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  1. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    6 stars SUEEE SUEEE SUEEE SUEEEEE THIS BOOK WAS ABSOLUTELY UTTERLY PERFECT I loved every single moment of it If I had custom ordered this book straight from the deepest book desires of my heart it could not have been any betterGideon Cross oooo even his name gives me shivers and Eva Tramell are one of my TOP favorite book couples ever It was absolutely beautiful to watch a couple who were just so messed up but who wanted with every fiber of their beings and every corner of their hearts to do everything in their power to make their relationship work Who were willing to sacrifice anything for each other Who were willing to apologize To never give up To try again And again and again and again until they made it work Together Absolutely beautiful The strength of their attraction desire and need for each other is palatable You can feel it rolling off the page It hits you every single time Its scorching Consuming Riveting Intoxicating But lust isn't enough to make a relationship truly work In order for their love to have the room to properly and healthily develop they have to learn to trust each other And that truly is what is at the heart of this book Trust With a couple with as many issues hang ups and fuck ups as Gideon and Eva yes I admit it was sometimes frustrating to read through their problems But the thing was despite some of them being irrational and over the top I sympathized with both of them about their insecurities and worries Everything they felt I understood Sometimes it was painful but always understandable They were not perfect people They both had secrets They both had a lot to learn about how to trust each other find safety in each other heal each other save each other and in doing so find a way to save themselvesBut as messed up as they both were they worked through EVERYTHING A couple after my own heart SUEEEE “I didn't know I was looking for anything until I saw you” Gideon is the epitome of a complex tortured flawed and mysterious hero But my dear God does he make my heart and my panties melt I swear flaws and all that man is pure perfection to me I absolutely adored everything about his character EverythingAnd we get a lot insight into him into his secrets his nightmares how he became so rich what he felt when they first met For a story told entirely from Eva's perspective we do learn a lot about him in this bookEva is one of my favorite heroines as well Never once have I wanted to throttle her She just like Gideon is seriously flawed and scarred by her past She has real insecurities jealousies worries but I sympathized with them all and loved her spirit her dedication and her decisionsAs a couple they were just so functional Watching them work so hard at their relationship where no matter what went wrong letting nothing tear them apart it was inspiring heart warming and beautifulThis book put my heart through a delicious ringer It made it race flutter melt burn freeze drop pound stop It broke my heart and it healed my heart I loved every minute Let me tell you though in this book Gideon will test your trust patience and faith in him to the absolute limit He asks for Eva's trust but as the reader I felt for her SO strongly that it was MY trust I was putting out there I realized before all the drama started that I had a choice and a decision to make Did I trust him? Or didn't I?I realized that I loved his character enough to trust that he wouldn't ever betray her I was patient with him way past the point where I'd have lost patience with any other character But again and again and again I trusted he tested I waited I trusted and he tested some Serious props to Ms Day for putting me RIGHT in the heroine's mind When you feel for what a character is going through with all your heart that's a sign of absolutely brilliant writingPlease please please if you are going to read this and hit that point where you think you are going to lose faith in Gideon just hang on Trust me the ending is worth every moment of heart ache He caught me to him his arms banded tight around me His face pressed into my throat Where do we go from here?I held him Wherever this takes us Together” I can't tell you how absolutely happy the ending made me Seriously I felt like I could fly happy danceAnd on the note of the ending IS IT DECEMBER YET???? PS If you haven't read book 1 BARED TO YOU yet do be sure to start with it This is a continuation of the story that started there it is NOT a standaloneMY CASTING see above “I am obsessed with you angel Addicted to you You're everything i've ever wanted or needed everything i've dreamed of You're everything I live and breathe you For you” For of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

