Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995: An Exhibition

Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995: An Exhibition Catalogue ❰Ebook❯ ➧ Calvin and Hobbes: Sunday Pages 1985-1995: An Exhibition Catalogue Author Bill Watterson – New York Times best seller Everyone misses Calvin and Hobbes.It reinvented the newspaper comic strip at a time when many had all but buried the funnies as a vehicle for fresh, creative work Then Bill New York Times best Hobbes: Sunday PDF ´ seller Everyone misses Calvin and HobbesIt reinvented the newspaper comic strip at a time when many had all but buried the funnies as a vehicle for fresh, creative work Then Bill Watterson came along and reminded a new Calvin and Epub / generation of what older readers and comic strip aficionados knew A well written and beautifully drawn strip is an intricate, powerful form of communication And with Calvin and Hobbes, we had fun just like readers of Krazy Kat and Pogo did Opening the and Hobbes: Sunday Kindle Ï newspaper each day was an adventure The heights of Watterson s creative imagination took us places we had never been We miss thatThis book was published in conjunction with the first exhibition of original Calvin and Hobbes Sunday pages at The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library Although the work was created for reproduction, not for gallery display, was a pleasure to see the cartoonist s carefully placed lines and exquisite brush strokes In an attempt to share this experience with those who were unable to visit the exhibition, all of the original Sunday pages displayed are reproduced in color in this book so that every detail, such as sketch lines, corrections, and registration marks, are visible On the opposite page the same comic strip is printed in full color Because Watterson was unusually intentional and creative in his use of color, this juxtaposition provides Calvin and Hobbes readers the opportunity to consider the impact of color on its narrative and contentWhen I first contacted Bill Watterson about the possibility of exhibiting his original work, I used the term retrospective He replied that we might be able to do an exhibit, but that calling it a retrospective made him uncomfortable He felt that a longer time was needed to put Calvin and Hobbes in the historical perspective implied by that term Nonetheless, this show is a look back at the comic strip as we revisit favorites that we remember Calvin and Hobbes Sunday Pages is particularly interesting because each work that is included was selected by Bill Watterson His comments about the thirty six Sunday pages he chose are part of this volume In addition, he reflects on Calvin and Hobbes from the perspective of six years, and his essay provides insights into his life as a syndicated cartoonistReprint books of Calvin and Hobbes are nice to have, but the opportunity to see the original work and read Bill Watterson s thoughts about it is a privilege He generously shared not only the art, but also his time and his thoughts When I first reviewed the works included in the exhibit, I knew that everyone who visited it would begin with laughter and end with tearsOn behalf of all who enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes, thank you, Bill Watterson Lucy Shelton Caswell, Professor and Curator The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library, June .

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  1. Paula Paula says:

    If you haven t read the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson, I think you should Making an investment in any of his collections will be money well spent This particular collection is An Exhibition Catalogue of Sunday strips from 1985 1995 They were displayed at the Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library from September 10, 2001 to January 15, 2002 The 36 selected strips are displayed on the right hand page with the uncolored strip on the left hand side Watterson provides descriptions of them all, along with his motivation for creating each one the way he did Some of his comments are on comic book art Others explain how he formatted for a Sunday newspaper space provided to him, as well as his experience in the newspaper industry itself.The cover is from the artist s private collection, an unpublished pastel 12 x 12.5 cm with Calvin and Hobbes ol buddy riding downhill in the wagon In this particular collection of Sunday strips, you will enjoy Calvin, Hobbes, Dad, Mom, Susie, and Calvin s glorious imagination A couple of his alter egos show up, as well as Miss Wormwood, his patient teacher It s a walk down memory lane for me that doesn t last waaay long enough I satisfy my Calvin jones daily on a Facebook group with over 52,000 members For added interest, you can find one every day at GoComicsDOTcom Watterson retired from his work with the strip in 1995 and within these pages is included the final strip, published the last day of that year It s a poignant and typical look at the enduring relationship between Calvin and Hobbes, using words that only a retiring Mr Watterson could choose as his goodbye.

