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Empress of the Seven Hills [Reading] ➿ Empress of the Seven Hills By Kate Quinn – Liversite.co.uk From the national bestselling author of Daughters of Rome and Mistress of Rome comes a tale of love power and intrigue spanning the wilds of the Empire to the seven hills of Rome Powerful prosperous a From the national the Seven PDF Å bestselling author of Daughters of Rome and Mistress of Rome comes a tale of love power and intrigue spanning the wilds of the Empire to the seven hills of Rome Powerful prosperous and expanding ever farther into the untamed world the Roman Empire has reached its zenith under the rule of the beloved Emperor Trajan But neither Trajan nor his reign can last foreverBrash and headstrong Vix is a celebrated ex gladiator returned to Rome to make his Empress of PDF/EPUB ² fortune The sinuous elusive Sabina is a senator's daughter who craves adventure Sometimes lovers sometimes enemies Vix and Sabina are united by their devotion to Trajan But others are already maneuvering in the shadows Trajan's ambitious Empress has her own plans for Sabina And the aristocratic Hadrian the Empress's ruthless protégé and Vix's mortal enemy has ambitions he confesses to no one ambitions rooted in a secret prophecyWhen Trajan falls the hardened soldier the enigmatic empress the adventurous girl and the scheming of the Seven PDF Î politician will all be caught in a deadly whirlwind of desire and death that may seal their fates and that of the entire Roman Empire.

  • Paperback
  • 486 pages
  • Empress of the Seven Hills
  • Kate Quinn
  • English
  • 09 September 2014
  • 9780425242025

About the Author: Kate Quinn

Kate uinn is the Seven PDF Å the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of historical fiction A native of southern California she attended Boston University where she earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Classical Voice She has written four novels in the Empress of Rome Saga and two books in the Italian Renaissance before turning to the th century with “The Alice Network” “The Huntress” a.

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  1. Erin Erin says:

    Spanning 102 114115 AD Empress of the Seven Hills picks up a few years after the events of Mistress of Rome and follows the story of Thea and Arius' son Vix Returning to Rome after leaving behind his parents and younger siblings in Britannia Vix is driven to find glory in the Roman legion under Emperor Trajan Of course he will have to learn to not lose his heart to mischievous Sabina be wary of her ambitious husband Hadrian and protect his bestie Titus from the backstabbers of Rome's political sphere Especially the Emperor 's wife Lady PlottinaAdmittedly this book took me a few days to complete than its predecessor because I wasn't totally in love with the similar characterizarion that the two books had in common What DID finally win me over was the last 13 of the book which really escalated the storyline and the characters of Faustina and Titus I really adored them Now I sit here wondering When do we hear the rest of the story? because Kate uinn leaves us with one hell of a cliffhanger