  2. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    25 Stars So here I begin my rant I am pissed after reading this book because it merely came upto 10% of what I was expecting it to be So this is me going on about it in biker language Ok So let me begin with a little good first The sex was HOT Like seriously good and HOT But it was SO fucking clingy and I dont even have the right words to say how effing clingy it was It was so like I need to fuck you because I am an insecure person for both of them It was them fucking not making love There was steam and sizzle but not a single ounce of the chemistry that they had in the first bookWHAT THE FUCK was with chapter 1 13 I could have fit that shit into 2chapters Seriously? I didn't know one could drag shit like that for 13 bloody chapters It pissed the living hell out of me 13 chapters of the same repeated crap SAME BLOODY CRAPThe last 4 5chapters were nice thats what I was expecting from the whole book So the 25 Stars the book has gotten from me its ONLY FOR THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS There was still absolutely NO details what so ever about Gideon and his abuse It was like 2pages 2bloody pages pissedSeriously Eva Grow a spine and Gideon you stupid idiotic fool I love you but damn boy did you piss the shit out of me in this bookI feel pretty pissed as I'm reading the book 35% into the book and the same drama is on about how Gideon isn't telling Eva anything and how's she's getting pissed and asking him uestions and he is still not telling her anything and how he is using sex to get around the uestions she is asking him and how they are insecure and want to be close to each other even though he is very secretive and she is always pissed75% into the book and its the SAME crap SAME Do you know how frustrating it is? Waiting for a book for months hoping to get a load of stuff out of it and what do we get? NothingAfter 75% did the book pick up gave us a little tiny bit of information The book barely stirred any emotions inside be appart from angryI know I expected a lot from this book but hell it didn't even live up to 10% of Bared to YouI could have fitted this whole book into like 5chapters of Entwined with You Hate it how authors now a days want to drag shit out I mean YES we love detailed stuff and we do like out books moderately long but this is like pushing it a little too far by unnecessarily dragging stuff out Clingy non chemistry sexfucking not love making is so not a turn on for me So this book was a total BOO for meI just hope Entwined with You is as good as Bared to You and nothing like this bookLook down and see how bad I've waited for this book I am utterly disappointed

  3. ~ Becs ~ ~ Becs ~ says:

    “I’m caught up with you Eva” With his head tilted back Gideon pulled me down for the sweetest of kisses his firm lips moving gently beneath mine “I’d kill for you” he whispered “give up everything I own for you but I won’t give you up”I didn't read this book I devoured itIf you liked Bared to You there is no doubt that you are going to totally love Reflected In You We rejoin Gideon and Eva right where we left them at the end of the first book and the story springs into life immediately and takes you on one of the most emotional and exhausting journeys you’re ever likely to see in erotic fiction Never was the expression ‘Love Hurts’ appropriateEva and Gideon are in so deep with each other they are practically drowning They complete each other but their traumatic pasts cast a lengthy shadow over their lives today and nothing is ever going to be easy for them Eva is still wearing her heart on her sleeve spilling her secrets to Gideon telling him she loves him Gideon is still holding everything back and just demanding that he trust her but she’s not sure she can and his reticence is causing her to lash out and inflict pain in retaliation“Are you hurt anywhere else?” I asked feeling so emotionally raw after the long night we’d had He caught my wrist and pulled my hand down to press flat over his heart “Here”There were times when I wanted to bang their heads together to scream at them to stop what they were doing and just talk to each other but then again I really do love the characters in the books I read to suffer and Eva and Gideon truly do suffer There’s so much raw pain and angst here – their love for one another is all consuming but also extremely destructive They’re jealous obsessive possessive and very alike and it makes for an explosive relationship both in the bedroom and out They can’t live with each other yet neither one can survive without the otherEva and Gideon ride an emotional roller coaster throughout this instalment leading them both to the depths of despair and Gideon could have made things easier with just a few words but he chooses not to but it does lend wonderfully to the air of angst pervading the story but they really are put through the wringer and it makes this book so very hard nigh on impossible to put down Their pain is uite literally palpable I just totally adore Gideon He’s a wonderfully attentive powerhouse of a lover a controlling domineering uber alpha hero and drop dead gorgeous His traumatic past is still giving him violent nightmares he can’t control and my heart went out to Gideon the little boy when his awful secret is finally revealed No wonder the poor man has nightmares He loves Eva so much even if he can’t give his feelings words but is scared that he’s going to hurt her and will go to extraordinary lengths to see she is not harmed In my head he’s always looked like the gorgeous David Gandy uite a few of my fictional boyfriends do image error

