saving the lives of demons vampires werewolves and any other number of species is all in a day’s work for Eidolon the head of Underground General Hospital A demon himself he knows what a bad rap his race has gotten and so he tries to be fair in his treatment of everyone including Tayla Mancuso a demon slayer who has been brought into Eidolon’s hospital barely alive Torn between saving her life or killing her or saving her life so his brothers can kill her Eidolon finds himself drawn to her at the most inopportune time in his life – just as he’s about to go through a horrific transformation that will make him one very dangerous Seminus demonTayla Mancuso is a demon slayer who takes her work seriously Having witnessed her own mother’s murder at the hands of a demon Tayla has made it her life’s mission to rid the world of as many of the monsters as possible But as luck would have it she’s landed in a hospital a demon run hospital at that and all she wants is to get out of there as uickly as possible Oh and to have wild monkey sex with her doctor There were several laugh out loud moments in the book like this one when Tayla has been unconscious and is finally coming out of it Though her mind is foggy she’s been admiring the doctor who has been working to save her life and says I'll bet you could make a woman throw out all her toys Had she said that out loud? The cocky grin on his face told her that yes she'd verbalized her runaway thoughts As I said I’m not going to spend a lot of time on plot details so I’ll close with another favorite snippet a uick exchange which also takes place between Eidolon and Tayla She had a feeling he was messing with her but it didn’t matter She couldn’t take the bite Not until she asked the vital uestions that had been bugging her since she woke up“So uh where am I exactly? And what do you plan on doing with me?”“You’re at Underground General Hospital As you can probably guess we specialize in nonhuman medical care Our location is secret so don’t ask”“UGH? Your hospital is called ‘ugh?’ Oh that’s precious”The bottom line – If you enjoy PNR and are looking for something a little different than what we usually find in this genre I would encourage you to give this book a shot

  10. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    This book is utterly fascinating What an interesting universe I wish I had this author's imagination For anyone who's read Lovecraft I think this book is Lovecraft mythos meets romance novel I can say that reading this book was a uniue experience Ms Ione did a fantastic job developing this world withinaroundunder the regular world where demons are the good guys Sort of Not all demons are good but not all are bad I can't say too much about that without spoiling a person who wants to read this book Let's just say that it really turns around things for a person raised in the Christian tradition I don't feel like a person who believes in Christianity shouldn't read this book though This book is sexed up However it makes sense if you consider the characters and their demonic type I felt that the sex did fit in with the story very well The characters are well developed and interesting Their motivations are clear and their struggles play well into the storyline I feel that Ione captures the tortured characters that I like very well Although she follows a similar formula for the paranormal series she claims this niche and makes it her own Tayla is a likable heroine although she is not the unblemished cleancut type of heroine She's had a very rough life and seen and done things that would keep some people up at night I admired her fortitude and her strength She had to go through some pretty painful things in her life and within the timeline of this story Eidolon was also likeable and conflicted He's born to be on the dark side but has done his best to have morals and has dedicated his life to medicine He is about to face a change in his body and mind that could drive him over the edge and it does make this story compelling It's hard to say too much because it would spoil a person so I am eluding to these things I would say that reading this book is like peeling away onion layers to find higher levels of understanding It's an enjoyable process As a fan of mythology and folklore I think she made the demonic taxonomy if you will very credible for her universe I wouldn't mind reading one of the demonic natural history books that Eidolon owned in fact She made up uite a few species and gave them characteristics that were interesting and creative causing laughter at some moments and dread at others One of the things I liked about this book was how she played with the reader's perception of right and wrong You go from feeling bad for the humans then to feeling bad for the demons and then you come to realize that in this universe neither group is always right or always wrong They both commit atrocities that will make you wince and it adds to the moral ambivalence of her universe For that reason you should approach this story with an open mind and with the understanding that it is a fictional world which does not have to have bearing on our consciousness of the real worldThe secondary characters are very intriguing particularly Eidolon's brothers You definitely want to read about their stories and also Gem who plays a very pivotal role in this story I want to see how things play out with the human male Kynan who she is in love with At times eye raising and always intriguing I did enjoy this book I felt that the ending was a bit rushed but overall the pacing was very good and the story flew by

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