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Dawn's Awakening ❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Dawn's Awakening Author Lora Leigh – Liversite.co.uk An erotic thrill ride about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who arouse their lust The runt of the lab she was created in Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride br An erotic thrill ride about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who arouse their lust The runt of the lab she was created in Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride brother and the council soldiers Finally freed from her torment she's now a Breed Enforcer in control of her own life Until she's assigned to protect the one man destined to be her mate—and realizes it's far too easy to lose total controlOne of the Breeds' most important supporters Seth Lawrence has spent years trying to forget Dawn knowing that her lost innocence has made it impossible for her to get close to anyone But suddenly neither of them can find the strength to fight the overwhelming passion between themAt least until the most brutal tormentor from Dawn's past reappears—and threatens to destroy their newfound love along with their lives.

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  1. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    Dawn’s Awakening is the 14th book in Lora Leigh’s Breeds Series and this is only the second book I have read and I am totally and irrevocably hookedI loved this bookit’s a heartbreaking and such an emotional story about Dawn who suffered so much since she was a child in the labs of the Genetics Council repeatedly abused sexually and was finally rescued by her brother pride leader Callan She has blocked her memories from those times and is struggling with recurring nightmares which are slowly bringing them backSeth Lawrencewhat a beautiful amazing alpha herolied and betrayed by people he trusted he abandoned Dawn though he knew she was his true mateoh forgot to mentionhe’s humanand for 10 years has not seen herDawn has never stopped loving Sethand when she is assigned to his protection unit on his private island where he is holding a conference she is heartbroken when she finds that he is about to announce his engagement to another woman Betrayal painhow much longer can she endure being without her man??? Loved the intrigue mystery burning hot sexoh there is a lot of sizzle tearing their clothes off each other great secondary charactersloved Cassiecan’t wait to read her bookTalking about the hot sexi absolutely adored the scenes where Seth and Dawn shower together and he uses the different soaps he has been collecting for 10 years just for herwhewwwwromance romanticand Great to finally see them be together and have their HEAsuch two beautiful and soulful people deserve to find each other and have happiness in their livesI can't wait to read Mercury’s Warthis is such a fabulous seriesand it is definitely in my favorite section of my bookshelves

  2. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ says:

    Action Packed and full of Intrigue Suspense and RomanceThis book centers on Dawn who is the most traumatized of the original pride of feline breeds She was repeatedly raped from the time she was a child until the time Callan killed all of the soldiers and scientists in the labs when she was around 15 She suppressed all of those memories but her evil brother Dayan kept DVDs of her rapes and tortured her even after the escape by forcing her to watch them Even though he was killed in book 1 Dawn has been continually tormented by nightmaresBusinessman Seth Lawrence met Dawn in a previous book when his half sister Roni was Mated to Taber and his father wanted to get to know her Seth was immediately like attracted to Dawn and apparently they were mates but Callan and Jonas showed him the DVDs and warned him to stay away saying she couldn’t handle a sexual relationship So he has stayed away for 10 years though both of them have suffered from the mating heat ever since Now Seth is in danger and Dawn has been assigned to the team protecting him She finds out that while she still suffers from the mating heat he hasn’t for the last few years and he has been with other women and may be getting engaged She is determined to get her mate as well as to protect him from the threat to his life There is a lot of angst intrigue suspense steamy hot sex and everything else that is great about these books This one also sets up a future story so it can’t be skippedBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

  3. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Breeds 14Feline Breeds 8Featured Couple Seth Human Dawn CougarLocation Virginia Mountains – Feline Breeds’ baseThis book is one of my top picks Very emotional book with a happy ending An emotional rollercoaster if I want to be preciseDawn knew Seth was her mate since the moment they met ‘The Man Within’ book but couldn't cope with him Dawn had been through a lot in the labs and by her pride brother ‘Tempting The Beast’ book Thus she was avoiding males Seth was introduced to her past and was told ordered by Callan to stay away from herDawn didn't really reject Seth She was just afraid to let go of the past and make a new start with a man of worth Seth was willing to walk away and to give her some space even though it was killing him That was absolutely tear jerkingTen years after Dawn is ordered to guard Seth This time she realizes that Seth is no longer feeling the Mating Heat Time has made it disappear This fact pisses her off and she realizes that she truly wants him A sting of jealousy and rejection since Seth appears with a new woman by his side also helpsIt is obvious that mastermind Jonas realized that Seth is no longer feeling the residual effects of the Mating Heat His plan is to get Dawn as close to Seth as possible knowing full well what close proximity would doA bit annoying is the fact that the book just leaves you hanging at the end In my opinion the author should have started the next book with it In the end of the book Cassie is stealing Dawn’s thunder For years now fans are wondering who was the shooter in the trees watching the 18 year old Cassie The unknown Breed will later find Cassie recovering and unconscious in her hospital bed and he will whispers in her ear Cassie wakes up screaming and the readers realize that this male is important and he is most probably Cassie’s mate 2016 8 years after 16 books later we still do not knowFamous uotes “I dare you” Cassie Sinclair to the Unknown Breed“Never dare me” The Unknown Breed to Cassie Sinclair

