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  1. Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy says:

    Oh god this bookseries aaaaagh Lkay girl you weren't lying to sum up this book is lots ofAND THISAND THISimage error

  2. Christy Christy says:

    35 Smokin Hot stars One girl from the city exploring her sexual fantasies and three hot as hell cowboys helping her do just that Yeah This book is every bit as steamy and sexy as it sounds It was a uick read and one of the HOTTEST books I’ve read all year From beginning to end Word to the wise if you don’t love mfm or a little mm this might not be for you But if you love a fun book with loads of smutty goodness along with a some emotion and an actual story you’ve found the right read Channing Kinkaid wants an adventure Her first experience with a cowboy didn’t go all that well but then she met Colby McKay He’s a bull rider who travels with his two other cowboy friendsropers He invites her to travel along for the week The catch is she’ll not only be with Colby but his friends too Channing is than up for the challenge She’s been dying to let loose and explore this side of herselfThere’s a lot of sex I mean A LOT of sex All kinds of sex and it’s HOT sex I especially loved the threesome scenes some of the best I’ve read But really there is a story It’s not only sex with nothing else I loved Colby and Channings story Seeing their relationship grow from just the sex to so much is always a great thing The side story with Trevor and Edgard was nice too I’m interested to see how their story plays out along the line Overall I enjoyed this book It was smoking hot and highly entertaining I’ll for sure be picking up from this authorseries down the line when I’m in the mood for some heat

  3. Shawna Shawna says:

    5 stars ContemporaryWestern RomanceEroticaBDSMMénageHOLY COWBOY There's not much else to add that hasn't already been said in lots of other reviews so I'll just advise having a cold beverage and fan handy before reading this one WOWZA Three sexy as sin cowboys a feisty smart headstrong likable citygirlcowgirl wanna be a nice story good writing and lots and lots of steamy sex including light bondage Ds ménage and some hot cowboy man lovin'yummywhat's not to love?

  4. Penny Penny says:

    I didn't like it It is impersonal cold and poorly doneThe dialogues were hard to read; very dumb very very bad I have always enjoyed reading about ménage but there is nothing sexy enticing erotic or romantic here this book is just like watching porn I don't mean that it has too much sex no I mean that the sex they have in the book is as emotionally connected and meaningful as the sex in a pornoWe know very little about the main characters nothing of importance or deep enough to be able to make a connection with them to care about their story What I did learn about the characters by how they acted as I read I disliked I not only disliked it but also it frustrated me since it was in complete opposition with what we were told their personalities were likeWhat the characters were thinking was often not in accordance with how they acted She is described as a cultivated city girl with little sex experience and shy However she acts and speaks as a girl with a low cultural background ready to jump into bed with the first guy well guys really that crosses her path five minutes after dumping her boyfriend I don't mind what cultural background she has but I do care in consistency and there is none here She is in no way shy no matter how many times we are told that she is she is not cultivated and she doesn't seem sexually inexperiencedIt pains me to say this but the set of circumstances in which the ménage and sex happened makes her look like a loose girlI enjoy reading about sex ménage BDSM MM and much but I am not interested in reading porn I need MEANINGFULNESS I want loveI confess I am very surprised about all the good ratings this book has there are plenty other books out there with the same elements as this one but better written and with depth This is definitely my first and last book written by this writer

  5. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    This is a hard call—3 stars or 35? Well 3 for the high raunch factor and 35 or even 4 for the writingI didn't particularly like this story because the hero Colby was such an ass and the sex was too rough for my taste and there's LOTS of sex here twosomes threesomes partner sharing oral anal mm backwards forwards upside down right side up you name it it’s there but there is a good plot and James writes very well which is why it won't get put on my books with cooties shelf ; To me the sex was meant to hurt too many times and there were too many power trips by the hero which bugged me You really get the feel of the rodeo circuit though and you can nearly hear everyone talking in that cowboy drawl D If you've read Maya Banks' COLTERS' WOMAN Lora Leigh's NAUTI BOY or even Rhyannon Byrd's AGAINST THE WALL that's the kind of sometimes seedy sex you'll find or less but a bit often and sometimes crass but it is well written unlike the others IMO it’s just that the hero ruins it all because he’s a control freak and one mean bastard He never once apologizes like a normal person either I can’t believe that the heroine took all his crap All that was missing was him actually beating on her at times I thought The other characters are nice enough and there’s a really sad story with the gay lovers that sort of gets you but Cowboy Colby fell off his horse one too many times to be redeemable Though the ending will make you smile you still sort of wish the heroine would’ve at least turned around on him once and said “Just bite me Colby” –and it’d have been so well deserved

