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  1. chucklesthescot chucklesthescot says:

    I DESPISE this kind of rape glorifying bullshit We have the innocent half vampire girl chased all over town by psycho madman who makes several starts to raping the terrified girl and has her crying and begging then lo and behold just as he is about to 'do' her she suddenly feels desire for him and off we head to lovey dovey land despite him treating her like shit This shit sickens me to the bloody stomach and I hate to see this kind of forced sex used as entertainment and wrapped up with pink bows and paraded as romance and seduction If men on the street behaved like this I somehow doubt that we'd see it as fluffy bunny romance we'd be screaming blue murder I know this is fiction and the excuse is his tortured past but it still isn't the slightest bit erotic or romantic to mejust plain sickDec 2016 updatedear dear I was a bit irate when I wrote it but I feel strongly about rape being turned into love and romance At the time I tended to vent rather than explain However I am measured in my reviews now and want to clarify a couple of things I am not having a go at anyone who reads and enjoys these books as it is fiction and everyone has the right to enjoy their reading So if you enjoy this kind of book I'm not trying to say there is something wrong with you This is just my personal opinion on the plot I don't mean this as an attack on the actual author just the subject matter being used I'm not trying to say there is something wrong with the author for writing this plot So there we are If you like the author and the plot please continue to do so and just ignore my venting

  2. Blacky *Romance Addict* Blacky *Romance Addict* says:

    review of audiobookWell I have really mixed feelings about this bookHis fantastic Scottish accent caused thisThe way the narrator did the woman's voice made meThe sex made me thinkBut overall I really did enjoy it It was a different experience that's for sure XDThe universe in the seriesIt has them all Vampires werewolves demons valkyries shape shifters wraiths witches and probably every paranormal creature ever mentioned somewhereI kind alike it It's focused on vampires werewolves and valkyries and not everything is explained yet but I'm looking forward to finding out about everything in the following books The storyAfter being imprisoned and tortured for decades Lachlain finally finds what he needs in order to escapeHis mateEmma is very gentle and fragile definitely not someone he expected to be his forever and especially when he finds out she is a vampire his mortal enemyHe plans his revenge against the people who imprisoned him and the best way to accomplish that is through EmmaThis was a great intro into the series not too overwhelming with information and yet everything was explained that needed to beThe beginning was very shocking well at least to me because I started it without knowing a single fact about this expect that it had vampiresI actually thought HE was a vampire so imagine my shock when I found out he wasn't DDD The ending was a bit eye rolling with the bad guy and so on but oh well could've been worse so I'm not complaining But I want an epilogue or something it ended too abruptly for my taste EmmaShe is shy innocent fragile little half vampirehalf valkyrieSo being kidnapped and treated roughly by Lachlain is not something she is good at handlingShe kinda got on my nerves in the beginning with being so fragile and all but as it went on her personality changed as well and she grew on me The big revelation in the end was a huge DUH and totally not a shock XD LachlainI love him 3 His Scottish accent 3His uber possessiveness 3I even loved when he was an uber jerk to her 3He wants revenge against the vampires and figures Emma will be the best way to help him with that Of course when he gets to know her better he realises he has to keep her as his own D ehehehehehehehI don't want to make this an uber swoon fest about him but basically I loved the hell out of him and everything he did here The sexThis is the part that really but really surprised me while listeningMaybe it was the combo of the narrator doing freaky voices for one creeping me out when he did him and for two making me laugh like crazy when he did herBUTThe first sexview spoilerwas during a full moon when the beast took over him and he fcked her in half beast form for the entire night hide spoiler