  4. Roksana Roksana says:

    I cannot believe that Seth would just abandon his mate for 10 years Not even bothering fighting for her and chosing to f other womenno matter how the author try to excuse it thats CHEATING TO THE EXTREME Having a mate and still sleeping around and proceeding to marry another woman is a huge betrayal I would not be forgivenSeth never redeemed himself in my eyes for what he did to his mate

  5. Dina Dina says:

    I was going to write a full review but I changed my mind I'd rather read the next book in the series than waste my time saying how much I loved this book LOLSo let's go straight to the point Dawn's Awakening is tied with Elizabeth's Wolf Breeds #4 as the best in the series so far IMO A true keeper

  6. Jordan Jordan says:

    Really nice and sexy and trashy Just what you need when you don't want to get out of bed

  7. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews says:

    So Ladiesi devoted my entire night and half a day reading this book and i Freaking LOVED itWhere to begin??Seth and Dawn were amazingi criedlaughed and got mad all threw out this bookI cried so many timesi felt so sorry for both of themWhat a shit 10 years they both hadPoor Dawn my heart shattered for her when she remembered everythingcrumbled into fetal position and Seth grab her and then he started to cry and then i started to crylol he took care of his women his mate It was an awesome story i loved that they had been mated 10 years ago and found there way back to each otherI was super angry at her brother Callanbut i understood why he done what he done I loved how protective he wasAnd OMG what is up with Cassie?? And her Stalker who and what is he???I really want to find outI really enjoyed meeting all the different Breed characters they sound like fun Now that i have read My first BREED book i want to read them allI want to no every thing about the Breed seriesI found my self at the endwanting to read Lora Leigh Is A fantastic writer and i cant wait to read I just Finished My re read And I loved it even then the first time around Damn i love SethI Love yousweetheartUntill I'd wither away and die with out you THUD Love Seth

  8. Zeek Zeek says:

    I've been waiting for Dawn and Seth's story ever since they met in The Man Within second in Leigh's Breed SeriesWell worth the wait It was emotional gripping sexy and I even had a little chuckle there at the endHere's the send upScarred from their horrific time in the labs that created genetically engineered man animal cross breeds and from the treacherous dealings of a breed she had once considered brother Dawn is the most emotionally vulnerable of all of themHaving met when Seth turned up looking for Roni The Man Within his long lost sister and Dawn's sister in Law; Seth and Dawn are destined to be mates Callan head of the feline Breeds located at the Sanctuary compound makes the decision to share with Seth her tortured background at the hands of their creators knowing that Dawn was not ready for the demands of the mating heat an unforeseen phenomenon with the breeds and a well guarded secretAfter seeing the evidence of her abuse Seth makes the decision to stay far away from her until such time she would be ready to come to himTen years later Dawn is awakening and a situation has come up that places her mate in imminent peril Someone is trying to kill Seth and despite all the conflict between them she's letting no one else protect himNo longer the shy wounded girl he once knew she is ready to go toe to toe with him and is angered over the fact that he left her alone all these years even while knowing she was in no way ready for the heat between themOh yes someone's out to destroy but no one guesses who the true target is until it's almost too lateDawn's story wrenched my heart but I cheered her courage when she laid aside all her misgivings and went after him especially knowing she wasn't uite healed from all her past experiences What else could she do after she found out he had conuered the ravages of the mating heat and was ready to propose marriage to another woman? She'd have to fight her inner demons and him to win him back and that's exactly what she didDA didn't get into all the kink that LL is known for but it still delivered enough steam to fog my reading glasses well it would have if I had themI just loved the intrigue plot line of someone sniping at them from under cover nothing new but somehow it worked as well as the side family issues going on between she and Callan I think Callan suffering self imposed guilt on not being able to protect Dawn as he felt he should have wrenched my heart just as much as Dawn and Seth's taleMany of the characters we've come to know and love appeared in this one Callan Merc Dash Elizabeth Cassie to name just a few as well as some of the breeds we hope to see get their own story's JONASIf you gave up on the Breeds after Harmony's Way you need to pick it back up again Tanner's Scheme and Dawn's Awakening are not to be missed And if you've never read a Breed DA's is as good as any to start with although I do suggest reading Tempting The Beast 1st in the Series as soon as possible

