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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    Updated for book 19This is the kick starter for one of my FAVORITE UFPNR series of all time ALLFUCKINGTIME people If you love paranormal romance andor urban fantasy look no further than this series Look no further than Nalini SinghHer writing is flawless Her world building is incredibleAnd her characters and story lines are in a league of their own LOLZSee what I did there?Side note I actually have a lovehate relationship with this movie When you played softball for 16 years like I did?Believe me you've SEEN A League of Their Own way than any one person ever should in their lifetime Almost to its detriment But anybadjoke back to this book and Nalini Singh's awesomeness This book is the beginning of a true PNR saga of legit proportions In this book you are introduced to some changelings shifters and what I think is a truly brilliant and utterly original people at least I had never read about anything like it before The Psy race and the thing they call SilenceWill it blow your PNR mind?Not only that but in this book we are introduced to one of my favorite book husbands of all timeLucas Hunter Seriously though I love this series so much I am LEGIT pimping it out right now I just can't say enough good things about it And ya'll know I'm not one to gush too much If you haven't read it you fucking should On a series setup side noteAfter reading this one some people get concerned that EVERY book will be a Male Changeling Female Psy coupling because both Book One and Book Two both are and since I've been asked numerous times by various friends who are just starting out in this series if such is the case I decided to list a breakdown of the coupling types for the series up to its current point Silver Silence So for those interestedBook 1 Psy Changeling Male Changeling DarkRiver AlphaFemale PsyBook 2 Male Changeling DarkRiverFemale Psy Visions of HeatBook 3 Male SnowDancer PsyFemale Changeling SnowDancer Caressed by IceBook 4 Male Changeling DarkRiverHuman Female Mine to PossessBook 5 Male Changeling DarkRiverFemale Psy Hostage to PleasureBook 6 Male Changeling SnowDancerFemale Changeling DarkRiver Branded by FireBook 7 Male Human Female Psy Blaze of MemoryBook 8 Male Human CopFemale Justice Psy Bonds of JusticeBook 9 Male AND Female SnowDancer Changelings Play of PassionBook 10 Male Changeling SnowDancer AlphaFemale SnowDancer Psy Kiss of SnowBook 11 Male Changeling SnowDancer Female Changeling Tangle of NeedBook 12 Male AND Female Psy Heart of ObsidianBook 13 Male AND Female Psy Shield of WinterBook 14 Male AND Female Psy Shards of HopeBook 15 Alleigiance of Honor NO focal couple This books acts as a bridge between season one of the story arc books 1 14 and season two books 15 While this book doesn't focus on any particular couple it's a must read for the series Book 16 PC Trinity Book 1 Male Changeling StoneWater AlphaFemale Psy Silver SilenceBook 17 PC Trinity Book 2 Male HumanFemale Changeling BlackSea Ocean LightBook 18 PC Trinity Book 3 Male Changeling SnowDancerFemale Psy Wolf RainBook 19 PC Trinity Book 4 Female Changeling BlackEdge AlphaMale Psy Alpha NightI don't know if this helps anyone out but I thought I'd share Plus I just like making listsAnyway like I said if you haven't read this go GO already