  2. Amy Amy says:

    Okay I've waited a year for the release of this book Two years really considering it's a kind of seuel to uinn's début 2010 novel Mistress of Rome which I loved I've been hoping and praying since I'd heard about Empress being written that it would match up to it's predecessors high standard My God This book is all kinds of awesome and gimme the next book now please uinn is amazing she has this genuine talent for writing historical fiction and the amazing ability to transport readers in to the brutal world that is Ancient Rome It's vivid enchanting and it rocked my worldI don't think you can help but love Vix He was a favourite character of mine in Mistress of Rome so cheeky and adventurous so it was wonderful to find out how his story continued Sabina too of course another character I'd been previously acuainted with I loved how Sabina and Vix's story intertwined and how she managed to soften Vix's character whenever they met I felt they were the perfect balance for one another even if their relationship did at times border on lovehate particularly on Vix's part I always felt they had one another's back and despite differences and years going by that they always both cared for one anotherThere was such an interesting blend of characters in this novel and it was certainly nice to see other familiar names Marcus Norbanus for one whom has made an appearance in all three of the Rome books and someone I have a genuine soft spot for Empress Marcella made a brief appearance a character I found I rather liked by the end of Mistress and of course Emperor Trajan This is one of the reasons I love uinn's books so much the development of characters throughout the novels leaves you adoring them so much that you can't help but feel pleased when they reappear in another story That doesn't of course mean there is no room left in my heart for newcomers because I adored the socks off Titus There's something so cute and clumsy about him that you can't help but love him and his friendship with Vix borders on bromance I practically punched the air when Titus had the guts to lay in to that scheming bitch Plotina I was all YOU GO TITUS in my inner monologue As Sabina said is there really no one perfectly named than her? Plotting Plotina When I compare this novel to Mistress Plotina is a very different antagonist to Lepida Apart from the odd rage Plotina is a lot calmer and prefers to cause havoc uietly and in a sense respectably I felt everything was psychologically determined with Plotina whereas Lepida was about the physical Having vast circles of lovers and going about things very openly because she of course always wanted to be centre of attention Plotina I felt was a intellectual antagonist whereas Lepida knew how to cause havoc by simply batting her eyelashes Different but both wonderfully evilThe final paragraph of the novel left what I believe to be than a hint that there was going to be a seuel to Empress I wouldn't complain let's say I'd be pretty okay with it and I'll just sit patiently and wait and seeThis is one of the fall backs of following an author from the beginning you have to wait a year for the release of each new book Seriously I feel like I'm a 13 year old again waiting for the release of the next Harry Potter book Kate uinn I'm a loyal fan Please continue the Rome series in the near future Vix's final line of the story certainly sounded promising Damn what a gripping cliffhanger and a beauty of a book

  3. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at 'm harder on historic fiction writers than I have any right to be Honestly I hold them to a higher standard than authors of any other genre Those who have impressed me in the past have it even worse Sorry guys but if you want to be a top dog you gotta earn it uinn has earned it Her debut piece The Mistress of Rome blew me away Her follow up Daughters of Rome proved the achievement was no fluke and confirmed her place as one of my favorite authors Naturally I was on pins and needles waiting for the release of her third book Empress of the Seven Hills and I'm happy say she didn't disappointI don't think anyone can read the book without falling for Vix True he is rough around the edges uncouth and prone to intense emotional outbursts but he is also loyal determined dedicated and ambitious This isn't prince charming He has faults he suffers from indecision and stumbles through life's trials just like the rest of us Supporting cast member Titus is everything Vix isn't A mild mannered academic with no ambition for fame or glory his steady countenance is a perfect foil for our male lead It took a bit longer but he grew on me It will be interesting to see where uinn takes him before the end I am similarly eager to see how uinn will approach Hadrian's relationship with a particular young man but that is a topic for another day I can't begin to explain how she does it but uinn has once again constructed remarkable realism with little than ink on on the pageThe female cast is eually well crafted though I can't say I am particularly fond of any of them Plotina's Juno complex is cringe worthy but it was her annoying obsession with Hadrian that grated my nerves Mirah's obvious disdain for anyone but 'her people' is nothing short of disgusting and Demetra's simpering housewife routine paints her as little than a milksop I couldn't even bring myself to care for Sabina until late in the novel when her marriage began to crumble The educated daughter of privilege who flit from one 'interesting' enterprise to the next didn't do it for me but as her husband's tolerance waned she started showing some real promise Again I find myself wondering where uinn will take the character The lone exception here is Faustina Maybe it is because she is introduced as a toddler and grows to an independently minded young woman over the course of the story but where I have only lukewarm interest in her older sister I am very intrigued by uinn's depiction of the future empressI'll be the first to admit that last paragraph doesn't sound too great but I want you to really think about what I wrote Poor characterization is marked by a reader's indifference The fact that I wanted to slap most of the women upside the head at some point proves I am anything but So I don't want to sit and drink wine or barley water with most of these ladies Sue me There is no rule that says a character has to be likable to be good and personally I think uinn should be applauded for crafting such a diverse cast Unlike its predecessors Empress of the Seven Hills takes us on the road During Trajan's campaigns we see a less well known aspect of Ancient Rome the life of a common soldier There are moments but having been a military wife I appreciate that the bulk of uinn's material is spent on the weeks and months between battles as well as the trials and tribulations of both men and women who opt for such a lifestyleGosh this review is getting long but I got a lot to say I love that uinn includes such detailed Historical Notes Not every author feels an obligation to define fact from fiction let alone explain why they chose to alter historic fact I find I am much inclined to forgive an author who exhibits such respect for their subject matter and readers than I would an author who neglects such entries in anticipation of a royalty check See my comments on The House of Special Purpose if you need further explanation uinn's next book is set some fourteen hundred years after Empress of the Seven Hills during an intriguing period of the Renaissance While I am excited for the release I can't help feeling sad that it will be some time before we see the continuing story of Vix and Sabina under Emperor Hadrian's rule Another excellent read from a very talented writer Go out find a copy and enjoy