  4. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    This won't be a greatest hits review 25 stars I apologize in advance I actually spent an hour typing out a review hit post then decided to scrap the entire thing and start over because I didn't want to subject you all to my extreme ranty side that comes when I am so wrapped up in the negative that I fail to see the positive The sarcasm was out in full force tonight There were to be no fun headers or witty scripts It was just a rant o rama with a side of 'fetch me my gun'Take TWO Let me start with the positives first this time so those of you who want to exit the show before it goes south can make haste and leave while the getting is still goodpause for a moment of reflection and a sip of liuid refreshment There I'm feeling better already Positive Number 1 Gideon is still sexy as all get out In case you forgot your memory will be refreshed until your mind has been beaten into submission and you are able to recite details about his person for memory This one is actually sort of a plus minus for me I like being refreshed as long as we're not consumed with repetitivenessPositive Number 2 Gideon can kick ass And when he's not personally kicking ass he has the money to hire someone to kick ass for him Because sometimes it's just not worth it to get that suit dirtyPositive Number 3 Gideon can talk the talk and walk the walk Dirty talk coupled with dirty sex is always rewardingPositive Number 4 I thoroughly enjoyed the middle section of this book The restaurant scene and the concert scene which was uite yummy were top notch and end positives If you want a story with a sexy protective alpha male who can satisfy his woman to mu mu mu mulllltiples there you go Get on this asap I have to stick around and finish this reviewNegative Number 1 The first half of the book probably contained romance cliches than any romance book I've read in a while My all time non favorite showed up in this status update I was also not vibing over Gideon using the word milked in reference to what a girl part does to a boy part That is romance lingo 101 not actually something a MAN would ever sayNegative Number 2 The story was all over the place There was running away and then return makeup fucking than needed for one book Compare this book to putting every single kidnap scene from the Kristen Ashley Dream Man series in one book oh snapI did go there guess the snark didn't fully go away That's how much running and re coupling happened Negative Number 3 Gideon was a controlling jackass Alpha is fine Protective is fine Controlling is not fine I didn't think Eva's counter reacting was enough of a get out of jail free card for his behavior Eva did give it back to him but she should have stressed harder boundaries if he wasn't fully ready to healchange just yetit is possible to love someone through their flaws as they're learning to change while still maintaining self dignity Her little games with Gideon to prove that she knew what he was up to were just that games Negative Number 4 The story could have been stronger overall HOT MAN plus HOT SEX does not eual greatness in storytelling It euals hell yeah that was an enjoyable chapter 3 7 14 and 29 I don't actually recall which chapters had the hot sex but you get my point I hated that we didn't really get to start learning about why our characters needed therapy and healing until the end of the book I could have used a few breadcrumbs of substance to balance out all of the extreme obsessing and jealousy issues Just a fewand phew I managed to point out my negatives without turning this review into a hate filled rant Overall the book was alright with a few glaring issues I do find myself invested than I was with book 1 which felt like a better written version of Fifty and left me underwhelmed so I'll probably give book 3 a shotSo I managed to snag a small portion of my commentary from the original review I couldn't bear to send it all to the void Here you go I'm a little alarmed over the new romance standard that's crept in over the past year or so Oh who are we kidding? This hasn't been a creepthis has been a steamrollThe first few extreme drama books that I read were fun before it got old fast I'm ready for this highlow style of writing to die out soon When the trend started the style was new and different it uickly became the kind of story which made us raise an eyebrow and excitedly start comparing notes with our friends about what the hell was going on Now it's just turned into a free for all of storytelling which has become prone to an over saturation of carnal obsession and unwise decisions What happened to smart characters and engaging stories? How are we falling for this recurring story of ultimate dominance wrapped up in a smooth talking panty dropping package? Do the 'golden' attributes of wealth and sex appeal give a person license to be a total controlling jackass? Are trust honesty and good character no longer valued ualities for the contemporary woman?You can chew on that and spit it out if you want My opinion does not reflect the general population Most people love these books What can I say? I did rate this one higher than the first so something must be growing on me This book was provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. Morgan Morgan says:

