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Sweet Surrender Sweet Series #1 ✍ Sweet Surrender Sweet Series #1 pdf ✎ Author Maya Banks – Liversite.co.uk Under Faith Malone's deceptively soft exterior lies a woman who knows exactly what she wants a strong man who'll take without asking—because she's willing to give him everythingDallas cop Gray Montg Under Faith Sweet Series eBook ↠ Malone's deceptively soft exterior lies a woman who knows exactly what she wants a strong man who'll take without asking—because she's willing to give him everythingDallas cop Gray Montgomery is on a mission find the guy who killed his partner and bring him to justice So far he's found a link between the killer and Faith—and if Gray has to get close to her to catch the killer so be itFaith is sweet and feminine everything Gray wants and Sweet Surrender eBook ì desires in a woman but he suspects she's playing games No way would she allow a man to call the shots in their relationship Or would sheFaith sees in Gray the strong dominant man she needs but he seems determined to keep her at a distance So she takes matters into her own hands to prove to him it's no game she's playing She's willing to surrender to the right man Gray would like to be that man But catching his partner's Surrender Sweet Series MOBI í killer has to be his first priority—until Faith is threatened and Gray realizes he will do anything to protect her.

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  1. Ridley Ridley says:

    I am glad I won this book in a contest Had I paid a trade paperback price for this I would have been out of my mind with disappointmentGray Montgomery is a Dallas cop working undercover and off the record to avenge his partner's death on the job Faith Malone is the office manager at Gray's new job at a Houston security firm and her mother is the suspected killer's accomplice Gray takes this job to get close to Faith to see if she's in cahoots with her motherWhile tapping her phones and invading her privacy illegally how romantic the two begin a flirtation You see Faith is looking for a dominant man to call all the shots in and out of bed and Gray is looking to do some shot calling Slam dunk right? Of course not Naturally he has to fight his attraction Why? I don't know We're never really given a reason So Faith goes after him Wicked submissive of her amirite?To be fair Gray does call Faith on her topping from the bottom but the book gets no less silly The mysteriously rich sex club owner Damon on a short professional acuaintance offers his Galveston beach house for her solo use for a week and sends her there via chauffeured Bentley so she can think about her Gray dilemma Uh huh SureRight after she leaves Gray's partner's father shows up in Houston all lathered up about the suspected killer being nearby Gray and the people her works with aka the Cast of Future Heroes hatch a plan to set a trap to catch the bad guy who's after Faith to try to kidnap and ransom her Gray is then sent to Galveston to protect Faith with the command from her father to not tell her about all this trouble foreshadowing should be subtle this screams INCOMING BIG MISUNDERSTANDING no?What follows is some light Ds play some backdoor action a borderline creepy threesome with her friend Micah and enough showering to drain the Great Lakes Banks' falls into the trap of telling rather than showing when she writes sex There's a lot of play by play where she tells us what cocks are doing to body parts and a major lack of emotion and reaction Gems include He continued to thrust against her until finally he stoppedThen he eased out of her body with a gentle pop So Not HotThe conclusion to the suspense has gaping holes than a porn actress after a gang bang What the hell was Mick on about by leading the bad guy to Galveston? Why was he so mean to Faith? Did the bad guy actually kill Gray's partner? Why was Gray unarmed? Why did the bad guy leave Faith where she could escape? Why would Faith believe an armed madman's word over Gray's and who the hell asks uestions of an armed madman? Surely her relationship drama could've waitedAll told this book was a chore to read The secondary characters were woefully underdeveloped the Ds rather vanilla the sex tepid and the prose dry It was a disappointment as I enjoyed the Samhain books of hers that I read I doubt I'll read book two unless I win a copy of that as well

  2. Shawna Shawna says:

    4 ½ stars – Romantic SuspenseEroticaBDSMMénageThis is a rather deep look into the makings of a Dominantsubmissive relationship that encompasses both sexual and emotional fulfillment with a satisfying romantic suspense plot thrown in for extra measure The HH dominant cop Gray and sweet natural submissive Faith are very likable characters as are all the secondary characters There are several hotties sex club owner Damon and fellow security agents Connor Nathan and Micah that I hope to see as lead characters in future books in the series especially yummy Dom Micah Although it’s scorching hot with some light bondage a ménage Ds play and minor details described of various public escapades being performed at a sex club there’s nothing overly kinky and the story and character development aren’t hindered by the freuency and duration of the erotic scenesIf submitting to a dominant man means experiencing an over abundance of orgasms being physically and verbally worshipped decadently bathed and lavishly pampered having my hair brushed and played with eating extravagant meals that are prepared for me and getting tons of napsjust tell me where to sign up Sweet Surrender indeed 4 ½ stars