  4. Judith Starkston Judith Starkston says:

    Kate uinn knows how to serve up a full flavored Rome with plenty of spice Empress of the Seven Hills is the third of her books Mistress of Rome and Daughters of Rome although you can get by without reading them in order They are all page turners lots of funAs usual with Kate uinn’s books Empress is driven along by fully developed characters Her main heroine Sabina starts out interesting and keeps developing and growing uinn has a way of granting her central female characters the fate they work very hard to get but then aren’t the least sure they want once they gain it Some of the book’s characters are deliciously wicked several decidedly lusty She depicts intelligence with depth and perception Her smart people aren’t always likable or good but you admire their brains The characters we like and there are several keep us rooting for them with increasing fervor and sometimes things come out as we wish As with her other books Empress is full of juicy relationships both offbeat and conventional You won’t be able to predict the paths of this cast They kept surprising meuinn is an excellent writer of dialogue You get an intimate feel for her characters through their words Vix a physically commanding legionary soldier with an explosive temper uses short muscular expressions Hadrian who starts out a fairly likeable man but who increasingly reveals a cold stiffness uses long pompous sentences even in the middle of a military camp uinn chooses a contemporary idiom including the expletives you hear in 21st century America but it works well uinn’s dialogue never yanks me out of the past or jars me as inappropriate I stay right there inside her characters in ancient Rome Many of the concerns and themes prevalent in ancient Rome are still with us in contemporary America which may partially explain why the modern idiom feels right to me political cynicism about corruption especially financial contradictory sexual s the scorn one faction has for the “elitist intellectuals” and the breakdown of family and other social structures or at least the perceived breakdown uinn fudges a bit with some history—most particularly with Titus’s role—but she owns up to everything in her author’s note and explains the changes They are integral to her tale She’s great on the details of life—what a legionary ate while on the march and a uick look at how he cooked it for example Her knowledge of the period is plenty deep enough that she avoids the failing of a lot of historical fiction writers when they drag out the same details over and over for lack of knowing any others She added to my store of interesting facts and importantly she builds a persuasive world You’ll be there Daughters of Rome excelled at portraying the Rome of women This book does that to some extent also but much of the time it steps into the world of men Sabina’s interest in seeing the world takes her far from the safe atrium of her father’s home and she certainly doesn’t like hanging out with her mother in law This gives new territory for uinn’s talent

