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Gabriel's Inferno [Ebook] ➦ Gabriel's Inferno Author Sylvain Reynard – Enigmatic and sexy Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure He uses his notorious good looks and sophist Enigmatic and sexy Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemptionWhen the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collideAn intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction forbidden love and redemption Gabriel's Inferno is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man's escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossibleforgiveness and love.

  • Paperback
  • 506 pages
  • Gabriel's Inferno
  • Sylvain Reynard
  • English
  • 20 September 2016
  • 9781936305629

About the Author: Sylvain Reynard

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10 thoughts on “Gabriel's Inferno

  1. Laura Laura says:

    The only way I know how to describe how bad this book was is to share a few passages with you and give you my feedback I've maintained the original format as much as I am able to help emphasize some of my points Here it goesThe PassagesGabriel brought his hand up slowly so as not to spook her and gently caressed her cheek What is she? A horse?“Don’t cry little Rabbit” Um Paul is a total creep“But Julia didn’t want to be keyed” And then a few paragraphs down “Julia turned away ashamed of the sudden and intense rush of emotions she was having over being keyed of all things and having him cite beloved children’s literature to her” Ok this whole segment has issues First and most obvious to me was the word keyed I know this takes place in Canada but both main characters are American Not knowing what being keyed meant in Canadian I went to trusty Urbandictionarycom and gave it a looksee Definition 1 High on marijuana Considering what a straitlaced naïve insult to 23 year old virgins Julia is I don’t think she’s high on anything except maybe Italian poetry over exposure Definition 2 when ones vehicle or other expensive possession becomes defaced by someone scraping off the paint with their own set of keys Well this is definitely something I wanted to do to her face after the first fifty pages Definition 3 Getting completely fucked up through the use of both alcohol and marijuana Again the use of illegal substances for our porcelain angelic heroine I'm not feeling But maybe she was ducking uick shots from her bottle of cheap teuila again If you look at the next part “sudden and intense rush” this sounds like an ad for Trojans so maybe it has a sexual connotation? But then you throw in the “beloved children’s literature” and I’m starting to get really creeped out This is Paul again by the way What is it with him and kids?“Beatrice” his arm tightened around her waist as he moved to whisper against her hair still damp from the shower “Don’t cry” With his brilliant blue eyes closed Gabriel pressed his lips to her forehead once twice thrice“I missed you So much” she whispered her lips moving against his tattoo“You found me” he murmured “I should have waited I love you”Now Julia wept harder clinging to him as if she were drowning and he was her savior gak Ok before your panties get all wet I would like to point out the reason why our virtuous heroine’s hair is wet in the first place Beatrice or whatever the heck her name is found it necessary to tidy herself up a bit after Gabriel lost control of his reflexes during a drinking episode and vomited all over her ALL OVER HER The last time my ex boyfriend got the urge to regurgitate I made a point of staying the hell out of his way and you better believe he did not get the cuddle treatment afterwards This is not something I want to be in the middle of I will have you know that it made me personally cringe to have to rewrite the word “thrice” since as much as the author would like to be as good as Shakespeare he doesn’t have the sense to realize that this word looks stupid in any other context The sobbing throughout this book made me ill a feeling Julia experienced every time someone exposed her to anything sexual in nature At least we both have the ability to become ill in common Now keep in mind as we reread this passage and our hearts are aflutter Gabriel is still very much inebriated during this conversation Not only does he have no clue what he’s saying but remembers none of it the next day which leads me to the next uote Why is he so angry with me? Why doesn’t he remember? omg seriously? This coming from our little tart who drinks on the sly? Please tell me she’s not so naïve