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Nauti Dreams ❰Epub❯ ➛ Nauti Dreams Author Lora Leigh – Third in a sizzling trilogy by the New York Times bestselling author of Nauti Boy and Nauti NightsNatches Mackay separated himself from his family years ago except for the two cousins who gave him the Third in a sizzling trilogy by the New York Times bestselling author of Nauti Boy and Nauti NightsNatches Mackay separated himself from his family years ago except for the two cousins who gave him the only family he'd known Now he's being dragged back into his father's life in ways that could destroy him and the one woman who tempts him beyond reason Government Agent Chaya Dane who has fought to put her own past behind her A mission in Somerset Kentucky brings her back into the dreams of Natches and into the shadows cast by his father suspected in the theft of government missiles And it could cost Chaya than she ever imaginedWatch a uickTime trailer for this book.

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

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  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    This story started out great with an exciting rescue of the heroine Chaya Dane a government agent from terrorists in Ira by the hero Natches Mackey a marine sniper The story then shifts to five years later and we learn what the HH have been up to in those five years and how they forged a deep connection all those years ago and never got over each other Chaya now works as an agent for Homeland Security and she's come to Natches's hometown of Somerset Kentucky to tie up some loose ends of a previous case about stolen government missiles Chaya's come to uestion some people from Somerset to see if she can smoke out the ringleader who's behind the theft of the missiles And she has to uestion some members of Natches's family which proves to be a sticky situation Surely none of the Mackay family are traitors or are they?This book picks up where the previous book Naughty Nights left off This time it's Natches Mackay's turn for a HEA and it's not all smooth sailing Natches had a horrible childhood with some nutty relatives and a real despicable brute for a father and he's afraid that he may be a little bit like him Until Chaya came into his life he was content to lead a life of pain and darkness and with her strength and love she showed him there was another way Chaya for her part had her own terrible past to get over and Natches's love and support gives her hope for some happiness in her future But while these two are clearly falling in love they do an awful lot of butting heads as each of them is very stubborn So there's lots of arguing lusting guilt and passion in this book which boggs it down a bit in the middle and it got to be a little annoying There were times when Natches acted like a real Neanderthal he was just so smothering and overbearing with some of the things he said and did and I wanted Chaya to just kick his butt But she stood up to him for the most part and didn't let him bull doze her into anything except for the love scenes which were typically hot The last hundred pages were much faster paced and you could definitely see the love blooming between Chaya and Natches and most of the arguing stopped when Natches finally opened up to Chaya and talked about his past When they finally decided to trust each other and work together to trap the traitor some tense nail biting moments ensued There was a satisfying and somewhat surprising HEA for ALL of the Nauti boy cousins and a possible hint of who the next book will be about I'm guessing it will feature Natches's younger sister Janey who we meet very briefly in this book This was a pretty good read maybe not my favorite of the series but good enough that I look forward to reading the next one Nauti Intentions

  2. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    Reviewed for ueuemyreviewcom; book release August 2008Why are we women so fascinated with bad boys? Is it because they’re uber Alpha uncontrollable and so sexy they make our back teeth ache? Ok maybe that’s just mebut OH my goodness Lora Leigh fans will be so delighted to have her naughty boys back in “Nauti Dreams” book three in her ‘Nauti’ trilogy She doesn’t disappoint as she turns up the heat with a hero and heroine tormented by painful pasts and haunted by a shared tragedy The action ratchets up a notch in this story where Natches MacKay finds his woman and the home he’s never uite dared to dream of Natches has always been a bit of an outsider even in the close knit MacKay family Dawg and Rowdy cousins yet closer to Natches than brothers always knew ‘something’ had changed him during his time as a sniper in Ira with the Marines He became colder and harder In this last Nauti book we find out exactly what and importantly who caused that changeChaya is an intelligence agent who struggles with her past every day She’s lost every person in her life that she loved and now she’s terrified of opening herself to that kind of pain again Yet something inside her just can’t resist Natches and when she’s ordered back to Kentucky she knows this time will be different She managed to pull herself away twicebut will she even want to get away this time?Natches can feel it the moment she’s back in his territory Their bond is one that can’t be broken He understands this and now he’s determined to make Chaya understand it as well Twice before he’s let her walk away but the third time’s the charm and she’s had enough timenow they’ll play it his wayThe mystery of the terrorists in this last book of the trilogy was almost a distraction from the relationship between Natches and Chaya I realize her losses made her hesitant but really this is Natches The sexual tension between these two could light up New York and I don’t think I believe ANY woman would willingly walk away from that Leigh does a great job painting Natches’ confusion regarding his feelings for Chaya and her assignment And the way she mixes the mystery into the relationship and the growing understand the hero and heroine have for other is masterful I wish the villain had been a little better developed but I don’t think I can uite say with a straight face that anyone reads Leigh’s books for the villains She knows what we like and provides it in spades and I’m sure many husbandsboyfriends would like to thank her for heating up their women for them From the first Nauti book I had a soft spot for the MacKay bad boys and hated to see this series end BUT hang onto your shirts There is an announcement at the end of Natches’ story for a book titled “Nauti Intentions” to be released in spring of 2009 so apparently we’re not uite finished with the MacKays And I and Ms Leigh’s legions of fans are glad to hear it