  5. Krista Claudine Baetiong Krista Claudine Baetiong says:

    I deliberately skipped book 2 of Kate uinn’s astounding saga about ancient Rome although I flagged it for future reading and dived straight for book 3 because looking at the blurb this apparently follows the events from the first book Mistress of Rome when a vicious emperor is murdered and Rome has found relative order under the new imperial regimeThis time though it is the son’s story to tell Vercingoterix or Vix son of the gladiator and freed slave woman from book 1 comes back to Rome after years of secluded life in Britannia in search of glory and adventure He is clever and cunning tough and stubborn and will stop at nothing to reach his ambitions His life is bound by that of these particular patricians who are in one way or another instrumental to his rise from the ranks and whom he has either loved or hated through the years Vibia Sabina his childhood friend and sometimes lover and enemy; Titus Aurelius the noble friend he has once saved during their time in the fictional Tenth Fidelis; Trajan the emperor he has loved with all his heart and followed faithfully in all his wars; and Hadrian the ambitious tribune who hates him to the core His ultimate goal which is to become a legion commander is eventually achieved but not without a price And not also without earning new enemies—one of whom is the future emperor of Rome Just like in the first book I enjoyed the plot web and liked how the author unravelled all its puzzles and muddles with her witty and imaginative storytelling While Vix is a fictional character though one inspiration drawn was a Roman cavalryman named Tiberius Claudius Maximus most of the other major characters are not and it was fascinating to see the story progressing without me thinking that Vix was merely an imagined character—he fit in the historical side of the novel perfectly well Like him I also have this love hate relationship with Sabina’s character I don’t uite understand her resolve and her moral fiber but Kate uinn is effective in making me tolerate her in the end Miss uinn also provided an easy and interesting account of the legions and its organization and discussed war in both the points of view of the conuerors and the conuered She admits there was a liberal use of artistic license in her characterization and in sealing off several missing chunks in history but they were relevant snippets and didn’t muddy the story’s historical viewpoint in my opinionOverall a fantastic glimpse into the life of ancient Rome Recommended to lovers of historical fiction

  6. Rio (Lynne) Rio (Lynne) says:

    45 Stars This is my third and favorite uinn novel so far This one is the follow up to Mistress of Rome and uinn leaves us hanging at the end for the next installmentdang her This one was not as dark as it's predecessor This takes up where Vix the son of Mistress of Rome's hero and heroine Arius and Thea sets his sites on Rome The evil place his parents ran from He was a child gladiator and now a rough loveable barbarian He wants adventure and he sure finds it Sabina who's mother was the evil heiress Lepida in part 1 is also looking for excitement and is far from traditional Trajan is the current emperor who loves war but his people adore him so Vix has a future under his rule Empress Plotina has plans for her favorite Hadrian the future emperor no spoilers here it's a historical fact She weaves a web between them all uinn brings us characters who are not the typical historical fiction stereotype They are real not perfect and you can't help but laugh and cheer for them You also never know what they'll do next Finally a book that I didn't want to put down or find myself counting the pages I can't wait for the next installment Hope uinn doesn't make us wait as long this timeSabinaHadrian

  7. Elizabeth Loupas Elizabeth Loupas says:

    Kate uinn is a formidable talent I’ll never forget the evening I first opened Mistress of Rome in a seaside hotel in San Diego I was sucked in and swept away by Thea’s story and Kate full disclosure we are friends as well as historical fiction writing colleagues immediately won a place on my shortish “buy everything she writes now and forever” listI admired Thea the strong intelligent deeply damaged slave girl at the heart of Mistress of Rome and I generally find storytelling most satisfying when I can admire and to some extent at least identify with at least one character An indication of the sheer uality of Empress of the Seven Hills is that the storytelling absorbed me even when I found three of the four central characters and most of the secondary characters decidedly unpleasantThe story hurtles along paralleling most of the reign of Trajan considered one of the “Five Good Emperors” of Machiavelli You knew I was going to slip some sort of Renaissance Italian reference in there didn’t you? Trajan himself is bluff and hearty and the geeky Titus is charming in his intellectual self deprecating way I suspect I’m a minority of one in much preferring Titus to Vix One or two of the secondary characters broke my heart As for the rest of them well you don’t have to like them to get caught up in the dramatic events of the story and the sweep of the history