that she doesn’t understand at least from an academic point of view the potential side effects of overindulgence I mean she is after all so smart she got admitted to Harvard Couldn’t figure out how to get a full ride but nevertheless was a bright enough talent for the pole in keister Dante specialists of Harvard This keister phrase btw was used twice I'm kinda of the opinion that phrases like this should be used only once in a book since they are so uniue and stand out like a blinking light But who am I to judge I'm just the reader not the Dante specialist“He sounded like sex Or at least what Julia imagined sex would sound like Oh my Gabriel Oh my Gabriel Oh my Gabriel OhmyGabriel” BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA OMG THAT SOUNDS SO INCREDIBILY IDIOTIC I AM BESIDE MYSELF On her kiss with creep boy Paul “Julia felt his surprise in the uick clenching of his jaw He tensed beneath her lips no doubt in shock at her boldness” Um honey there are other reasons why a guy wouldn’t be receptive to your advances Considering Paul’s proclivity for children’s lit I hesitate to venture a guess into what causes him to clench anything“He would leave her as he found her the blushing brown eyed angel surrounded by bunnies curled up like a kitten in her little chair” There is something about this book that is just child molesty Maybe because everyone has the maturity level of a 12 year old This is not a Paul uote btw “It was the lyrics about fucking like an animal and the look on his face as he brought his forehead to hers and whispered it to her staring straight into her soulshe’d believed she heard the voice of the Devil Julia had wrenched herself from him and fled to the ladies’ washroom looking at the pale and shaking girl in the mirror wondering what the hell had just happened She did not know why he had spoken to her like that or why he had chosen that moment to confess Nevertheless she knew him well enough to know that the repeated lyric was a confession of his deepest and perhaps darkest intentions and not just a mindless repetition” Holy moley What the hell did I just read? The only thing this girl is shaking right now is her head This whole scene is referring the Nine Inch Nails song Closer Something visually that I did not care for in this paragraph was the use of italics which is overused in general in this book In this paragraph it's emphasizing something that I personally don't think needs the emphasis especially when coupled with eye grabbing words like fucking Further the addition of these force the reader to hitch when reading thus interrupting the flow Overuse of these devices can tend to lessen their impact to the reader leaving them with a choice They can either make the emphasis and feel like they're mentally riding a dirt track or ignore it completely and enjoy the smooth ride Thus begs the uestion was this device even necessary to begin with?Gabriel? Sweetheart don’t listen to that kind of music any okay?” She sounds like my mother when I was a teenager“The other photo took Julia’s breath away for it was the most overtly erotic and she was instantly repulsed by its rawness and aggressionJulia was disturbed by the photo” but not so much that she didn't stop to describe it in full detail “and immediately looked away in embarrassment” Methinks something wicked this way comes and she’s in total denial of it kemfn I still can’t find a translation for this word Can’t say I particularly care too either Too many blasted different languages in this blasted book He smashed a chair He smashed a metal chair And yet she still walked in the room Wow That's healthy ”Look at me when I’m speaking to you” I knew someone who said this It pissed me off like you wouldn't believe “She recognized the top photograph as the fifth one the one that had been over the bed It was gently erotic and almost tender He shouldn’t have been ashamed of this one” Wait?? Didn't she look uickly away in embarrassment? How the heck does she remember specifically which photograph this is and where it was hanging? MmmmmShe is so censorious and judgmental It’s sickening The Flower References• You blossom under kindness don’t you? Like a rose Omigosh how seriously lame can you be • She does blossom under kindness Just like a rose opening her petals Gag Apparently incredibly lame• Her shoulders were hunched and her head was down He’d made his little rose wither Any blossoming had now been completely undone You know one of the best things anyone ever said to me is this No one forces you to feel anything Those feelings are something within you and