  6. Auntee Auntee says:

    If you're looking for a good erotic romance that actually has a plot this book is it I just really enjoyed this one Lorelei James is a really good writer; she definitely has a knack for telling a story While this book is sometimes explicit in language lots of 'dirty talk' between the HHand certainly has a lot of extremely erotic moments that's not all there is to it There's actually a pretty good story going on tooBasically Channing the heroine wants to have one last act of rebellion before she settles down to the 'responsible' life her parents and everyone else expect of her Channing has never felt like she belongs; she's lonely looking for something to complete her but she doesn't realize what it isEnter Colby a sexy cowboy competing in the rodeo circuit When Channing and Colby meet sparks fly and it's not long before Channing takes Colby up on a proposition to spend a week with him AND his two rodeo buddies exploring all her sexual fantasies and they are pretty hot fantasies and not for the faint of heart But neither Channing or Colby expect to lose their hearts in the processThis book is very erotic; however unlike a lot of erotica it's not page after page of sexual encounters The author spends a lot of time developing the story; I found myself really caring about all of the characters and actually learned a lot about the rodeo life I could also feel the love blooming between the HH It even had me tearing up at the ending This was just a very satisfying read for me one I have no problem recommendingA small warning this book does have a couple menage scenes and actually has a MM encounter While these aren't something I particularly like to read about in no way did I think these scenes were gratuitous they were scenes that were important to plot development So if you can get past thatenjoy

  7. Heather Heather says:

    Where to start with this bookHOLY FREAKIN' HOTNESS I am in love with Colby The steam factor in this book was off the charts Add in a great story line and you've got the whole packageThere are HOT HOT scenes How good is Colby?

  8. Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer* Jamie *Gypsy Smut-a-teer* says:

    SOOOOthis book has been on my TBR pile forever I have always seen hot status updates for it but had never made the time to start the series After a rather colorful conversation with Lkay she convinced Vika and I we needed to start on the series now Boy I wasn't disappointed Nuh uh shug I like my women wet Really wet I like it when they get that wetness all over me All over my fingers All over my face All over my Colby McKayCome on dance with me Let's see if we can't spread that wetness around a little Channing has left her life in Boston to find herself She's always felt like she was being someone she wasn't or just blending in Her family is basically planning her life for her so she ran away with the rodeo After being with Jarred for a while they're out one night after a rodeo when the very Colby McKay swoops her up for a dance He keeps making cryptic comments about Jarred and making it obvious he wants a piece of Channing himself Channing sooner rather than later finds out Jarred's secret Colby swoops in to save the day but with conditions Colby has been wanting Channing from the first time he saw her Now's his chance however him and his traveling buddies always share their women So this will be no different Channing will get to live out all of her sexual fantasies with all three guys and they will help her out My Colby Darlin' you are amazingly sexy all the time but in the morning especially If we were home at the ranch I'd never get up on time to get my chores done This book was so beyond hot Holy crap From threesomes to Channing getting to sit in the corner and watch another couple to blindfolds and deals being struck that leave both beyond breathless haha I can't give everything away I have no other words other than SMOKING HOT However after a while feelings start to form friendships are made and fun for a week turns into One reason I think I was hesitant on starting the series is the fact I used to rodeo and I wasn't for sure how it would be betrayed I will say the author did a very good job at explaining everything about what was going on with the rodeo and how rodeo life can be I will say what a relief that was for me I grew up with this sport I kind of couldn't help the worry but it really wasn't necessary I never had the same experiences that Channing did with the three hot guys servicing her or two anyway but the rest of the rodeo stuff was all pretty accurate Overall this was a great read Really hot great characters awesome storyline and a big happily ever after I can't wait to continue on with the series I'm addicted big time