  3. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest First can I just say that I love how on the back of my edition it says mature audience? Like someone who isn't mature is going to throw up their hands and be all Whoops I'm out Just like how nobody ever lies on those websites that ask Are you really 18? Fun fact once when I was sixteen I attempted to access an adult fanfiction site and a dialogue box popped up asking me if I was 18 Being the honest person I am I clicked no I was booted and blocked from the site Because yay honesty This warning on the cover was just the first sign of the glorious things to come Tee hee come And while I could totally take advantage of all the opportunities for giggles this book offers oh so temptingly I have turned over a new leaf I am going to try very hard tee hee hard to be mature while writing this review because I no longer have to lie on internet pop up dialogue boxes I am a mature audienceWARNING SPOILERS AND MATURE CONTENTAre you over 18? YN?  I'd heard that the Sweet series was a realistic portrayal of BDSM than the Grey series and while that's not necessarily setting the bar super high the concept of a bunch of loosely connected story lines revolving around a high class BDSM dungeonplay roometc did sound interestingSWEET SURRENDER is about Faith a woman who wants to be dominated and have a man call all the shots Gray Montgomery gets involved with Faith because the man who killed his cop partner is associated with Faith's degenerate mother The father of his partner Mick thinks that if he manages to get close to Faith he'll learn about the man who killed Gray's partner and be able to get revenge since neither of them really believe that the police department is doing their due diligence Since this is a romance novel you know that Gray is going to see Faith as than a means to an end though Unless by end you mean that bootySWEET SURRENDER has an okay start but uickly dive bombs into serious problem territory I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert in BDSM but I have some friends who are into it and I've also looked things up on Google And based on my limited knowledge I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm fairly sure that this is a very poor reflection of what the BDSM community is like It's like an idealization of what the 1950s Shut Up Honey A Man Is Talking male was like Well it wouldn't hurt to read up on it At least then she'd have a better idea of how to find this elusive creature the dominant maleGod she made it sound like an endangered species But in today's world she supposed they were A dying breed Emasculated by a politically correct society 26 Was she just another woman all too willing to give up control in the bedroom live for the fantasy then forget the whole thing the next morning? It wasn't as if he hadn't had his fill of those womenOh they were than willing to play a role one that only extended to the bedroom but when it was over with they became a completely different womanHe wasn't into pretend shit He wasn't some damn puppet to have his strings pulled then be put back on the shelf until it was time to play again 521 Isn't fantasy exactly the point in BDSM? From what I was given to understand I thought it was about release and not necessarily just sexual release2 What he's talking about is total power exchange which isn't reflective of what all dominants want3 He's kind of an asshole and a judgmental one too More women wouldn't mind a man being the proverbial man of the house if he didn't abdicate his responsibility If he took that responsibility seriously 82 Men love a submissive woman Damon said simply Even when they say they don't 188 This isn't even about BDSM but for Faith the two ideas are one and the same Dominant household provider who makes all the decisions If that's what people are into then cool you know whatever floats your boat I'm all about that choice BUT I find it incredibly problematic to suggest that female empowerment comes from women having no choice but to step up to the plate because a man isn't willing to accept responsibility 82 Sometimes women want to step up to the plate because they want to step up to the plate and men have absolutely no involvement in the euationAt some point Faith goes to The House that swanky BDSM club and gets a tour from Damon who is actually pretty respectful and sexy AF His book is the next one and since I bought the whole series I'm hoping that it's better than this one was You better not ruin Damon BanksWhile on her tour Faith sees two men having sex When the first man gently moved his lips over the other man's cock Faith's pulse began racing The sight should repulse her Something told her that it should but just as uickly she discounted that absurd notion 117Um Why should that repulse her?While snooping in Faith's house Gray sees the appointment for Faith's tour in her planner and decides to crash the party He kicks out the Dom working Faith over and takes over Afterwards they talk about it or Faith tries to Gray tries to brush her off and then says Don't be crude Faith It doesn't suit you 137By this point I am side eying Gray GRAY GREY I sense a thememen named after colors are controlling dicklords like nobody's business I really don't find the controlling stalking