  2. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    This is a romance novel If you're unfamiliar with the romance formula then I'm about to spoil every single romance novel everThey all end on a deliriously happy note with an abundance of perfectionSo whilst I won't discuss the actual end to this book I don't think I really will be spoiling everything if I discuss the TYPE of end this book has and why it means that I just wasn't really meant for the romance genreThere was a lot to enjoy about this book For starters considering it is billed as a romance novel its world building was rather impressive The Psys people with specialized psychicmental abilities Changelings shifters of various animal varieties and humans all live together with Psys generally occupying the higher echelons of societyThe Psys are supposed to be completely unemotional and rational Which generally means they live long and prosperWhile Changelings are moving up the social ladder leaving the humans in the gutter where presumably they belong I'm not sure they don't feature much in this novel and I must say as a human I find this pretty offensive The sole token human in the novel barely has a partOkay so emotions are forbidden which makes things kind of awkward for resident Psy Sascha Duncan and Alpha Changeling hunk Lucas HunterLuckily it's a romance novel so they naturally work through it Or elseMy issue is that I just obviously wasn't really meant for the romance genre because I was perfectly fine with this book up until the last couple of chapters I don't want a super happy ending Not if it doesn't make any bloody sense and just comes out of nowhere Also I have issues with paranormal romance and that is because most of them have a mate for life policy in which the paranormal creatures actually CAN'T mate with anyone else even if their spouse diesLook this isn't even true in nature First of all not all wolves mate for life in the wild usually only an alpha pair And you know what if one of that pair dies the other one will probably find another mateIt's kind of a sick thing to romantizice over too when you think about it He loves me so much that if I died he'd rather abandon our children and the world to come join meI don't think that's romantic at all In fact I think it ualifies as a very unhealthy relationshipThere were definite dominance and control issues in this story that annoyed me as well Because you know the man is always right and a woman can't choose to make a sacrifice for something she believes in That's just not right She should listen to her man She needs permission to do these thingsWhat is it with that in today's literature? Do we still want a man that's going to knock us unconscious just to retain control? Okay story time with KatI'm pregnant and am therefor clinically insane Mr Kennedy arrived home from work a few weeks ago to find me in the backyard tilling the soilWhat the hell are you doing? he exclaimed angrilyI glanced up from my hard labour puffing but excited Look honey I'm making a veggie patch Now we'll have nice fresh veggies to eatMr Kennedy looked at me with a special kind of horror as he began to mentally tabulate exactly how many weeks this madness was likely to go on for You hate gardening Why would you want a veggie patch? Why Honey? Why??I laughed at his silliness Everyone needs a veggie patch Silly silly man Oh It'll be fun I'll just finish tilling this soil and then we can go out right away and buy some seedlings We'll have nice fresh veggies by the time the baby comesMr Kennedy now has a Pavlovian upchuck reflex to any sentence that ends in by the time the baby comes There is a certain manic way pregnant women say that which instantly informs the rest of the world that reason and logic no longer hold any valueI then began furiously churning up the soil with one of those pick axe like things that you use to do this kind of work I don't know really I found it in the shed and it looked like it'd do the job I think I've seen someone use it in a movieWill you stop that You're pregnantDon't be silly I'll be done soon darlingMr Kennedy groaned before stripping off his work shirt snatching the pick axe from me and saying Fine I'll do it You just go sit down over thereIt was at this point that I could KIND of understand why my female ancestors traded some of their freedom and rights if it meant getting to watch a man like him work in the field every day Because frankly he looks a lot like this And he was very very impressive with that pick axeBut I'm crazy and pregnant and hormones are what they areThe fact is though that as crazy and pregnant and hormonal as I am I still don't want a caveman who thinks he can threaten control dominate and bully me Though I have consistently made sure I'm doing heavy work around the time Mr Kennedy gets home so that I can watch him do it instead no man is hot enough to be ordering me around and stomping all over my free will damn itThus the three stars Because I can't enjoy a story where the final lines go something like this And so I learned that my husband was right all alongSeriously people? I'm married My husband hasn't been right since he signed those papers It's a fact of lifeMarried men are never rightThe end

  3. Kristen Kristen says:

    5HUGEGIGANTICIMMENSESTARSWOW WOW WOW I honestly don't know what to say about this book that hasn't already been said numerous times other than it's easily become my FAVORITE paranormal romance thus far There wasn't a single thing about this story that I didn't absolutely and completely love I won't go into detail about the plot the characters or the writing; there are plenty of fantastic reviews already written that fully express my feelings thoughts and sentiments about this fantastic book series I will say though that Slave to Sensation had the perfect mixture of world building character development story depth intrigue action eroticism and romance Not once did I become frustrate or annoyed with the plot or the characters Nope I spent the whole book captivated fascinated and enthralled I was unable to put it down In fact much to my family's dismay I was so absorbed in the story that I read it in one sitting I'm not sure why I waited so long to start this series because I knew it would be right up my alley Now I understand why so many of my friends consider the Psy Changeling series one of their favorite paranormal reads If the rest of the books are anything like this one there's no doubt this series will become my favorite in the paranormal genre

  4. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    4 Feels for the first time stars Slave to Sensation is my first book by Nalini Singh and I really enjoyed it I know I have had this baby on my kindle for a few years now and I sit here and wonder why I waited so long to start this series I loved the whole world set up The Psy being all mind with great psychic powers and no feelings the Changelings being shifters that feel greatly and of course the boring humans I do wish there would have been a bit paranormal world development as I would have liked to known things like how long do the para live how do they know when they found their mates? How do go about mating? All these things were touched on in a glossed over kind of way Lucas was sexy as hell and full of life and passion which made Sascha seem like a lump by comparison I did end up warming up to Sascha as the book went on but at first she was so flat it was hard to connect to her I loved Lucas and Sascha together Although I did wish Lucas would have figured out she was his mate a little bit sooner I also really liked the others in Lucas' pack and I liked Hawke and I really hope he gets a book I sure he will since this series is so long Slave to Sensation was a great start to the series It got me hooked on the world and the secondary characters I can't wait to start book two

