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Nauti Boy [PDF / Epub] ☉ Nauti Boy Author Lora Leigh – Too weak to resist young Kelly Benton's attempts at seduction Rowdy Mackay left home eight years ago Duty as a US Marine put a safe distance between Rowdy and the nubile Kentucky vixen with persuasive Too weak to resist young Kelly Benton's attempts at seduction Rowdy Mackay left home eight years ago Duty as a US Marine put a safe distance between Rowdy and the nubile Kentucky vixen with persuasive desires of her own Now he's returned home his fantasies fueled ready to engage the young woman in the kind of erotic games that have earned him and his two cousins Nauti Boy reputations in three countiesOnce it was Kelly's dream too to feel the heat of the boy she desired But a brutal attack from a stalker still on the prowl has left Kelly terrified of the dark unknown and of a man's touch Now as fear and desire converge Rowdy fights for the only woman he ever loved to save her from the deadly threats of a stranger to rid her of her demons and to satisfy a hunger powerful than either can imagine.

About the Author: Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora’s family and her writing life co exist if not in harmony in.

10 thoughts on “Nauti Boy

  1. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    I didn’t really like this book It has too much of a sleazy”porny” undertone to it even though it tries to come across as something else The hero Rowdy a totally stupid nickname as were the names of his two cousins Dawg and Natches –sounds like slang for an STD—is a bit of a creepy Neanderthal He’s way overboard with his “alphaness” for my taste He’s too possessive and borderline psycho staking a claim on Kelly as “his” and his cousins even say “he’s CLAIMED her” and mind you so does hot and cold Kelly As a reader you’re thinking “What the???? Is she a pet or something???” He’s also screaming out “MINE” when they’re going at it I think you can accept that in a paranormal but I can’t really see someone sane repeating that time and again in the “throes of rapture” He’s always referring to her or complimenting her as if she was a little girl She’s so “pretty” in an almost lascivious way has “pretty nipples” a “pretty slit”—just made my skin crawl His permanent erection regardless of the situation hey look you’re scared out of your tree—oh baby I’m hard Yuck just adds to the seediness of the storyThe two often fly off the handle for next to nothing One minute they’re happy go lucky and the next all hell broke loose and you’re wondering where that came fromThe story drags once you hit the halfway mark and I was counting the pages and virtually skimming the end It’s very repetitious with how he won’t share her how’s she’s scared of the stalker and how his cousins want to share her This theme is there from early on and it’s as if the author didn’t know what else to say so it was used as filler to finish up the bookKelly’s attack was well written You really felt the horror she felt and at the beginning of the story you see how scared and introverted she’s become—so the story starts out well but it’s downhill afterIt’s very sexually explicit which you know coming in but I didn’t like how the couple came together sexually –a very “trash” feel to it all with a mediocre writing style in my opinion

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    I seem to be a masochist when it comes to books because I cannot resist the call of the full blown rant inducing novels no matter how often I say well I'm not going to read that I'm not sure what it is but I can't help myself and sure enough this book was truly horrendous in every wayI really enjoyed Wild Card by Lora Leigh so much so that I immediately sought out her other books I have no idea whether her Breed and Elite Ops series are as good as the first novel I tried but I doubt they can possibly be as bad as the second yeah and I probably shouldn't say that The difference between Wild Card and Nauti Boy is like the difference between sex and rape And no not the games couples play where they chase each other around screaming no stop that This book was so so disgusting Why would you centre erotica around a rape story? Why would you centre a story that is meant to be about celebrating sex and sexuality around a plot that is about sex crimes?Rape is not a joke Rape is not sexy And rape victims most definitely do not recover by having the trauma screwed out of them I resent the message No wait that doesn't even begin to express what I'm feelingI RESENT THE FUCKING MESSAGEDoes Lora Leigh genuinely think that people who are raped just need a good screwing to get it out of there system? This book isn't bad it's warped Once I realised that the author was actually trying to sell sex to me as a way of alleviating the trauma after a sex attack anal by the way because that's the only way Lora Leigh does it I was completely switched off from the erotic aspect I couldn't even enjoy the sex scenes because I was so grossed outAlso what I liked about the dirty talk in Wild Card made me nauseous in this The author is known for her particular fondness for graphic and nasty dirty mumblings during the sex but her constant need to push the boundaries makes for some really awful lines I like dirty talk it's sexy most of the time and yet Lora Leigh takes it too far in this novel I don't think that many people actually say this to one another and if a guy said some of this crap to me I'd laughview spoilerApparently I want to do you in the ass in Lora speak is I want you to part those sweet cheeks so I can see your ass eating my cock gags hide spoiler

