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Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome #4 ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome #4 Author Kate Quinn – National bestselling author Kate uinn returns with the long awaited fourth volume in the Empress of Rome series an unforgettable new tale of the politics power and passion that defined ancient RomeEle National bestselling author Kate uinn returns the Eternal MOBI ó with the long awaited fourth volume in the Empress of Rome series an unforgettable new tale of the politics power Lady of PDF or and passion that defined ancient RomeElegant secretive Sabina may be Empress of Rome but she still stands poised on a knife’s edge She must keep the peace of the Eternal PDF/EPUB Ã between two deadly enemies her husband Hadrian Rome’s brilliant and sinister Emperor; and battered warrior Vix who is her first love But Sabina is guardian of a of the Eternal City The PDF or deadly secret Vix’s beautiful son Antinous has become the Emperor’s latest obsessionEmpress and Emperor father and son will spin in a deadly dance of passion betrayal conspiracy and war As tragedy sends Hadrian spiraling into madness Vix and Sabina form a last desperate pact to save the Empire But ultimately the fate of Rome lies with an untried girl a spirited redhead who may just be the next Lady of the Eternal City   .

  • Paperback
  • 512 pages
  • Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome #4
  • Kate Quinn
  • English
  • 03 August 2016
  • 9780425259634

About the Author: Kate Quinn

Kate uinn is the New York the Eternal MOBI ó Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction A native of southern California she attended Boston University where she Lady of PDF or earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classical Voice She has written four novels in the Empress of Rome Saga and two books in the Italian Renaissance of the Eternal PDF/EPUB Ã before turning to the th century with “The Alice Network” “The Huntress” a.

10 thoughts on “Lady of the Eternal City The Empress of Rome #4

  1. Stephanie Thornton Stephanie Thornton says:

    Just when I think Kate uinn can't get any better She does The scope of Lady of the Eternal City is staggering but uinn handles the span of time and miles with ease picking up where Empress of the Seven Hills left off with Hadrian Sabina and Vix If you haven't already read the first three books in the series I suggest you remedy that immediately There are new characters here to fall in love with most especially golden Antinous and a red haired tomboy who runs like a gazelle who had me cheering and laughing out loud The plot twists and turns around brutal Roman military campaigns and even a mysterious murder and in typical uinn fashion there are a few reveals that will have you gasping out loud and tearing through the pages as fast as you can As always uinn breathes life into ancient Rome so you really feel as if you were walking through Hadrian's marble palaces or even floating down the Nile in a royal procession This is historical fiction at its best filled with characters who will stay with you long after you've finished the final chapter This is an action packed final volume to uinn's Empress of Rome series I'm sad it's over

  2. Erin Erin says:

    SniffSniff I cannot believe that the Mistress of Rome series is over Kate uinn writes Ancient Rome in such a way that I am utterly convinced that she in another life once walked its streets In her series finale uinn sweeps readers back to the time of Emperor Hadrian in a way that only a masterful storyteller can do I started this book and I purposely took my time with it because I was sad to leave Vix Sabina Titus Faustina and so many others I loved that we were able to catch up with Thea and AriusMistress of Rome but I was sad that VixMariah went through the troubles they did and how their story played out I really hope that Kate uinn returns with another Roman story someday if the opportunity arises because I felt like I learned than I ever did in school about the Roman Emperors