no one but you can control them With that said could this chick get just a little anemic please? • She would be a rose in his eyes and she would flower beneath him God bless it no • I want her petals to open' Gabriel breathed softly TO HIS SISTER NO LESS CREEPThe Incessant List of Pretentious Shit• Chopin’s Nocturne 9 Op No 2• Henry Holiday’s Dante meets Beatrice at Ponte Santa Trinita • Venus de Milo and Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne• Botticelli’s complete set of illustrations of The Divine Comedy original sixteenth century reproductions and the only complete set in existence naturellement The Vatican doesn’t even own this• Serego Alighieri Vaio Armaron Amarone 2000 And yes just in case you were wondering this IS the wine from the vineyard that Dante's son purchased in the fourteenth century So there Oo phooooooooo• Meisterstück 149 a rather ugly in my humble opinion fountain pen that costs than I would like to spend on twenty such writing instruments • Cyrano de Bergerac I didn't want him to feel left out• The Velveteen Rabbit I’m sorry but for some reason this whole kids lit stuff creeped me out big time• Mozart’s Reuiem Lacrimosa I happen to like this piece of music I actually listen to the whole piece not just the one track on repeat like some people but I’m going to be giving it a break while I contemplate the complete translation into English Give me a break please• Rodin’s The Kiss which “Julia had not purchased a replica of it when she visited Musée Rodin in Paris because she found it too arousing” ughfollowed by a vocabulary lesson in French on the usage of the word baiser and it’s double meaning of “to kiss” or “to fuck” which probably made her ill and had to rush off to the ladies' room This chick is so frigid I swear• Freaking Beowolf• Laphroaig “a single malt Scotch whiskey” with just a drop or two of spring water to “open up the taste” She should have known that with all her wine swishing capabilities • One paragraph “My family is like a Dickensian novel Julia No it’s worse” – I agree this could get much worse wait for it – “We’re a twisted mix of Arthur Miller and John Steinbeck with a bit of Dostoyevky and Tolstoy thrown in” Oh ga She didn't But wait we're not done• Three Thomas Hardy references occurring in the following paragraph Mayor of Casterbridge Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Jude the Obscure Oh is that who wrote this book?• Hem’s Rabbit Songs featuring the eternal hit Half Acre• Complete 1st stanza from John Donne’s The Flea I actually had to look up the name for this one since the author did not provide it for once• “Gabriel liked it because they sold a particular kind of Trappist Ale that he preferred Chimay Première and it pleased him to have pizza in the Neapolitan style to pair with that beer” Holy shit you have got to be kidding It would please me if you would just eat the damn pizza It's not polite to swish your beer in public And please don't ask me what was going on with that lambskin rug right after this I tried not to look• The ongoing references to Héloïse and Abelard which I just kept picturing Big Bird’s cousin Abelardo on the Mexican Sesame Street I think I know something obscure than the author Wooopeee• Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose I am so sorry Ms Piaf to drag you into this• Veuve Clicuot Ponsardin vintage 2002 I think my nose just turned up an inch• You and Me by Matthew Barber who?• Far Far by Yael Naim Apparently I’m not playing along; 67 other people highlighted this part of the book I am not one of them• Hands of the Precious Gollum” • Buena Vista Social Club• All the Pretty Faces by The Killers preceded by two shots of that cheap teuila• Prospero’s Speech by Loreena McKennitt I’m really out of it on this one and the 113 people who highlighted this passage• da Vinci’s La Scapigliata This is really beginning to give me a headacheand the list goes on and on and on and on My Concluding Thoughts ”She’s been broken you jackass” Sister Rachel to Brother Gabriel And what may you ask was our dear Julianne so broken about? The answer is something so incredibly lame it doesn’t even warrant repeating and would in fact ruin what little suspense this book containsThere is nothing healthy to be learned from this book unless you include the prologue where Beatrice leaves Dante standing on the road like a fool If your ideal future life involves codependency and psychological abuse please be my guest read this book and add to the rave reviews it has received thus far It has most assuredly not gained any esteem from me