  3. Mahyar Mahyar says:

    Rated 35Okay I should have rated it less than 35 stars but three things prevented me from doing that1HH fell in love at a young age2Dominant and protective hero3Good endingNow what I hated the most about this bookRowdy kept pressuring her to make a decision about his cousins And I hated how the cousins acted like Rowdy has to share her with them just because they protected and didn’t let any other men touch herExcept her stalker of course during his absence Yeah they did always share women but In my opinion they shouldn't have acted like they own her or something They also claimed to love her but does it sound like love to youHell we can argue over this later Natches finally grumped After I take out my mad on that son of a bitch stalking her Then we can fight over sharing rights Sharing rights? How dare he talk about her like that when she clearly doesn’t want anyone but Rowdy? Ugh so annoying If HH weren’t so likable I wouldn't have finished this book So I probably won’t read the next installment Nauti Nights anytime soon

  4. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    If you like light suspense Harleys snippy heroines and extreme alphas with a touch of redneck then this might be the one for you Rowdy and his two cousins Dawg and Natches have been sharing their women for years However Rowdy has fallen for his step sister yes that is right and now that she is no longer jail bait and he is out of the military he's ready to get serious He knows she's had feelings for him too so he sees his return home as his time to claim Kelley However he's hoping that Kelley will come to realize that she is going love all the pleasure he and his cousins can give her together He feels they are pretty much a package deal and she'll learn to love it once she tries it just once In the meantime she has an attracted a stalker and rapist while Rowdy was away and it’s up to the MacKay boys to do save KelleyThis really isn't a bad story It does have its borderline sleaze factors IMO I don't know what it says about me that I was bothered by the step sibling love than the cousins wanting to share Rowdy's woman ahem there is no man love here its all about pleasing her I am interested in reading his cousin Natches' story which is book three Rowdy is one of those extreme alphas that lay down the law with yelling then if that does not work he will distract the woman into rough sex to make her see things his wayThe copy I own is clearly mislabeld as contemporary romance What? There is zero romance in this book At best I'd say it could pass as a romantic suspensespoilerThere is only a half of a ménage scene in this one since it is interrupted before much happens Kelley realizes she just can't do that and Rowdy realizes he doesn't want to share Kelley

  5. ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness says:

    CONVERSATION BEWTEEN HUSBAND AND I ABOUT BOOK HUBBY ‘ What shit are you reading now?’SAM ‘Porn baby porn’HUBBY leans in closely to look at cover ‘ You know that guy has bigger pecs than your boobies?'SAM ‘ I’m so cut right now’HUBBY ‘So you going to read me some porn later? winks and saunters off up the hallSAM Yells up the hall ‘ Nar my BOB will do just fine tonight’ Well you would think I would learn my damn lesson This is the third time I have tried to write the review Each time the computer bucks up on me and deletes it This time I am writing it in Microsoft word and saving it I hear all your GASPS But yes people only three stars for me It would have been bumped up to four if it weren’t for the constant porn undertone I did like this book but there was just so many things in the story that had my eyebrows furrowing and my head shaking For instance Kelly who was almost anally raped would and have a large fear of anal now right? And Rowdy who wants to win her heart should probably be compassionate and stay away from her bum right? Think again Rowdy took every chance he could to slip his finger in lick it touch it and finally penetrate it with his engorged penisBut he didn’t stop there Even after knowing that Kelly’s would be attacker whispered things into her ear from behind her Rowdy still kept coming up behind her and saying freakishly porn like things into her earI’m still trying to wrap my head around why the cousins all want to get into the sac with this step brothersister combo but hey if that’s what gets your jolly offAll in all this is you’re A TYPICAL erotica Lots of porn related speech inappropriate sex at inappropriate times and lets not forget ANALI will continue the series if only to read abut the cousins getting their tails whipped into shape