  3. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Re read 10715 Rating bump from 3 to 4 stars Original review below meanwhile inside of the Fetish Cafe Waitress Miss? Are you ready to order? Me clearing throat Um I think so? Can you tell me first if there are any off the menu specials tonight? Waitress Nothing extra tonight Our supplier didn't deliver today so we're running low on supplies If you're looking for a fantasy involving props chances are it's not going to happen Me It's fine That's not really my thing pause UhI think I'll take the kidnapping special With an order of dominant male Preferably tall dark handsome and pushyyou know the drill The alpha type Waitress Big spender aren't we? Anything else? says sarcastically Would you like fries with your order? Me Yes please Can I get some gravy with that on the side? Brown not white Waitress appearing a bit confused Whatever It's your fetish Me Oh no The fries aren't part of it I'm just hungryTrigger warning content borders on rapey yes it's a word dammitEh what can I say? A Hunger was a fun and fluffy read There's no real substance here but when comparing this to other pnr it's on par with others that I've liked Which is not bad considering I've been on a serious adult pnr break lately after trying a few I didn't like They're all starting to read the same and I've passed on most of the ones which haven't had of an urban fantasy bent Straight up adult romance novels in most every genre have been pretty disappointing to me lately so I've chosen not to go there Until now I saw a few friends talking about this one and figured I'd give it a shot I find it funny that if this book were realistic fiction I would rip it up one side and down the other for having such a horrible male lead As in NO ONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK The male lead is pushy demanding forceful and about 20 other things which would have any female running for the hills in absolute horror If some guy or girl pulled this act on me or anyone I know I'd call the cops and have him or her locked up But of course I tend to cave a little for fantasy based books What can I say? I have a thing for alpha men in pnr and historicals Plus this one had an ancient scottish brogue Well hellooooo highlander Thank you for showing up in my kidnap storyAt least in this book I get to give the double argument for his lack of decorum 1 It's pnr These aren't guys raised in polite society They're driven by instinct that overwhelms them Bad excuse? Sure But hey it's the basis for most pnr shifter stories The devil made them do it or some other nonsense We laugh at it we find it far fetched we'd hate it if any man in real life treated us like this but darnitit's fun to read about in books2 The dude is old Like pre dating historical bodice ripping non con storylines OLD As in he came from the dirt old Historical fiction readers know that men from the past weren't as clued in to the euality of men and women They always seem to need a woman to school them And our heroine in this story did in fact school her manWho I'd recommend this book to People who don't mind aggressive alphas in their pnr and can forgive some serious bad behavior if the hero shows some sign of remorse or willingness to change laterWho I'd warn away from the book Anyone who has a previous history of abuse whether physical or sexual The hero? did push the boundaries of sex and crossed some lines that he shouldn't have The book danced that line of danger a little too close for comfort at times view spoilergoing down on someone in their sleep because you want to make them feel good is still against a person's will and therefore wrong even if it's not violent or scarring in this instance sexual experienceor making them take a shower with you etc It's still not okay hide spoiler