  3. Jenny Q Jenny Q says:

    Kate uinn has uickly become one of my favorite historical fiction authors It's no small thing to weave a story with dozens of characters over three books and a forty year time span and keep a reader hanging on every word It takes true talent not only to bring history to life but to do so with seemingly effortless style and dignity Kate now ranks among some pretty illustrious company on my shelf of honor including Sharon Kay Penman Elizabeth Chadwick and Diana GabaldonI have been dying to read Lady of the Eternal City ever since that cliffhanger ending of Empress of the Seven Hills In that book we watched as young Romans Sabina and Vix came of age as friends and lovers and then separated to follow their destinies Vix to the legions and Sabina to the world of politics as wife of the rising legate Publius Hadrian But their paths were fated to cross numerous times as Vix rose through the ranks and Sabina's husband became the favorite to follow Emperor TrajanThis book opens with Hadrian's ascension to emperor and the execution of his rivals for the throne Vix has been hardened by his hatred for the man he is forced to serve and the things he has been forced to do and Sabina has become disillusioned and wary hiding a huge secret from her increasingly erratic husband The emotional tension in this novel runs at full throttle as Hadrian cements his power friends become enemies and enemies become friends tragedy creates unlikely allies and the future of an empire hangs in the balance The plot is meticulously crafted from the beginning of Hadrian's reign to the end encompassing war religious strife cultural awakenings political machinations and all of the very human emotions of the players who left their mark on the world during this timePossibly the strongest aspect of this series is the characterization It's not easy to craft a tale around a dozen characters and carve out a place for each in the reader's heart but Kate uinn pulls it off Beautiful and tragic Antinous Hadrian's young beloved who serves as the touchstone in this book around which Hadrian Sabina and Vix revolve The nature of Antinous's death is still one of history's enduring mysteries Hadrian who morphs from mild mannered husband to terrifying villain and astoundingly to sympathetic hero Future emperors Titus Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius Vibia Sabina the young adventuress whose fire is dimmed over time by duty and a repressive marriage to a dangerous man but who rises again as an empress a mother and a lover Annia the headstrong young girl whose future will surpass her wildest dreams These historical figures are brought to life as real people in all of their flawed gloryAnd of course Vix The fictional Vercingetorix the Red is one of my favorite heroes in literature He tries so hard to be what others expect him to be but at his heart he's a soldier and a son of Rome and he can't deny the call of his devotion It was heartbreaking to watch as his life unraveled and as he and Sabina made sacrifices for the good of the empire they both loved and for the soul of the man they both despised yet could not turn away from To watch them come full circle during this tale's stunning and heart pounding conclusion at the end of Hadrian's reign was poignant and oh so satisfyingYou don't have to read Mistress of Rome first though I highly recommend it as it tells the tale of Vix's and Sabina's parents and sets the political and historical stage for what's to follow but you should definitely read Empress of the Seven Hills before reading the epic conclusion in Lady of the Eternal City This is historical fiction at its finest This is gritty and gripping storytelling that seamlessly weaves fact and fiction with fantastic characterization transporting ambiance and overarching themes of love friendship duty and honor This series is an absolute must read for lovers of historical fiction and ancient history and for anyone who loves a damned good story I really can't sing its praises high enough These books have earned a permanent place on my shelves and in my heart Brava Kate uinn brava

  4. Melinda Melinda says:

    I'm melancholy to see this fabulous series end yet joyful to see what uinn has in store for her next epic effort uinn gives us familiar characters along with new players to entertain us Without a doubt her kaleidoscope cast will pull you in until the very end Hadrian the uestionable cog in which all revolves around leaves you spinning Annia a young ginger haired girl beyond her years a feminist in her actions and thinking highly intelligent continually amuses the reader Antinous his gentle soul combined with his paralyzingly beauty adds a soft touch to both narrative and fellow cast members with rougher edges Lots of surprises leaving the reader further entranced as you uickly turn each page to discover the ending Lush descriptions transport you to opulent palaces you sense the powerful current of the Nile the horrific battles you'll feel a laurel wreath upon your head uite a memorable read reaching an arm to a distant time in history with memorable characters along with a intricately sketched narrative not short of adventure action mystery leaving you awed for a length of time A wonderful wrap up to a enthralling series historical fiction demonstrated by a proficient authoress

  5. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    This was amazing Over the course of this series these characters have become some of my favorites Vix Sabina Trajan Hadrian Antinous Titus Annia and so many others Kate uinn brings them all to such vivid life that it's nearly impossible to tell who actually existed and who's fictional I'm sad it's over but it was such a brilliant ending I've long thought I had no interest in ancient Rome because all the names blur together and everyone has at least 3 4 names and they're all some jumble of the same thing and did I mention the NAMES? But this series and a few others have made me realize that Rome is just as fascinating as any other place in time and history when put into the right hands I'll definitely come back to these one day

  6. twelvejan [Alexandria] twelvejan [Alexandria] says:

    45 'my star' Stars for Lady of the Eternal CityI've waited so very long for LotEC Very very very long The release of The Three Fates as a preuel to LotEC was beneficial for those of us who've waited so long for this one Honestly after Empress of the Seven Hills I didn't think there will be a continuation Hence I was beyond ecstatic when I realised there's a book 4 And now I am very satisfied should this be the final book in the series I couldn't ask for a better ending that this We followed the live of Emperor Domitian in Mistress of Rome that turned me into such a HUGE fangirl for Kate uinn the live of Emperor Trajan in Empress of the Seven Hills and now the live of Emperor Hadrian in Lady of the Eternal City There were laughter tears anguish; as with all of Kate uinn's works By the time I hit the last few pages I had a lump in my throat and was trying very hard not to cry while commuting to work Worse time to ever read the ending of a book on a train honestly So I'm not gonna bore you with my review because my 45 star rating is evident enough without my inconseuential ramblings of why this book heck this entire series is so bloody awesome I will instead share with you some of my favourite uotes along with pictures of Hadrian's legacies Oh sweet boy like a girlI watch you though you will not glance my wayYou are unaware that you hold the reins of my soul You talked of the stars that night on Eleusis The stars in the sky in all their beauty But I saw only one starAnother brush of the lips then kissing away Antinous's last tears so tenderly Hadrian was rarely tender; his passions were likely to bruise and inflame than soothe or comfort I saw my star and it was your face I could hardly summon the courage to touch him I looked at him and tried to tell myself he was just another plaything Unworthy of me Something pretty to be used and tossed aside But he looked at me and he smoothed my hair and he laid me down under the lemon tress and I knew I was the one unworthyHe was my chance for light My one chance You will never know how hard I worked to be worthy of him But he never knew I failed The performance of a lifetime and he never knew it To be emperor I made myself look like a good man on the outside But for him Vix I wanted to be a good man I came here twice as often when I had Antinous How hard I worked burying the darkness for him He was the light and I'd come sit here in the dark As always Kate's books always make me crave for ; historical facts of her amazing works I'm gonna do a lil bit reading on Wiki on the lives of Emperor Hadrian and Antinous Conclusion Kate uinn brought forth the live of Emperor Hadrian through an epic love story If you have not tried any of her books it's high time you do so

  7. Amy (Read.Dream.Live) Amy (Read.Dream.Live) says:

    I honestly cannot wait to read this book I am a HUGE fan of this series and am so excited to read the fourth book in the series I would recommend this series to anyone who is a historical fiction fan or any book lover in general

  8. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    Lady of the Eternal City is the fourth book in Kate uinn's wonderful The Empress of Rome series I feel like I have been waiting for this book for such a long time and let me tell you it was well worth the wait In Lady of the Eternal City the infamous Hadrian is finally emperor For uinn's characters this does not necessarily mean good things Hadrian's rule will bring many changes both to Roman rule and in the personal lives of the character Many of the beloved characters such as Sabina Vix and Titus are back in this book as well as many new characters which I fell for uicklyThis book is the fourth book in the series and takes place about a year after the previous book You could probably read this book as a stand alone book but you should not For my fellow historical fiction lovers this series is such a treat Filled with memorable characters and exuisite historical detail this book and the rest of the series will pull you in You should really treat yourself and read the series from the beginning The characters are definitely a major draw for this book I was very excited to go back to characters that I loved in the previous books It was a treat to see what the likes of Vix a former gladiator and Sabina who is married to Emperor Hadrian were up to We are also introduced to several characters that really make for some fun reading uinn writes characters that you really begin to feel for and care about So much happens to these characters and there are so many twists and turns that kept me on my toes unfortunately I cannot divulge them as I don't want to give anything away As with uinn's other books the world building is fantastic Ancient Rome and her territories are pretty remote in many modern day readers' minds but through great writing and thorough historical detail these places really come to life The way that the detail is woven into the story is wonderful This book is definitely a full body experienceThere are some books that take a long time to read because you are just not into the story There are the good books that you read a normal pace There are other books that you fly through because they are just so good Then there is a final category of books where you read the book incredibly slowly because you know with every page you turn you are closer to the end and you know that you're going to have an overwhelming feeling of sadness when you get to the last page because it means that a fantastic story is coming to the end This is definitely one of those books that fits firmly in the last category I loved this book and am eagerly awaiting uinn's next release