  3. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    I'm rather surprised that of the first three books in this series this one is my favorite After reading the first book I thought Natches' story would be my least favorite because I didn't like him in the first book So it was a nice surprise how much I liked this book Series NoteThis series should be read in orderSummaryNatches Mackay had a horrible childhood with an evil abusive father He took refuge in his close bond with his 2 cousins Rowdy Dawg and his uncle He later joined the military and was trained as a sniper assassin While on a mission he rescues an American agent who was captured and tortured The two grow close but then tragedy strikesWith the recent engagements of his cousins Natches feels himself growing apart from his family and feeling totally alone Then Chaya Dane pops back into his life At first he lets her get away again but when she returns once he's tired of letting her go and decides to claim her But Chaya is on a government op that could tear Natches life apart Natches will have to face his father and decide where his loyalties lay and also keep Chaya by his sideReviewNatches in the first book of this series was a total A hole He acted like a kid whose toy was stolen when Rowdy decided he wasn't going to share Kelly with his cousins I was just really put off by the way he acted and I figured I wouldn't like his book But Natches story ended up being my favorite of the first three books of this series There was something about him in this book that I really liked He's still a total Alpha dog and at times a bit Uber Alpha but he was also sensitive and at times really sweet with Chaya A few times he was really pushy with her but for the most part I really enjoyed the relationship between the two of them At the same time even though I liked Natches in this book I did think the way he was portrayed didn't really match the way he was built up in the first two books His connection to Chaya which started years before is suddenly this huge thing in this book when I never got that feeling before And it's intimated that he hadn't been with any women since Chaya when I really didn't get that impression before Plus there was the whole sharing thing Natches thinks to himself in this book that it was a big thing and he'd gotten over it a while back but yet in the first book he was seriously pissed that Rowdy no longer wanted to share There was just an overall feeling that Natches's character had been a bit revamped for this book And though I liked Natches better because of it it was a little irritating in the sense of series continuityWhich also happened on other detailslike book 2 saying Natches and Rowdy were ATF agents and this one saying they are occasional contract agents for DHS And the second book having them find the DHS leader annoying but liking and respecting him and in this book hating him and calling him names Lots of little mismatching details Which is pretty common for LL She's one of the worst authors I've read for continuity of details in a seriesThe suspense aspect of the book was fairly good though I had a good idea where everything was heading But I thought it was a great dynamic for the book Natches having to confront his father and put that all behind him once and forever And of course there's a lot of smokin' hot sex That's a given for an LL book Surprisingly though there's no anal sex scenea bit atypical for LLOne thing that bugged me a bit at the end of the book though was the thing with Natches sister I thought it was really underplayed She's apparently been through something traumatic yet it's virtually ignored Natches and Chaya hole up in the houseboat and screw around for 2 weeks and nothing is said about him being there for his sister That made no sense It made it seem like what she went through whatever it wasbecause we're given almost no clue was unimportant to NatchesBut that was really my only major issue with the story I really enjoyed it overall I loved the romance And I'm really looking forward to reading Jane and Alex's story as well as Rogue's in book 5WARNING this book contains explicit sex and language oral sex toys and an alpha dog hero who likes to be in controland just a warning the beginning does deal with the heroine being abused and tortured

