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Ice Blue [PDF] ❤ Ice Blue ⚣ Emma Jameson – The New York Times Bestselling SeriesAnthony Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard never married no children no pets no hobbies and not even an interesting vi The New York Times Bestselling SeriesAnthony Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard never married no children no pets no hobbies and not even an interesting vice will turn sixty in three weeks With the exception of his chosen career too sordid for his blue blooded family to condone his life has been safe and predictable But then he meets Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield beautiful willful and nearly half his age When Hetheridge saves the outspoken impetuous young detective from getting the sack siding with her against Scotland Yard's powerful male hierarchy his cold elegantly balanced world spins out of control Summoned to London's fashionable Belgravia to investigate the brutal murder of a financier Hetheridge must catch the killer while coping with his growing attraction to Kate the reappearance of an old flame and the secret that emerges from his own past.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 173 pages
  • Ice Blue
  • Emma Jameson
  • English
  • 22 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Ice Blue

  1. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    I picked this up because a friend mentioned liking it and that it was free on it still is as of this writing And I'm really glad that I did It's a bit light for a mystery and a bit investigationplot focused for a romance but the cast of characters are engaging and it was really fun seeing Tony and Kate dance around each other earning and giving mutual respectAnd I don't have a lot to say about it really The romance doesn't conclude here and Tony falls a bit fast for my liking I'm not sure why Kate's emotional attachment makes sense but she does Maybe because we know that she has been open to relationships so it isn't the lifestyle turn around it would be with Tony? I don't know Anyway it was fun and hit the right mood and I'm definitely interested in the next I may pick up a bundle if I can find one priced well enoughA note about Chaste There's no shenanigans and only a very light perfunctory kiss in this story Which was about right for the progression we have so far

  2. Ingie Ingie says:

    Review written March 8 201736 Stars Nice serial opener and I'm absolutely hookedBook #1 • • • I truly enjoyed the first in the cozy mystery series Marriage Can Be Murder 38 stars – set in wartime 1939 England by Emma Jameson Then when this Ice Blue was available to get free to add 2 WSfV for a perfect length 6 hours audiobook also narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies I couldn't resist and downloaded immediately Very glad I did Ice Blue is the #1 part in the Lord and Lady Hetheridge series — Procedural mystery crime fiction with some added romantic in the office sparkles set in a contemporary London UK Intriguing book blurb — « Anthony Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave Chief Superintendent for New Scotland Yard never married no children no pets no hobbies and not even an interesting vice will turn sixty in three weeks With the exception of his chosen career too sordid for his blue blooded family to condone his life has been safe and predictable But then he meets Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield – beautiful willful and nearly half his age »Superintendent Hetheridge is the well behaved lord kindThe kind of older hero we loves to meet in books like this think a light version of Elizabeth George's popular main characters I'm so much looking forward to see the thing between him and the much younger Kate with a difficult working class background develop in the next book part #2 Blue Murder “But one advantage of turning sixty was the realization that still being alive was the point”It isn't just Kate Wakefield who is a interesting character partner in Hetheridge's small team here is also another unforgettable Detective Sergeant in Deepal Paul Bhar's funny shape and form a lovely witty character We also has this classic oldish perfect female superintendent secretary taking care of them all Sorry to say but here are also all those usual disgusting oppressive male bullies and rude police colleagues view spoiler Men we too often encounter in crime novels Gender euality or any euality actually doesn't seem to have reached all the way into the Metropolitan Police At least not in fiction novels or those BBC TV drama we happily watch hide spoiler

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed reading Ice Blue after ploughing through a couple of heavier grittier titles recently it was exactly the foil I neededWhile not exactly parody my feeling was that Ice Blue is to the police procedural genre what Jane Austen's wonderful Northanger Abbey is to gothic novels a sort of gentle satire executed with a superbly light touch The subtlety is such that many readers seem to have mistaken the result in the case of both books as a poorly executed attempt at the real thingFollowing a very public dispute with a senior officer smart but chippy DS Kate Wakefield rather than facing demotion or disciplinary action is taken under the wing of DCS Tony Hetheridge who also happens to be Lord Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave Together with the witty DS Deepal Paul Bhar they investigate the rather gruesome death of nasty financier Malcolm Comfrey in his plush Belgravia family home The widowed Mrs Comfrey turns out to be a former fiancée of DCS Hetheridge but in the satirical fictional universe why on earth should that prevent him from investigating her husband's murder?Emma Jameson draws on the long and distinguished history of aristocratic investigators Dorothy L Sayers's Lord Peter Wimsey Elizabeth George's DI Tommy Lynley aka the Earl of Asherton and PD James's DI John Massingham to name a few In Ice Blue Hetheridge's elite suad are allocated those cases involving members of society's upper echelons not only because they're likely to accept a Baron into their midst but also because he's prepared to be tough on them when necessary as we observe on several occasions in Ice BlueConcurrent with the investigation of Comfrey's murder we also observe the growing mutual attraction between Hetheridge and DS Wakefield despite the significant discrepancy in their ages he is approaching 60 she is 31 This is also handled by Emma Jameson in a gloriously overblown manner with nervy inner dialogues furtive glances and wrestling on a fencing mat The character of acerbic society matriarch Lady Margaret Knolls is an inspired inclusion not only as a source of society gossip but as an omniscient observer of Hetheridge and Wakefield's attraction and I hope she'll also feature in future instalmentsThe resolution of the mystery while not particularly unexpected was suitably dramatic and satisfying to the readerA very enjoyable while undemanding read Highly recommended for those who appreciate some subtle parody and several laugh out loud moments of camp drama