  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Third Reread Completed in September 2020I listened to this on Audio and I think I finished in a few days That's just how fantastic this book is This book helped get me into paranormal romance and I haven't looked back since The narrator Robert Petkoff's work is a thing of beauty His Scottish accent is flawless His Eastern European accents are excellent I found his accent for Emmaline interesting almost like an 19th Century highly educated Southern accent That makes sense she is chronologically 70 although appears to be in her early twenties Although books are a lot edgier now than they used to be this still feels edgy and newexcitingdistinctive to me and this book is 14 years old Super hot and steamy and wow Obsessive hero check I had forgotten how borderline mean Lachlan was to Emmaline at first I'm so glad Emmaline came into herself and learned to stand up for herself against an aggressive mate and overbearing and aggressive family members I could definitely see myself in her minus the aggressive mate Kresley Cole really hit it out of the park with this series and this first full book in the series It stands up just as well almost 20 years later I will definitely be rereading the other books I'm glad that I have fallen back into the Paranormal Romance Zone It's helping me right now with escapism and helping to rekindle my book reading love If you haven't read the Immortals After Dark series what are you waiting for??? 2nd Reread Completed 81 8913Looking back at how much I loved this book when I first read it and how much I loved it on reread I can say most definitely that this book is an all time keeper For me this story is magic I didn't have a lot of time to read it but I actually didn't want to put it down when I couldn't read it Finally when I was able to dedicate some time to reading I or less read it straight through except for when I was busy with my review books and Vacation Bible School At the end of the night I was excited to get into bed and curl up and revisit Lachlain and Emma's love story reading late into the nightLachlainLachlain remains one of my fall time favorite paranormal heroes and probably of all time Although I refuse to pick a favorite Immortals After Dark hero Lachlain makes some steep competition for the following heroes He starts out a bully but I can understand why He literally was insane after being tortured for 150 years However it is a testament to his force of will that he didn't do worse to Emmaline not to mention the power of their bond Even though he wasn't super nice initially his charisma was undeniable As time passes and he realizes who Emma is and how she means to him above and beyond being his fated mate he shows just how adoring and capable of caring for his mate he can be By the time Emma starts to love him you can understand why Cole makes you want a Lykae mate of your very own EmmalineSometimes the heroine doesn't click with me in a romance But this is not one of those times I loved Emma I appreciated her journey of self identity and coming into her own She had that awkward feel of a woman on the cusp of maturity in her early twenties Away from home for the first time exploring who she is and finding love Considering the force of nature that Lachlain is I think Emma held her own against him and eventually she had him eating out of her handI think Kresley Cole writes the best steamy romance out there Blazingly hot but not crossing the line into raunchy and distasteful overshare language that turns 'sexy' into 'gross' for this reader Even on the reread I was excited to see what happened next and fanning myself with the incredible tension and fire between Emma and Lachlain I wasn't a huge fan of vampire romance prior to reading this this being one of the first I read at the time but the scenes in which Lachlain feeds Emma show how powerful that is between a mated pair and it's sexy and not gross like I always thought it would be I'm not saying I want to take blood or give my blood like in the book but it's written well and beliveable in the context of the story It's a very intimate thing and you could see how it furthers the connection between themOn top of the fantastic romance the world building is complex and fascinating and I love the camaraderie between the Valkyries and the other characters You can see the Lore factions aligning before your eyes on the one way march to the Ascension And though the developing romance is fascinating it's also great to get glimpses into the past of the long lived creatures of the Lore There's a reason why Kresley Cole is in my top five authors of all time She knows how to bring it In the paranormal and historical romance genres she kicks butt and takes names You want to keep coming back for of this wonderful world she has created I'm glad I was able to revisit this fantastic book and I am jazzed to continue my 2013 reread of the Immortals After Dark seriesCheck out my Immortals After Dark Pinboard on PinterestOriginal Review BelowI bought this book because I had read If You Dare by this author and absolutely loved it Well lets just say it made a steadfast fan of me The Immortals After Dark is one of my all time favorite paranormal series and part of the reason I'm so crazy about paranormals Lachlain is kind of crazy and who can blame him after being imprisioned horribly underground in a fiery pit being drowned every day and consumed by fire for 150 years One day he senses his mate and he does something really painful and desperate to get free to get to her I was hooked Lachlain is what I call a Sexy Scottish Werewolf What a great combination His one shortcoming is that he is kind of snobby towards Emmaline at first He's dismayed that this true mate Lykae only get one is a Vampire Although she's really a halfling half vampire half valkyrie Emmaline is as timid as you can get She's been protected and coddled by her valkyrie aunts her whole young life She's about 70 years old which is very young for a vampire and a valkyrie Despite her penchant for very sexy expensive lingerie she's an innocent virgin Imagine this crazed beastly man tearing across a Paris courtyard and dragging you off with him and wanting to do things with you of a sexual nature? Very scary thought This is how this book begins Cole grabbed me as a reader and didn't let go I wanted to find out how Lachlain would deal with the fact that his mate was not exactly what he wanted Would he force her? Would she grow to love him and trust him? They go on a journey to get back to Lachlain's ancestral holdings in Scotland He is the king of the Lycae and must go back to take his place as ruler of his people Even though he isn't really happy with the mate that was chosen for him by fate he's taking her with him Lochlain has to get used to modern life He finds he has expensive tastes and charges up poor Emmaline's platinum card He really makes the poor girl miserable But she does manage to fall in love with him She's not so sure about this ueen of the Lykae deal and having such a dominant mate though So it takes some serious wooing Lykae style on Lachlain's part And Lachlain discovers that having a vampire bride is a great thing because being bitten by her is ecstasy Plus Emmaline is a sweet loving woman who eases her way into his heart This was a fabulous book I was already werewolf inclined after reading the MaryJanice Davidson story Love's Prisoner Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon so it really got my attention This is a spicy read with very hot love scenes that don't overshadow the growing love between Lachlain and Emmaline I enjoyed the whole dynamic of reluctant mates and the crazy alpha werewolf hero really appealed to me I loved how Lachlain's feelings towards his bride changed so that he came to adore her and appreciate her She became his life I also loved how timid Emmaline comes into her own She was drifting because she knew neither of her parents She was afraid and disliked her vampire nature and had to come to terms with who she is She becomes uite the warrior ueen Ah this is a classic for me It comes highly recommended Just a warning to readers The first book in this series is the story in Playing Easy to Get The Warlord Wants Forever I read this one first and I was scratching my head trying to figure out who Nikolai and Myst were You can read this first but you might be a little lost when they bring up Nikolai and Myst as a forgone conclusion