  8. Parvathy Parvathy says:

    The reason I keep giving five star ratings to the books in the Rome series by Kate uinn apart from the fact that they are excellent piece of literature is that it makes me forget everything which is a rare thing to do Have you ever had the urge to keep on reading without a stop knowing that you had too many important things to do that can't be postponed Threw caution to the wind and just let your self enjoy the magic of the written words That's how I felt when I read the Mistress of Rome a feeling I relived when I started the Empress of the Seven Hills Two completely different stories yet extremely captivating that you would think of nothing else after However if asked to name my favourite among the two I would go with the Mistress of Rome It is not because I didn't like this one less it is just that in the Mistress of Rome you knew whom to root for In the Mistress of Rome you live the story of Arius and Thea a broken gladiator and a slave girl who eventually rises to be the Mistress of the most powerful and depraved man in Rome The Empress of the Seven Hills however begins as a sort of memoir of their son Vix foul mouthed little gladiator we encountered in the first book his return to Rome and his struggle to be the head of a legion one day His love interest if we can call it that is Vibia Sabina who is eually admirable and yet an utterly confusing character The hot headedness of Vix Sabina's nature of level headed thinking and calculations made for an enjoyable couple During the first half of this book I really admired her resourcefulness They way she planned each move and the way she executed them with admirable intelligence But somewhere along the way I think even she lost sight of what she actually wanted and was trying to pick up the pieces of her broken dreams Her emotions are never really clear She has them but refuses to act by them which is a commendable trait yet you can only take too much of an emotion less character without growing angry at her complete indifference So I was not sure whether I should root for her I liked her character when she was a young unmarried woman living with her father Coming back to Vix there is his mememe IIIattitude I didn't like at all in the beginning and then as he aged we could see that his character changed with experience From a shifty nineteen year old thug to a warrior Vix's transformation was a joy to read I think he is one of those characters who truly learn from past mistakes which did redeem him a little Hadrain and Plotina were great characters but did not come any where near the viciousness that was Leapida PolliaWith my changing allegiances I wanted the story to end in several different ways but the only thing that remained constant the whole time was my hope that the end will be happy for Titus friend of Vix and a man with no ambitions who have greatness thrust upon him He was a character worth rooting even though in the whole scheme of the book cannot be considered as the main character But I am hoping to see of him in the next book which was a surprise by the way I never expected this book to end in a cliff hanger just as I never expected the Mistress of Rome on a happy note and but now that I know better I am glad That would make for another interesting read The author's note at the end of the book was highly informative and made me glad that I got to read a book that was historically accurate The author's note did inspire me to do a little historical research on my own the cliffhanger was really bothering me and the information I found really did cheer me up This will make my wait for the next book at least bearable From reading my review it will be obvious that I would recommend this book but a word of advise I would like to give is that you might enjoy the book if you have read Kate uinn's previous book Mistress of Rome Even now I can't stop gushing about it

  9. Amy Bruno Amy Bruno says:

    No one does Ancient Rome uite like author Kate uinn and her third novel Empress of the Seven Hills is yet another shining example of historical fiction done right Vix is the son of Thea from uinn’s first novel Mistress of Rome and the feisty boy we met previously has grown into a headstrong obstinate man with a loyal heartI fell in love with him instantly Sabina is eually headstrong She’s a woman who knows what she wants out of life and goes after it but not in a conniving scheming manner like Empress Plotina but rather as an impressive and inspiringly independent woman Though their passion for each other ebbs and flows throughout the novel their mutual love for Emperor Trajan unites them against others who threaten his rule and the Empire Kate’s talent at writing characters in such a way that the reader becomes totally invested in them is one of her greatest strengths in my opinion Combine that with her flawless writing extensive research and an intriguing action packed plot and you’ve got one hell of a readone that I can't recommend enoughuinn ends the book with a hint of a seuel and I can’t wait to see what is in store for Vix and Sabina