  9. Lyndi W. Lyndi W. says:

    Okay okay okay So I started reading this yesterday morning and was infuriated by damn near all the characters for one reason or another I was extremely frustrated with the characters and where the story was headed I DNFed it before the 2nd chapterThen I read another Lora Leigh story and was pretty pissed off at that story too Decided to see if maybe I was just PMSing or something and unfairly judged this book So I gave it a second chanceMy verdict MehThe reviews gushed that Seth is sooo sweet and all the readers just loved Dawn's vulnerability I dunno what those people read but I obviously didn't read the same thingSeth was a god damn moron and so was Dawn They both allowed the other to suffer for a whole decade without speaking to each other to see what the other wanted without even caring what the other person wanted Seth walked away like a coward and Dawn hid like a cowardI did enjoy the way Seth sparred with Dawn and helped her make her breakthrough That was a great scene And the whole little lost girl needing Dawn to wake up and remember very interestingI didn't enjoy the TSTL moment that Dawn an enforcer had almost getting raped in the woods but I kinda blame Seth a little for that one thankfully he does too because he ran off like a moron and Dawn wasn't going to let her mate go alone It was a TSTL moment for both of them but there was only oneConclusion It wasn't bad but I didn't really like Dawn or Seth I skimmed through a lot of the emotional whining because after the first chapter or two of it I got the freakin' point It was rehashed too often and I found no reason for it except that it was basically filler for lack of a storyline It reminded me too much of the 6 chapters of porn and trust issues in Tanner's SchemeI know I've read and enjoyed some Lora Leigh novels but I'm thinking the Breeds series isn't one of them