  5. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    This book had a slow start but finished with a bangspoilers Lachlain was crazy out of his mind from years and years of being burned alive and tortured by a vampire horde so for about 14 of the book he was a asshat but as his mind starts to heal and he starts to get to know Emma he feels guilt over the way he has treated her and starts trying to win her love and trust Emma is super shy timid and lets people walk all over her She was raised in a house that hates vampires and being 12 vampire it made her feel like a outsider and that she could one day turn evil She starts feeding from Lachlain and she starts coming out of her shell and because a stronger woman she learns to fight for herself and those she loves It is nice to see the growth of emma from fearful to kickass Someone who will be walked on no longer Some of my fav uotes “Was it just her or did lovers look adoringly at each other in this city? Especially in the springtime'Die bastards'She sighed It wasn't their fault that they were bastards who should die”I followed you Emma I'll always come for youAre you jealous lass?Yes she cried as if she couldn't believe the uestion While you've been running around growling 'mine' I've been silently saying it right back at youOn to book 3

  6. Emily May Emily May says:

    25 Stars simply for the inexplicable need the novel induced in me to keep on reading despite the many reasons not to I actually find it uite surprising that I didn't abandon the book after the first few chapters featured numerous attempted rape scenes a control freak of a man or male at least whose violent tendencies are not only portrayed as acceptable but highly desirable But though I was immediately horrified the book also somehow managed to hold my attention and the writing style a strange interest in the plot and a morbid fascination in this destructive relationship forced me to read onI'm not at all in favour of this kind of unhealthy relationship where the guy relentlessly pursues a woman scares her into submission and attempts to rape her so many times that she eventually decides he's kinda hot I do not find this an appealing romance story If it was a cautionary tale of abusive relationships well then sure But Kresley Cole seems to celebrate the controlling personality of Lachlain and I find it rather disturbing to see how highly rated this book is Apparently he's so gorgeous and sexy and protective and these traits all make up for the fact that he repeatedly sexually assaults Emma refuses to let her return to her family demands that she sleep in the same bed as him to her obvious discomfort as her kind are known for preferring to sleep on the floor and even picks out the clothes she wears He picks out the clothes she wears This is not a romance it's the story of one person completely taking over the life of another refusing to let them make any decisions for themselves and calling it loveCan someone actually let me know why so many rate this book highly? It's not much of an urban fantasy because there's just a random array of creatures that hate each other and no great mythological story going on and it certainly doesn't work as a romance Or do I not understand the idea of romance and love? Yeah I'm 19 perhaps it's me who doesn't get it but I thought it was about caring compassion and mutual respect I honestly want to understand why I read this book and saw abuse when thousands have read this and seen love and sexinessAnd yes there were some attempts to redeem Lachlain he began to understand that he had treated Emma badly and felt very guilty that he had nearly strangled her to death aww poor Lachlain rolls eyes Whatever happened later I never supported their violent relationship; plus even though Lachlain experienced some minor guilt for the attempted rapeschoking it didn't affect him enough to let Emma make any decisions for herself nope she must stay with him and she must sleep with him but this time she must like it too Good god It was painful to readWhy not 1 star? There were good bits amongst the annoying I uite liked the scenes where they just talked in the car and he began to learn about the 21st century after being locked up for a couple hundred years; his reaction to the plastic card that has unlimited possibilities was funny so was his repetitive opening and closing of the sun roof But there was of what I don't want to read than what I do want to I can't and won't wrap my head around the idea of a guy finding his one true mate and treating her in such a cruel violent and often openly humiliating way There were times when he obviously enjoyed her discomfort and it infuriated me For me love isn't about being selfish and controlling; and for that reason I won't be reading any of this series