    Review posted on 10162012CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFAt first I wasn't uite sure how I felt about Reflected in You by Sylvia Day Honestly the beginning of this novel drove me crazy It reminded me of the Fifty Shades trilogy by EL James In addition Eva was a whinny pushover and Gideon was a silent selfish bastard Their relationship was basically at a standstill for the first half of this novel They avoided all of their problems and used sex as a replacement for talking a way to avoid the real issues and a way to deal with arguments I felt like the characters and their relationship were going nowhere I just wanted to scream at the characters especially Gideon Eva said it best when she said I get two answers from him Trust me and waitAt about 70% or so things really picked up It was like BAM Eva picked herself up off of the floor grew a pair and showed everyone that she wasn't a weak whinny plaything after all I really admired her attitude and uite frankly her audacity Gideon unfortunately remained silent The story line also became a lot intense and exciting And I absolutely loved the way this book ended The big speech at the end given by someone who is not a main character was hands down the best part of this book The wheels were turning in my mind the whole time they were talking and everything clicked into place It wrapped up this book nicelyGideon and Eva made some progress in this novel Granted it didn't happen until the last 30% or so of this book but I'm glad there was some improvement individually and together There is still a whole lot for them to work through and I'm very curious to see how this series concludes Again the beginning of this novel really reminded me of Fifty Shades but I will say this the author did a great job of moving away from Fifty Shades at the end of this novel I think the conflict and the dramatic ending really made this book stand apartI gave Reflected in You Crossfire #2 by Sylvia Day 4 STARS Ms Day is an extremely talented author Reflected in You is a SEXY adult romance novel that will captivate readers I strongly recommend this series to adults who like domineering men wounded characters and emotional roller coasters XOXOREADING EATING AND DREAMINGWritten on 542012I really don't like to be negative but I can't let this goAll I could think about after I finished Bared to You the first book in the Crossfire series was how freaking similar Bared to You by Sylvia Day was to the Fifty Shades series by EL James Since I have finished reading Bared to You I have noticed the alternate Bared to You book cover and the Reflected in You book cover both covers in my opinion are Fifty Shades knock offs To be frank I am really mad about this I know Fifty Shades isn't my series so I don't have any right to get mad over thisbut COME ON The characters plot etc from Bared to You are just like the characters plot etc from Fifty Shades Wasn't that enough? Did the authorpublisherwhoever really have to have the same freaking book covers too?Am I overreacting? Does this bother anyone else?

  6. Karla Karla says:

    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance45 Stars No shades of grey hereSylvia Day writes in full blown TECHNICOLOR She paints Eva and Gideon’s intense passionate tumultuous relationship in rich vivid detail Just when you think their troubles are behind them think again “You’re the greatest risk I’ve ever taken” His pressed his lips gently to mine “And the greatest reward”I was on the fence in the beginning about the plot I found myself wondering where this was going and willing the story to move forward but Sylvia Day was weaving a tale that was very unexpected; a delightful intriguing surprise My initial annoyance at the story’s pace the character’s inablitly to commit namely Gideon left me grinning in after thought How it was revealed; painstakingly slow made for some intense heart pounding moments I knew something was coming but I was never uite sure what it was The author has the reader suffering along with the charactersand she does a damn good job of it I feel compelled to read the last half of the book again to appreciate the way Sylvia Day manipulted the characters and played with the reader’s mind “No one’s ever seen before Eva You’re the only one”A huge part of this story is the need based extremely sexual relationship between Eva and Gideon It borders on desperation and obsessioncorrection they ARE are desperately obsessed with one another Only they can understand give to each other what is necessary to heal the pain of the past but yet I have to wonder if they are only hurting each other At times they are sweet and loving but at a moments notice that love insane desire lust becomes gritty and raw You are brought to the edgeeach and every time There is some down and dirty “goings on” WOW Warningdo not read this in public “It’s what you see in me angel” he said uietly his features softening “That you can know what I have in me and still want me as much as I want you”Eva’s strength and determination to do find out what haunts Gideon made me appreciate her even She’s been somewhat of a strong character except when it comes to him Her insane jealousy clouds her thinking and has her actions bordering on stupid However she defies him in her uest to find out the truth takes no prisoners when she rolls over everyone to get answers Little is exposed about Gideon’s past although there is a heartbreaking moment where we get confirmation of what we already know He is a contradiction; a powerful confident entrepreneur yet when it comes to Eva he is easily shattered She is the only one who he reveals his vulnerability too Their relationship is one that is not easily remedied; it makes for a compelling but somewhat frustrating read My only complaint would be the constant reference to the blessedly endowed Gideon I have no doubt that he has the goods you don’t need to tell me multiple times once twiceis enough I get the pictureas a matter of fact it’s a vision I can’t seem to get out of my head not that I want too While I wouldn't deem the ending a cliff hanger so many uestions remained unanswered and new ones have come to the forefront view spoiler Some ghosts of the past have met their due but so many have yet to be slayed hide spoiler