possessive alphahole stereotype attractive I know some people do but I don't usually Not here certainly And Gray isn't just a garden variety alphahole He's the professor emeritus of Alphahole 101 Can we stop with all the touchy feely shit? Gray muttered You sound like a damn woman 143 Frankly he'd rather suffer a case of blue balls before getting his dick wet in a chick with dead space than a black hole 24When they actually start to negotiate the terms of their relationship she tells him what she wants as in she describes her ideal scenario Gray gets frustrated and stops Then he says this You've set the scene just as you imagined You've scripted the role my role and decided how everything plays out You've got every detail worked out in your mind You're in complete control No one else I'm merely a puppet dangling on a string waiting on you to command me to command you and for you to tell me HOW to command you 172Then he says I don't work that way FaithI told you what I wanted A woman who'd be content to let me call the shots Nothing about this scenario is me doing anything but allowing you to dictate how it is we get together 172I thought that was the point The submissive is supposed to call the shots She dropped her face into her hands Oh God what a moron she was She hadn't wanted a dominant man Just the opposite She'd been trolling for a mindless puppet 173 Now that he'd laid it out for her it seemed so clearHer idea of a man taking control had been handing him a checklist of activities to perform She'd have been better off to hire a male prostitute and give him a script 180 If we do this I will be in complete and utter control There are no safe words no playacting no 'lifestyle' books to read That's all bullshit I've never lived by anyone else's rules and certainly not a bunch of rabid lifestylers all spewing what people do or don't do according to their list of guidelinesIf that's what you're expecting then you need to walk now You can forget about anything you've read or experienced because what I will demand from you bears no resemblance to what a bunch of role players screwing around with sex games would 214The guidelines I imagine he's talking about are called SSC or safe sane and consensual Basically a set of guidelines to prevent mental and physical harm and ensure that everyone has a good timeThis thing that these two are doing is not what BDSM is This is very close to an emotionally abusive relationship She tells him her fantasies he shuts her down tells her what he wants mansplains her fantasies to her makes her feel bad and guilty about herself and she ends up capitulating That is not what BDSM is about Then he essentially tells her he doesn't believe in consentThat is not what any relationship should be aboutAlso I couldn't help but find it funny that a book capitalizing on the BDSM community would do its damnedest to put down said community at every opportunity I'm not your parent Have no desire to be placed in that role We're both adults and the petulant masterslave game bores me to tears The little fake disobedient act so the master will punish the naughty little slave it's ridiculous If and when I spank you it'll be because I like seeing my mark on your ass and because you'll enjoy it Not because you disobeyed me You're an adult with a mind of your own 248 Other random wtf moments On p 229 Gray the Omnipotent Sex Genius uses soap as lubricant I suppose he doesn't believe in urinary tract infections any than he believes in risk aware sex This line He sure as hell wasn't going to bed with a hard on the size of Texas 240 swallows down the obvious joke barely manages to make it does Because I'mso mature This line How many blows do you think I should give you before I stuff my dick so far up your pussy that you taste me? 270 Thanks for the horrific mental image This line Sand up the woo woo would be a tragedy indeed Especially since I plan to spend a lot of time up that woo woo 275 What was all that high and mighty talk about being adults hmm? Like Sylvia Day this author has a verbal tic Unlike Sylvia Day it isn't creamcreamy it's blush Which sounds harmless enough until you see the g d word every other page I almost wish I had the e book so I could do a search to see how many times it was used It had to be 50 timesI'll give this book some begrudging points for having aftercare and not using the word cream well okay Banks used the word once and then seemed to realize what a poor idea that was and never used it again I'll have to deduct half a point for the phrase warm seed thoughAs I said I purchased the entire series so I'm going to review them all I'm hoping the other books will be better than this one SWEET SURRENDER as far as I could tell seems like it's less about BDSM and about an idealized version of a highly sexist dynamic that's founded on emotional browbeating and sexual manipulation I also didn't think it was very nice that both characters seemed to go out of their way to badmouth members of the BDSM community especially since this book is supposed to portray and reflect ostensibly that community But some women enjoy reading about sexist alphaholes even if they'd never date one so if that's your thing pull up a seatIf that isn't your thing throw the chair and the table and run ┛◉Д◉┛彡┻━┻1 star