  10. Caroline Caroline says:

    The difficult thing about Empress of the Seven Hills is that I can't decide whether or not I like it than Mistress of Rome I definitely like it just as much; I may like it which I can't say about the preuel to Mistress the immensely enjoyable but slightly frustrating Daughters of Rome Empress is exactly the kind of book that I've always wanted It has everything I like flawed main characters; Women Who Do Not Please; multi dimensional villains; and long drawn out drama Long live the lovehate relationship of Vix and Sabina I can't say the same of his marriage which while realistic and appealing made me grind my teeth And that has nothing to do with my preference of the former pairingMuch of our story takes place from the perspective of Vix son of Arius and Thea from Mistress He is our hero so even than his love interest and counterpart Sabina Of course Vix is likable We as readers are already sentimental about him due to his many adventures as a child in the previous book But Vix is also deeply deeply flawed And I've got to say that I feel that a lot of reviewers seem to miss that when critiuing Sabina's every move and decision? Sabina's lack of effort and sacrifice in their relationship is constantly criticized; in fact the pair are two of a kind Just as Sabina chooses duty to Rome over Vix so Vix consistently chooses duty to Rome over his lovers and loved ones and later his wife and children No matter how happy Vix becomes with Mirah and really they aren't that happy because she deserves better treatment and he's too practical for someone so tied to her Jewish heritage and the symbolism in Masada he will ultimately leave her for orders from Rome and the sickly loving arms of Sabina who is Rome Vix constantly made decisions that kind of disgusted me He's really uite the asshole which sort of surprises me considering the kind of mother he has But at the same time he made decisions that I admired and I loved him for being him He loves blindly and is distracted by the next shiny sparkly thing that catches his eye His only consistent loves are Trajan and Trajan is Rome and Sabina who he also hates and don't forget Sabina too is RomeSabina is an even complex character And she's a complex female character Who thus far hasn't been raped She controls her sexuality and she weaponizes it and she does what she wants because she wants to How much do I love that Sabina can be in love and still choose to do something other than follow that man wherever he goes? Sabina accepts that she loves Vix She also accepts that she can't be with him the way he wants her to be not just because it's not in her nature but because she like him has other duties And how much do I love that Vix is incapable of seeing his own hypocrisy just as a real person would be? Their relationship is just captivating to read about because it is so obviously doomed and yet so obviously the most important relationship platonic and romantic in their lives For all the action and plot that happen in this book and do they happen the key of it is character and that particular relationship The novel would be nothing if it didn't work And oh does it workThe other characters are strong as well Plotina is a sort of foil to Domitian's empress a wannabe kingmaker who is as mad as Domitia was cool as well treated by her admittedly sexually uninterested husband as Domitia was abused Hadrian a man Vix hates as soon as he sees him at first due to petty jealousy and then slowly because of much deeper and founded reasons is one of those lovely uinn antagonists who is very slowly unveiled He doesn't walk onto the stage cackling though you know from the freaking summary of the book that he's the bad guy Hell Hadrian is recorded as one of the Good Emperors and the book certainly gives an explanation for that as well The one thing I will say is that I didn't completely buy Vix and Sabina's devotion to Trajan I understood it from Sabina who spent so much personal time with the man I couldn't get why this very obviously flawed man so captured Vix's attention Then again perhaps that's a part of what makes Vix so wonderfully flawed He clings to the flaws of people like Sabina and is blind to many others including his own But hey he grows upWe see a lot of returning favorites like Marcus and Calpurnia and a few nicer than the others I mentioned new darlings like Titus and Faustina I am biting my nails on that one As for Mirah as I said before I'm not crazy about her relationship with Vix though I think it is necessary and at times likable enough It seems a bit plot device y and sometimes it reminds me of the MichaelApollonia marriage in The Godfather I also found Mirah herself incredibly frustrating in her lack of practicality Her religious fervor is admirable but made me want to shake her by the shoulders sometimes And a lot of her traits made me imagine that she's meant to be the good woman next to Sabina's bad woman Not that uinn views one or the other as either But it's there nonethelessThat aside Empress is a really really great book I loved it to pieces and am biting my nails until the next installment I need some kind of resolution to my VixSabina relationship though I can't imagine that it'll be good

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