  7. Jill Jill says:

    Totally bared Our pleasure reflected in each otherGideon Cross and Eva Tramell together for less than a month both seriously broken are trying to build a relationshipThis is the highly anticipated seuel to Bared to You following on the next morning where the first book left off This is in my opinion a polished and professional book than Bared to You A fairly impressive installment And I'm surprised that I liked it as much as I did The relationship the characters the childhood sexual abuse etc read much believably Even Cross's business success which I had a really hard time believing in the first book for a twenty eight year old has been given an explanation and though not completely plausible I did buy it making me smile In Bared to You Gideon and Eva's relationship based initially on a strong sexual attraction didn't seem to move on from there But this time around it's much There is plenty of sex although not uite as much as I'd imagined there would be Their relationship plays out a little bit ds but no real bdsm which is kind of surprising as I thought that was the direction it was headed in Bared to You But in my opinion it all worked much better Even though Eva and Gideon manage to connect successfully through sex the other parts of their relationship are still tumultuous However the added dimension of some suspense and a bit of intrigue to the storyline lifted it above being simply focused on their sexual and emotional ups and downs The second half of the book was totally engrossing Now Gideon at last reveals some secrets about his childhood abuse Cary Eva's friend has a major problem to deal with Eva has part of her past come back to haunt her with Gideon becoming involved And Gideon makes an unexpected confessionThis was a far better read for me than Bared to You ironing out some of the problems that really bugged me about the first book The constant references to how Cross smelled The overwhelming number of beautiful people The inconsistencies in characterisation The plot holes Though this is not without some faults Both Gideon and Eva are way too needy Their relationship though passionate and consuming is also obsessive and unhealthy Eva's insecurities and Gideon's possessiveness makes for an angsty emotional read but they also come across as somewhat weak and immature The first half seemed to concentrate on this and stalled the pacing The second half is where this book really came together Reflected in You is a superior story to the first book and a surprisingly absorbing read I had no intention of reading this seuel but I'm glad I did This was a mature developed storyline the writing plot and characterisations consistent subtle and realistic In all Reflected in You is entertaining intriguing and well worth readingSteam 4 ARC courtesy of Penguin Group USA via Edelweiss