  2. Juliana Philippa Juliana Philippa says:

    25 stars I'm almost afraid to write a review because this book is apparently universally loved and I definitely obviously did not feel the same way I was so looking forward to the book and love pairings of a dark and tortured hero with a sweet and innocent heroine Reynard definitely delivered on that last count far far too much Julia was put up on a pedestal and for reasons that I'm not sure warrant her being put there and everything else was evil and dark and sinful Praise Gabriel was a very interesting character and for the first 23 of the book I really liked him He was a total a hole at the beginning wanted to slap him upside the head a few times but it was fun watching him then immediately after do something in a gruff off handed manner to make up for it There was definite darkness to the character and I was really looking forward to exploring and unraveling thatI liked their relationship in maybe the 3rd fifth of the book and I really enjoyed their class discussion The chemistry between them was surprisingly good and the kisses especially that first one sigh were pretty sizzling And before he got far too sickly sweet see #5 below I loved how tender and caring Gabriel was with her General Criticism I'm going to get these things out of the way because the rest is all about my main issue with the book 1 The POV switching was very very odd and not at all smooth It would switch between paragraphs sometimes even between sentences from Julia to Gabriel to the waiter at their table It was confusing at times 2 Paul drove me nutso Absolutely 100% nutso He and Julia probably should be together with their sickening sweetness He was ready to practically sacrifice his life for her within a few minutes of speaking with her and he could not stop calling her Rabbit every 5 seconds 3 The ending is unbelievably rushed and not only that but we're given a definite hint before then that there are going to be repercussions for something and then nothing happens Very weird 4 The whole thing about Beatrice Dante and Julia Gabriel became overused and their entire first encounter is difficult to believe in the sense that I don't think either of them would have acted that way All way too teenage perfect and unreal 5 The last third of the book is so sappy and corny Gabriel and Julia are way way WAY too sweet all the time to the point of not being at all enjoyable I wanted to scream Enough already Go carve your names into a tree get those matching necklaces with half of a heart and exchange promise rings IMO it got to be so over the top I know you couldn't tell I thought that 6 The author crossed the point of subtly showing us that he knows his stuff Dante history music etc and went into the area of making us feel like he was trying to prove it My Main Objection I was looking forward to her character because I love shy wallflower type heroines but by the end of the book Julia Julianne Beatrice whatever was really driving me nuts Julia was far far too innocent and we hear constantly CONSTANTLY about her purity and innocence She's naive and perfect and beautiful and stands on a pedestal and is light personified and on and on and on She was absolutely perfect and therefore to me at least absolutely boringEven though she's supposed to be this angel of utter perfection don't even want to county how many times she is referred to as such the truth is I did not find her perfect at all For the middle of the book I found her to be very judgmental and intolerant Also at one point she says that has unfortunately been hit on by women before and it came off sounding a little homophobic Interesting note the only two bisexual women in the book or at least women who are open to sleeping with another woman are evil mean hmmmI hated that Gabriel is supposed to be this horrible dark tortured guy who has done all these bad things and because he is so sinful and unforgivable he has to beg Julia to forgive him and love him anyway even though he doesn't deserve it which we hear over and over and OVER again so that he can bask in her light blah di blah di blahI hated that there's this sense Gabriel can't fully disclose things to her about his past because she's too innocent and fragile That she's scared of his darkness and he has to protect her from it and doesn't want to pollute or corrupt her by even telling her about it I hated that her reaction to any type of variation in the bedroom is one of horror and that we're told through both of them that making love has to be tender and gentle and anything else is degrading and wrong and immoralI know that she is a virgin and she's been through a bad relationship previously but to me that didn't eual an explanation for what we're told Which is that using the word fcking for having sex is a capital sin That having had troubles and made mistakes means you're stuck in sin and destined for hell and darkness until if you're lucky you get to go into the light and be with an apparently perfect but really not so much angel in human form That having a one night stand is the worst thing on earth That lust is evil and shameful and that artistic but erotic art is disgusting That a woman being on her knees is offensive and not even only in the mind in the gutter sense though that as well but just in general ie you're picking something up that you dropped I kid you notNow before anyone attacks me and accuses me of being some sex maniac who hates virgin heroines let me tell you that while Julia is a 23 year old virgin I'm a 25 year old one and that already at the beginning of the book she has experience in this department than I do Okay? So this is not a case of me disliking this book because virginity and innocence are glorified and I feel personally attacked Bottom Line This book was not for me and I won't be picking up the seuel Julia is boringly innocent don't even think that's the proper term the book feels a little preachy and a lot judgmental and the last third of the book was so corny sappy sweet that I had to stop myself from skimming Written August 16 2011

  3. Tori Tori says:

    Wow Loved it I cannot believe this was written by a man And that last scene? Phew HOT That's all I've got The rest has already been said But if you like hot angsty possessive men you'll love this one672012 Edited to add Oh my word I have found my Gabriel Hello Love