  9. Caroline Caroline says:

    It looks like Lady of the Eternal City is the last of Kate uinn's Empress of Rome series So while I loved the book through and through I read it with somewhat of a heavy heart If this is the end it was perfect It even included a guest appearance by Thea and Arius Vix's parents who started it all But still if I had my way this series would never end I mean generational sagas don't really have to finish do they? I mean if Kate ever wants to revisit Dinah or Chaya or better yet go into the tale of Annia and Marcus Then again I get why uinn wanted to end the story More books mean conflict And damn if Vix Sabina and company haven't been through enough shit as it isLady of the Eternal City begins a year after the end of Empress of the Seven Hills Which to jog your memory ended spectacularly with the ascension of Hadrian and Vix knocking Sabina up ILLICITLY in a bout of hatesex It spans another eighteen years or so after that and damn does a lot happen In truth I'm not familiar with the story of Hadrian Being familiar with the history isn't really necessary with these books; I mean Vix is entirely fictional and Sabina largely so and they're the main characters So I was surprised by the turn Hadrian's storyline took uinn takes a rather bold step there developing the villain of Empress of the Seven Hills and his relationships with Vix and Sabina into something else entirely Don't get me wrong he's still an asshole and she hardly forgets his wrongdoings But the character development there is much complex than even I expected These books are soapy but so underrated Particularly deepsurprising is the romance between Hadrian and none other than Vix's adopted son Antinous Again I knew little of the real Hadrian so I had no idea while reading Empress of the Seven Hills that Antinous was historically significantI don't think a lot of authors would paint the HadrianAntinous relationship as uinn did It wasn't perfect with both partners acknowledging that Hadrian was essentially maintaining a mask to keep Antinous happy But their love for each other was presented as wholly true In fact in a sense the romance purer than that between Vix and Sabina Yes that continues And yes it's still my favorite thing about the whole series While Vix and Sabina constantly love and hate and use one another lying and cheating their way to survival Hadrian and Antinous are simply in love The world however is against both couples and as per usual in a Kate uinn book there are about five billion tragedies they have to contend withLady of the Eternal City has some truly heartbreaking moments Though Vix and Sabina's relationship is still at the forefront it was built up in Empress of the Seven Hills and is now left to go where it will The core of the book seemed to be the love of a parent for a child Vix loves Antinous so than his biological daughters with Mirah; and the ugliness of that isn't skipped over and Sabina loves her secret child conceived at the end of the last books Both of those relationships are fraught with tension and it's difficult for both parents to love their children Sabina's boundaries are physical; Vix's are emotional And don't forget that Vix is actually the father of that secret child Yeah Vix and Antinous's relationship is even important than that of Antinous and Hadrian perhaps even than Vix and Sabina'suinn never shies away from the gray morality of her leads Though Leah and Arius were no angels Vix and Sabina sway towards the moral alignment of the delightfully gray Marcella of Daughters of Rome They do a lot of bad shit in this book Vix in particular What happens to his family a family he's constantly betraying constantly ignoring is awful but it feels realistic It shows the less rosy side of a grand romance the fallout of Vix's constantly split loyalties between his wife Mirah and Sabina the girl he's loved since adolescence; between his children with Mirah and his adopted son; between Judaea nation of his mother and his wife and Rome the city he's served all his life; between the ghosts of Trajan's ideals and the realities of HadrianThrough it all the bright spot that isn't entirely bright because you know this series is the younger generation Well not all of them what with the fact that one member of the younger cast is one of the biggest assholes this series has seen thus far But Pedanius aside Annia and Marcus are delightful Through all of the fucked up relationships thwarted by circumstance or misunderstanding theirs is a sweet childhood romance with a few obstacles along the way of course Annia's perspective delighted me throughout She's one of those female characters who's tough and strong and tomboyish but still such a girl The ending is bittersweet as could be expected of the series Not everyone walks off into the sunset Some of the victories are uite hollow But if you're dreading a total downer like I was at one point don't Lady of the Eternal City is worth the wait And if this really is the end I'm sad about that but happy it ended so well

  10. Alison Alison says:

    I knew about Hadrian Sabina and Antinous from history but the clever weaving of their stories with that of the fictional tough ‘barbarian’ Vix and the younger Faustina and Marcus as children enchants you I have wandered through the remains of Hadrian’s Tivoli villa near Rome and of course embrace Hadrian’s Wall as part of my national heritage but Kate uinn breathes life into these places so you are gazing at the star sky at the northern edge of the world and feel the heartbreak of duty and love tearing you apart on the River Nile in Judea in Rome The author uses different points of view with care giving readers insight in to the minds and emotions of each character without burdening them with unnecessary detail nor losing them Highly recommended

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