  4. HBalikov HBalikov says:

    355 If that’s all you need to know read no further because I can’t help but spoil a bit of the plot in this reviewThis is structured as a contemporary London police procedural that has three leading characters and a lot of suspects The characters areAnthony Hetheridge ninth Baron of Wellegrave and chief superintendent for New Scotland Yard;Detective Sergeant Paul Bhar who is a member of Hetheridge’s investigative team; andDetective Sergeant Kate Wakefield who soon after the story begins becomes a member of the teamThe basic plotAfter a raucous dinner party the host is found murdered in his library by his wife As the investigation continues the list of suspects increases and we find out many things about them that may relate to the murderThe set up follows most of the conventions for London police proceduralsBut the case isn’t closed yet There are loose ends to be wrapped up and we need your help” “What sort of loose ends?” “May I come in?” Kate’s tone was polite “I’d prefer not” “Very well” Kate removed her smart phone’s stylus “I’m not sure what your neighbors will make of me interviewing you on your doorstep but let’s hope they keep their speculations to themselves rather than call the media”Opening the door wide she indicated the foyer “Do come in” The stink of lemon furniture polish hung in the airWhat kept me reading was a faint touch of Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vain chemistry combined with a Brooklyn Nine Nine vibe There is plenty of policecomedic banter and some intentionally endearing characters The mystery is a good one but my biggest complaint is with the publishers not the author When you put on the cover and title page “Lord Lady Hetheridge Book #1” You have given away a key bit of the dramatic tension It is even worse that at the end of this book Lord Anthony Hetheridge is still a bachelor and not even engaged Yet we know what will happen even if we don’t know exactly how

  5. Steelwhisper Steelwhisper says:

    It is a relief to discover that I am actually still capable of loving good books and my problem is just that I get to read so much dreary shice these daysLovely uirky and typically step aside book by Emma Jameson

  6. Marsha Marsha says:

    I like to buy cheap mysteries for my Kindle that I can read at night before I go to sleep You know brain candy that won't make me think or keep me up wondering what's going to happen I happened upon this book by Emma Jameson and it fulfilled all the reuirements plus it was an entertaining read The characters were fairly diverse and interesting albeit a little farfetched That an East ender in the Met can catch the eye and hold it of a titled Superintendent twice her age does seem a little bit much After all if DI Lynley feels an itch he doesn't scratch it with another copper unless she is eual to his rank if not in the peerage then at least in the MetI suspended my preconceptions however and found ICE BLUE entertaining to the point that I bought the second book in the series Maybe Jameson will address some of those hanging plotlines in the second book If not I'll sleep well anyway

  7. Allison Allison says:

    This is a contemporary New Scotland Yard procedural mystery in London with some uite gruesome murders and gritty details making this not what I would call a cozy mystery Involving the elite class which I didn't realize was still so elite these days the mystery was interesting with some good misdirection and a satisfying reveal For those who like a bit of romance in their mystery there is the start of a romance between the 60 year old chief and a detective half his age which surprisingly didn't seem too weird There was some insta love there and not enough explanation of why the chief is suddenly in love with his subordinate The romance took a back seat to the mystery so it didn't take over the entire plot but it could still be too much for some readers there was than a trace of it I enjoyed the mystery in spite of the blood and guts so I'll be checking out the next book in the series for sure

  8. SA Krishnan SA Krishnan says:

    Very interesting mysteryThe characters Kate and Anthony were especially very good The host of a dinner turns up dead and the lead pair try to solve the mysteryThe dialogue was humourous and the characters were very well brought itOverall enjoyable read

  9. Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ says:

    Oh dear lord Where do I start? I guess with the age gap 30 years is just too huge a difference for me to get behind it She's literally young enough to be his daughter Ick view spoilerHighlighted by the fact that his lovechild is just a few years younger than her hide spoiler

  10. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    OK I feel a bit hoodwinked The kindle store recommended this mystery to me and I snapped it up I'm a marketer's dream It had all of the ingredients of a good series but the dialogue just wasn't believable and the cast of characters never really came together Then it ended abruptly on about page 160 Seriously? Such a slim volume never would have grabbed me in a brick and mortar store

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