  4. Daisiemae Daisiemae says:

    Okay for fear of being tarred and feathered I have to be honest and say I didn't like this book as well as the previous two This is very unlike me As ya'll know like most of my friends here I am a huge fan of Lora's but well I really had a hard time getting into this bookI carried it with me to read while I had breaks at work I can't tell you how many times I wanted to either A throw the book across the room or B do paperwork I HATE PAPERWORK instead of continue to read it I thought that the constant argueing and bickering between Natches and Chaya were a turn off To me the book moved slowly than her other novels or maybe I was having an off several days weeks who knows?Of course the sex in this book is well written and air condition worthy but otherwise it kinda left me flat I guess I was the only one huh?

  5. Megan Fall Megan Fall says:

    I love this author Another amazing book with a fantastic ending

  6. Christel Christel says:

    WOW Of all the Nauti Biys Trilogy this is my favorite Natches has been thru hell and back a couple of times first with his father and then in Ira as a Marine sniper In Ira is where he meets Chaya a operative with the Department of Homeland Security If I go into too much I will be giving away the whole story but it is worth the read I just love happy endings

  7. okyrhoe okyrhoe says:

    The background premise of the story is uite laughable such a typically cheesy Hollywood b movie plot home grown renegades hoping to launch a revolution in America with the help of Arab terrorists I didn't mind the psycho killers on the loose in the previous two LL books This particular subplot is too incredulous to forgiveWhat put me off than anything was the white trash characterisations; I wasn't sure if they were intentional satirical or not Even Chaya knows the guys are thick skulled rednecks this is what turns her on after all but for the reader it is off putting to listen to Dawg grunting like a sociopath all the time On p 120 then again p124 and p126 And the epilogue is just too much All the Mackay clan's women are now barefoot and pregnant one happy contented family again But that's not the worst of it I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread when the Mackay's announce that they've adopted Faisal One happy family indeed Unless that's the redneck kind of eroticism as the young Arab is described There was a hunger in the boy's eyes as he stared around the room The hunger for family for roots I guess it takes all kinds shivers

  8. Inky Inky says:

    I almost passed over this book because of the silly title but I'm glad I didn't let that deter me Nauti Dreams is a double whammy of sexual and criminal suspense with two very compelling lead characters Chaya Dane and Natches MacKay have one dark history and enough baggage between them to impede any relationship But they overcome that as they confront a terrorist presence in a small Kentucky town that takes them right back to the beginning when Chaya was a special agent working in Ira and Natches was a crack Marine sniper Be forewarned that this is the third of a series I didn't know that but I'm going to pick up the first two books Characters from those novels woven around the MacKay family appear here and I liked them enough to want their stories

  9. Cindy Cindy says:

    This was Lora Leigh at her best I loved this series and this is either a 2nd or 3rd reread for me After meeting Natches in Nauti Boy and Nauti Nights and Chaya in Nauti Nights you really had no idea where there story would go I absolutely loved the first chapter of this book It was not what I was expecting The shear heartbreak these two shared was soo emotional This was one of her best series that just flowed from one book to the next and just kept getting better and better on a side note as I reread this whoever her editor was during this series with this publisher she needs to get them back as this book doesnt have all the error that have come with her lastest books