  8. ♡Karlyn P♡ ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

    35 stars 2 stars for the first half but 5 stars for the ending What started as a VERY FRUSTRATING story does end up with a great twist so glad I stuck with it Looooved the ending but this story should have been titled “Head Games” It really reminded me of that popular rock song Head Games its you and me babyHead games and I can't take it anyHead games I dont wanna play theHead games By Foreigner 1979 Reading REFLECTED IN YOU was like attending a sexually charged relationship drama festival complete with death defying roller coaster rides crazy ass clowns everywhere and the song HEAD GAMES by Foreigner blaring out of speakers at 150 decibels Whew my head is still spinning from reading this book The headliners of this show Gideon and Eva start off as two seriously fucked up head cases who believe sex can solve all problems and who appear to thrive on angst jealousy anger fear and control There is very little ‘peace calm and cozy’ about their turbulent relationship Sadly if it wasn’t for the last 15% which provided a great solid ending that left me anxious for the next story I would have rated this even lower RIY starts off where BTY ended then spends far too much time the first 23rds of the book just spinning in circles as we learn over and over and over and over just how jealous Eva is how secretive Gideon is and how playing head games to lash out at the other never solves a damn thing Sex on the other hand apparently solves everything If the choice is either ‘talk’ or ‘cock’ the cock wins every time When I first read that this series was going to be stretched into three books instead of the originally intended two I immediately had some concerns According to the author Gideon and Eva’s ending was already planned out which made me worry that we might get filler content not originally intended for the story Unfortunately I think that is what most of the first half of the book contained filler content The first 23rds of REFLECTED IN YOU spent a lot of time just showing the emotional jealous and obsessive side of both Gideon and Eva which stalled the actual pacing of the series IMO It felt as if they were still back at the beginning and making no progress whatsoever It was scene after scene of them stuck in a repetitive cycle of jealousy anger hurt and then makeup sex I enjoyed the hot make up sex and loved how devoted Gideon was to Eva but watching these two fight over and over without making any progress got old uickly I was ready for the story to move on Fortunately the ending solved that and even shined some light on why Gideon kept so many secrets We also learn about his abuse story so be prepared for an emotional jerker when it comes I loved the ending and it now feels as if the series is well back on track It wasn’t until the last 13rd of the book and most of it comes in the last 15% when the story really started to come together Eva finally pieces together many of Gideon’s secrets and reveals uite a shocking conclusion And best of all I loved the Gideon and Eva we see toward the end Just maybe fingers crossed they have moved forward in their healing progress knock on wood pleaseThe StoryGideon and Eva are trying to make a go at having a relationship but Gideon’s ex finance Corrine doesn’t want to walk away nicely Eva feels threatened and very jealous which calls into uestion her trust of Gideon She is unsure about what is transpiring between Gideon and Corrine and can’t come to terms with the amount of secrets that Gideon is keeping from her uestions such as ‘where were you?’ and ‘What were you doing?’ go un answered he only tells her to trust him The fighting and arguing between Gideon and Eva felt non stop Even when they were together and having sex – they were still fighting And while he hates the constant fighting he will only play this by his rules He does not give up his friendship with Corrine nor does he feel the need to answer Eva’s uestions It was frustrating I found myself yelling at Gideon over and over So when one of Eva’s ex lovers reappears neither of them handles it well I’ll leave it at that but I will say I was really pissed off at both Gideon and Eva I was eually pissed off at how they ‘resolved’ that problem between them This plot device felt overly contrived too It was just drama and head games that could have easily been prevented Gideon’s obsession with Eva is staggering; he practically devours her every time they are together They cannot have sex enough and he needs to know where she is and who she is with at every moment they are apart He continues to spy on her have her followed and disrespects her privacy – all in the name of loving and protecting her In fact he professes his ardent desire for her every time they are together which may re assure her but oddly it made up far too much of their typical conversations They spend time visiting Dr Petersen a therapist but make little progress They are still both dealing with nightmares and significant issues form their childhood abuse Cary plays a significant role as Eva’s bi sexual roommate He has his own storyline and I am routing for an HEA for him too It wasn’t until the ending that I felt that – just maybe—both Gideon and Eva have made progress with their healing and could possibly have what it takes to truly have a healthy and loving relationship The sex scenes were plentiful and some seriously hot But I didn’t really connect with most of them as Gideon and Eva were often using sex in lieu of communicating with each other When things went wrong and it did often they would use their bodies instead of words and it felt as if they measured their love in terms of sex and orgasms And while I enjoyed all of the hot sex scenes the lack of relationship building was off putting for me despite how much it fit with their personalities Final ThoughtsDespite not enjoying the first 23rds all that much I am really looking forward to the next book in this series The ending of this one made up for much of my issues I had early in the book and even renewed my belief that Gideon and Eva are meant for each other I have great hope for Gideon and Eva now I would love to see of the Gideon and Eva we saw toward the end of this book Fingers crossed they don’t revert to the jealous and emotionally unstable couple we see through most of RIY the ones playing non stop head games with each other As the lyrics say Head games and I can't take it any My thoughts exactly ARC provided through Edelweiss by Penguin Group USA Inc