  2. Iris Iris says:

    Rese a completa en Sweet Darkness Calvin y Hobbes lleg a mis manos, ten a mis dudas, porque pens que se tratar a de una colecci n de tiras muy arraigadas a la poca en la que fueron ilustradas De hecho, no sab a demasiado de Calvin y Hobbes.Lo admito, me volv un prejuiciosa con las tiras je, je, je.En fin Con la intenci n de cumplir con mi compromiso de rese arlo, comenc a leerlo y me llev una gran sorpresa Mi lado de Artista Visual y Dise adora Gr fica lo am mucho.El autor se nos presenta y nos cuenta respecto a su obra nos cuenta, a lo largo de cada tira, su evoluci n como ilustrador, la forma en la que tuvo que trabajar a la hora de llegar los cambios de formato, el c mo se super a s mismo para dibujar, colorear el uso de conceptos en algunas de las tiras etc.pens que era posible que el publico mexicano, ajeno al Dise o y la Ilustraci n, no disfrutar a tanto de las tiras sin sus descripciones, quiero decir , pero cuando fui a hablarle a mi hermano de mi lectura y llev el libro conmigo, l me sorprendi a m Me dijo que le gustaba mucho Calvin y Hobbes.Como dije, pensaba, antes de esta situaci n, que alguien m s no disfrutar a las tiras debido a la perspectiva que yo tuve al leerlas Pero, reconsiderando mi posici n y volviendo a examinar las tiras, me di cuenta de que son atemporales.El humor de las tiras es muy diverso Hay tiras que simplemente se dedican a hacerte re r y otras tantas que te invitan a reflexionar mediante la iron a.En cuanto a la t cnica de ilustraci n qu puedo decir No me gustan muchos los trabajos nacidos en la poca del posmodernismo pero el autor se aleja de todo esto y cuando tiene que hacer referencia a otros movimientos, usa movimientos como el arte pop o el cubismo, y los ejecuta de maravilla Adem s, poder ver las tiras en su original en ingl s Disfrut mucho de observar y repasar las l neas del autor.En espa ol Bill Watterson es todo un ilustrador

  3. Abril G. Karera Abril G. Karera says:

    Este fant stico volumen aborda el proceso creativo de Bill Watterson para conseguir que tanto Calvin como Hobbes fueran personajes querid simos por todos Un paseo interesante en cuanto a ilustraci n, distribuci n de vi etas e ideas fant sticas que compartir Sin duda, imprescindible para los amantes de las historias gr ficas.

  4. Olivier Goetgeluck Olivier Goetgeluck says:

    Isn t it strange that evolution would give us a sense of humor You know, Hobbes, sometimes even my lucky rocketship underpants don t help There s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.

  5. Heather Heather says:

    My boyfriend checked this book, which is a catalog that accompanied a 2001 2002 Bill Watterson show at The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library, out of the library and thought it d be fun to read together I think he was a little surprised that I didn t have a strong connection to Calvin and Hobbes from my childhood I don t know I read the Sunday comics at my grandparents house, including Calvin and Hobbes, but Calvin was such a boy, and so active, and I was a girl, and bookish, and I wasn t really into any comics, except for The Far Side But reading comics together sounded like fun, so I agreed to make an exception to the TBR Double Dog Dare rules for this, and I m glad I did The book contains 36 Sunday Calvin and Hobbes strips from between 1985 and 1995, chosen by Bill Watterson, preceded by a short preface by the show s curator and an introduction by Watterson himself Each strip is presented twice on facing pages, once in the original black and white and once in the final colored version Some strips include commentary from Watterson, and it s fun to see his thoughts on either individual comics or other things, like the challenge of making a Sunday comic that will be run in different sizes formats by different papers My favorite thing in the book is the homicidal psycho jungle cat strip from 1993, but I liked the whole thing And oh, the neo Cubist strip is also pretty great

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    Do I cry that I ll never see another original Calvin Hobbes cartoon or do I rejoice that I own this book and others I ll go with rejoice What makes this collection special is that it s the catalog for an exhibit of some of Watterson s Sunday Pages Each comic is shown with the original black and white sketch on the left and the full color strip on the right Most include comments from the cartoonist as to why he chose the specific strip for the exhibit As I read each strip I found myself smiling and thinking, Oh yeah, I remember THIS one Reading the included commentary just made me smile Some think Watterson was difficult because of how he fought for the Sunday format he really wanted and refused merchandizing Seeing this celebration of the best of his Sunday comics makes me so glad he won those battles.

  7. Miss Miss says:

    I miss Calvin Hobbes.This was an interesting perspective on the strip, focusing on the art than the stories It s always interesting to gain insight into the creative process well, maybe not always

  8. HeavyReader HeavyReader says:

    I think I sent a copy of this book to Cassidy Of course, he really likes Calvin and Hobbes.I prefer the strips that are not crazy dinosaurs on the planet Zoirbsky sequences, so the Calvin and Hobbes Sunday strips are some of my least favorite.

  9. Daniel Daniel says:

    Jos jedna kolekcija koja je zabavna za citanje zbog komentara samog autora posto su slike vec sve poznate.

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