  4. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    Let's set aside the unethical practices that lead to this book aka Twilight Fan Fiction being published and just focus on the story This is a giant turd nugget of misogyny wrapped in romance stereotypes and sprinkled with the most basic understanding of classic literature No literally if you read Dante's Inferno for Dummies you will walk away with a better comprehension of that classic work than the author of this humongous joke of a novelThe sad part is the author is skilled at manipulating readers into believing that a story about a young college coed being mentally emotionally and intellectually manipulated by her professors is sexually arousing and laughably romantic No seriously the overwhelming amount of agency that is given up by our leading female is so devastating that every time I see a female reader give this book anything than two stars I feel the woman's movement take a full step backwards It would be refreshing to read a book with literary themes that didn't show a female heroine who has to use her vagina to win love and respect from her male counterpart but alas Gabriel's Inferno is not it Not by a long shot Additional note I have a theory that part of why this book is so well loved has a lot to do with effort justificationSee my comments below I'd write a detailed analysis but this piece of crap series doesn't warrant the effort

  5. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    ★★★★★ Gabriel’s Inferno book 1 of 3 Professor Gabriel Emerson’s courtly seduction of his chaste student Julia “Then I’m glad I’m your first” Books in Gabriel’s Inferno trilogy should be read in orderBook 1 Gabriel’s InfernoBook 2 Gabriel’s RaptureBook 3 Gabriel’s RedemptionGabriel’s Inferno book 1 opens up with Professor Gabriel O Emerson Dante specialist for the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Toronto giving a seminar MA Grad student Julianne Mitchell Julia is in class but not paying attention Professor Emerson addresses her in front of class which only causes her to shrink in her seat and not respond When he catches her a second time he asks her to see her after class But their meeting never happened and so they are off to a very rocky start It should be noted the brilliance of Sylvain Reynard’s plot and writing Set against the backdrop of Dante’s Devine Comedy the Gabriel’s Inferno trilogy is rich on symbolism depth history and divine message The ingenuity of using Dante’s journey in professors Emerson’s lectures life lessons experiences and parallels that can clearly be drawn between Dante – Gabriel who after having moved through hell meets up with his Beatrice – Julia to be guided from hell to ultimately enter paradise Simply divine “I’m going to be thrown out of Paradise tomorrow Beatrice Our only hope is that you find me afterward Look for me in Hell” Their romance will be a slow blossom the epitome of courtly love uite the contrast to the previous life of Professor Emerson respected and praised scholar by day and hedonist by night roaming the clubs of Toronto for his next fuck He finds himself irked by Julia but after learning about her situation he feels both pity and sympathy while fighting a growing attraction to his student Julia in turn appears to have love hate for her professor Both are broken with secrets they rather keep More will unfold throughout and not everything is at it seems Add to that the university’s strict non fraternization policy and you have nothing short of a forbidden whirlwind romance with suspense intrigue villains lies deceit jealousy and love against all odds Professor Gabriel O Emerson or as Dante’s Divine Comedy would have it Dante Alighieri But don’t forget Gabriel the fallen angel He has been through hell and he needs rescuing except he thinks he is without a soul and unredeemable She was both perfect and untouchable a brown eyed angel dressed in resplendent white while he was older world weary and wanting A larger than life hero on my top 10 shelf Nine words to describe Gabriel Pretentious mercurial jaded brilliant broken corrupted enigmatic commanding and unforgettable “I will always be conscious of your absence” And just like Beatrice came to guide Dante to paradise Julianne Mitchell Julia has come to rescue Gabriel Nine words to describe Julia Shy stubborn smart timid chaste tenacious fragile loyal and patient “I don’t expect you to understand You’re only a magnet for mishap Miss Mitchell while I am a magnet for sin” Even better the third time around Book 1 ends in a good place but with much to come so I am happy to jump over to book 2 Gabriel’s Rapture for the continuation of their storyAs for ingenuity symbolism and depth this is by far one of the best romantic fictions I have ever read Brilliant inspiring and interesting plot Masterfully told Unforgettable and swoon worthy professor Gabriel Emerson And enough intrigue suspense and romance to keep you glued throughout their saga The coveted 6 star shelf “You’re gorgeous Gabriel You always were you know” “Nature’s cruelty— the fallen angel retains his beauty But I’m ugly on the inside” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes freuency NAStoryline concept rating 5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating NABook editing rating 5 no edits spotted 5 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes

  6. Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister Kristin (KC) - Traveling Sister says:

    5 Stars edited reviewThe reread is even sweeterIt has been said that no two persons ever read the same book I'd also venture to say that no one person ever reads the same book twice Each reread holds a different experience; a separate opportunity to view the story in a new light this time with pockets full of insight And since my experience although eually wonderful was different this time around I feel compelled to compose a new review reflecting my current feelings Gabriel's Inferno is a book that speaks to me on various levels many of which oppose one another This story is insanely sexy but tender and romantic It's sweet but fierce; dark but light It's serious and emotional but entertaining and funny It's fresh and original but has an old fashioned timeless feel that keeps me coming back for What makes this book stand out amongst others in its genre is the exuisite writing; writing that transports the reader precisely where the story leads with a uniue style that's lyrical elouent and romantic It offers a cast of genuinely complex and intriguing characters and has introduced me to one of my favorite fictional couples to date Gabriel and Julia Gabriel is Julia's professor in her Dante seminar and this is where the forbidden element arises Their reluctant relationship is slow to build but passionate and romantic with the perfect amount of angst and sexual tension Gabriel is a brooding pretentious alpha type hero whose initial arrogance reaches comical heights But he has a sweet filling He's the product of a painful past and takes himself way too seriously But luckily this story offers a third person perspective with a sometimes snarky narrator who likes to poke fun at Gabriel's various idiosyncrasies — such as his obsession with fountain pens and his medieval mannerisms It often appeared as though Gabriel was just released from another decade and I adored this uirky aspect of the storytelling Julia is a loving and genuinely kind heroine She may appear weak and innocent but she does have backbone She strives to see the good in people and believes that evil is better left alone where it's free to discover itself And although it seems she'd be Gabriel's saving grace their need for each other was balanced This book draws inspiration from the passionate love story of historical figures Dante and Beatrice offering a modern day spin that is simply stunning There are multiple themes presented within the plot — redemption being the focal point I fell in love with this story at first read and it has become one of the rare few that I will continue to make time to read despite my ever growing TBR list Just beautiful For if you truly believe that kindness is never wasted you have to hold tightly to that belief even when the kindness is thrown back in your face Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory Contmeporary romance▪ Steam Caliber ModerateVery sexy▪ Romance Slow buildup passionate gorgeous▪ Characters Sexy brooding but sweet hero Strong and lovable heroine▪ Plot Forbidden love Professorstudent Redemption themed▪ Writing Elouent poetic original and completely breathtaking▪ POV 3rd Person Perspective▪ Cliffhanger None▪ Next Installment Follow up