  4. Stephanie Marsh Stephanie Marsh says:

    I'll sum this story up uicklyHer I want a man to dominate meHim You don't know what you want You're just playing gamesHer OMG you're right I am What's wrong with me? Him Wait What?Girl runs awayLaterHim I want to dominate youHer You don't know what you want You're just playing gamesHim OMG you're right I am And I'm lying to you too100 pages of nothing but sex laterHer You lied to meHim I'm so sorry I love youHer I understand But I'm still so confusedHim Let's go homeHer Okie dokie The endOverall entertaining however I have to admit I find the idea of a man ejaculating all over a woman's face as her head hangs upside down over the side of the bed kinda degrading

  5. Auntee Auntee says:

    This one is for anyone who likes a little romantic suspense with their erotica I loved it it had the perfect balanceThe hero Gray is a Dallas cop whose partner has been killed in the line of duty The police are getting nowhere trying to find the perpetrator Gray gets a lead that the perp may some way be connected to a woman in Houston Gray takes a leave of absence and finagles a job with the family PI company where the woman works He's stunned by her beauty and innocence when he meets her she couldn't possibly be connected to his partner's murderer could she?The heroine Faith is very happy in her professional life She has a job she loves working for her adoptive father's PI firm But her personal life is justokay She longs for a strong take charge kind of man She'd like to be dominated and taken care of by her man But how is she going to find 'the one'? She hasn't had much luck with menuntil Gray walks into her life Could he be what she's looking for? This was a very uick easy read The story flowed smoothly and I really liked the characters The heroine had a brother and a few friends that I could also see as having their own stories told I hope And the hero was hot hot hot yet also sensitive and caring loved that If you've read any Maya Banks books before I'm sure you know what you'll be getting but I'd have to say that this one is not uite as kinky although it has it's moments as some of her other books This one develops into a true love story between two people who have almost given up on finding a 'soul mate' A very enjoyable read for me

  6. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    35 STARS Sweet Surrender was a little slow for me I thought that there was a lot of emphasis placed on things that really weren’t necessary I don’t need to read about Faith’s day to day work duties In contrast the things that I was looking forward to didn’t meet my expectations I was a little bit disappointed with the pacing I hate to admit it but I was skimming a lot of the pagesPart of the reason was because even though I liked Faith in the beginning she kind of lost her appeal half way through I just kept waiting and waiting for something drastic to happen and nothing didAnd although Gray seemed like a nice guy I thought he was almost too nice for a Dom One moment he’s this charming guy who smiles when he makes Faith blush and then the next moment he’s shoving his hard cock down her throat telling her to swallow I just didn’t feel like his character in the first half of the book matched the latter half Basically I wasn’t feeling him But I am interested in reading the other books in the series especially Micah

  7. Melanie Melanie says:

    25 starsThis book was ok for me but not up to the caliber of say Cherise Sinclair's novels involving a BDSM theme While some of the scenes were definitely hot I didn't feel there was a great connection between Gray and Faith I kinda felt that Gray was a bit too selfish of a dictator than a dom especially in his refusal to dole out a safe word Faith IMO was a weak heroine yes I guess she was assertive enough to know and insist she wanted a submissive lifestyle but she didn't have much of a personality and it seemed like what she really wanted was to be treated like a doormat The suspense element to 'Sweet Surrender' wasn't all that suspenseful and felt like filler in an otherwise erotically themed story I was however somewhat intrigued by the aloof and debonair Damon owner of the kink establishment 'The House' and for that reason I'll likely continue with the next in this series