  6. Heather Heather says:

    I really liked this book did I love it? No Let me explain I liked the plot in this book a lot It alone could be worth 5 stars Kelly is a 24 year old girl who has waited her whole life for Rowdy He is 6 years older and joined the military when Kelly was 16 to get away from her You see Rowdy already had feelings for her and she was just way too young Rowdy is finally back for good from the military and when he comes home waiting for Kelly to leap into his arms he's shocked to find a terrified wallflower who is nothing like the vibrant fiery flirting girl she once was Kelly was attacked by a stalker when he was on his last tour in the military and Rowdy is bound and determined to hunt down that stalker no matter what Rowdy slowly seduces Kelly into trusting him and they have a very hot sexual relationship all the while searching for her stalker The reason I gave this book 4 stars is that Im not much of a fan of the unwilling girl story line Kelly had been through something horrific and rowdy was the perfect guy to coax her out of it It just seemed like there was a lot of arguing about the same things like Rowdy protecting Kelly or why they had to stay together for her protection now dont get me wrong most of these scenes ended with some hot sex so I enjoyed it I just wanted a little willingness as the book went on and I never really got it Overall the book was really good and I plan on reading the next book very soon

  7. Lynsey A Lynsey A says:

    15 for meThis wasn't a good Lora Leigh read for me One of the problems I had with this book is that I really didn't connect with either Kelly or Rowdy Which btw is the mascot for the Indianapolis Pacers which is a I don't know what so that made me dislike the name even The love didn't feel real to me Maybe it was because the love was from page one and the rest of the book just didn't make it feel real to me I read Wild Card of the Elite Ops series and the love was there through the whole thing and was believable for me There was such intensity between Nathan and Bella that was totally missing here for meAnother problem I had with the book was the characters of Kelly and Rowdy were either arguing about who knows what or going at it The arguments just seemed to come out of nowhere and were ended with a kiss that led to Kelly's character came across as weak in the beginning because of the near rape I understand that but then we were later presented with an image of a tough woman who takes no crap from her man and I just didn't buy itI also had a problem with the sharing between the cousins The whole would they or won't they through the majority of the book was annoying Then when the moment happened it really soured the love scenes between Rowdy and Kelly for me It felt like a weak plot point to bring out the bad guy but I don't think it was needed to set off the psycho stalker I'm not a fan of menage at all and I knew going in there was a brief scene where it was possible but it was too much for me Honestly if you don't like menage and can stand to not read all books in a series this one can be skipped My OCD about reading all books in a series and in order made me unable to skip this oneI'm not a big fan of Natches either He came off as rather immature The other books in the series look good and I can only hope that Natches improves as the series continues I believe he is the 3rd storyI do plan to read the rest of the series and can only hope they improve as the stories continue

  8. Jen Jen says:

    This was a pretty good book It was a common theme for Leigh with the man can’t stay away from the girl so he goes into the military until she gets older Then he comes back for her When Rowdy comes back this time he finds out that Kelly has been attacked and is being stalked With the help of his 2 cousins Rowdy sets out to find out who is doing it The plot was very well done In fact I found this to be a little plot filled than most of LL’s booksI would have given the book 5 stars but Leigh did not give me a ménage I have come to expect that from her that might have even been one of the reason I was anticipating this series But in the end Kelly could not handle it and Rowdy got too jealous There was an aborted attempt towards the end that got interrupted I did not want it to be like the August men but just a little extra fun would have been nice Overall still a very good book by Leigh and one I would recommend to fans of this genre

  9. Karyn Karyn says:

    ICK1 She's your step sister 2 His name is Rowdy3 Short of peeing on her to claim territory he or less did everything animal like The whole Mine Mine was just not cool4 i'll just end with a well deserved ICK again I did not like these two

  10. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    Can't believe I didn't review this book when I read it in 2007 I remember not liking it because of Rowdy and his character I thought the plot was dumb in that Kelly was almost raped and moved back home and was afraid of men Then she's being pressured by Rowdy and his two cousins for a three some The three boys were known in town for their sharing and Rowdy was pressuring Kelly to comply It all came to a head on a boat where they ALMOST have a ménage à trois but are interrupted Afterwards Kelly has second thoughts But Rowdy didn't like it When the parents intervene and tell the couple how it almost broke them up in their younger days Rowdy decided to keep her to himself But his cousins were NOT happy I wanted plot in this one It had so much potential but failed miserably for This Reader

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