  7. P P says:

    “When he watched her sleeping he often thought My heart lies vulnerable outside my chest” I've purchased this book again because of the stunning cover I read A Hunger Like No Other first time two years ago I was in awe then for the start that the hero Lachlain is chasing after the heroine with fury in his heart Emma is very innocent all her life she tries to find her lost father and she gets nothing from her search; however she hardly wants to give up Further Lachlain makes life a living hell of her Emma haven't known what he wants even though the passion between is slowly building up he confines her and has no plan to let her go “Emma turned to him bottom lip trembling “For me?” “Always for you All things for you He coughed into his fist “All your own” I haven't known before that this book is good as this The Beauty and the beast plot works so well with the dark tone of the story While Emma is definitely Belle I dare not say that Lachlain is the Beast for his actions that aren't heroic or highly appreciated at all He tortures her even when I saw her consent to his deeds he still treats her as if she is at his disposalBut Kresley Cole could redeem her book with the second half it The developments of both Emma and Lachlain are visible there Emma is so shy when I started reading this book but in the end she is brave and kickass and independent Lachlain too he tries to be a better person and makes amends for what he's done He has made mistakes and he wants to right it that's exactly what he should do “Nix had told Emma before she'd left for Europe that on this trip she would 'do that which you were born to do' Apparently Emma was born to get kidnapped by a deranged Lykae Her fate sucked” By the way I loved this book because it's my very first experience for reading romance It introduced me to the new world that I want to stay foreverhttpsgoogla48Gam

  8. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Lachlain MacRieveLykae Emmaline Troy half Valkyriehalf vampire Vampires Valkirie and Lykae oh my The 'fucking monster mash'Lachlain has just discovered his mate in Paris and he is not sure if he wants her You see his mate is a filthy vampire She is one of the revolting creatures that Lachlain has spent all his immortal life chasing and brutally killing without remorse She is one of the malicious creatures that had him imprisoned and tortured with fire for centuries So this is definitely a mistake Fate cannot be that cruel He cannot be the protector of someone so vileEmmaline is having a nice relaxing time in Paris while she is looking for her father who abandoned her mother before she was born That night she is sitting on the bench thinking that her trip was in vain and smelling the Paris air when a brute madman suddenly appears and he starts approaching her Half lit by the walk’s torchlights a towering man turned over café tables artists’ easels and book stands selling century old pornography Tourists screamed and fled in the wake of destructionOf course Emma runs And of course it is not really clever to run away from a wolf He pointed a shaking hand at her “You” he growledThe setting is magnificent It felt like Lachlain and Emma are part of a motion picture something close to the “An American Werewolf in Paris” Overall I enjoyed the story although there were times that I was feeling frustrated with all the misunderstandings Emma does not tell Lachlain that she is not exactly a bloodthirsty sexthirsty vampire But that she half Valkyriehalf Vampire And a virgin Lachlain does not tell her that she is his destined mate and he treats her like garbage because she is the enemyAs a result there are two distinct parts in the book The first part in which there are secrets between the two lovers The second part where they both learn the truth Lachlain deliciously grovels and Emma embraces her true destinyI loved the introduction of the Lykae and their castle in the Highlands over the grounds of Kinevane and I loved the Valkyrie family united looking out for each other