  9. Alexis *Reality Bites* Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

    Spoiler Free Review35 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Romance Erotica You know what happens when you run angel Gideon nipped my lower lip with his teeth and then soothed the sting with the caress of his tongue I catch you Gideon Cross is one smooth EVASIVE motherfuer this book only solidifies that factReflected in you has Gideon and Eva trying to move forward in a relationship that seems impossible for them to uphold Their passion for one another is like a Tornado A Tornado that is unstoppable and can change it's course at any given time It can never be predicted and that's exactly how their relationship felt Chaotic it could go from zero to sixty in a nano second I found their love to be desperate extremely intense and possibly reckless Yet they fought for it with every breath that escapes their lungsThoughtsI What Wait let me start over inhales then exhalesThis book was the SUPER DUPER LOOPER ROLLERCOASTER You know the one I'm talking about The one that leaves you all discombobulated after you get off sighs heavily This book was waaay toup and down for me way to many break ups and make ups Not enough we're together now happy happy joy joy Just a bunch of I love you Great sex I need you More sex I'm jealous I want you A nightmare A break up I need you Make up sex More Jealousy A break up I hate you Sobbing False pretenses Some bird flipping chuckles Eva gave the middle finger gesture twice I liked that A lotI'm sure I missed a few I love you and hot sex moments but you get the gist of it And I found myself wanting to choke Gideon Often YES I know that when we finally reach the end there is a method to his madnessshadiness But he still grated my nerves I have a true love hate relationship with this book Some parts I loved and some I did not But hey that's me to each hisher ownThis book gets 35 stars because I was able to predict every plot twist I knew exactly whatwho Eva's mom saw outside of Crossfire So the mystery was gone for me Couple that with the shaky relationship they had and it made the book hard for me to enjoy I will continue with the series and I am very interested for what Sylvia Day plans to do in book #3My RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style GoodPlotStoryline Clever Intense and SavorySteam Factor HighVery SteamyOverall I liked it but I did not love it Do I recommend it? Yes Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads

  10. Catherine Pratt Catherine Pratt says:

    This is My very first long review I really don't expect it to be good but I will try my best I am combining two books in a five book series written by Sylvia Day First let me say this Sylvia Day is an extraordinary writer At least I think she is A lot of you may disagree with me and that is fine Everyone has their own favorite authors for every genre Sylvia Day is what I call an Erotica Specialist yes erotica is is a romance with explicit sex The way she writes she can put erotica in thrillers if she wanted to I have never heard or seen erotica thrillers Oh that would be a great challenge for an author like her Anyway she has put erotica in shifter and historical romances Hence the books 7 Years to Sin and The Stranger I Married Those are the only two books of hers that I have read besides Bared to You and Reflected in You Now on to the books I want to review Bared to You is the first in the Crossfire series Eva Tramell the main character or heroine in the two books moved to New York City with a bisexual roommate Cary Taylor both from Southern California She found a job at an advertising agency in the Crossfire building She is also a workout fanatic so she decided to walk to the building When she arrived she bumps into Gideon Cross he owns and works in the Crossfire building Lo and behold love at first sightwhoopy Ding Dong You know what?? I think I will stop talking about the storyline and just state my opinions Everyone can pick up a book and read it The storyline is repetitive but good Some of you may not get their feelings unless you have experienced childhood sexual abuse The sex scenes are not and steamy but can be a little different with different positions and different ways and so on and so forth To me it has very little dom in the two books so I am not sure why everyone thinks it's a reflection of EL James' books Billionaire most definitely but the dom No I don't see to much in the two books I want to finish reading this series before I can say how much dominance there actually is and get information before I can really get into a review This is just two books Very good books but very repetitive Isn't that what erotica is?? Repeated sex scenes?? A very special I am thank you goes out to my GR daughter Britney for helping me by encouraging me to do this review

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Reflected in You ❮EPUB❯ ✾ Reflected in You ✹ Author Sylvia Day – Gideon Cross As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside He was a bright scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures I couldn't stay away I Gideon Cross As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside He was a bright scorching flame that singed me Reflected in Kindle - with the darkest of pleasures I couldn't stay away I didn't want to He was my addiction my every desire mineMy past was as violent as his and I was just as broken We’d never work It was too hard too painful except when it was perfect Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exuisite insanity We were bound by our need And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest sharpest edge of obsession.