  5. Dd Dd says:

    A short conversation between me and my conscience DdDdHmmm???? DDDDDDDDDDDWHAT?? Oh GodStop reading Visions of Heat for a secondShouldn't you be writing a review for this book instead of starting with the next one immediately?All rightReaders this is one of the best PNR I have ever readExcellent writingExcellent charactersAnd a world in which you'll lose yourselfIf there is anyone who has not yet read it please do it ASAPThereHappy? HuhFine just do not forget that you have Chemistry to read too or you'll flunk your examGo hang yourself sigh

  6. chan ☆ chan ☆ says:

    tragically this is gonna be a dnf for mei really wanted to like this because i really like nalini's writing and while the guild hunters series is not my favorite i figured maybe psy changeling might be a game changer and this is a first book in a series so i don't want to judge too harshly but i don't think this is going to work for me it's almost the antithesis to everything that paranormal is in my eyes passionate fated mates etc with psy characters they're emotionless or at least are supposed to beand i guess you could argue that could make for some good tension but it just fell flat for me i didn't like the heroine and the hero was very basic alpha type idk maybe i'll try again with this series someday but i can't be bothered at the moment

  7. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    This book goes to one of the best pnr's I've ever read The writing is phenomenal so great that I knew just with the first book that I'll be reading all the others I first heard of this series a few months ago and my reaction was like this Oo Psychic people devoid of emotions and shape shifters as couples I decided I definitely wasn't going to read something like thatI was VERY very very very stupid The story very much remindes me of the movie Euilibrium in which the hero lives in a society where all humans are without emotions he is a member of the highest authority and he deals with extinguishing everything that might trigger an emotional response great movie btw one of my favorites Christian Bale is awsome Here the heroine is part of the Psy society they are genetically modified humans with some amazing psychic abilities but no notion of emotion She was born different and forced to hide her nature from everyone Lucas is a changeling a species of shifters able to turn into animals at will He is wild by nature and ruled by emotion and he finds her irresistible Being able to sense she's not the usuall Psy he sets on seducing her for information Their chemistry was off the fuking charts I mean wow Sascha was constantly trying to keep her facade of calm and emotionless and Lucas was constantly trying to break it The touching caressing the dreams simply HOT I wanted to pet him myself the fact that he's a shifter didn't really bother me in some books that part has an icky feel to it but here it was perfectly ok And so I have to say this book is a beginning of an obsession I can already tell I love the style of writing the world the author created has me in it's grip and I don't think it will let go untill I reach the final bookBTW Hawk was in this one the alpha of the wolf pack I sooo want to read him

  8. Maya Maya says:

    So I've heard a lot of good things about this series and since I'm already a big fan of this author's Guild Hunter series I knew there would come a time to read this series BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME IT WAS THIS FREAKING GOOD SOONER It's what I've been waiting my whole life for And now I've finally found it Thank you Nalini THANK YOUAnnnnd on to the next book it is

  9. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Sascha Duncan Psy and Lucas Hunter Changeling This was about murder and the greatest lie that had ever been perpetuated by a race upon its own kind This book is an impressive start to a series that I have a feeling that it will become one of my favourite PNR seriesPsy world is an interesting different new world I haven't read anything similar before to be honest The Psy have great psychic powers but not feelings or desiresThey basically live in two worlds 1 The real world which also includes Changelings shifters and humans2 The PsyNet which is like Internet except it’s made up of minds not computers I would also compare it with the movie Matrix It is actually a place where Psy “meet” and “socialize”Shifters are the normal shifters that we meet in most PNR books They can transform into animals and they live in packs We learn about two packs1 The DarkRiver leopard pack2 The SnowDancers wolf packThese two packs coexist in neighbourhood groundsIn terms of mating there can be only one lifemate for each ChangelingLucas Hunter is the Alpha of DarkRiver pack and he is a black panther He will meet Psy Sascha Duncan while he tries to find the Psy killer who keeps butchering Changeling females When another girl is taken Lucas runs out of timeSascha lately is not well She is scared to death and she tries to hide it before she is locked away in a “rehabilitation facility” Her main problem is that she has started having feelings emotions physical reactions in these emotions This is not normal for a Psy She is defective The fact that she needs to work so closely to Changelings that they are overflowed with feelings and they are so close to their animal side does not helpGradually we will learn that Psy have secrets Their own lack of emotions is a deception imposed to them in order to make them less dangerousI enjoyed the writing style and the way the story and the world building is exploited The mystery with the serial killer has a obvious solution but I really did not mind this I wad satisfied with everything else view spoiler2010 I think I will start this series I heard it is good2012 Maybe this year I will start it It has shifters2013 Damn I think I will try it next year I have already started two new series2016 This is the year I will start this series This January After I finish this trilogy And the new Black Dagger Legacy book And maybe a couple of books I started last December2017 Why haven't I started this series yet? Why? Why? Why?2018 January I am definitely starting this series next month Oh look new books by Larissa Ione Oh God2018 June I am officially declaring Psy Changeling series my challenge for this summer hide spoiler