  9. Exina Exina says:

    Vampires Valkyrie and Lykae oh my Or as Regin calls it—the ‘fucking monster mash’ Hilarity ensued I found myself in deep water first I was confused by the many different creatures their characterization and history The story is fast paced and Kresley Cole’s wicked humor made me devoted to the series So far it was the most comical father murder I’ve ever read I was especially delighted at the appearance of Nïx my most favorite character everI really love this uniue and complex world that Cole created How she keeps the multiple story lines in hand is really fascinatingLachlain and Emma are bonded together by blood fate and instinctsLachlain is infuriated by the fact that Emma is partly a vampire but as the story progresses he suddenly catches himself forgetting about it He would use this against her he thought hazily If his blood on her tongue made her lose control like this he would force her to drink him until she surrendered everythingForce a vampire to drink himwhat was happening to him? Lachlain’s desire for Emma is so strong that it helps him to stay sane after being tortured for 150 years He is possessive and arrogant but sometimes has really tender moments When he watched her sleeping he often thought My heart lies vulnerable outside my chest Emma is a very young immortal She is only seventy overprotected by her Valkyrie aunts delicate shy and insecure But she has hidden assetsThere is a beast not only in Lachlain but in Emma as well Her real strength breaks surface by drinking from Lachlain His blood memories instincts are catalysts for her alterationThe gentle fearful Emma becomes a strong confident wily warriorKinevaneVal Hall Special thanks to Stacia Villota for the picture My favorite uotes

  10. Sammy Loves Books Sammy Loves Books says:

    When he watched her sleeping he often thought My heart lies vulnerable outside my chest Lachlain MacRieveLachlain is the King of the Lykae werewolves and has spent the last one hundred and fifty years chained under the streets of Paris by an open fire He burns to death daily only to regenerate and suffer that cruel death over and over again His torture at the hands of the vampire horde has no end in site until he smells his mate But Lachlain has gone insane and his only desire is to exact revenge on every living vampireLachlain goes berserk when he discovers that his mate is a Vampire How could fate be so cruel to make his one and only mate his mortal enemy? So what if she is weak frail small and docileEmmaline TroyEmma's mother was a Valkyrie and her father was a Vampire She has been raised by her crazy ass Valkyrie aunts who are mortal enemies of Vampires With her genes Emma should be fierce and strong but she is afraid of her own shadow Her motto is to keep her head down avoid conflict and if that fails RUN In a brief moment of bravery she travels to Paris alone hoping to discover the identity of her vampire father But Emmaline finds than just the identity of her father she finds her mate And he isn't a nerdy uiet gentleman He's a pissed off Lykae insane from torture and wild with need of his woman He's coming for her in full rage and it's a frightening sight Emma's instinct is to RUN “Never run from one such as me female You will no’ get away and we like it” This was a wonderful story of growth Emma had grown up coddled protected and ashamed of being part vampire She was literally afraid of her own shadow and never spoke up for herself I am usually not a fan of omega types but I could relate to Emma for some reason She was a product of her environment and it took her leaving that cage to finally become the fierce warrior she was capable of all along And I loved itVal HallLachlain may be a badass werewolf but his sole purpose was making Emma happy At lease it is after he gets over her whole vampireismLOL He hated her for the first half of the book even though he wanted to bone her brains out Oh the angst Plus I'm a sucker for a tortured hero His attempts at seduction had me panting and ready but Emma was not as easy as I am Needless to say I was BEYOND ready for these two to seal the deal by the time it happened “Now undress for me and let me see what’s mine” I am loving this series so far and can't wait to read the next installment I love this world of Vampires Werewolves Valkyrie and WitchesIt's a Paranormal romance fan's dream come trueMy Immortals After Dark ReviewsThe Warlord Wants ForeverA Hunger Like No OtherNo Rest for the WickedWicked Deeds on a Winter's NightDark Needs at Night's Edge Dark Desires After DuskKiss of a Demon KingUntouchablePleasure of a Dark PrinceDemon from the DarkDreams of a Dark WarriorLothaireDark Skye

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