The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon

The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon (2008 02 07) ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon (2008 02 07) By Elizabeth Moon ✪ – The Serrano Succession Moon Elizabeth Livres NotRetrouvez The Serrano Succession Moon Elizabeth Livres Succession: Omnibus PDF ↠ NotRetrouvez.

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  • The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon (2008 02 07)
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • 06 October 2014

About the Author: Elizabeth Moon

En tant u’auteur connu certains de Succession: Omnibus PDF ↠ ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre The Serrano Succession Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Elizabeth Moon auteurs dans le monde.

15 thoughts on “The Serrano Succession: Omnibus Three by Elizabeth Moon (2008 02 07)

  1. SK Stewart SK Stewart says:

    On the fourth time reading, first on Kindle, this series is still as engaging as ever Even the non action doesn t slow anything down This superb author creates a whole cast of fascinating characters, intricate plot twists, and plenty of action I encourage those who haven t yet discovered Elizabeth Moon to read her works You won t be disappointed.

  2. David Herbert David Herbert says:

    Again a great read could not but it down read by day four and again donated to Hereford Library

  3. aaron aaron says:

    Elizabeth Moon is great.

  4. april april says:

    reaches the expected end, after many pagesa bit slow, a bit boring, but good read in the lazy days of vacation

  5. David David says:

    Serrano saga is a great easy read that you find yourself not wanting to put down.

  6. Angie McLennan Angie McLennan says:

    This the kind of book for people who like real people to read about Always a pleasure to read a Elizabeth Moon story.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    still reading but the book was in excellent condition and a pleasure to read

  8. Kimbo Kimbo says:

    Elizabeth Moon s Serrano character racing from one hot spot to another to defeat the wrong doings of others and inspiring others to do the same.A great series with great characters I can t wait to read of Elizabeth Moon s books.

  9. Julie Gobby Julie Gobby says:

    She takes you to a place of honor and loyalty Friends true and lessons learned I will always treasure and go back to them often.

  10. Andrew Andrew says:

    Like most of Elizabeth Moon s books it was a great read I look forward to her next book.Thank you

  11. Harry D. Harry D. says:

    I bought a second hand copy of one of the novels in this series, and it tempted me to buy the 3 omnibuses I read the whole lot straight through about 2500 pages in total You can read the novels individually, and some characters only appear in two or three of the seven individual novels, but when you read the seven you get the whole tapestry I admit to being wary of finding large sections of one or another of the omnibuses being not to my taste Well, you certainly get long concentrations on particular characters But in the end you are reading a well written single story on a large canvas, based on humans who have developed several well spaced planetary systems with some of the political, military and other aberrations that humans are prone to even with only our one planet You may also feel at the end that some characters stories are unfinished, but maybe Elizabeth Moon was just leaving room for a continuation if she had further ideas at a later date That would be nice

  12. Marsha Sandy-Holmes Marsha Sandy-Holmes says:

    Everything was exactly as I needed it to be and delivery time frame was excellent thank youwill pass the good news on to my family and friends and network

  13. Mrs. Frances Hendry Mrs. Frances Hendry says:

    Realistic, sympathetic people and action Much better in kindle the paperback is rather too heavy to read in bed

  14. lesley lesley says:

    continuing a good series Elizabeth moon moves onto a new track, really hope she sees a way for further books in this series

  15. Steve Steve says:

    Having read the rest of the series I did enjoy this book and it is well worth pushing through to the end However, ths whole series can, at times be s bit slow in parts But then it picks up again and can be a page turner Overall very good, but by the end it fails to really answer one of the main questions it posses behind the story, what do you do if some people decide to live forever if science permits it.

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