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    In the beginning it seemed so sweet I was so excited I found something neworiginal I was so into the beginning scene where Seth was watching Dawn thru the glass or something he said he loved Dawn wanted to be with her but got turned away He was horrified at the video evidence of Dawn being raped told them to let him know if she needed anything That was rly nice that he wanted to take care of her even tho he wasn’t there He walked away I didn’t know where it was going 10 yrs is a ridiculously huge amount of time to pass without them being together it wud have been so much better if a shorter amount of time went by It was like a Christine Feehan knockoff that the women of their species were rape victims they’d been damaged I’ve read that b4 I’m sick of tortured characters that hav been abusedare emotionally wounded have nightmares that they hav to overcome It takes the forefront of the novel I don’t like it I rly hate rape reading about the victims It’s nvr a good story 4me no matter how it’s done in here it wasn’t done too well I wud just like a supernatural novel without the emotional trauma just giv me a heroine at her full strength without a horrific past to overcomeFast forward 10 yrs I hated that massive amount of a time lapse Dawn didn’t make a good first impression at all She was cussing using language that she didn’t hav to use Cuss if ur rly mad but don’t use the F wordall that 4no reason She’s cussing at the young girl Cassie being rude mean I didn’t like Dawn or the language she used I did like the part about Cassie saying it looked like Seth hadn’t aged a day in 10yrs but as someone who picked up the 14th book in the series I just picked up the book in the library Dawn’s Awakening was listed as the 1st book in the series there were 3 books after it I think but no mention that there were 13 books ahead of it so imagine my surprise when I’m done readingI get on here see that it’s the 14th Cudnt the author put that somewhere? so I didn’t know the significance of it until later on in the book wen it sed mates stopped aging wen they meet each other Seth was being so mean when he came to the compound He was looking at her in anger acting so hostile towards her I cudnt get over the change in him how he was so in love with her then but was treating her like crap now That was so unfair I rly dint like him 4the way he treated her I was rly enjoying her reaction to him how strongly mates wanted each other how physically attracted she was to him I cudnt wait 2c where it went then it went somewhere I dint expect I felt 4Dawn wen he sed he wasn’t her mate any wen she reached out her hand to touch himhe sed don’t touch meundo 10 years’ worth of work to get ovr her The doctor had watched his hormone levelsgav him something 2suppress them or something so it did awy with the mating heat I felt so bad 4her bcuz that was so hurtful I rly hated the doctor Eli 4the way she was so uncaring 4Dawn’s feelings like Dawn dint hav a choice in the matter Dawn told her he was her mate she dint even care but sed he wasn’t her mate anyto let him move on Eli sucksI don’t want 2read about her at allThen another bomb was dropped that Seth had a lover Her brother told her he wudnt be celibate 4her2 let him move onnot 2go there I was so shockedso mad at that I almost threw the book down bcuz I can’t stand guys sleeping wother women after they’ve met the person they’re going 2get with especially in this case bcuz Dawn is his mate so I cudnt believe that actually happened Wut a revelation that a mate wudnt choose 2b with their 1true love who’s a victim of brutal rape bcuz he has 2hav sex with other women If u “love” sum1 then u don’t sleep wany1 else it’s that simple U def don’t sleep wmultiple ppl it was even worse bcuz he still did it even tho in the beginning the touch of other women caused him discomfort It’s pretty sick 2me 2hav this mate concept where ur a Breed their mate is a human who can sleep wother ppl Supernatural beings shudnt get with humans Dawn shudve slept wsum1 else so Seth wud know how it felt Dawn does a complete 360 becoming rly possessive of Seth rather than being too hurt She’s madsarcastic refuses 2leave the island wants 2b stationed right next 2Seth’s room despite his almost fiance telling her not to I felt bad 4Dawn when the woman grabbed her arm she whipped around with her teeth showingSeth gets mad at her She apologizeshas to watch hurt as Seth holds the other woman Dawn has 2put up with this kind of stuff repeatedly watchin them dance together touch each othereverything Dawn lets out sounds feels betrayed wen she sees the woman in Seth’s arms I just kept feeling betrayed right with herthis book was so emotional it had u tearing up as the author deals out blow after blow to her character u empathize what she’s goin thruEveryone was interfering with Dawn and Seth literally everyone was putting in their own 2 cents talked about their sex lives like they were discussing the weather It was really bizarre And I didn’t like it It’s disgusting that your own brother friends fellow Breeds and everyone has a say in your sex life talks about sex with you and tells you not to pursue your mate It’s none of their business And I can’t believe Breeds who have their own mate or hope to find their own mate would deny another Breed her mate It’s cruel insensitive and rudeSeth’s outright hostility was just terrible He says repeatedly he doesn’t want her and Dawn senses the honesty in his statement He really doesn’t want her any I couldn’t believe what I was reading he was actually over her didn’t want her didn’t desire her because he stopped the mating heat and was 100% ready and willing to start a life with another woman when he knew he had a mate out there because he was “sick and tired of going to bed horny” and he was getting older and wanted children I was in utter shock at what he was willing to do And he said at least Caroline was woman enough to go after what she wanted Omg that did it That crossed a major line You’re talking to a rape victim I mean someone that has had someone invade their body brutally someone they didn’t want couldn’t even fight off because they were 13 years old and strapped down to a table; do you have any idea the ramifications of that? How dare you talk to a rape victim like that? That is the most unsympathetic thing he could’ve said to her; tell your mate who’s only known pain embarrassment and humiliation from men that made her hate the entire gender that the woman you’ve been “f’ing” as Dawn likes to put it is woman than her by being with you Wow Just wowSeth sees the pain and betrayal on Dawn’s face when Caroline goes into his arms with what he knows are false tears Dash is saying “Dawn” the whole time like she’s doing something wrong Seth isn’t believing her explanation that Caroline grabbed her from behind and Dash is uestioning Dawn saying is that true and why would she grab you from behind? I’m sorry whose side are you on? Or let me ask whose side should you be on? Why is Dawn getting treated like she attacked her? Look at what she’s going through Seth knows Caroline cried false tears and accusations and said he hadn’t been in her bed in than a month I’m sorry is that short amount of time supposed to make me feel better? You mean you haven’t slept with another woman in than three weeks well don’t you deserve a pat on the back for going without sex with someone who isn’t your mate You’re a real winner Jonas the self serving jerk and Callan her brother took it upon themselves to show Seth the video of Dawn being raped taking it into their hands to protect Dawn from him because she wasn’t ready for Seth and sex Ely the female doctor told Seth the mating heat wasn’t in full effect because they didn’t kiss fully or have intimate contact Dash says Ely has known better for several years yet didn’t think to tell Seth the man or Dawn that she gave him false information the couple whose relationship she helped ruin He said it was just a brush of lips and touching of hands bcuz he was courting her And Dash with amusement says impressive considering your reputation at the time Ok I don’t think having Seth be a sex fiend at that age even before he met Dawn is exactly the right thing to smooth ruffled feathers If you want me to like him then dropping this need for sex and having a reputation for it would be a good ideaSeth comes to the conclusion that he can’t go forward with marrying Caroline so he’s going to break it to her Instead of letting Dawn know that he acts like he’s still going through with it wants to walk her in the garden and doesn’t want to let Dawn break them up It was terrible the way he talked to her It was abuse I kept expecting Dawn to break and just leave in despair but she kept sticking it out and instead of admiring her strength I just got kind of frustrated She shouldn’t have taken what Seth was dealing out and stayed there with that woman She smelled Caroline’s arousal for Seth tells Lawe to break it up so Lawe tells Seth Dawn said to stay inside Seth drawls “has she now?” and says if she didn’t do as he reuested and make the island secure she can personally play escort as Miss Carrington and I enjoy the gardens Wtf? Why is he mocking her like that? He saw how hurt she was He’s a bastagi She goes outside and ignores Lawe’s mocking gaze Oh great another insensitive #%# mocking her while she’s going through the worst thing for a mate to go through Does no one have sympathy for her? HER MATE IS WITH ANOTHER WOMANShe hears Seth using a seductive drawl his voice was edging into arousal As she comes into view he’s brushing a lock of hair off Caroline’s cheek Dawn has to come up with a lie to get him away from her and Seth says in a hard voice he’ll meet Caroline after they’re sure to have time to talk Dawn smells that Caroline is ovulating and not using birth control knows she’s trying to get pregnant by SethDawn was strong willing to protect others protect Seth with her life She stood up for women being allowed to fight But I got really aggravated when all she could think about was sex with Seth She wanted him kept getting aroused knew Seth was aroused was going to “spill his seed inside Caroline and let another female touch him” She tells Seth if he f’s her she’ll conceive and Seth says “do u think I leave such protection up to the women I f?” There’s nothing uite like the F word to bring sex to a low classless cheap level After everything he put Dawn thru after Seth saw how hurt she was he was going to sleep with Caroline This author wants my blood pressure to rise to a dangerous level obviously This pissed me off so bad Dawn says no he says ur job is to protect him from getting kidnapped during the act not from the act itself He’s not getting any younger he’s tired of going to a lonely bed going to bed horny Dawn kisses him they touch intimately Caroline interrupts After feeling all this Seth still wants her gone is angry at her The next day Moira another insensitive Breed tells Dawn someone needs to pull your mate off the balcony he looks better than the coffee he’s drinking Moira sighs says he should wear a shirt this early in the morning Who are these people?Dash tells Dawn Seth saw the videos and her brother and Jonas showed them to him she’s so hurt her brother did that to her and put off that Seth couldn’t look at her with eyes that hadn’t seen that that he knew what happened She sees him come out of Caroline’s room with a pale face her scent on him and that ticked me off I wasn’t sure what happened but hated he’d been in a room with her smelled like her and Dawn says he’s a coward of a coward then she ever was That same night Cassie tells Seth to go to her because she needs him so Dawn basically forces herself on him They find a dead body she’s concerned that Seth’s been shot he’s still angry she feels lost betrayed He didn’t like her profession that she risked her life and I liked that he’d kept up with her had been terrified at the missions she went on He bought soaps for her throughout the 10 years scents specifically for her It was supposed to be sweeter than it was Soap does not sooth the knowledge you turned to other women to F them and then want kids with one of themstart me down that path again and I might not come off of it Anyway he also bought a collection of panties for her Not sure how I felt about thatsweet hotI don’t know The jury is still out on that one It was funny when he said he almost bought panties for her but somehow it struck him as obsessive and asked her what she though She shook her head and he said good then u won’t be surprised when I pull out a few pairs no than a few dozen They had sex way too soon in the book Their relationship was not evolved enough they had big problems to get over before they had sex They needed to fully resolve things talk everything out and then wait a while before they progressed this farThis author does know how to write out hot love scenes though Dawn was purring and Seth had a lot of ideas and ways he wanted to touch her He couldn’t get over the fact that she could purr because there was a rumor female Breeds couldn’t purr only males in sensual or sexual activities I really liked this new concept He bought oils to use on her that matched the soaps They have sex twice one right after the other which was excessive Dawn wakes to a nightmare Seth is savage instead of gentle caring the wrong emotion for him to treat her with Dawn remembers the eyes of her rapist knows she’s seen them after that I expect her to tell Seth right away She doesn’t she literally goes on as if she never had that revelation at all I couldn’t believe my eyes She doesn’t tell anyone that she’s seen the guy again WTF? How can u keep that to yourself? Dawn got attacked all throughout the novel She was a punching bag If she wasn’t seeing something hurtful she was hearing it or feeling it A woman makes fun of her uniform says she thought Seth had enough to actually buy her clothes Dawn says she gets enough money hunting Seth’s hand presses into her back warningly That’s enough controlling and judgment Seth Thanks Callan and Jonas come Dawn yells at them says damn you to hell to Callan and Seth says “Dawn that’s enough” There he goes again telling her what to do disapproving of everything Dawn wanted him to be the one man that hadn’t seen the videos hadn’t seen another man touch her and she’s hurt and then they’re having sex again It’s like hotcold here He has her shower afterward she comments that she loves the soap he’s been collecting for her Well tell him that I thought it made no impression on her kept waiting for some thanks or something—but no she never said anything I’m just in shock the author didn’t even have her say anything about it like she had it coming to her She says you’re going to bathe me? And a wicked erotic totally male smile shaped his lips and he says “in ways you could never imagine Dawn You just can’t imagine” then it said she hadn’t imagined she came for him again Well for readers who don’t like to use their imaginations in a romance novel—how about you tell us? I can’t imagine what they did how he bathed her and used the soap and I don’t like not knowing I can’t imagine and I don’t guess the author could either because she didn’t create anything at all for them to doJonas has flavors of the night apparently a different woman all the time and a lawyer came out of his office flipping him off even Styx the man who likes chocolate had a blond haired vixen feeding him chocolate and Noble said he’s surprised he could walk the next morning And Dawn calls Dane a man whore and Dane was complimenting Caroline This is disgusting Am I supposed to like these sex crazed men who just go around sleeping with hoards of women when they’re supposed to have mates? This is outrageous and it’s so gross I can’t even compute it They just sleep around so much that I can’t even imagine some other woman who has only had sex by rape being with these man whores who have had so many other women before her I cannot fathom this mate concept where you’re destined to be with one person yet the men can sleep around as much as they want It’s so wrong it’s a betrayal and they’re cheating on their mates I don’t care if they haven’t met them yet They’re out thereDane shows Seth’s businessmen the videos of Dawn and other Breeds being raped Wow there’s another blow He uses them to sway them to his side but it was still wrong There was so much business jargon being thrown about it was confusing Idk anything about that lingo and the author didn’t help me understand either I was lost what with the shares codicils votes forcing people’s hands and everything else I could’ve done without so much business in here Seth’s profession was boringDawn can’t protect herself against her attacker the man who raped her and I really expected better of her She lets her supposed training go out the window lets herself be hurt while she doesn’t do a whole lot It could’ve been a moment for her to prove herself but instead she was weak When Dawn wakes up they have sex in the shower again The sex got old uick They needed to talk but they kept having sex every time they looked at each other Dawn already knows she loves him but she keeps doubting that he loves her thinking it’s only lust This is a problem that needs to be addressed but like everything else it wasn’t Dawn goes to get her uniform out of the closet and Seth takes it out of her hands throws it on the floor He said he was sick of the uniforms and told her to pick out something pretty He says come on Dawn you know what pretty clothes are I’ve seen u wear them at sanctuary functions and u look damned good in them Aside from hating that I have no idea about their past feel completely left in the dark feel like I’m missing out that they’ve met so much in the past over a 10 yr period but Idk anything about it except thru very casual references I’m insulted for her I hate men telling women what to wear It’s rly controlling and I don’t like it Idk maybe I’m alone in that but it’s how I feel Idl ppl buying me things and keeping me up but if they do you’ll def hear a thank you out of me I thought it was really out of character that Dawn just loved to dress up in girly outfits She doesn’t say thank you once Seth is too controlling going so far as to tell her what to wear He tells her there’s matching panties he wants to see her in emeralds dew drops falling from her pretty earswhy is he so knowledgeable of jewelry and fashion? He’s picking panties with bows on them rly likes bows is acting like her stylist Why don’t you tell her when to breathe while you’re at itJason Phelps the man that Dawn instinctively doesn’t like touches her asks for a dance She snarls jerks her arm away Seth says her name with an edge of warning She feels betrayed if furious with him she can’t understand why Seth tried to stop her reaction Then the next seconds

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