  9. Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️ says:

    45 Sizzling scorching panty melting starsIf you're put off by a book with a lot of sex scenes this book is NOT for you Channing Kinkaid meets up with Colby McKay on the rodeo circuit She's a daughter to wealthy parents who seem to have a totally different idea in life for her than what she wantsso she rebells and decides to follow the rodeo for a while She's immediately attracted to the no roots traveling exciting life of the rodeo Colby is known to be a hot cowboy all the girls want to saddle sorry couldn't resist the pun He's also known to participate in a shared sexual lifestyle with his fellow rodeo pals Trevor and Edgard Channing is intrigued by their bedroom reputation and agrees to stay with the three guys for a week of no holds barred sexual exploits What she didn't plan for is her feelings to grow for Colby so uickly Colby hasn't ever had issues sharing his girlsuntil Channing Woah this book is hot The scenes are really well drawn out and I loved the side drama with Edgard and Trevor I hope their story continuesWarning explicit sexual scenes menage MM MMF analLoved it Mainly because it had a decent story Some of these books I get kinda bored with the constant banging but the love story of these two kept me interested I was also intrigued with the life of the rodeo I have literally zero knowledge of ranching or rodeo life The twang and ain't lingo took a bit of getting used to as slang usually isn't my Midwest US girl thingbut I warmed up right uick to these cowboys Yummy I look forward to seeing of these characters throughout the Rough Riders series

  10. Buggy Buggy says:

    Opening Line On a drunken dare after too many kamikazes Channing Kinkaid found herself standing on a shellacked bartop while a bartender named Moose sprayed her chest with ice cold beerAND I’M OFF TO THE RODEOYeehaw what a great read now I know what all the fuss is about Based on good reviews and my love of cowboys in general I just had to give this series a try and wow am I ever glad I did LONG HARD RIDE is all kinds of ways hot and sexy lovin but it’s also so much Between the erotic interludes theres an actual story and a whole cast of characters that I became invested with and in the end really cared about All with relatable issues deep emotions and yeah theres even a touching love story or 3 to boot Theres also several subplots going on here that got me so hooked I’ve since ordered the entire Roughriders series because I just have to know how things turn out for everybodySo if you like hot alpha male cowboys and have a secret dream about hitting the rodeo circuit with a trio of your very own then I highly recommend joining the Roughriders family for a little ridin ropin chaps and spurs wearin western adventure Giddy up cowgirls Channing Kinkaid wants an adventure that she’ll remember for a lifetime she also wants to shed her sexual inhibitions and embrace a steamier multi partnered lifestyle What better way to fulfill her fantasies than hooking up with Colby Trevor and Edgard Three rowdy bull riding calf roping and bronco busting cowboys who are than willing to take Channing on as their personal “buckle bunny” while they travel the rodeo circuit However she has to play by their rules and Colby’s demands for complete submission are beginning to test her heart as much as her will Of course everything is not always as it seems with this sexy threesome and when cowboys get injured and friends become lovers you better turn on that sad country music and hang on for the full 8 seconds because this is going to be uite the ride Just about anything goes here sexually speaking including light bondage ménage a cowboy partner sharing partner swapping oral anal and some fine MM lovin Cheers

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Long Hard Ride [Epub] ❤ Long Hard Ride By Lorelei James – Liversite.co.uk Rough Riders series Book 1 Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man Enter Colby McKay bull rider saddle bronc buster and calf roper He knows he's found a woman who's up to the c Rough Riders series Book Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man Enter Colby McKay bull rider saddle bronc buster and calf roper He knows he's found a woman who's up to the challenge of cutting loose Intrigued by Channing's bold proposition to horse around on the road Colby proposes sexual escapades not only in his bed but in those of his two rodeo travelling partners Can Channing give Long Hard Kindle - up total control Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio.