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  1. Jenn Jenn says:

    I felt like this story was on auto repeat with the charters thoughts words and actions I felt like I read the same story over and over in different ways the character could think up of the same info in their headsI wanted the threats and issues Jaci was dealing with I didn't want Cam walking around like a 247 viagra ad If he wasn't aroused then he was big crankosourus all broody scowling irritated and he just couldn't stop thinking the same things and hiding his past through the whole story Honestly that got so damn oldI felt like Jaci's drama was just a waste and it was all talk until the end And seriously she should have walked away and just let him grovel until he shared his story but no Frustrating

  2. Anita Anita says:

    This book is erotica so stop reading if that's not your thingThis book was horribly written and edited Really the publisher should be ashamed and should fire the editor What happened? Did she lose her red pen? Maybe she was angry with her employer and sent the manuscript through with nothing but proofreading? I don't know but the end result is an unbelievably bad novelFor one the author seems to have a short list of words that she tried to work into nearly every paragraph as many times as possible I think she was going for a world record how many times can you use the word pure in a single work of fiction? Pure this pure that pure crapSecond the alpha male characters came across as smug self satisfied dim wits not strong men The rants from the main hero Cam were redundant and ill fitted to the character who could ever think like him?Third the protagonist was not only an idiot woman she also was too much of a work of fiction to be even remotely sympathetic and believeable A virgin who has m f m menage five times in three days and suffers no painful conseuence? That's not erotic that's sexual tortureForth the book was redundant It could have been cut in half and no one would have noticed the different I got the distinct impression I was reading passages that had been cut and paste repeatedly And the sex scenes were nearly identical most of the time It made menage sound like the most boring routine possibleThen there were the logical leaps The key evidence that just shows up in the 11th hour with no hint it was coming Or the random relationship that the reader didn't know about between Chase and another character until he was forced to kill her Or the most bizarre of all Chase and Jaci both know Cam was abuse as a teen but they keep demanding to know how as though that's going to help Not once do either of them suggest he see a therapist unbelievable This book was frustrating and not worth the time I doubt I'll read anything else by this author for a long time

  3. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    This was a good erotic romance but it was also one that frustrated me at times It's also a bit of a dark emotional tale so than any of the other Bound Hearts books I don't think I'd consider it one of my favorites of the series but I liked it a lot Wicked Pleasure is the ninth book in Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts series The series is based on a group of men who enjoy consensually sharing their women with a thirdJaci Wright and the Falladay twins grew up together in Oklahoma Though Jaci was five years younger she tagged along after Cam always wanting to be around him She sensed his need for a friend The twins life had been rough after the death of their parents and for Cam Jaci soothed something inside him As they grew older Cam's feelings for Jaci became sexual But he had a darkness inside him that was constantly growing one that initiated a habit of sharing lovers with his brotherAt 21 one Jaci was faced with the truth of the brothers sharing and she ran Now seven years later she must face them again This time she's not running away from what they want But the relationship that develops between her and Cam and Chase by extension is filled with tension and secrets Cam won't reveal the pain of his past to either Jaci or his brother Jaci fears what will happen if she tells Cam about an enemy she has And Chase is caught up in the middle If Jaci and Cam hope to have a future together they'll have to learn to trust each other with their secretsBeing a Lora Leigh book this is definitely one hot story There's a whole lot of sex in this book Is there too much? Maybe a little Or maybe the scenes could have varied some They all seemed very similar Regardless they are definitely smokin' hotCam is a very typical Lora Leigh Uber Alpha He's demanding dominant and a bit on the coercive side I didn't love him as a character but I liked him enough Occasionally I thought he got a little too brutish but nothing too over the top Chase is similar to Cam in many ways but a little bit sensitive and gentle I look forward to reading his story And JaciI liked her but she also frustrated me some I wished she'd stood up to Cam His scarred emotions had him treating her somewhat badly at times and he refused to discuss why I thought Jaci should have told him to fuck off if he couldn't be honest with her Instead she was always so overcome with lust that she'd let him do her I know she loved him but that doesn't me she should have let him get away with what he didOverall there was just a lot of secret keeping in this book from just about everyone I got kinda annoyed at times with all the I can't tell yous and whatnot I just wanted them to spill it all and move onThere were also a few inconsistencies in the book that bothered me For one near the beginning Chase and Cam lost their parents at 13 and had their aunt take custody Then later in the book it's changed to 15 Kind of a big deal when you consider what happened to CamAlsobeware spoiler aheadthe thing with Moriah at the end Now I loved the twist Leigh added I hadn't really seen that coming and I thought Leigh did a great job making it all fit and make sense But one thing bothered me Suddenly at the end there are references to Chase caring for Moriah and knowing her for years and hence being destroyed by what happened But I don't remember it ever being mentioned in the book about Chase knowing her or caring about her It was like that detail was plopped into the end just to twist the emotional knife And I found it annoyingThere were also some series wide details that seemed to have been changed Some of the things mentioned about The Club didn't fit what I remembered from past books The number of members how long its been around the extreme secrecy and there was a comment that no sex acts took place in the club yet I distinctly remember one of the heroines getting nailed there So those inconsistencies bothered me someAll in all it was a good book but not a perfect one for me Which is how I feel about most Lora Leigh books I've liked all of them I think but I haven't loved any of them I think Lora Leigh fans and fans of the Bound Hearts series would like this one thoughWARNING this book contains explicit sex explicit language mf sex mfm sex with twins anal sex rough sex some dominance issues and mentions of sexual abuse of a minor

  4. PJ PJ says:

    4 'I'm C ing' StarsMan oh man I loved my twins Cam or Chase? I'm leaning towards Chase because he's funny smart fiercely loyal and he doesn't mind sharing For instance in bed As for Cam? He's broody grumpy and bears his scars both inside and out This is his story by the way Oh and both my C boys have mad bedroom skillz Two for one you really can't beat that deal Anyway at times this was a tough book to get through I really enjoyed it but the writing was so freaking DENSE It was like a woman packing half her closet for a weekend trip Ms Leigh is so good at stuffing each paragraph full of emotion but nearly every one of them then needed to be unpacked And I'm telling you I grew weary of it at times A hefty edit could really help with zero worry of losing any plot or emotion I imagine Another thing flipping the POV often between each paragraph threw me at times Though I loved getting into everyone's head Call me selfish for wanting to know what both Cam AND Chase were thinking I can take it As for Jaci I mostly liked her though she could be wishy washy Yes the girl had trouble setting boundaries Each and every time she drew a line Cam obliterated that sucker It was frustrating as hell But then I tried to put myself in her panties and I knew mine would go poof in Cam's hands Speaking of disappearing undergarments this was scorching hot Still sometimes I felt like I was reading a narration of three playing a long ass game of Twister There were times I was flipping my Kindle around trying to figure out what body part went where It really threw me out of the scene unfortunately 'B' for effort thoughNext I'm backing up in Lora Leigh's Bound Hearts series to read Courtney and Ian's story Shameless

  5. Auntee Auntee says:

    Well there's no denying that this is a plenty hot book Many many sex scenes of various types including some menages with the hero's twin brother so definitely not a book for the faint of heartCam the hero of this book has suffered some horrible heartbreaking abuse as a teenager and it has left him scarred emotionally So much so that he cannot bring himself to actually 'sleep' in a bed with a women; he 'does the deed' and then he's outta there A bed has too many painful memories for him The heroine Jaci has loved Cam since she was a young teenager and desperately wants to break through the walls protecting his heart and connect emotionally with him but doesn't know what to do Cam will not confide in anyone about the abuse he has suffered not even to his own twin He feels too much shame and guilt about what happened to him And the shame and the guilt has messed him up sexually enough so that he cannot be with a woman without his brother participating too But even though Jaci has come a long way from the naive young girl she once was can she accept the lifestyle Cam insists on in order to be with him?While I liked this book a lot I kept asking myself 'why doesn't he get some psychological help?' and 'how could anyone carry around all this guilt and shame without confiding in someone'? But of course if he did that there would be no book So for me most of this book was spent wondering when Cam was finally going to break down and tell someone anyone what happened to him Between that and the endless sexcapades between Jaci Cam and twin brother Chase it dragged it down just a bit for me Luckily things picked up again toward the end of the book when all the secretsof all the characters finally were revealed including one about Chase that I didn't see comingProbably not my favorite of the 'Bound Hearts' series but a pretty enjoyable read for me nonetheless and I'm sure it will appeal to most of Lora Leigh's fans

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    Ok I'm a damn independent chick And while I don't mind dominant men in general I do have issues with dom men who are overbearing to the point of stupidity I've read a half dozen or so of LL books and I've enjoyed 'em Wicked Pleasure had me rolling my eyes and flipping through it uickly in order to get it over with My synopsis Girl falls for Twin Boy #1 But at age 21 she figures out that Twin Boy #1 is a package deal meaning she's gotta screw both boys to be with the one she really wants Fast forward 7 8 years and she meets them again Still has the hots for TB #1 but this time she agrees to a menage TB #1 always gets the vaginal sex and since TB #2 is really second fiddle he gets the backdoor Always In every scene that a menage occurs I don't post a lot of reviews on here but this one was so ridiculous that I had to The main characters had very little depth and the big secret in the book was so very blah I don't recommend this Try a different Lora Leigh book just not this one

  7. Mahlet Mahlet says:

    HmmmI really enjoyed it but I definitely had my moments of frustration Jaci has had her eye on Cam Falladay since she was a pre pubescent girl He was 15 and hurting and it would be years until she learned the awful magnitude of why but she did the best she could as a young girl and always made Cam smile As Jaci began to mature and fill out Cam noticed and finally decided to act on his feelings for her while on leave from duty He drags her away to his place things get hot and heavyand then OOPS Cam forgot to mention his hot brother Chase is always his third So the rumors about the Falladay twins are true Fast forward a few years – Jaci’s still a virgin who has been pining away for Cam with her BOB She arrives in Virginia for a design job at Sinclair’s mansion namely his discreet ménage club which also employs Cam Chase Cam has gone long enough without Jaci and he’s determined to claim her Of course Jaci and Cam pick up where they left off but not without Chase Oh no Cam will not have sex without his trusted third At first Jaci doesn’t mind She knew it was a package deal and some smoking hot ménage sex ensues But it doesn’t take long for Jaci to begin to want and tension begins to build between the threesome At this point I began to grow impatient with Cam – his refusal to even cuddle with Jaci after sex He kept skirting away and refused to sleep with her Cam is one seriously damaged man – and the reasons behind his darkness are horrific – far worse than I imagined But even so IMHO it wasn’t enough to justify Cam’s peculiar behavior I especially was irked by the whole “can’t look at her in the eyes during sex unless Chase’s thereor else she’ll see the darknesssee into my soul” cue the dramatic musicThankfully Jaci is willing to do what it takes to break down Cam’s defenses and with the encouragement of Chase she’s able to do just that The chemistry between the hh was incredibly hot and albeit slowly – I enjoyed watching Cam change for the betteron the hot sports carin the rain yesin his bed There are definitely some loose ends regarding Chase so I’m looking forward to his book “Only Pleasure” I also loved the side characters Courtney and Ian Sinclair so I am inspired to hop backwards in this series and read their book too

  8. Marion Marion says:

    I was looking so forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed Cameron Falladay is in love with Jaci Wright He also likes to share his women with his twin brother Chase Cameron is the victim of a terrible past that he has not shared with anyone Throughout the book you can feel his pain Jaci also had something horrible happen to her which she is not sharing with the twins This book has romance suspense and tender emotional moments Of course it also has alot of hot sex Very steamy This book was loaned to me but I will absolutley get my own copy

  9. Cindy Cindy says:

    Wicked Pleasure Only PleasureThese two books are companion pieces and should be read in order or you'll be having several huh? moments with the plot in the second book Excellent reads suspenseful action likable characters it's so much fun to watch the heroes try to avoid 'commitment' when they are already committed body and soul and definitely hot sex scenesYou do no have to read the other books before these the characters do make appearances and it would enrich your reading to know their backgrounds but it is not a reuirementThe Bound Heart series 1 Ties That Bind Anthology Surrender out of print 2 SubmissionSeduction Books I and II 3 Wicked Sacrifice Book III Wicked Intent and book IV Sacrifice 4 Shameless Embraces Book V Embraced and Book VI Shameless 5 Forbidden Pleasure 6 Wicked Pleasure 7 Only Pleasure

  10. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    I love the background for the Wicked novels The Club outside Washington DC is a long standing and extremely private organization Its members share a certain notoriety that comes from being Fortune 500 CEOs congressmen and other famous movers and shakers Its members also share the need to engage in sexual ménage activities with their female loverswives Therein the extreme secrecy attached to The Club Members sign confidentiality agreements and The Club has a ‘punitive committee’ composed of very powerful individuals who can and will ruin anyone betraying their secrets financially socially and politically if needed However The Club is than just a sex club; it’s also a social setting for like minded men Women only gain admission as ‘guests’ of members Our heroine Jaci Wright has recently been hired to do some decorating renovations to the interior of The ClubCameron and Chase Falladay are identical twins in charge of security for The Club The story of why these two sometimes need to share a woman is slowly revealed throughout the novel They are also members of The Club and have been waiting for Jaci for seven years Waiting for her to acknowledge her own needs and accept what they need from her Now that her new job has put her within reach Cam is done with waiting He knew she was ‘the one’ for him from the time he was 18 and she was 13 He left for the military at 18 and returned home wounded in both body and spirit He is tormented by memories anger and dark lustsbut than anything he’s tormented by the thought of losing Jaci Jaci has her own problems and issues She’s managed to make some pretty powerful enemies and is torn by her love for and need to protect Cam She doesn’t understand why he needs to share her with his brother This ‘unnatural desire’ is what scared her away seven years ago But now THIS time she feels smarter and strongersurely she can make Cam and only Cam her own Her efforts to tame Cam and sometimes Chase and her struggles to be independent and solve her own problems without relying on Cam drive him nuts These two okay three certainly have a lot of issues to iron out The intense love scenes and powerfully erotic power struggles are part and parcel of the story I have been a fan of Ms Leigh’s books since I read my first e book by her This is yet another of her stories that will have a spot on my keeper shelf

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Wicked Pleasure [Reading] ➶ Wicked Pleasure Author Lora Leigh – From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes the explosive new novel in her Bound Hearts seriesJaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins Chase and Cam for seven years now Fears o From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes the explosive new novel in her Bound Hearts seriesJaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins Chase and Cam for seven years now Fears of the desires they arouse in her and the knowledge of the relationship they wanted with her spurred her to run to find a life that kept her traveling the globe and out of their reachBut now life has come full circle A new job has placed Jaci in the Sinclair mansion with Chase and Cam And they're tired of waiting It's hard enough to face accepting a relationship with two men rather than just one but gossip and the tattered tales of juicy secrets fill the society she now moves within Can Jaci face the world knowing she's a lover to both men or will her hesitancy and her fears destroy her chance of happiness forver.