  8. Daisiemae Daisiemae says:

    I loved this book so much I hated to see it end I loved everything about this book The characters were likable and I found myself really caring about the outcome of the storyline Police detective Gray Montgomery is recovering from the murder of his partner and his own injuries Just when he is about to return from medical leave his partner's father Mick who is a retired police officer approachs him with information about the killer Finding out that the killer is shacked up with a two timed loser of a woman who freuently mooches off her daughter and others Gray decides to some investating of his own When Mick tells him he has arranged for Gray to work at the business the daughter works at Gray decides to earn the daughters trust and hopefully it will lead to justice for the death of his partnerFaith has had to take care of her mother most of her life Shouldered by the responsibity of taking care of her worthless mother she has learned to rely on her other family for emotional support She has been making efforts to separate herself from contact with her mother Longing for dominance with her relationship with men she's still not a pushover She is shocked by the immediate attraction and chemistry she has with Gray Her instincts tell her he is exactly the man she is looking for Faith and Gray are very likeable people But have issues of trust and personal growth they have to achieve throughout the book Faith longs for a dominant man in her life but she isn't a pushover by any means Gray also grows throughout this book He is dominate but not in a demeaning way I liked that they became friends first before jumping into bed together Both have some issues they had to work on but watching them build their relationship was a wonderful thing to read Some of the things Gray does for Faith was truly romantiche definately knows how to take care of a woman This book could easily start a series or spin off from the other characters in it I hope the author continues with the lives of the characters because I am definately interested in what will become of everyoneThere is some mild BDSM and some strong language in this book so if you are offended by either one it won't be for you

  9. Syndi Syndi says:

    Sweet Surrender is a sweet light and HEA type of story Not much of story or plot No layers on the story Characters pretty much 1 dimensional A lot of insta lust love And since this is Maya Banks the sex must be prominent on the story But I found it very standard I do not like it nor hate it I just read it for passing time I even found the sex is kind of boring and repetitive Not much steam 3 stars

  10. Aму Aму says:

    Review originally posted at As the sexual tension between Gray and Faith grew stronger my sexual tension was about to blow a gasket I don't think I've had an itch to scratch that bad since reading Kristen Ashley's The Gamble So I held my expectations pretty high in hopes that my patience would be awarded Nope The BDSM theme in this novel was actually pretty tame A word I never thought to associate with BDSM But it was The first half of the book was no touching no sex not even a few dirty words and even Gray's thoughts about Faith were pretty tedious Then all of a sudden when we see their first sexual encounter at The House which only took eighteen freakin' chapters to get to Gray is abruptly pushing her down on her knees and telling her to take it deep? I admit after seeing humble Gray for so long I was thrilled when seeing Faith being paddled sent Gray's temperature off the scale and his way of ' retrieving' her was pretty hot Afterwards? A recipe of public displays anal a strange ménage which we will come back to and a dash of SOFT ds play I could stand most of them sure but the sex there was in Gray and Faith’s pivotal week together one scene just faded into another I found myself skimming the multiple showerbath scenes This book had enough bathing to have their skin wrinkle and dissolve Now back to that ménageBorderline creepy threesome with her friend Micah? He thought of her like a little sister for over 3 years Then suddenly he gets the golden ticket to gang bang with her and Gray so he jumps at it? Not on my watchWhere did that even come from? Just seemed kinda random considering we didn't see much interaction with Micah until towards the end Maybe if Faith and Gray had developed their relationship further it would have made sense Ménages have just never been on my hot heavy list sadly I mean hey I gave it a shot This book was just not the one to make me a believer in the art of group gropingEnough ranting over sex which pains me to say time for some characterplot critiues I admired Faith wanting a real dom not a guy playacting I guess because that's how I see most books they're just acting it out Banks however makes any woman want to submit especially if it means getting pampered and having naps all day like Faith does Her demeanor towards her mother was awe inspiring I was so ecstatic to read about a female protagonist that did NOT give into the antagonist's demands Good for you Faith Thus I was a bit in denial when she considered an armed madman's word over Gray's and who the hell asks uestions of an armed madman? Surely her relationship drama could've waited Lastly there was Damon Did anyone else have a weird crush on him?? Just me?? Good 'Cause he's mine I was so depressed to see how woefully underdeveloped his character was though just as the other secondary characters were Unfortunately the mysteryaction part of the plot left me flat While I enjoyed seeing Gray and Faith’s relationship grow the other side of the story was forced and frankly a lot of times did not make much sense There were glaring inconsistencies and at times like at the end where the plot became rushedOther than those few little blips this is an okay book The writing is very fluent There’s always a nice flow and rhythm throughout the story I never found myself tripping or stumbling over a phrase nor dialogue So if you are looking for a well written relationship and chaste ds this is definitely a book for you If you are looking for a strong plot and blush inducing sex scenes then you might want to look elsewhere

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