  7. Ivana S. Ivana S. says:

    Once again I dislike the book everyone else obviously loves First of all and I NEVER thought I'd say this about a book it is too long It would be fine if it had action driven plot but for a story like this I think that reducing the number of pages would be a significant improvement This way I had a feeling that I was reading the same thing over and over again – every encounter between Gabriel and Julia looked almost exactly the same like the previous one It just dragged on and on and I was seriously worried that I will have to break my own rule of finnishing every book I start and put this one aside I didn't but even if I did it wouldn't make any difference because the second half was even worse than firstSecond it was waaay too predictable I usually don't mind that but this was just too much There wasn't a single moment of surprise and at some point it just came down to waiting to happen something that I already knew is going to happen It became boringThird – I hated Julia She's just too ''perfect'' That amount of perfection just doesn't work for me it made her dull and annoying and I was irritated by her from the beginning There are two different personalities in her and for a while I hoped that she was just acting in some situations Unfortunately she wasn't So one side of her is a virgin pocket Venus too sexy and beautiful for her own good Even the way she eats is so sensual that noone – men women boys professors students – you name it – is able to resist that amount of beauty and sexiness On the other hand she is pure naive caring nice shy and innocent this one was repeated so many times it made me nausious So we have a pure innocent virgin who is sensual and sexy beyond reason I'm not saying it isn't possible I'm saying that in this story it wasn't presented in a way that would make her interesting or credible And she is just too damn sensitive and fragile for my taste Instead of uniue interesting and exciting girl she just seemed boring at least to me I didn't care for her one bit Fourth – I had a hard time liking Gabriel I tried I really have but still failed I am a big fan of bad disturbed and dark characters and I expected to fall for Gabriel at instant but it didn't happen Instead of being dark all he did was talk about how he's dark Some parts of his past fit in that description because what happened to him and what he did to others made him edgy and dark BUT With Julia he was just too corny He was too gentle too sweet too careful to say and do the right thing at every moment He didn't want to hurt her so much that he was afraid to tell her the truth about his past and he just dragged on and on with it He praised her beauty and innocence and appologised for him being well him so much I wanted to vomit every time And he gave her too much presents Again I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with all that but it just doesn't fit in a damaged guy he is supposed to be Bad boys just aren't like that Yes they do want to change when they feel there is something worth the effort Yes they can be ridiculously romantic and sweet Yes they can be overprotective I know all that from experience But they don't talk like Gabriel talks They don't compare people to roses they don't repeat how someone is innocent and sweet in every single sentence and they don't apologize for who they are all the time Gabriel did that all the time he was like ''I am dark and not good enough for you Sorry for who I am Oh you are so pure and innocent and sexy at the same time I'm sorry I'm not worthy of you You are a beautiful INNOCENT rose and I need to keep my hands off of you But I am bad so I won't do that Sorry'' He just didn't seem realThe emails and messages they sent to each other were Well I had a few actually than a few ''kill me now'' moments And the sex thing – oh they planned their first time for weeks talked about it through pages and pages and finally it lasted forever while they were doing it And of course it was PERFECT It wasn't exciting It was boring They made sex so not sexy Fifth – changing the POV so much made my head spin It wasn't that difficult to follow but all that jumping from one POV to another I don't know I just didn't like it I could go on and on about what I didn't like but I'll stop being negative and say what I did like So here we go I liked the title as soon as I saw it I couldn't resist reading this book I liked the writing style it was clever detailed and funny AT TIMES and I can see a great potential here If the writer didn't repeat himself so many times I would like it even Anyway there are some good sentences in this book and they are not to be ignoredThe author's knowledge of Dante and Italian art is really impressive Actually I would like to read a book about that and ONLY about that becouse while describing some pieces of art he managed to show his talent somewhere in between all that crap with Gabriel and Julia 1 star from me because I was annoyed by Julia and Gabriel and their boring relationship

  8. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Lovely Especially loved their backstory

  9. Hulya Kara Yuksel Hulya Kara Yuksel says:

    Update 3 You have to watch this teaser DhttpswwwinstagramcompB4fw2usA4OuIntroducing Julia played by Melanie Zanetti and Gabriel played by Giulio BerrutiMelanie Zanetti JuliaGiulio Berruti Gabriel Update 2 Awesome news from Passionflix 😍😍😍 1 OMG my lovely GR friends Please look at what Sylvain Reynard just shared Ahhh I'm soooo happy right now D AnnouncementMy film and television rights are now represented by Alice Lawson of the Gersh Agency What this means is that Alice has generously taken up the helm with the #GabrielsInferno series in an effort to bring a movie or series to life Wish her luck #SRFans BESTNEWSEVER Everyone should meet the Professor He's smart sexy and so romantic I love him so much and this book is one of my favorites now

  10. Bibi Bibi says:

    I see the appeal of GI and had I read when it was initially published I would at the very least have stuck with it to the end However the forbidden teacher student rich alpha male virgin female trope has become so boring and redundant It doesn't help that this with its copious allusions to Dante and Frodo blah blah is slightly too pretentious for my taste DNF 50%

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