  10. Emily May Emily May says:

    This book receives so many rave reviews that I guess I was just expecting a bit of something In fact I was fully convinced before I started that I would probably give this book a 4 star rating it just shows that I should stop making predictions I'm usually wrong I will say that I liked it enough to take a curious look into the rest of the series it's not as if they're particularly difficult to read so I don't mind as much suffering through them The thing about this novel was that I found the first half to be at complete odds with the second half I thought the story focus shifted the strong heroine became weak and whiny and the male love interest who I had previously thought was sexy to death became a misogynistic control freak Yeah he did somewhat recover what I'd liked about him towards the end but I felt that he could never be the character I originally thought he was after he pushed Sascha the aforementioned heroine around for trying to decide something for herself What is with romance novels today? Particularly paranormal romance novels it seems as if they all contain a relationship where the man completely controls the woman and her lifestyle Please say it's not just me who thinks these kind of relationships are stomach turning?I get the alpha male attraction I get the bad boy attraction But that's all a sex issue a guy playing mr dominant in the bedroom is one thing but it's something else entirely when he thinks he can say who the woman is allowed to speak to where she goes what she wears It makes me cringe The point is that Lucas mr hero guy started off as sexy in a suit he identified Sascha as a powerful woman from a powerful and dangerous race that should not be taken lightly They start off as euals and their flirtations and attraction to each other is hot to the point where I was on edge all the time and wondering where we would go next ButThe exact minute that Lucas discovers that the attraction is mutual he has sex with her and from then on attempts to completely take over her life That's what I hated They went to bed together admittedly very hot and the next morning he woke up an entirely different character And not only him but her too She is from the Psy a race of creatures that are just as powerful if not so than the Changelings but as soon as he takes her virginity she turns into a dithering mass of patheticness Aside from being annoying it also didn't flow or make any sense at allThe story that formed the bigger picture was fairly good You can sort of imagine a future where a superior race has been developed each member completely immune to the ultimate weakness emotion They are programmed to be this way and let only facts and logic rule their minds then of course amongst the ranks of this new race is one with the unforgivable defect Sascha who is starting to feel This is a good idea and I was loving it until everything turned upside down halfway through It's bad enough to be let down by any book that you were expecting to be good but it's even worse to be let down in the middle of said book when the first half had been so promising Ah well I'll still see what the other books in this series bring and I hope they don't all fall into the same pattern

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Slave to Sensation ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Slave to Sensation ✶ Author Nalini Singh – Dive into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind— and none of the heartIn a world that denies emotions where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire Sascha Duncan Dive into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind— and none of the heartIn a world that denies emotions where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of “rehabilitation”— the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever wasBoth human and animal Lucas Hunter is a Slave to PDF/EPUB or Changeling hungry for the very sensations the Psy disdain After centuries of uneasy co existence these two races are now on the verge of war over the brutal murders of several Changeling women Lucas is determined to find the Psy killer who butchered his packmate and Sascha is his ticket into their closely guarded society But he soon discovers that this ice cold Psy is very capable of passion—and that the animal in him is fascinated by her Caught between their conflicting worlds Lucas and Sascha must remain bound to their identities—or sacrifice everything for a taste of darkest temptation.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 334 pages
  • Slave to Sensation
  • Nalini Singh
  • English
  • 12 June 2016

About the Author: Nalini Singh

I've been writing as long as I can remember and all of my stories always held a thread of romance even when I was writing about a prince who could shoot lasers out of his eyes I love creating uniue characters love giving them happy endings and I even love the voices in my head There's no other job I would rather be doing In September when I got the call that Silhouette Desire Slave to PDF/EPUB or wanted t.