  10. Leontine Leontine says:

    uoteThe Nauti Boys were thick as thieves it was said Their loyalty was to each other and to family aloneThe very first thing that inexplicitly drew me to the Nauti series was that mystifying bond between those MacKay men that said “I’ll have your back at all times” Rowdy Dawg and Natches shared a youth together shared their first time and every woman after that At first I was given an easy mix of sultry sex alluring romance and a suspenseful note in Nauti Boy but with book two Nauti Nights the balance already shifted a bit with attention for a full bodied plot yet still remaining to give that Nauti vibe Now with reading Nauti Dreams Lora Leigh has blown my cap off with the youngest of the Nauti cousins Natches is one of those men who became stronger then oak through the adversities in his life it left him a bit dark a bit nasty and always living on the edge of sanity and always in search of the most dangerous situations as to taunt life itself Natches enthralled me from the get go in this series and his story is fraught with such steep emotions it literary absorbed me in to the romance that was meant to happen from the first moment Natches and Chaya spoke to each other Nauti Dreams opens with a life altering experience between Chaya and Natches and it reached out to me whisked me away from my couch and threw me in to the story Such an experience between two people digs deep in to the soul to leave a mark which is everlasting It forges a bond between them that they cannot denyhow hard either one might try Years later they meet again and this is where the actual story beginsNauti Dreams took me back to the hometown of the MacKay cousins Somerset Kentucky where Chaya is officially following up on events partaking in the second novel; Nauti Nights The things on her hidden agenda remains shrouded in mystery but one thing’s for sure it somehow is connected to the events of last year and the MacKay family is smack in the middle of it all If there is one thing the men in this family seriously dislike is flying blind when every one of their honed senses tells them trouble is brewing in their small town However that is not the only thing brewing in Somerset Natches allowed yes he is that kind of man he allowed Chaya to walk away from him twice in the past years but now it was time she was his in every way heart soul and body as he vice versa belonged to her It was time they uit running and face up to what happened all those years back and let their feelings soar Well I can tell you that soaring it did Both in sexuality as in the pent up emotions of the heart You could feel the past and the attraction burning between them Natches was challenging Chaya to make it real right there right now It was all there from the first line forging threads between me and the characters ensuring I wouldn’t leave this story until it was toldChaya is a woman who was blackmailed in doing this op that she was reluctant to do but she was that much of a professional to see it all through to the ending before she would resign her job She is tough she is responsible she is sensual but also careful to open up and she buries her emotions so deep it takes a very determined man to uncover them Chaya is a character you can instantly like with her tenacity and resilience for life and mostly because she gives Natches such a good run for his money This is one of the things that makes me rave about this story so Natches and Chaya together They bicker they fight they cry they laugh the share a passion that almost makes them go up in flames but who wouldn’t want that kind of body action? they want from each other than anyone else and they open up towards each other in heart breaking scenes The fact Natches is so sure of his feelings for Chaya had him reacting in a way that would both drive a woman up the wall yet at the same time woe her to surrender her deepest fears Natches might have a lethal set mind and dark brooding thoughts but when he goes for someone he really goes for someone in all open honesty It gives me that amazing romantic feel to see them work at some form of a relationship born from such intense moments you can only wonder if they will work it out The writing style is evoking participation from the reader to feel to see to nit pick at the information given so good can victor over evil Everything is so saturated with emotions as only Lora Leigh can give it and is backed up with a familiar secondary cast and a plot that delves deeper from the one in Nauti Nights Natches and Chaya may have the spotlight but Dawg Rowdy and even the rest of the MacKay family are still every bit as important to tell the tale The bond between the three men is also something that shifts changes and alters throughout these three books Love happens to find them and it changes the way they view their sex life and new priorities are formed Still amidst all these changes in the end they are still the Nauti men they are only entering a different phase in their lives One I wouldn’t mind taking a sneak peak in once in a while and therefore I love the fact there is already a next novel out there named; Nauti IntentionsThe plot is something that held familiar things but also had very surprising elements in them that fueled this story with a frantic search for what was going on and because I read the previous novels I was eually curious where it all could come from Also Timothy Cranston as head honcho of Homeland Security was a manipulative rodent and someone I loved to hate As he wasn’t above manipulating everyone to get where he wanted to go leaving everyone with bits and pieces of the whole picture it drove Natches crazy He knew what Cranston was made of and all the bent on the fact Chaya spill whatever information she had Towards the ending every storyline came together and gave a finish that took me to that place where I feel a reader’s ecstasy with tears and all Nauti Dreams is Lora Leigh at her finest with romance passion and suspense working as one to create such a stupendous journey for two people it left a mark on me as a reader When I started with this series I expected to be charmed with easy to read stories It did start out that way for me but with each novel Lora Leigh proved to me why she is one of the Romantica ueens out thereuote Chaya about NatchesHe always looked like a dark avenging angel to her But now he looked like a savage warrioruote Natches about ChayaShe deserved gentleness and warmth and all he had was hunger lust and heatuote ChayaTo be wanted like that She had never been wanted so desperately by a man as Natches wanted her uote NatchesAnd she had changed him In that short time she had erased the man he had been and shown him the man he wanted to be A man who was worthy of a woman that strong

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